Brazilian mangoes losing market share to Mexican supply in the US

Monday, January 29, 2018
Latin America edition

Altamir G. Martins, director of operations, Finobrasa Agroindustrial Brazil
Brazilian mangoes losing market share to Mexican supply in the US
“Last year was difficult for us in terms of mango exports as the Brazilian production of the variety Tommy Atkins is mostly used for export to the United States. However, slowly Mexico is absorbing the window that was traditionally the season for Brazil. We lost August over the years, however they are slowly…..

National development plan for the fresh fruit business
Brazil aims to increase exports
“Brazil is the third biggest fresh produce producer in the world after China and India. However, in terms of exporting, Brazil is only 23rd on the ranking. The statistics of last year show a growth of 9% in value of fresh produce exported and an increase of 15% in volume. The fruits, mango and melons were the…..

Argentina: Lemon exports drop by 24%
Lemon exports suffered another setback in 2017, as sales decreased by 24% in value and there was a 14% decrease in shipments. Last year exports totalled 249 million dollars, i.e. 78 million less than in 2016.The volumes exported reached 241 thousand tons, which is 38 thousand tons below what had been exported…..

Honduras: Workers Union and Chiquita on the verge of an agreement
The US transnational corporation in Honduras, Chiquita Banana, and the Workers’ Union are on the verge of reaching an agreement that will allow them to resume their work, according to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STSS).The head of this ministerial portfolio, Carlos Madero, said that the workers…..

For bird lovers with time on their hands
Panama: Fruit feeder cam
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Canopy Family have placed a feeder cam on the grounds of the Canopy Lodge in El Valle de Antón, Panama. This site is just over 600 m above sea level in the low mountains of Cerro Gaital.This Panama Fruit Feeder Cam is continuously monitoring a feeding table that is…..

Plum prices 15% to 20% higher than this time last year
South Africa: «It’s a good time to be sending fruit.»
Plum prices are higher than they’ve been in a number of years, traders tell FreshPlaza, because the markets are short. “It’s a good time to be sending fruit,” says one trader, while a number of others put the price for plums at 15% to 20% higher than this time last year, a factor somewhat diminished by the…..

AU: OneHarvest focuses on health and safety as it enters export market
One of Australia’s largest fresh cut salad producers has entered the export market, as the industry returns to the pre-2016 salmonella outbreak levels.OneHarvest predominantly supplies private label fresh cut salads to the domestic retail market, but is at the start of its export business journey, with fresh…..

Red tape causing labour issues for Polish blueberry producers
Finding labour is becoming increasingly difficult for Polish producers. This is true of all types of fruit and vegetables, but even more so for blueberry producers.»A large majority of the seasonal workers in Poland used to be Ukrainians, but this is becoming more and more difficult due to EU legislation about…..

Mexico just keeping pace with demand for coconuts
Coconut supply looks steady as Mexico is just over a month away from winding down its winter season. “We have our own 1,000 acres of coconuts in Mexico and in the winter, we have a high production,” says Mayra Romero with Fresco Produce LLC based in McAllen, Tex. “We have enough supplies from October to March,…..

Is renewable energy good for your business?
Many companies in the fresh produce industry are considering whether investing into renewable energy is a good business decision. The fact is that there are an array of options available to consider. The most well-known are the ones that relate to power generation, such as solar and wind power. However, there…..

Special Fruit Logistica

New transport box with collapsible sides to be featured
Penta Plast has developed their ECOBINS H.60 in response to the high demand from Italian and international markets. Just like the ECOBINS H.80 and ECOBINS H.100 models, this product is «built for a lifetime», according to the exhibitor.ECOBINS H.60 transport boxThe boxes are completely recyclable and part of…..

‘UKRAINE’ stand- Hall 7.2b, A01-03

Ukrainian producers band together to enter global market
With the entry into force of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine from September 2017, Ukraine has significantly increased the rate of export of fresh and processed berries, fruits and vegetables to the Union. «We did a lot of groundwork at last year’s Fruit Logistica in 2017, to promote…..

Separate English and German editions

Special Primeur for Fruit Logistica trade show now online
Fruit Logistica will beheld in Berlin, Germany, from 7 to 9 February 2018. Take a look at our English and German trade show edition. We will be distributing this Fruit Logistica special edition among exhibitors and visitors at the trade fair. You are also, of course, welcome to come and collect a copy from our…..

Global Focus Bananas

Trinidad increases Jamaican bananas order
Jamaican Agriculture Minister Karl Samuda welcomes the news that the republic of Trinidad and Tobago has increased its weekly order of Jamaican bananas. Jamaica began exporting bananas to the twin-island republic in December, following the signing of a six month contract. Jamaica currently sends one container…..

