Monday, January 15, 2018
Latin America edition

Mexico has tripled the area devoted to asparagus in the last decade
Mexico is the third biggest producer of asparagus in the world. In the last 10 years, it tripled the area planted with this crop. According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food, the country’s asparagus production’s average annual growth rate stood at 13.6%,…..

19.8 million pesos per year
Dominican Republic: The pitahaya is highly profitable
The pitahaya (also known as dragon fruit) has great health benefits and a high demand in international markets.The Dominican Republic’s has diversified and distributed its pitahaya crops in different provinces. Currently, the country has almost 38 hectares planted with this fruit. This area would allow…..

Argentina: A smart greenhouse for urban crops
Two young entrepreneurs who graduated from the UBA have developed smart hydroponic greenhouses (i.e. greenhouses that use mineral solutions instead of soil substrate to cultivate their crops). This invention allows people to produce healthier vegetables in 50 square meters, on the terraces of the buildings, in…..

Fruit export revenues grew by 3%
The US gains ground against Europe for Uruguayan fruit
This is according to an article by Maria Noel Ackermann and Andres Diaz, «Fruit growing: situation and perspectives of citrus fruit and deciduous fruit trees», which was published in the 2017 Yearbook of the Agricultural Programming and Policy Office (Opypa),The revenue achieved up to October 2017 from the…..

Peru does not have a potato processing plant, despite increasing demand
Last Tuesday, farmers and producers of white potatoes raised their voices and went on strike because of the fall in tuber prices.They argued that the import of pre-fried and precooked potatoes from the Netherlands, and other countries, was unfair competition to the local product because the imported product…..

Big peak of Chilean blueberry season has passed
In the first week of the year, Chile exported 8.032 tons of blueberries of which 406 tons were organic. The Chilean Blueberry Committee who published the weekly report mentions: “This volume was higher than the projected 6,200 tons and corresponds to an expression of how firm and friendly the climate is in the…..

AU: Big cherry volumes lead to soft market
This week FreshPlaza is in Tasmania taking a look at the fruit and vegetable industry. We will visit different producers, big and small, and find out what challenges the growers face, how the different products are faring in the markets and what the future holds for the industry.Monday was all about cherries……

Imported from Spain
Canadians show increased interest for stem & leaf clementines and persimmons
Which produce items are gaining popularity? Although not necessarily an exotic and new item, George Pitsikoulis with Canadawide shares that there is more and more focus on the citrus category. “This season, Chile had a very delayed grape start and when California was at the tail-end of its season last month,…..

Soft US mango market continues as Peru season begins
The mango season is once again in transition as suppliers move major supply from Ecuador to Peru for the next couple of months. Volume has been strong in South America, leading to plentiful supply.»The Ecuador mango season is practically at an end,» said Sabine Henry, of Central American Produce. «The last…..

Rains offered relief
Avocado growers await official figures on California fire damage
California avocado growers are still awaiting formal assessments to fully determine the extent of damage to crops relating to the wildfires that impacted the state late last month. The Thomas Fire, as it was known, is estimated to have burned over 280,000 acres in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.»It’s still…..

Special Fruit Logistica

Spike in production, stable quality

Chinese chestnuts exports ready to storm the European market
«Chestnuts are a seasonal crop, and under regular weather conditions the growing season starts every year around September and concludes before the Chinese Spring Festival. Throughout the country this growing season is already drawing to a close. In comparison with 2016, the export price of chestnuts in 2017…..

Fast growing area for fruit production

Reemoon expands its sorting line technology in the Mediterranean
«The Mediterranean coast is made up of Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Israel. In the past twenty years, following the development of modern infrastructure, refrigerated storage technologies and urbanization, the agriculture in countries like France, Spain and Israel, has been specializing»,…..

The new Smart Drier making vegetable production safer
There’s a new development from the designers at Haith – the Smart Drier.Most packing lines still use conventional roller drying tables to remove moisture from potatoes which consists of multiple rollers covered with sponge or felt to absorb the moisture. The down side of this is they do not remove all the…..

