FreshPlaza.com «Later start of Kenyan avocado exports is a good thing»

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Latin America edition

Mauricio Brotto from Brotto figs, Brazil
“Excluding Bordeaux mixture in fig production resulted in a growth in volumes”
“The fig season started in November and runs till June. We expect to have the same growth rate of last season of 25%-30%. This is the second seasons with a significant increase with good statistics. Like every season, we experience ups and downs. The export market is always very good in November and December,…..

Job Offers:
• GB Farms, Mango Orchards Manager – Egypt
• Fruits CMR, Import-Export Sales Agents – Barcelona, Spain
• Freshrecruitment/GreenFood Iberica, Sales and Purchasing Manager Organic Produce – Spain (near Girona)

Argentina: Tucuman’s lemon production will increase by up to 8%
The production of fresh lemons during 2017 amounted to 1.4 million tons, a level below the market expectation. «We should be producing 1.65 million tons. The decrease in production didn’t allow us to have enough fresh product to export,» stated Jose «Yayo» Carbonell, the President of the Argentine Federation…..

Guido van Meggelen (JamboFresh):
«Later start of Kenyan avocado exports is a good thing»
Yesterday, it was announced that Kenya would only allow avocados to be exportedfrom February (for Fuerte) and March, for the Hass variety. Guido van Meggelen from JamboFresh, an import company based in Rotterdam, says this is a wise decision. «The avocados’ oil content is often not yet up to standard in this…..

Cultivating for advancement near the centre of Brussels
Pizza and cocktails from your own garden
Pierre Barbieux and Nassim Khabazi own two bars and two restaurants in the centre of Brussels in Belgium. One of these is Noir, a wine and pizza bar. Their goal is to serve dishes made from local products. To achieve this, they grow their own fruit and vegetables in a field just outside the city.Pierre and…..

River irrigation access in Lower Berg River region already suspended last week
Upper Berg River farmers await date to cease irrigation from river
Fruit producers and other growers in the Upper Berg River region of the Western Cape (Franschhoek, Paarl, Wellington, Hermon) are awaiting the date that their access to irrigation water from the Berg River will be suspended for the season. The Department of Water Affairs will determine the date, which could be…..

AU: Potential new Panama disease risk to Australian bananas
A suspected third case of the devastating Panama disease has been detected in far North Queensland in the country’s largest banana growing region.A sample from a banana plant taken in mid-January from a Tully Valley property has returned a positive result from the initial molecular test. Biosecurity Queensland…..

Chili pepper supplies feeling the Florida weather
The Hurricane Irma effect is being felt in the supply of chili peppers in the U.S. right now. “There is good availability of chili peppers in the West at the moment. However Florida supplies are light at this time,” says Randy Bailey of Bailey Farms in Oxford, N.C. Bailey points out that the supply right now…..

«Attractive fruit packaging is a deciding factor when purchasing»
«In recent years, as living standards and aesthetic awareness have been on the rise, people are no longer just focusing on edibility alone. Instead, the attractiveness of the packaging has also become one of the main deciding factors. In order to satisfy this market demand, apart from having our standardized…..

Italy: SpirulinaK among functional foods
«We research and produce micro-algae, and especially natural SpriulinaK, 100% pure and certified organic. In addition, we produce functional Spirulina-based food such as pasta and beer. We want to diversify our product range, so we are planning on introducing other kinds of food on the market.»Danila…..

Italy: Improved warehouse logistics improves processing
«2017 was characterised by important results especially when it comes to optimised warehouse logistics and the organisation of human resources. According to the data collected through a customer satisfaction survey conducted by SG Marketing, Agricola Lusiais perceived as a reliable highly-professional partner…..

Special Fruit Logistica

OrtoRomi launches new line of drinks with fruit and vegetable extract
OrtoRomi recently launched a new fruit and vegetable extract line «Made in Italy» under the Insal’Arte brand. It encompasses 15 different flavours, from classics like strawberry, peach and lemon to options including kale, avocado and turmeric.Insal’Arte extractsThe product is designed to meet the needs of the…..

Cutting machine for fruit chips or rings
The new DRR cutting machine manufactured by PND cores and cuts apples and peaches into chips or rings. It consists of a rotating plate with eight individual stations for the fruit.DRR cutting machineThe mechanisms for the three operations are located above the plate opposite the loading point. The plate with…..

