Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Latin America edition

Statistics reveal Mexican tomatoes are U.S. top vegetable import
Tomatoes are the No.1 produce item exported from Mexico to the U.S., according to statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.During the 2016-17 season, Mexican growers exported about 1.2 billion pounds of round, roma, cherry and grape tomatoes to the U.S.Growers anticipate good quality and supplies…..

Panama is paying landowners to reactivate banana production
Last week, the government of Panama paid 1.3 million dollars to 160 landowners in the western part of the country where it plans to reactivate banana production, thanks to a contract signed with the US transnational Del Monte, which includes an investment of 100 million dollars.It is the first disbursement of…..

Banana Forum 2017
Challenges and opportunities for the Colombian banana sector
The III version of the Banana Forum of Asbama, the Banana Association of Magdalena and the Guajira, will be held on November 29th and 30th at the Cajamac Pepe Vives Campo theater, in the city of Santa Marta. The event, which will feature lectures by researchers from the sector, seeks to update the sector’s…..

San Miguel, awarded for ‘Best Environmental Management’
San Miguel was distinguished with the Award for ‘Best Environmental Management’ after developing the Productive Protected Landscape along with ProYungas Foundation, in the natural ecosystem where the company carries out its main operation.La Nacion, one the main newspapers in Argentina, and Banco Galicia,…..

Agricultural goods playing key role
Peru’s 2018 budget to focus on economic recovery
Economy and Finance Minister Claudia Cooper said the Public Budget for Fiscal Year 2018 will underpin the country’s economic recovery and guarantee fiscal sustainability.In her address to the Parliament, she spoke about the macroeconomic context and fiscal accounts considered when preparing the 2018 Budget……

Brazil named the top country of origin for food recalls
Brazil was found to be the top country of origin for recalls and notifications followed by Italy. This was the second quarter in a row they were at the top of the list. In the third quarter it accounted for 85 notices in Europe, 75 being for poultry. For the third time bacterial contamination was the leading…..

Drop of between 30 and 40% in volumes expected
Kick-off for South African mango season
The South African mango season started two weeks ago with the first Tommy Atkins and Zill fruit coming in from Hoedspruit in Limpopo and Onderberg in Mpumalanga.It is likely to be an off year for the mango industry, after the record harvest of last year – 77,000t were produced by members of the South African…..

Patrick FitzGerald:
“Storage capacity of sweet potatoes in Europe challenge for year round supply”
In more and more European countries the sweet potato is discovered by growers. Production is increasing. Yet Patrick FitzGerald, of plant tissue culture labs and nursery Beotanics, is focused on development of safe the future of the production. He has multiple worries, on the one hand, there should be more…..

Southern Europe is committed to early start of soft fruit season
Soft fruit from the Iberian peninsula and Morocco is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to investments in production, volumes have increased, and more importantly, seasons have been extended. A year-round European season is within reach for many products. Ben Maes from Special Fruit explains that choosing…..

“Optimism about tomato production in Canary Islands”
First season of tomatoes from Canary Islands by container
The first tomatoes from the Canary Islands arrived at Fortuna Frutos in week 42. After that, more vegetables from the Spanish group of islands arrive at the import company in Barendrecht, the Netherlands, every week. “Quality is good,” says Gert-Jan Slobbe about the start of the season. “We’ll have to see how…..

Special Avocados

Honduras to produce a thousand tons of Hass avocados
Honduras will produce one thousand metric tons of Hass avocado this year, according to the goal proposed by authorities of the National Agro-Food Development Program (Pronagro), a unit attached to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.The cultivation of this fruit is part of a policy promoted by the…..

Global Focus Citrus

Big yields in store for California kumquat growers
The Kumquat season has just commenced in California’s desert region and expectations are for a much bigger crop than last year. A combination of ideal temperatures combined with new plantings in the region is giving growers a positive outlook to the season.Manolo DuBon, of Seaview Sales in California, said…..