Global Focus Bananas
Colombia: Transporters paralyze the most important banana producing area
Colombia’s most important banana producing area, which is located in the region of Uraba, on the border with Panama, was blocked by a stoppage of transporters protesting the relocation of toll collection posts.The area has been paralyzed since January 3, affecting more than 500 thousand inhabitants and fruit…..

UK: Tesco is growing thanks to fresh segment
In the week before Christmas, Tesco processed 58 million transactions and 770 000 online orders. This British supermarket chain can look back with satisfaction; not only on these last weeks of the year but also over the book year’s third quarter, where they also reported positive figures.In the 19 weeks prior…..

Trucking issues haunt movement of personal melons in North America
Supplies of personal watermelons look solid while demand is somewhat light. “Right now there are lots of melons. There’s enough,” says Michael Wilson of the Etobicoke, Ont.-based company. Currently Wilson is importing watermelons from Honduras, Central America. At the same time, demand is a bit of a lull for…..

Carrot producer Tobias Brun:
Germany: “Snack carrots will continue to establish themselves”
Only a few years ago, during the storage season, the carrot business was largely dominated by Dutch goods. After major investments in cold storage and acreage in recent years, domestic carrots are now a fixed feature on the supermarket shelves in the winter months. But that does not mean that the carrot range…..

AU: New composting facility enters new stage at a SA mushroom farm
Construction of a new state-of-the-art composting facility in South Australia is a step closer, following the turning of the first sod late last year.P&L Rogers started the land clearing for the development in June at the Port Wakefield site, which it hopes will help boost mushroom production by up to 15…..

California strawberry growers assessing impact from last week’s rain
Strawberry growers in California are still estimating the impact last week’s significant rainfall has made on crops. Particularly in focus are the stem berries that are expected to attract high demand come Valentine’s Day.Oxnard»The Oxnard growing region received significant rainfall at the beginning of last…..

NZ: BerryCo says industry expansion is through varietal development
One of Australasia’s biggest blueberry partnerships says it is excited by the potential of new varieties that are set to hit the market in the near future.BerryCo NZ has secured the New Zealand rights to the genetics from Mountain Blue Orchards (MBO) in Australia, which General Manager Vaughan Judkins says is…..

Expanding into Latin America
California company designs application to consolidate data into one application
In an age where producers face ever mounting complexities in running their business, the need for technology to keep up continues to increase. It takes a whole team to manage the data required to run a significant operation. From field to office data, as well as employee management, it’s vital for a business…..

Get more energy by having this blue alga at breakfast
«Spirulina very popular in France»
Eric Constans cultivates spirulina. The blue algae variety is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, which benefits your whole body. This Frenchman began growing the algae in February 2017.The Spirulina is cultivated in large basinsGap in the marketEric says,»It is going well. My customers are very pleased…..

Anaco Greeve starts expansion of banana ripening chambers with 15,000 boxes
Considerable shortages on banana market
While many banana ripeners have gone out of business over the years, Anaco & Greeve from Poeldijk, the Netherlands, has been continuously active with its banana ripening plant since 1976. The twenty ripening chambers each have the capacity to ripen 30,000 boxes of bananas every week. “Demand still…..

Update of Belgian citrus import
«Better to forget this grapefruit season»
Cédric Geens of W. Jockheere, an import company in Brussels, Belgium, has called the Florida grapefruit season «a season to be best forgotten». Last year hurricane Irma ravaged the area in the US, causing massive damage. There was not a lotleft of the grapefruits.»It is extremely difficult to find any…..

Swiss supermarkets prefer the better protected pre-packed tomatoes
“Waste of unpackaged tomatoes too high”
During the last weeks, the import of Spanish vegetables has continued to increase. After the cold December weather, in important agricultural regions such as Almería and Murcia, the quantity of popular vegetables, such as sweet peppers, cucumbers, and of course tomatoes, has increased to a satisfactory level……

Joint venture to provide superior blueberry varieties
Migiva Group and OZblu, announced today that they, have signed a joint venture agreement combining their skills and strengths to form OZblu America which will bring to market a superior blueberry consumer experience through the production and delivery of exclusive patented varieties that offer nuanced flavors…..

