Thursday, January 25, 2018
Latin America edition

Russia and Argentina at new stage of comprehensive strategic partnership
Among all the countries of Latin America, Argentina is Russia’s longest-running big business partner. This nation is constantly engaged in an active political dialogue, as well as in fairly wide cultural and humanitarian exchanges. At present, Argentina occupies a prominent position among Latin American…..

Job Offers:
• Jaquenoud Maraichers SA, Assistant(e) du Chef de culture – Lully, Suisse

Chile: New project to control the painted bug, which affects vegetables
INIA researchers have proposed an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system to mitigate the populations of the painted bug (Bagrada hilaris), a pest that affects the cultivation of vegetables.To this end, the entire work team met to take the first steps in the programming of the project’s activities during the…..

Rio Negro and Neuquen
Argentina: Apples aren’t ready for harvest yet
The harvest of the gala variety will begin in 10 days in the Alto Valle. The Federation of Producers of Rio Negro and Neuquen highlighted the fruit’s quality but producers are worried about the price they will be paid for it. Sebastian Hernandez, the president of the entity, said exports had fallen by 60% and…..

Chile: Kiwi industry prepares strategy to increase quality
The Chilean kiwi industry has been working since 2015 on various initiatives to achieve a a better fruit quality and condition to face the future changes in international markets, and in this specific industry worldwide. All this, through a consensus within the industry that will materialize into a Chilean…..

Peruvian economy to grow faster than rest Latin America, US, EU and Japan
If FocusEconomics’ most recent Latin America Consensus Forecast Report is correct, in 2018 at 3.9% the Peruvian economy will expand at a faster pace than those of Latin America (2.4%), the United States (2.5%), the EU (2.1%), and Japan (1.2%).According to an article, Normal 0 21…..

Tasmanian Tiger Fuji apple
AU: «The only limitation is the supply»
Scott Bros is a family business which has been growing apples in the Huon Valley for six generations. They grow 16 different varieties on the farm. The biggest volumes are Gala apples.The company grow and own the IP rights to the Tasmanian Tiger Fuji apple which they were still packing when FreshPlaza went…..

Eddy Kreukniet, Exsa Europe:
«Guaranteed demand for grapes until mid-February»
There is a shortage on the grape market. «In South Africa, production has been severely affected by the drought and high temperatures. We are at 18-20% behind on the projected volume, as are our colleagues», says Eddy Kreukniet of the Dutch fruit and vegetable wholesaler, Exsa Europe. «We also do not expect…..

Open variety from Fuji-Honeycrisp cross
New apple to edge its way into market
One of the newest varieties of apples is in limited supply – but only because it’s just getting started. Whether a new breed of fruit is created by accident or on purpose, the results are almost always positive but it’s up to growers, marketers and Mother Nature to see that it’s successful.Fuji-Honeycrisp…..

Short raspberry supplies in the US as Mexico volume builds
Supplies of raspberries are in a transition phase as Mexico volume continues to ramp up. California supplies are now completely exhausted and will not appear again until the Spring. Therefore, supplies are short and shippers are waiting for volume to increase in Mexico.»Raspberry supplies are very limited at…..

Italy: Good prices for onions
The onion market is finally back on track and high-quality produce is now being paid a fair price. There is not a lot of produce available in Italy but other nations such as Spain are doing much worse. The situation is within the norm in northern Europe as well, so operators are making purchases to avoid being…..

Special Fruit Logistica

Fabbri group unveils new Elixa Libra packaging machines
The new Elixa Libra packaging machines from the Fabbri Group perform weighing, packaging and top/bottom labelling for fresh and ultra-fresh food in trays.Elixa 24 Libra (left) and Elixa 35 Libra packaging machinesParticularly recommended for retail and small to medium sized packaging centres are the Elixa 24…..

Introduction of new precision size grader for green beans
Key Technology expands their family of rotary sizing and grading systems for green beans, which includes their Sliver Sizer Remover (SSR), Precision Size Grader (PSG) and Rotary Size Grader (RSG). With the introduction of a new 14-roller PSG, Key enables processors to replace drum graders with minimal impact…..

Raising a glass to a new Polish blueberry beer in Berlin
The Salamander Blueberry Berliner Weisse will have its premiere at the Fruit Logistica Fair in Berlin on 7 February. Berliner Weisse is a legendary style of beer which is going through a revival on the wave of craft brewing, now with the addition of top-quality blueberries from Poland.Polish blueberries and…..