AU: Watermelon production recovering after heavy Queensland storms
A Queensland watermelon producer is extremely pleased to still have a crop for the Australian market, despite heavy rainfall less than two months ago.General Manager, Greensill Farming Group, Damien Botha recalls that some of the company’s farms based across the Bundaberg region, received around 500…..

Kenyan exporter looks to Eastern Europe markets
Marvel Greens is one of the leading growers and exporters from Kenya, they supply many different fruits and vegetables, mainly to the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway at the moment. «Our main exports are chillies, French beans, snow peas and herbs, but we also export ravaya and eggplants – white as well…..

Hoping for regular season after false start for Monterosa in the Netherlands last year
The first season of Spanish Monterosa tomatoes marketed in the Netherlands was literally a washout. This year, Nico Veldhoen of Staay Food Group is hoping for a regular season, and the pink tomato will be on the market for the entire duration of the season for the first time ever in the Netherlands.Last year,…..

Product quality and company reputation reap benefits
China: «Imported fruit sorting line in controlled atmosphere storage»
«Luochuan in Shaanxi is known as the home of Chinese apples. Their fruit has many unique qualities, such as a high quality and a nice size. They are also colorful, crispy, sweet, hard, and can be stored well. For many years, they have had an excellent reputation on the Chinese and foreign markets. Every year,…..

Short California crop brings higher pomegranate prices
The pomegranate season in California finished a little earlier than normal this year. A lighter crop meant the harvest was shorter and growers are now concentrating on shipping the fruit out. The drop in volume was close to initial estimates made at the start of the season. Once the California stock is…..

Baby carrots become consumer trend
China: «Building a brand takes time.»
«Foreign brands of fresh products face a series of challenges when looking to successfully enter the Chinese market. Chief among them is to get brand recognition. Merchants who popularize a brand need to consider carefully the differences between specific market conditions and brand culture. It is of…..

Wholesaler startled by ‘extraordinary banana shipment’
Drugs discovered in Ilsfeld: 225 kilograms of cocaine found
On November 9th, an employee of the Fruchthof Nagel wholesaler in Ilsfeld found some unusual packages in a banana shipment from Ecuador. The banana boxes contained several packets, filled with cocaine. In a subsequent investigation of more than 1300 boxes, a total of 225 kg of cocaine appeared. The Heilbronn…..

AU: Queensland mangoes start as season nears peak
Mango harvests in Queensland have started to ramp up, with more fruit set to be picked slightly earlier than originally expected.In the Bowen and Burdekin region, recent rainfall combined with warm weather has sped up the development of the fruit, which will impact the picking and packing plans of growers…..

China: Shanghai wholesale market
PHOTO REPORT The Italian delegation that took part in Mac Fruit Attraction China also visited the local Shanghai market. «There are kiwis from Greece, cherries from Chile, citrus fruit from Australia, pineapples from the Philippines and apples from the US. But there is no trace of kiwis or citrus fruit from Italy. An…..

Supply chain timeline is main challenge
Fresh salads available in vending machines
Fresh salads, snacks and meals right out of the fridge. Farmer’s Fridge has changed the idea of getting food from a vending machine. While covering sales territory in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, CEO and founder of Farmer’s Fridge, Luke Saunders began thinking about how he could make fresh delicious…..

Pina imports directly from Turkey
“German customers are buying more Turkish satsumas”
“We supply our customers with pomegranates, quinces and grapes. And from the end of November to January, we have satsumas in our assortment. These citrus fruits aren’t just sweet or tart,” tells Vakit Can, one of the managers of the Düsseldorf-based wholesaler Pina. He is of the opinion that small citrus…..

Spanish vegetable season difficult to predict
The moment Dutch supermarkets switch to imported vegetables from Spain isn’t set in stone. It depends on the quality of the products. Spanish growers, who look back at a difficult start of the year, try to make up for their losses. Mario Luzzolino of Verdi Import talks about Spanish outdoor vegetables.Early in…..