Carlos Cumbreras, manager of Grufesa:
«I don’t think prices will be affected by the expansion in the strawberry acreage»
While the acreages devoted to berries has grown by 11% this year, those intended for strawberry cultivation have increased by around 9% after several years of decline, as recently reported by Freshuelva. According to the association of producers, this trend change has been caused by the blueberry oversupply…..

Sales to China could more than double this year
Avocado popular with China’s middle class
Avocado sales to China are expected to more than double in 2018 as demand continues to grow. The country’s expanding middle-class population in particular is quite interested in this fruit.And the pace of growth shows no sign of slowing; more and more health-conscious consumers in the world’s most populous…..

Walmart holds launch ceremony for 2018 Chilean cherries
On 9 January, Walmart joined with the leading Chinese fruit trader Joy Wing Mau and the Chilean Cherry Association, and held a launch ceremony for the 2018 Chilean cherry season at its store in the Kunming World Trade Center. Walmart is leading in the retail market because of its safe, fresh, affordable and…..

China: Sugar orange market depressed
The new year has already begun, but fruit farmers are still occupied with citrus fruit products. The price of sugar oranges remains an issue between fruit merchants and fruit farmers. With the Spring Festival in sight, and despite the influence from two days of rain, the sugar orange producing areas in Guangxi…..

China: Onion prices take a dive
According to Sannong Zhongguo, onion prices in 2017 hovered at their lowest position. In some places it was impossible to even sell them. This price depression will remain the same in 2018 because the output volume is exceedingly large and there is already too much stock in cold storage. The price has already…..

China: Imported fruit prices mixed up
Imported fruit has always been synonymous with high prices. For the four main imported fruits, namely apples, oranges, watermelons and dragon fruits, however, this is suddenly the complete opposite. Their prices are now even lower than similar quality products from China. The first signs of this phenomenon…..

Autumn Glory apple variety breaks milestone in United States
Sales for the Autumn Glory apple continue to build as the apple broke into the United States top 20 apple varieties in November. Ranking as number 18, Autumn Glory saw 280% growth versus last November, enjoying the most growth of all apple varieties, based on percentage (IRI scan data ending…..

Laurens Maartens, NBWM:
The euro: all signals on green
Everything indicates the euro will continue rising. The ECB is finally seeing the economy recovering considerably as well, while the dollar is under pressure due to the increasing budget deficit and a Chinese policy change, according to Laurens Maartens from the Dutch Payment and Exchange Company.The European…..

Egypt: 4.8 million tonnes of agricultural exports in 2017
Egypt’s total exports of agricultural crops in 2017 increased to over 4.8 million tonnes, compared to 4.34 million tonnes in 2016. The numbers came from an official report issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation on Saturday. Citrus fruits were the most important crops exported last year,…..

Lunchtime is over for the Colorado potato beetle
Chemicals in the leaves of potato plants, produced naturally by the plant, may hold the key to a new way to control Colorado potato beetles – a major pest for potato growers.Dr. Helen Tai, an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) research scientist, has turned to the leaves growing on wild potato relatives,…..

Organic kiwifruit joins eco-revolution with laser labelling
AgrocolliBio, one Europe’s largest growers and marketers of organic kiwifruit has announced a major investment in innovative laser-labelling technology in collaboration with technology provider Laser Food, as the move away from wasteful paper labels gathers momentum across the continent. With feedback received…..

«We’ll be eating more sea vegetables»
«The public has an increasingly strong interest in better sources of information about where their food comes from. With that will come more niche food resources and local food production options. We are looking at ways we can begin to produce seafood in the United States that meets our environmental concerns…..

Cencosud: $400mln in investment expected this year
Metro: Christmas cheer in Germany but in not Russia
Dutch retail sales growth accelerates in NovemberDutch retail sales growth quickened in November after easing sharply in the previous month, figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics show. Retail sales climbed 5.5% year-over-year in November, much faster than the 1.5% gain in October. The measure has been…..

FreshPlaza funny
Time to fire back… Road rage for cyclists