Global Focus Bananas

Mexican plantain hopes to reach China this year
Plantain producers of the Pacific Center of Mexico are moving forward their plan to diversify markets and hope to reach China by 2018, with the export of two million boxes of this fruit.»We are taking firm steps in the consolidation of our exports and I believe that there is a good business opportunity because…..

Tasmania looses pest free area recognition
Tasmanian producers nervous over fruit fly detectionTasmania’s fruit and vegetable producers are becoming increasingly nervous with the larvae of the Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) recently detected in a backyard near the north-west city of Devonport.This is the first time QFF has been discovered on the Tasmanian…..

Wholesale importer Alfred Kammerer believes in the future of this product
Germany: “Ready-2-Eat Exotic fruits are up and coming”
In the exotics area, mangoes have been at the top for several years. Although on the supermarket shelves one mostly finds shipped Brazilian products, which still have to ripen. The specialized retailer prefers matured mangoes flown in from Peru. And according to Bavarian importer Alfred Kammerer of the…..

Italy: The difficulties of growing blood oranges
«Exceptional oranges have always been harvested just a few km from Mount Etna. Real Sicilian blood oranges are cultivated here,» explains Aurelio Pannitteri, who started working in the sector with his father Giuseppe and brother Salvatore.Left to right: Salvatore and Aurelio PannitteriThanks to the skillful…..

John Smits supplies buyers in Northern Europe with total range of Spanish organic fresh produce
Growth of Spanish organic area not as turbulent as expected
John Smits from the Netherlands has been active in Spanish horticulture and the fresh produce trade for twenty years. He started with a production project for organic vegetables on substrate, and in 2004 he started selling organic products in Northern Europe. “My suppliers are between Alicante and Huelva. I’m…..

Mini apple experiences pre-premiere in Paris
As of Wednesday the smallest edible apple in the world will be on French shelves. Parisians will be able to test them this week at the pop-up store at the Gare St. Lazare. The apple is marketed by 24 growers from fruit growers union Blue Whale. Dina Abelle of Blue Whale: «The Rockit has everything. The apple…..

Italy: Organic fresh-cut segment worth €25 million
According to Nomisma data collected in hyper and supermarkets in 2017, the organic processed, dried and fresh-cut sector is worth €137 million. The figure was illustrated by researcher Silvia Zucconi at Marca 2018 in Bologna during a convention organised by Assobio, Federbio Servizi and Nomisma.Packed unwashed…..

New apple variety: Joya
Spain: «Apple prices are at the level they should be»
The Spanish apple campaign is already at its peak at this time, with higher prices compared to last season and an optimum quality, with an abundance of medium sizes.»We are happy with the apple prices this year. It is not a matter of them having skyrocketed, but rather that they are at correct levels, at the…..

Italy: Apple pruning in Piedmont
The annual meeting dedicated to apple pruning in Piedmont was held on 18th January 2018. Over 150 producers took part and the event was organised by Agrion’s technical coordination, which gathers technicians from different commercial structures and trade associations. The Tallone Renato facility kindly hosted…..

Modì™ Apple set to wow Aussie consumers
Australians have a long and healthy relationship with apples, dating back to Maria Ann Smith, better known as Granny Smith. Today, one of the apples establishing its presence for consumers is the Modì™ Apple. Grown in multiple Australian apple regions, the Modì™ Apple is said to be unrivalled when it comes to…..

Italy: Pear sales need to speed up
The pear campaign is going smoothly. Quality is good and quantities are slightly higher than last year. Now destocking needs to speed up and a TV ad campaign could help with it as well.Albano BergamiAlbano Bergami, vice-president of Organizzazione interprofessionale Pera and producer explains that «quantities…..

US: Millennials spend less than other generations on grocery store foods
A recent ERS analysis of 2014 grocery store data found that compared to older generations, Millennial-headed households spent the least per person on food at home. However, like the other generations analyzed, Millennial households with higher incomes tended to spend more on grocery store foods than Millennial…..

Taipei nutritionist dispels online rumours
Tomatoes safe to eat on empty stomach
Online rumours that eating tomatoes on an empty stomach is dangerous have now been rejected by a nutritionist. Suggestions were floating around that astringents in tomatoes could harden and block the digestive tract when interacting with stomach acids. These are unfounded, said Changhua Christian Hospital…..