NZ: Zespri executive Simon Limmer new Silver Fern Farms chief executive
Simon Limmer has been appointed the new chief executive of Silver Fern Farms.Limmer, 49, has been chief operating officer for Zespri where he has held various roles since 2008. He will take over the chief executive role from Dean Hamilton who steps down in March next year.Silver Fern Farms co-chairman Rob…..

Simplot and Iden Biotechnology team up to create more nutritional potatoes
Iden Biotechnology and JR Simplot Company, companies that provide agricultural solutions through biotechnology, recently signed an agreement to explore the potential for nutritional enrichment in potatoes. As part of the agreement, Iden will identify promising genes for possible use in the biotechnology…..

Chilean cherries bought in bulk by Meiri Youxian to supply the Chinese market
Against the backdrop of rising consumerism in recent years, more and more fresh fruits from all over the world are appearing on Chinese shopping lists. Customers are particularly fond of the large cherries with a sweet and crisp taste, and exquisite flesh. Their consumption increases yearly. Last year, it was…..

Deciduous Fruit Annual Report:

Indian apple imports drop 5% year on year

HighlightsPost forecasts marketing year (MY) 2017/18 Indian apple imports will decrease year on year about five percent to 0.35 Million Metric Tons (MMT). Imports of pears also are projected lower at 0.03 MMT in MY 2017/18. The bulk of the decrease results from a temporary ban on Chinese apples and pears in…..

Industry veteran GT Parris joins Seald Sweet’s sales team
As Greenyard and Seald Sweet continue to grow and develop sales programs, a new team member joins Seald Sweet in Vero Beach, Florida. Industry veteran GT Parris joined Seald Sweet’s sales team as account executive and commodity manager in November 2017, with focus on growth of the company’s domestic and…..

Steady mango volume available in the US for the holidays
Mango is enjoying a noteworthy increase in popularity among U.S. consumers, especially during the fall and winter months. The National Mango Board (NMB) reports that mango volume during these months shows a significant uplift of approximately

50 percent in the last three years

. For the tropical fruit typically…..

Distribution services for Phenotyping and Agrotechnologies in North America
CID Bio-Science launches CID AgTech
CID Bio-Science and its daughter company, Felix Instruments-Applied Food Science is pleased to announce the beginning of its latest venture and addition to their business family. With nearly

30 years

of experience in the world of Plant Research and Postharvest Technologies, the CID Family welcomes back Dr……

Turkey had highest amount of RASFF notifications in 2016
The 2016 Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) report shows Turkey has the highest count of Pesticide residues and aflatoxins in produce. As shown onfoodqualitynew.The highest number of notifications by Origin were from Turkey: for pesticide residues in fruit and vegetables it was 77 and for aflatoxins…..

Spanish company wants to double its kaki sales to Canada
The company Displafruit, based in the Valencian municipality of Alginet and specialised in the wholesale of fruit and vegetables, aims to double its sales volume to Canada. In order to achieve this, its owner, Vicent Masiá, will hold a series of meetings in Toronto and Montreal in the framework of a visit of a…..

Disruptive potato breeder Solynta secures €16 million in backing
Potato breeder Solynta announced the completion of a €16 million series B financing round by new investors Fortissimo Capital and Innovation Industries as well as existing investors.Solynta will use this financing round to continue its potato breeding activities and to build a strong commercial organisation…..

Disruptive potato breeder Solynta secures €16 million in backing
Potato breeder Solynta announced the completion of a €16 million series B financing round by new investors Fortissimo Capital and Innovation Industries as well as existing investors.Solynta will use this financing round to continue its potato breeding activities and to build a strong commercial organisation…..

Gruppo Selex plans to open 69 new stores in 2018
Aldi signed up for major retail development
Germany: Edeka starts private labelGerman retailer Edeka is starting its ‘Gut & Günstig’ economy private label line for fresh fruit and vegetables. 20 products can be ordered by independent Edeka shopkeepers, including bananas, apples, clementines, oranges and tomatoes.Please click here to read more at…..

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