Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Latin America edition

Rolf Weber: «Good production and quality expected»
Costa Rican melon harvest starts
The melon harvest at Pafru S.A. and LogiFru S.A. in Costa Rica has started. «The first 10 containers with around 200 tonnes of yellow melons are on their way in the ships of Maersk and Hamburg Sud and are expected in Europe in two weeks,» says owner Rolf Weber, who is also the director of Global Producers BV…..

Job Offers:
• Applied Horticultural Research, Horticultural Consultant – Sydney, Australia
• Hortimax, Service Engineer – Almeria, Spain

Among Asian markets:
Peru records highest export sales to India
The country of Peru generated its highest export sales to India during January-October 2017 with shipments totalling $1.57 billion. These were higher sales as compared to other Asian economies such as China, South Korea, Japan and the UAE. (Target markets included China, South Korea, India, Japan, the UAE, the…..

Mexico will consolidate itself as an agricultural food power
This year, Mexico will consolidate itself as an agricultural food power, as it currently ranks as the 12th biggest producer and the tenth biggest exporter worldwide, said the head of the Mexican Association of Secretaries of Agricultural Development (Amsda), Hector Padilla Gutierrez.According to Padilla…..

January to November
Peruvian agricultural exports grew by 7.35%
According to the Foreign Trade Company of Peru (ComexPeru), Peruvian agricultural exports between January-November 2017 totaled US $5,174,000,000, i.e. 7.35% more than the US $ 4,819,619,089 achieved in the same period of 2016.In the first eleven months of 2017 shipments of traditional agricultural products…..

Persian lime, Mexico’s second most important export product
After the avocado, Persian lime is one of Mexico’s most dynamic products. It’s prices can be very low, but it has also been one of the most expensive products at the national level. Persian lime is Mexico’s second most important export product.According to a source dedicated to the exports of this citrus fruit…..

China is expected to replace the US as the main destination of Chilean nectarines
In February of last year, the Chinese market was opened for Chilean nectarines. The opening of the Asian giant meant an important change for local exporters in terms of distribution, due to that destination’s great purchase potential. At that time it was difficult to anticipate how serious the impact would be…..

Argentina: Losses of $2.5 per kilo of apples and pears harvested
The president of the Federation of Fruit Producers of Rio Negro and Neuquen, Sebastián Hernandez, stated that producers of pears and apples lost $ 2.5 per kilo harvested.Last week the national government regulated the Emergency Law for the production of pears and apples, with special benefits for the…..

Colombia: Refrigerated containers are key for the export of fruit
The Port Society of Buenaventura (SPB) doesn’t stop by day or night, it works 24 hours to mobilize 43.6 percent of Colombia’s cargo. More than 315 million dollars have been invested in the port in recent years, which have allowed it to move one million TEU (20 foot containers) in 2017 and rank as one of the 10…..

Interest grows around the globe
Ripening rooms play key role in achieving desired color, brix level and taste
“Proper fruit ripening is important as it provides control over fruit uniformity for greater amounts of product,” says John Sydoriak with Advanced Cold Storage International. “Without controlled ripening chambers, fruit would not ripen to the desired color, brix level and taste.” In addition, maintaining a…..

Chilean blueberries see improved 2017-2018 season
This year it’s a different picture. That’s what importers of blueberries are saying about Chile’s blueberry season. “Supply is good right now. Production has increased in Chile finally and growers in Central region are going through their peak at the moment. The market is carrying great momentum after a…..

Special Fruit Logistica

«Extensive track record in food sector housing design and realisation»
Heembouw is one of the exhibitors at Fruit Logistica. «With our wide, extensive track record in the design and realisation of housing for the food and food-related sectors, we let our (potential) clients see what we can mean for them and what added value we can deliver», says Rinus Verhey, Commercial Director…..

Europe Retail Packaging debuts with their own stand at Fruit Logistica

“Herb business professionalised considerably”
Europe Retail Packaging will make their debut as an independent company with a stand at the Fruit Logistica. The company was a visitor of the fair for years, but this year they’re choosing to promote their herb activities with their own stand for their herb branch.“In recent years we have continued…..

Minute-by-minute shipment temperature monitoring
BluRoad is a wireless temperature monitoring solution designed for refrigerated ground transport, pallets, containers, and refrigeration systems.Customisable to meet users’ needs, BluRoad measures and delivers temperature data by the minute. It is comprised of temperature data loggers placed inside the…..

Global Focus Bananas

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New strategies to reduce solanine and chaconine content in potatoes
Potatoes are a staple food for over one billion people worldwide as well as a primary source of carbohydrates and a vital crop for the South American, African and Eastern/Central Asian economies. They occupy third place (after rice and wheat) on the list of foods the world depends on for food security.The…..