Online business management application for small-scale farmers
North American Freight Farms acquires Cabbige
Freight Farms—manufacturer of smart hydroponic container farms and developer of the farmhand® automation and remote control suite—today announced the acquisition of Boston-based Cabbige, an online business management application for small-scale farmers. Cabbige’s inventory, crop, and financial management…..

New QR cartridge minimises downtime for tray sealers
A new Quick Release (QR) Cartridge Tool to help companies minimise unplanned downtime will be launched by leading tray sealer manufacturer Proseal at this year’s Fruit Logistica. In addition, the company will showcase the latest models from its comprehensive tray sealer range that help fruit growers maximise…..

California man arrested
Smuggling king cobras in potato chip canisters
A man was sentenced to five months in federal prison for smuggling three highly venomous king cobra snakes through the mail in potato chip canisters. Rodrigo Franco acknowledged smuggling another 20 cobras into Los Angeles, but said they all died in transit.The three king cobras -each about half a meter long-…..

Zespri appoints new North America Operations Manager
Zespri continues to staff the North America office to meet the growing demand of its successful SunGold Kiwifruit, which has revolutionized the kiwifruit category with its tropical-sweet taste and longer shelf life. Jason Donaldson has been hired to oversee Zespri operations of the Americas.“I’m excited to…..

Acceptance of the use of food irradiation reached new levels in 2017
The following is a recap of progress made worldwide with food irradiation, with a focus on advancements in the past 12 months. More food was irradiated in 2017 than in any previous year. Many countries have begun to irradiate foods, especially for reasons of market access. Irradiation is the preferred…..

February 17 to 21
India: Kalliyoor village to host National Banana Festival
The village of Kalliyoor, in the state of Kerala, will host the National Banana Festival from February 17 to 21. During the five days, the Vellayani temple ground will witness exhibitions, seminars, farmers meetings, training programmes, buyer-seller meets, documentary shows, cultural programmes and much…..

India: Low cost onion storage facility
A young farmer from Madhya Pradesh, India, has developed a new kind of low-cost onion storage facility, coming to the rescue of onion farmers all across the country. Rohit Patel’s idea for a new type of onion storage is a 600 square ft structure, able to hold more than 50 tons of onions. It has a base…..

India: Modifying banana genome
India is the largest producer of bananas globally. Bananas are the fourth most important food crop after wheat, rice and corn in terms of gross value of production. Now Indian scientists have used the latest gene editing techniques to modify the banana genome, for the first time.By using the CRISPR/Cas9 gene…..

Estimated GDP growth:
Forecast of fastest-growing and shrinking economies in 2018

Vegeterian divide in India
This map shows what share of the Indian population is vegetarian. There seems to be a clear geographical divide. Normal 0 21 false false false NL X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4…..

BerryQuest International 2018
AU: The latest in R&D for the berry industry
BerryQuest International 2018, taking place on 12th to 15th February at the Country Club Launceston in Tasmania, is shaping up to be the largest berry conference ever to be held in Australia. With an outstanding program of international and local speakers, growers and associates of the Australian berry…..

Long-term warming trend continued in 2017
Earth’s global surface temperatures in 2017 ranked as the second warmest since 1880, according to an analysis by NASA.Continuing the planet’s long-term warming trend, globally averaged temperatures in 2017 were 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit (0.90 degrees Celsius) warmer than the 1951 to 1980 mean, according to…..

Avovado growers in La Palma demand solutions
Spain: «Thefts cannot stop the expansion of avocados»
Members of the Managing Board of the Association of Agricultural Producers and Cattle Ranchers of La Palma (Aspa) recently held a working meeting with the Director of the General State Administration (AGE) in La Palma, Miguel Angel Morcuende. The goal was to «continue discussing the possible measures to adopt…..

Jaya Grocer to open 5 more outlets in 2018
Market value hits the $500bln valuation mark for Alibaba
Amazon India starts hyperlocal grocery deliveries from own storesAmazon is scaling up its grocery delivery operations in India. The company has started hyperlocal grocery deliveries, including fresh vegetables and fruits, from its own stores through Amazon Now in Bengaluru, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, and Hyderabad……

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