Wednesday, November 30, 2017
Latin America edition

Manfred van der Vlag, Sweet Fruits:
«Market absorbing Brazilian mangoes despite large supply»
At the moment considerable volumes of Brazilian mangos are arriving on the European market. «The season is at its peak at the moment. But despite the large volumes the market is absorbing the mangos well. This goes for all of Europe, including Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom,» says Manfred van der Vlag…..

Job Offers:
• Red Fox Executive, Fresh Produce Traders Required for a Leading Dutch/UK Fresh Produce Business

Peru: New grape varieties become more important
“Table grapes are a growing product for the Peruvian export. We are still waiting to see what the effect of the North of Peru will have on the total export of this year. At the moment there are a significant number of new varieties being tested and developed in Peru. In our case, this season of 2017/2018, the…..

Hacienda Casa Chica
Peru: Focus on easy-pealers and new varieties
“This year our most important varieties of citrus were Tango, Tangelo Minneola and Washington Navel. However, this will change fast in the coming years. There will be a reduction in Tangelo Minneaola production and a significant growth in late easy pealers. The reason for the change is to follow the market…..

Difficult market for pineapple growers in Mexico
Pineapple growers in Mexico are enjoying good growing conditions which is producing decent yields and good quality fruit. The weather has been favorable in recent months and growers are pleased with their crop. The problem for them is that they are facing a difficult market due to a lot of fruit coming out of…..

Peru: The new US inspection rate could increase export prices
According to Carlos Posada, the executive director of the Foreign Trade Research and Development Institute (IDEXCAM) of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL), Peruvian exports could be affected by the application of a new health inspection fee by the United States, as US importers would transfer that cost to…..

Colombia waits for green light to export 15 agricultural products to the US
The National Government is working hard to achieve the admissibility of at least 15 agricultural products to the United States market, stated the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Juan Guillermo Zuluaga.Zuluaga was visited by the Undersecretary of Agriculture, Ted McKinney, who spoke about the…..

Argentina: Entre Rios incorporates soft fruits into citrus production
In recent years, the traditional production of citrus fruits from the NE region of Entre Ríos has incorporated other intensive fruit crops, such as blueberry and blackberry, which are very perishable and highly appreciated due to their nutraceutical characteristics.The surface devoted to blackberries in Entre…..

Ecuador: Banana producers ask that the contract of Puerto Bolivar with Yilport be examined
On November 27, representatives of the province of El Oro requested the General Comptroller of the State in Guayaquil to examine the public-private partnership contract between the government of former President Rafael Correa, the Port Authority of Puerto Bolivar, and the Turkish company Yilport.The banana…..

Mexico will avoid importing chilis by using a solar dehydrator
Ricardo Gonzalez Monte de Oca, the manager of the State Agricultural Council, said that the Chili Product System’s Committee had designed a solar powered chili dehydrator as part of their efforts to become more competitive in the dry chili market at the local and national levels.He said dried chili was very…..

Argentina is negotiating the exchange of vegetable products with South Korea
The National Service of Health and Agri-Food Quality (SENASA) stated that representatives of Argentina and South Korea had analyzed the opening of markets for various plant products of interest to both countries.»The representatives discussed both countries’ topics of interest related to plant products in this…..

Special Avocados

Peru plans to increase Hass avocado exports by 15%
The international market’s high demand for Hass avocados from Peru has caused a considerable increase in the production area devoted to this crop in Peru in recent years.This was highlighted by the general manager of the Hass Avocado Producers Association of Peru (ProHass), Arturo Medina Castro, who also…..

Mexico: 45% losses in avocado production in Nogales
Hass avocado producers from the different communities of the municipality of Nogales registered up to 45 percent losses in the production of this fruit due to different natural phenomena that affected them during the past few months.According to the Director of Agricultural Development, Jorge Alejandro Álvarez…..

Global Focus Citrus

Challenges, technologies, innovation, trends

Chile prepares the International Citrus Seminar
Chile is currently the main exporter of fresh fruits from the Southern Hemisphere, which makes it an important country for the supply of fruit in the counter season of countries like the United States, the main destination of Chilean citrus fruits.According to data from Monserrat Valenzuela, the Manager of the…..