Domestic apple demand poised to pick up
Supplies of Michigan apples at good levels. “While we don’t have the supply we had a year ago, overall we’re sitting fairly well,” says Scott Swindeman of Deerfield, Mi.-based All Fresh GPS LLC. “I expect to have fruit in the early summer. Some varieties are down more than others.” For instance, All Fresh’s…..

Italy: Too many wholesale markets
There are over 200 wholesale markets and food and agricultural centres in Italy involving thousands of companies. The turnover can be estimated at €7-8 billion and they provide work to hundreds of thousands of operators.Campania is the region with the highest number of public wholesale markets, Emilia-Romagna…..

Texas celery crop escapes ruin from last week’s cold weather
Southern Texas growers have also experienced their share of cold weather recently, with heavy frost and near freezing temperatures putting crops at risk.Helicopters and blowers to protect the cropsEdinburgh, Texas had heavy frost on the morning of January 4. “Not a good thing, but I think we’re going to be…..

Warm weather is of bigger concern
California citrus and berry growers were prepared for the rain
California received its first real winter weather yesterday when a substantial rainstorm swept through the state. It will continue raining for most of today. Much of the Sacramento Valley could receive up to two inches of rain, but citrus growing region Central Valley received about 0.25 inches until yesterday…..

Product fights against competition from iceberg lettuce and Chinese cabbage
Germany: Many obstacles to overcome in rise of chicory
After a few difficult years, the chicory market is on the rise again. Domestic enthusiasm for the salad-type vegetables is still very limited compared to that in neighbouring countries the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Limited knowledge of it by the consumer, the bitter taste and also the costly cultivation…..

Limoneira expects profitable year for lemons
Although the forest fires inCalifornia also affected Limoneira’s lemon orchards, CEO, Harold Edwards, remains positive. He predicts a good market with the possibility of record profits for the new year. He is also pleased with the how the past year went.This American company, which is especially prominent in…..

Limited supply of pomegranates means boost for packaged products
Much like its 2016 year, fresh pomegranates were in limited supply for 2017. “Due to unseasonably hot weather and short spouts of rainfall in California’s San Joaquin Valley, this year’s fresh pomegranate harvest was unfortunately cut short,” says Adam Cooper of Los Angeles, Ca.-based The Wonderful Company,…..

Cold weather puts Florida strawberry production on ice
Strawberry production in Florida has been delayed as growers wait for warmer weather to return. The cold weather that persisted late last week and into the weekend has slowed down fruit growth. Additionally, farmers have turned their attention to protecting their crops, putting harvesting temporarily on…..

Italy: Consumers want tomatoes to be available all year round
Due to the weather conditions, tomato prices have been rather high since April 2017, with a peak during the Christmas period. Wholesale quotations have slightly dropped during the second week of 2018, but are good nonetheless.WholesalerMassimo Castrogiovanni explains that «date tomatoes reach around €3/kg…..

AU: Mango industry remains on track for bumper season
Despite the high volumes of mangoes being dispatched to market, the season will not run any longer than usual according to the Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA).Seasons have already wrapped up in the north of Western Australia and the Northern Territory, with Queensland, New South Wales and southern…..

«Less fibrous and more tasty»
China: Soft fleshed ginger is a new market favourite
«Soft fleshed ginger is a new strain of ginger that was introduced from Taiwan in recent years. It is highly adaptable, produces less flowers, and has a high yield. The production areas of this ginger variety are predominantly distributed in Fujian, Guangxi, and peripheral areas. Under regular weather…..

The first Andalusian Sanguinelli will arrive in mid-January
Spain: «We are finding more and more markets for Sanguinelli oranges»
According to Daniel Blanco, Commercial Director of Mogalla, the first Sanguinelli oranges from Andalusia are expected to arrive in mid-January, a little later than usual.»This year, it is arriving with some delay compared to the previous year. It seems that the lack of temperature contrasts between day and…..

Italy: Change needed in peach sector
Peach and nectarine producer prices were very low in 2017 not only in Italy, but in most European producer countries. The only way to safeguard the Italian sector is to radically change it.»Everybody always says to focus on quality but we all mass produce in the end. There wasn’t a lot of difference between…..

China: «Bright future for mango processing industries»
«Huaping county in Lijiang is China’s northernmost village with high-quality, late-maturing mangoes. The unique character of Huaping’s late-maturing mango and the superiority of its industry is shaped by the natural growing environment and the distinctive method of cultivation. The ‘Huaping Mango’ was declared…..

