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Can produce growers be hurt by overproduction?
As a result of globalization, fresh produce is more readily available than ever before. Out of…..

Citrus greening will reach Spain via southern Portugal
The 2nd Citriculture Forum of Huelva brought together technicians and producers from the…..

Total Produce develops a kids concept around melons
When he took office at the beginning of the year, Total Produce Rotterdam’s Commercial Director,…..

Photo report Amsterdam Produce Show
Last week saw the second edition of the Amsterdam Produce Show take place in the…..

«Quality for us starts more than 12 months before the crop is even harvested»
The Nutrano Produce Group started in December 2015 after purchasing the banana ripening and…..

Apple growers report bumper crops across the US
After 60 years of growing apples, Art Soons thought he had seen it all. Until this year.“I’ve…..

Direct route between Brazil and Europe for the transport of fruits
Maersk Line launched a direct route to Europe that will be covered by four vessels with a…..

Italy: Is the golden age of blueberries over?
The price of blueberries from Chile had dropped by as much as 40% (compared to 2015) already at…..

Peru and Colombia join forces to have year-round avocado supply
“We have joined forces with avocado producing company Fruty Green in Colombia. Having a Peruvian…..

«The Nova and Clemenvilla will help us forget about the poor quality early clementines»
Huelva expects to harvest 550,000 tonnes of citrus, with this volume divided half and half…..

“Disappearing reefer ships are the biggest change in 40 years of fruit import”
During the Amsterdam Produce Show, SFI Rotterdam’s team celebrated their 40th anniversary. The…..

“Clear packaging boosts sales”
‘Standing still means going backwards’ is a motto that can be applied to many entrepreneurs in…..

Grape and apple craze in Vietnam
Apples have always been a regular produce for countries found outside tropical climates. Grapes…..

Bad weather in Spain expected to benefit Israeli capsicum market
The Israeli capsicum market has not been very good over the last few years. Prices have been…..

The World Avocado Organization has designated November as the world’s avocado month. The…..

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