Harvesting/ planting rigs and extended shelf life enhancements

BrimaPack’s reveals innovations for 2018:
BrimaPack BV announced today some new innovations for 2018. “During the Fruit Logistica 2018 in Berlin on 7 – 9 February 2018 we will show our latest innovations”, Ron van de Pavert, BrimaPack’s CEO, says.»We are currently assembling our VeTrac 18 rows Transplanter. Also the VeTrac Celery harvester is on its…..

Global Focus Bananas

Allfresch eagerly awaits first shipment of premium organic ‘Mibio’ bananas
Allfresch Group eagerly awaits the first shipment of Mibio. Expected to arrive mid-February, Mibio is the groups new protected brand for premium organics.Mibio bananas are sourced from only the most reputable producer associations in The Dominican Republic. After several years working with the supplier…..

Engaged vegetable grower Heinz Stoffers is Landgard Grower of the Year
Germany: “I will continue my work for the growers”
Vegetable producer Heinz Stoffers last Friday won the annual Landgard Award for fruit and vegetables as producer of the year. The committed farmer from Krefeld on the one hand distinguished himself with an innovative vegetable company from which he supplies regional branches of the leading retail chains with…..

Grower expands organic production
US kale supplies healthy, prices up
Despite the cold temperatures, the hearty-stalked kale supplies are looking equally hearty. “Supply of kale is good,” says Lois Kim of PPC Farms in Mission, TX. “We had a freeze twice in the past month, but the cold didn’t affect it.” While PPC’s supplies are coming from the Rio Grande Valley region in South…..

Benefits are unclear
Canadian exporters comment on CPTPP agreement
The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) announced that an agreement was reached on the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). The deal was reached yesterday, January 23. Eleven countries are set to sign as the US withdrew from TPP a year ago. According to the CPMA, the…..

Takeover of Dole by Greenyard not entirely off
According to Belgian newspaper De Tijd, Greenyard’s takeover of Dole isn’t entirely off. The newspaper says there’s still a window of opportunity left open. Due to Dole’s high burden of debt, the American company continues to look for a candidate to acquire the company, and Greenyard still has an excellent…..

SanLucar presents its corporate responsibility report 2015-2017
The multinational company has invested a total of 2.5 million euros in its social and environmental activities over the past two years. “d.r e.a.m.s. For a sunnier world. Join us!» is the title of SanLucar´s current Corporate Responsibility Report, which provides information on its commitment and achievements…..

Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
TPP resurrected as nations get set to sign trade deal
Australia and 10 other nations have signalled they will sign a revised Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal later this year.Key points:Steve Ciobo says the Government has worked hard to revive the trade pactThe new deal will «eliminate more than 98% of tariffs in a free-trade zone»Federal Labor last year…..

Figuring out how potassium lowers blood pressure
International team researches bananas
High blood pressure kills an estimated 7.5 million people worldwide each year. But doctors have known since early in the 20th century that potassium lowers blood pressure. Now a team of six international doctors and researchers, including a team at Oregon Health & Science University, have five years and a…..

Map of today’s countries on the supercontinent of Pangea

«Calinda starting to make a name for itself in Europe»
Spanish Calinda strawberries have been available since December and are slowly, but surely, building up to large volumes. «Special Fruit is the largest grower of Calinda strawberries in the world. Together with our partners, we have planted a total of 170 hectares. We are expecting a yield of 5 million kg this…..

BASF invests in Ahrma’s intelligent pallets
The Dutch company Ahrma has developed an intelligent and reusable pallet that is coated with Elastocoat C polyurethane spray from BASF. The pallet incorporates an active RFID transponder from Ahrma that allows collecting critical data regarding its position, product movement, fluctuations in temperature, the…..

Malaysian ports left out as container shipping lines consolidate
The recent round of container shipping line consolidation and alliance reshuffling leaves Malaysian ports out of the race for transhipment volumes, as bigger groups opt to maintain or move their services to Singapore rather than to Port Klang or Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP).The consolidation has claimed its…..

Austria’s Hofer: 50th anniversary
Strong Dutch performance lifts Ahold Delhaize in Q4
UK: Co-op pledges £50mln of price cuts for grocery staplesThe Co-op is investing £50mln in cutting the price of grocery staples in response to “tight” competition on the high street, it has announced. The retail giant said it was lowering the price of some products by more than 40%, with more than 600 products…..

FreshPlaza funny
Cutting out the middle man for strawberry transport