Italy: Il Girasole’s low-envrionmental impact blood oranges
«The €3 million investments made over the past few years are repaying us for the sacrifices we’ve made to extend the warehouses where we process a wide variety of citrus and summer fruit.»Giovanni Scavo, sales manager for Il Girasole Soc. Coop.»We have added four new Unitec processing lines as well as a…..

Bernd Feenstra about the Xania pear:
«Nice sweet pear taste with an apple’s bite»
The ‘Oksana Xenia’ is a relatively new pear variety in Europe. It can, however, be traced back to 1968 when a hybrid was developed between the Triomphe de Vienne and the Krieren in Moldavia. The Xania pear has been available to consumers since 2010. The sales season starts in October and runs through to July,…..

Galicia leads kiwi production in Spain
Galicia continues to be Spain’s biggest producer of kiwifruits with more than 16,000 tons per year. It has an estimated area of about 700 hectares, which includes the areas from professional producers and of those who engage in this activity in a complementary manner.Currently, there are a total of 87 farms in…..

Attendee registration for Organic Produce Summit 2018 opens
General attendee registration for the third annual Organic Produce Summit opened yesterday, Monday January 8 on the OPS website. Special “Early Bird” pricing is available during the month of January for the only event dedicated exclusively to bringing together organic fresh produce growers, shippers and…..

Spain: Launch of facility for reuse of citrus washing water
A technological consortium formed by Ainia, the companies Electromechanical Verifications Engineering and Maintenance (IVEM) and Industrial Installations GRAU has received Anecoop’s support for the development of an innovative test facility in the municipality of Betera, in Valencia, which will facilitate the…..

Sixteen ways to divide the Netherlands

California Giant sponsors 5th Annual Tour de Fresh
California Giant Berry Farms has announced it will again be a premier sponsor for the Tour De Fresh to be held in July this year and is helping to create some new elements to benefit both riders and sponsors.The team at California Giant is already preparing for new and exciting challenges for the riders and…..

US apple growers planting more acreage of Evercrisp apples
The MAIA-1 apple – marketed as EverCrisp – is tracking for increased growth in the produce aisle in the coming years. Suppliers are saying that EverCrisp apples are popular among customers in orchards and at select retailers, establishing a foundation of early fans.“EverCrisp apples have all the…..

Poor cost-production ratio slows down organic production
Different studies have determined that the main reason many farmers have decided not to cultivate organic crops is because of their cost-production ratio.This, despite the product’s popularity. It affects biodynamic oils, all kinds of organic fruits and vegetables, and even organic wine. Each and every one of…..

Functional food trends in the US
According to the Commercial Office (Ocex) of Peru in Miami, in the last 20 years, US consumers have shown interest in foods and beverages that have some kind of health benefit and that are natural.This segment has evolved into a food and health industry that has high levels of opportunity, in which…..

Figs, 2018’s most fashionable healthy food
The fig is the most mentioned fruit in the Bible. According to this sacred book, it grew in the Garden of Eden. In recent times it seems to be experiencing a new boom, and not precisely because it appears in a sacred text.The fruit of the Ficus carica has been chosen by Firmenich as the flavor of the year for…..

Spanish Research:
Strengthening citric fruit to better resist climate change
Recent research of the Department of Agricultural Sciences and the Natural World of the Spanish Universitat Jaume I has identified the genes within citric fruit that biotechnology could improve to face climate change. A team of researchers under professor Vicent Arbona is trying to influence the workings of a…..

Extreme weather conditions causing havoc around the world
Countries all over the world are in the grip of extreme weather conditions. While the U.S. is reeling under bitter cold, Australia is broiling in intense heat. Then again, parts of India are icy cold; the country reported 114 deaths on Monday due to cold weather. In New Delhi, 44 homeless people died, but the…..

13 Western habits you should give up to be successful in China
What should Western CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Managers give up to win in China? Good question, isn’t it?Successful Businessmen in China all have a Mindset that allows them to Win in China, even against bigger players.Today, I will try to sum up these qualities and explain this to you.WHAT WESTERN CEO’S,…..

Italy: First supermarket managed entirely by customers
Sainsbury’s sales increase in Q3
Vietnam retail sales hit record $130bln in 2017Vietnam’s retail sales grew 10.9% in 2017 over the previous year to a highest-ever $129.6bln, spurred by a rising middle class and an influx of overseas retailers. Supermarkets and convenience stores are selling meat and vegetables at 20-30% higher prices than…..

FreshPlaza funny
The Winner of the ‘That’s Not My Job’ award…