New salad with a unique ingredient – samphire
“In this market, innovation is absolutely key, so we are now launching a very new salad, which is a combination of baby leaves of green lettuce, wild rocket, pak choi, red chard and samphire. The last mentioned ingredient is very unique, as it’s a sea herb with a salty taste. The intention is that it replaces…..

And competition increases
China: «Import fruit prices down as domestic fruit quality improves»
«There has been a phenomenon in the market for imported fruit in recent years where the production and trading costs of some products exceed the sales price. I think this phenomenon can be traced to the industrialization of agricultural industry in China. The level of plantation technology increased and every…..

Will CETA increase exports of Canadian cherries to the EU?
Canadian cherries have a unique window of supply. “We are known for late cherries as our production peaks in August,” says Andre Bailey with Global Fruit. “Although Europe is an important market for Canadian cherries, our focus has been more heavily on Asia in the past few years. “Two out of the last four…..

Delays in shipping from West Coast are a boon Northeastern apple movement
The northeast/mid-Atlantic region sees strong movement of apples.“We have adequate supplies of apples remaining to market for this time of year,” says Brenda Briggs of Rice Fruit Co. “Our overall holdings represent a smaller than average size crop for our growers.” Both the flavor and sizing of apples is…..

Matthijs Ahsman, Frutos Tropicales Europe:
“By focusing on our export range we’re working on a broad customer range”
In March 2017, Matthijs Ahsman and Sam Gielen started FTE (Frutos Tropicales Europe) in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands. By doing so, they fulfilled a long-time wish. “In recent years, we’ve seen a change to more specialised companies on the market, and these work cost-efficiently and focus on just a few products……

Negative situations for Sicilian orange exports
«Exports of Sicilian oranges have been dropping over the past few days,» reports Pietro Russo, a European citrus fruit market expert.»The season started very well with excellent produce due to the perfect ripening level. However, now there are some issues caused by the CTV and drought.»Grades are small, which…..

Spain: Mandanova, a new seedless mandarin variety
Last week, a new mandarin variety was presented in Valencia, at the headquarters of Ava Asaja. It is the Mandanova, a seedless variety obtained through irradiation of buds of the Nova variety. It was first irradiated in South Africa fifteen years ago and now the first seedlings are being marketed in Spain. The…..

Greenyard CEO steps down
Greenyard announced today the appointment of current Greenyard Executive Chairman Hein Deprez as CEO of Greenyard, replacing Marleen Vaesen in this position. Carl Peeters, the current CFO of Greenyard, will be appointed COO, a new function. Hein Deprez and Carl Peeters are to jointly lead the Greenyard…..

AU$ 230,000 dollar fine, possible shut-down
Australian fined heavily for exploiting foreign workers
An Australian businessman was fined almost 230,000 Australian dollars (150,000 euros) for the exploitation of foreign workers in Bundaberg, Queensland. Possibly his company will even be shut down by the Federal Government.Emmanuel Bani and his company, Maroochy Sunshine, were fined in March last year after the…..

Spain: Horticultural exports outside Europe grew by 1% up to November
The export of fruit and vegetables outside Europe up to November 2017 grew by 1% compared to the previous year, totalling 538 million Euro, which represents 4.7% of Spain’s total exports. In Asia, the main destination is the United Arab Emirates; in America, it is Brazil, and in Africa, Morocco.The United Arab…..

India: Huge losses in kinnow acreage in Punjab
With kinnows yielding huge losses for farmers over the past five years, there has been a 16% decline in the cultivation area of the crop to 43,000 hectare for this season over last year’s 51,000 hectare. Farmers have been uprooting the crop to cut their losses. The crop’s share in the area under fruit…..

American study warns:
If every person went meat-free there would be a public health disaster
A new report from the US National Academy of Sciences suggests that if the US were to go full vegan, it would be a disaster. The study was intended to look at the impact of the meat industry on greenhouse gas emissions, and consequently asked what would happen if every person in the US fully embraced meat-free…..

Overview of movement and pricing of fresh raspberries in the US
Data from the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service illustrate what remarkable growth has occurred in the fresh red raspberry market. American consumers have really taken a liking to fresh red raspberries and the “off-season” has nearly disappeared due to increased volumes from Mexico.Average monthly fresh…..

Italy: Lumigrey reflecting screens
A screen that combines a simple shading function with the capability of monitoring greenhouse temperatures, which is essential, especially in warmer months. These are just some of the characteristics of the Lumigrey® reflecting screens, introduced byAgrintechas an alternative to traditional shading nets.The…..

Israel: A fruit that thinks it’s a flower…
Some pics of a very peculiar lemon, found by grower Hagai Geva from Kibbutz Giv’at Haim Meuchad in Israel.

US study: Curcumin improves memory and mood
According to the results of a study conducted by UCLA researchers, daily consumption of a certain form of curcumin improved memory and mood in people with mild, age-related memory loss.The research, published online January 19th in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, examined the effects of a…..