The United Kingdom is the main destination for Peruvian oranges
Peru exported a total of 15,006,357 kilos of oranges, worth US $5,591,427 between January and October of this year.According to the Agrodata Peru website, the main market for this Peruvian fruit was the United Kingdom, which accounted for 57% of total shipments. It was followed by the Netherlands (26%), Costa…..

Kris Wouters, fruithandel Wouter Romain & Co
«Pears smaller but sweeter due to the frost in Belgium»
Due to the late frost at the start of this year the apples in Belgium suffered. Although the frost also hit the pears, this fruit was lucky according to KrisWouter of fruithandel Wouters, Romain & Co from the Belgian Rummen. Besides the pears being of a much smaller size, he says there are even advantages…..

Sunset launches new football-shaped packaging for snacking tomatoes
Sunset today introduced the Flavor Bowl, a football-shaped container filled with one pound of the brand’s snacking tomatoes.“Snacking and watching football go hand in hand,” said Sunset CEO Paul Mastronardi. “We wanted to offer tailgaters and TV viewers a fun way to bring healthy snacks to the party in a…..

Water-based cutting tool
No-till planting technology showing success in testing in Ontario
An Ontario company that created the technology for robotic cutting solutions has had some successful testing in developing an ultra high-pressure no-till planting tool that’s essentially a liquid colter. I-Cubed began research on the idea about 10 years ago. It started after a request from farming groups who…..

Dry fog system controls humidity level in warehouses
Keeping produce ripe and fresh is an ongoing challenge for growers and shippers of fresh produce. When it comes to avocado and citrus, for example, de-greening as well as controlled ripening often requires storage in a controlled humidity environment. Corrigan Corporation of America have developed a humidity…..

Hail in the Boland could have some localised impact
South Africa: Larger percentage of smaller fruit due to drought
Their peach and nectarine season started slowly, about ten days to two weeks later than usual, putting some pressure on European programmes, says Gysbert du Toit, director of marketing at Dutoit Agri, one of South Africa’s largest stonefruit producers.“The European market is quite accessible at the moment,…..

China: «High pressure sodium lamps can satisfy demands for diversification»
«The growth of agricultural products is closely connected to the presence of light. When there is not enough light on a field, for example because of geographical limitations, artificial light can be a solution. Our high pressure sodium lamps can satisfy the customers’ demands for diversification,» according…..

China: «Using product quality to get consumers through brands»
«The Jindi Jiu Zhou International Trade Co., Ltd. has become a comprehensive trading company that works on the development, production and sales of Chinese and foreign fruit, vegetables and other agricultural products. We work together closely with several Chinese and foreign large-scale producers, so that we…..

American ‘Sweet Potatoes’ more and more in focus
‘Compared to the Covington, the Beauregard is no Heidi Klum’
There she is: the sweet potato. For some years, the tubers have appeared more and more frequently in the fruit and vegetable departments of German supermarkets. In other European countries such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, the sweet potato already has a significantly bigger share. But in this…..

Squeezable ginger added to line of squeezable garlic products
Expanding on its “Squeeze” line of products, a new Squeeze Ginger product is on the market. The product, from Orlando, Fl.-based Spice World Inc. builds on the company’s line of squeezable products including Squeeze Garlic, Squeeze Garlic in Olive Oil and Organic Squeeze Garlic. “Squeeze Garlic is sort of the…..

Macintosh is primary variety
New England apple growers enjoy good season
The apple season has been a good one for growers in New England. Bountiful harvests and a healthy market have given them reason for a positive end of the year. Weather has been a major factor, with the right amount of warmth and rain combining to give the apple trees favorable conditions for growth.»The apple…..

French company wins exclusive worldwide rights to the «Juliet» apple variety
French company Benoit Escande Editions SARL has won the exclusive world rights to the Juliet apple variety, the Green Burg Daily News reports. The Juliet variety was created by Purdue University. The apple is reported to have a long storage life, and is the fruits of a long-running program that began all the…..

Rijk Zwaan opens subsidiary in Vietnam
On 1st January 2018, Rijk Zwaan Vietnam will take over the sales activities from the current exclusive Vietnam Rijk Zwaan distributor The Fruit Republic. With the establishment of this new sales subsidiary, Dutch-based breeding company Rijk Zwaan expects to reach a stronger market position in the region.Rijk…..