Import Promotion Desk brings organic producers from nine countries to BIOFACH
Germany: More organic products from developing and emerging countries
From Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Peru and Tunisia as well as Serbia and South Africa, the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) brings organic producers to this year’s BIOFACH. More than 30 companies from nine countries will be presenting their diverse range of organic products on the joint stand of…..

First proceeds for Damiaanactie
BelOrta auctions first asparagus of 2018
Last week, the first white asparagus of the year were sold by BelOrta. Producer De Molenkouter from Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium, supplied the first two crates with eight punnets (of 500 grammes) per crate. METRO Cash & Carry bought these first crates for the price of €200 per punnet. BelOrta doubled this…..

Ag robot just a matter of time…

Indian fruit & vegetable exports dip
Indian fresh fruits and vegetables export revenues have slumped by 15 % during April-November 2017. And in this dip the substantial drop in the export of pulses and wheat hasn’t even been accounted for.Low demand and supply of onions, tomatoes, bananas and raisins to the top exporting markets was the major…..

Vietnam post-harvest losses hinder export
As Vietnam currently has little in the way of post-harvest technology or machinery, post-harvest losses are substantial. These losses not only refer to the quantity of lost crops, but also to the reduction in quality and access to international markets.Some 70% of Vietnam’s export fruit and vegetables are…..

EFSA greenlights mushrooms with extra vitamin D
Banken Champignons has been given the go ahead from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to market the vitamin D mushroom. One portion of this new mushroom can help a shortage of vitamin D. Banken is playing into the ever growing demand for healthy and natural food with the vitamin D mushrooms. «Vitamin D…..

Six reasons Irish potatoes are good for you
The Irish potato is one of the many varieties of potato, a starchy, tuberous crop from the perennial nightshade solanum tuberosum.They are called Irish potatoes because they were the main type grown in Ireland in the early 1800s, and are associated with The Great Irish Famine, one of the worst agricultural,…..

New Zealand: Kiwifruit envy
The success story of New Zealand kiwifruit is a remarkable one. A bounceback from vine-killing disease PSA, high consumer demand for the fruit, and 2017’s record crop saw sales grow to $NZ2 billion. “It’s kiwifruit envy” Bay of Plenty grower Andre Hickson says. “We’re flavour of the month, hence why everyone…..

Pineapple growing in New Zealand
Growing pineapples outdoors in New Zealand is limited to the winterless north and other warm, frost-free spots. However, planting in a glasshouse or growing as a houseplant is the next best thing. Pineapples are surprisingly small plants, as they are low-growing bromeliads with a spread of less than a metre in…..

Australia still has a problem finding fruit pickers
Australia is still facing a growing problem of finding fruit pickers during the harvesting season. Subsequently, hundreds of tonnes of fruit are going to waste. Fruit firms and growers in Australia have been unable to find sufficient pickers to help harvest ripened fruit. Local news agencies estimate that the…..

Exchange rate passes limit of 1.20 dollar
Euro-dollar exchange rate even more uneven due to parity
The European economy is doing quite well, signs aren’t just on green in the Netherlands. Various factors are combining in the EU so that the exchange rate between the euro and the dollar, which was predicted last year to reach parity, is increasing even more. Last week, the exchange rate passed 1.20 dollar.The…..

HortGro refutes claim of Listeria on South African apples
Following a report which linked Listeria to South African apples, the deciduous fruit industry body, Hortgro, said in a statement that according to their knowledge no Listeria has ever been found on fresh South African apples. “The report is false and irresponsible,” said Anton Rabe, Hortgro’s Executive…..

A new variety of strawberry grown in Senegal
A young farmer in Senegal, Souleymane Agne, produces and commercialises organic strawberries. He now offers a new variety of sweet strawberries to rival the imported ones.Following many trial runs, the producer started the strawberry production in 2016, their main attraction is that they are sweet and 100%…..

Spain: Creation of asparagus producers’ association of Guadalajara
The asparagus producers’ association of Guadalajara, a new organization that aims to promote a quality brand and improve the marketing of this product, was created last Friday.The provincial director of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development, Santos López, had held a meeting with numerous asparagus…..

South Africa: Avocado industry targeted by fruit thieves
People from the Lowveld region should not buy avocados from vendors during the period November-March, since no avocados are harvested locally during these months. Those for sale may be stolen from orchards. Crime syndicates have set their sights on the Lowveld’s avocados. The thefts are fast becoming more…..

Magnit: 6% sales increase in 2017
Spar International: 40 stores in Saudi Arabia by 2020
Portugal: Continente expansion gives boost to Sonae sales in 2017Portuguese retail group Sonae MC has reported that sales increased by 5.4% to €3.8bln in 2017, fuelled by like-for-like growth of 1.2%. In its preliminary sales results, the retailer said that this growth was also boosted by the continued…..

FreshPlaza funny
Are leopards native to England?