Hamburg Süd reports success with CA system for fruit and vegetables
Reflecting the growing use of controlled-atmosphere (CA) technologies to maintain the quality of fruits and vegetables over extended shipping times, Hamburg Süd has transported more than 7,000 container shipments of perishable goods using Carrier Transicold’s XtendFRESH atmosphere control system.At Intermodal…..

YSR Horticulture University in India develops 23 new crop varieties
The YSR Horticulture University (YSRHU) has developed 23 new varieties including that of the Gouthami Ganga, Vynateya Ganga and Abhaya Ganga of hybrid coconuts, BPP 10 and 11 of hybrid cashew nut, Godavari bontha of hybrid banana, paprika LCA 436, 424, 620, 625 and LCH 111 of hybrid chilli and other new hybrid…..

Lemon and grapefruit market report
Spanish lemons clearly dominate European market
The month of November has been developing without changes, but with the market preparing for the usual reactivation of the pre-Christmas period. In this context, Spanish lemons have a clearly dominating position in Europe, as the supply from Turkey has been very limited this campaign.For the time being, the…..

Donkeys jailed for four days, left to mule over crime
It may sound crazy, but a group of donkeys were imprisoned for four days in the Jalaun district in India, Nagpur Today reported. Their crime? Eating exotic vegetables grown by prison officers located on the premises.The furious prison officers decided to lock the donkeys up as punishment, but luckily the…..

Pilot study:
Blockchain for agriculture and food
A new Wageningen University & Research report documents experiences and findings from the public private partnership (PPP) project ‘Blockchain for Agrifood’ that was started in March 2017. The project aims to contribute to a better understanding of the blockchain technology (BCT) and its implications for…..

Maersk strengthens its Executive Board
Maersk A/S focus on the future plans for container shipping, ports and logistics by strengthening its management team. As explains.Maersk have appointed the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Commercial Officer and the CEO of APM Terminals to the Executive Board.Effective from December 1,…..

Village Farms donates time on #GivingTuesday
On November 28 a team from Village Farms and Produce for Kids celebrated #GivingTuesday by volunteering their time at Second Harvest Food Bank in Orlando, Fla. #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.“Being able to give back to our community alongside…..

Opal apple marketing campaign drives retail sales
Opal® apples are featured in an array of consumer media reaching over 43 million impressions since the season began just late last month. The Opal brand is backed by a comprehensive marketing strategy and calculated initiatives, making it the most supported apple in the market. This marketing and public…..

Bakersfield, California
Giumarra Vineyards announces the addition of three new team members
Michael Walsh has accepted the position of Sales Representative effective November 27th 2017. His responsibilities will be to develop new business and to expand sales with current customers in the North American market. He will be based at Giumarra’s Port of Wilmington office and will be reporting directly to…..

Papayas in a greenhouses in Almeria
«The papaya is not a substitute for other crops, it complements the offer»
Greenhouse agriculture in the province of Almeria has been dominated for decades by a series of crops that have provided profitability and a certain balance to the local producer.However, more and more actors in the sector are looking for product diversification in the Almeria countryside. Subtropical crops,…..

Chile: Potato producers end a complex season
Potato producers aren’t very happy with how the 2016/2017 season ended. High production and low prices were the keynote of the period, according to The Potato Market 2016/2017 Season, a report published by Javiera Pefaur, of the Department of Market Analysis and Sector Policy of Odepa.»It has been more than…..

From Colruyt and OKay
First sweet potatoes from Belgian soil go on sale
The first Belgian sweet potatoes will be on the shelves of Colruyt and OKay from 28 November. According to the supermarket, this is a first. It concerns a test project of Bart and Anja Nemegheer of De Aardappelhoeve in Tielt, West-Flanders. Growers of the Reo Veiling and BelOrta have also planted sweet…..

‘Express’ convenience store concept expanded by Spar Netherlands
Kaufland will open supermarket in Australia
UK: Costcutter will be supplied by Co-opCostcutter has signed an agreement with Co-op, by which it will become the exclusive wholesale supplier to the 2,200 Costcutter, Mace, Simply Fresh, Supershop and Kwik Save stores. Spring 2018 is when the 5 year deal will commence formally. Since Costcutter’s supply…..

FreshPlaza funny
Strawberry chicken