Thursday, January 18, 2018
Latin America edition

Growers in Curaçao swindle local supermarket
Two brothers growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in Curaçao have swindled a local supermarket. With the aid of a fraudulent supermarket employee, the supermarket paid far too much for fresh produce shipments. This all came to light last year, and at the start of this year, the supermarket employee had to…..

Job Offers:
• ICI Industries, Account Manager, Southern, Protected Cropping – Melbourne, Australia

Argentina: Good prospects for kiwi campaign
«The prospects for the next kiwi campaign in the south east of the province of Buenos Aires are excellent. The farms run by our company, Don Kiwi, have good volumes of fruit of a very good size compared to previous years. Although at the time of the pollination we had excessive rainfall, we didn’t suffer any…..

Essential thyme oil reduces post-harvest anthracnose in organic bananas
Anthracnose in organic bananas is an aggressive post-harvest disease, which is difficult to control.»Essential oils have been studied to incorporate them into integrated pest management and reduce the use of synthetic fungicides during the post-harvest period. In vitro analyses showed that thyme oil is the…..

Costa Rica: Lay-offs at Chiquita stopped for now
A legal appeal filed by the union in the labor court of Limón prevented the dismissal of 110 workers, which was to be executed on December 22, from the transnational fruit company Chiquita Brands.The workers’ representatives understand, however, that this would be the first of a chain of layoffs motivated by…..

Colombia’s first avocado bar will open in Medellin
Colombia’s first avocado bar, a restaurant bar for avocado lovers, will open its doors in the city of Medellín, in the northwest of the country.The owner, who was inspired by a proposal that was born in Brooklyn (New York) and that already exists in different cities, such as Rome, Berlin or Amsterdam, took on…..

Demand for Golden Nugget variety spikes
California clementines lighter set but good demand
Last week’s rain kept some California citrus growers out of the field. «It’s never a good idea to pick wet citrus fruit because it causes skin breakdown and quality issues,» says Jesse Silva with Kings River Packing. Around January 11 some growers were able to get back into their groves to continue working…..

Peru: Ica exported more than 35,000 tons of avocado
The National Service of Agrarian Health (SENASA) certified that Ica had exported 35,670 tons of avocado in 2017.The main export destination for Ica’s avocado was Europe, with 27,395 tons, i.e. 76.80% of the region’s exports.It was followed by the United States with 5,970 tons (16.74%), the Asian continent…..

«It doesn’t compete with other varieties because it is different and unique»
Elbe potato, the best variety in Costa Rica
The improved Elbe potato variety is grown in the mountains of the northern zone of Cartago and Zarcero. This potato’s resistance, yield, and quality have been improved, making it the best potato variety created in the country over other varieties, such as the Floresta (white potato), Granola (yellow potato),…..

Peru: Tahiti lime exports could grow by 75%
Peru exported 5,434 tons of lime in the 2017 campaign, i.e. 36% more than the 4,003 tons it dispatched in the previous season, said the general manager of the Association of Citrus Producers of Peru (ProCitrus), Sergio del Castillo Valderrama.According to Valderrama, 2,650 tons of the 5,434 tons exported in…..

Tasmanian growers adding value for export
Days three and four of the Tasmanian tour saw more growers innovating: from just growing and selling their crops, to adding value by trying something new. For some of the growers it has been a steep learning curve and a lot of trial and error to get to where they are today.One recurring theme has been exports,…..

Special Fruit Logistica

Fruit Logistica

«It’s a good moment to analyse the market and find a mutual solution»
“Ginafruit has been growing with its customers over the last few years. An example is the South Korean market, where before only the Filipino banana was known. However, nowadays the market has developed and it demands the Ecuadorian banana as well. A customer in this market started with importing one container…..

Syngenta and Kumato team up to offer new pepper varieties
Tomato partners Syngenta and Kumato have announced that they will be launching three new varieties. One of which is the Kumato® Gran Sabor, an extra sweet, medium-sized tomato in a premium code/attributes pack.Sweet pepper variety GinaThe Baby Kumato® is the perfect size for a great tomato snack. And the…..

Export prospects fairly positive

China: «First tangelo export to Poland a success»
«On January 6th, 2018, the first shipment consisting of two containers loaded with tangelos successfully passed through Xiamen port on its way to Poland. After a brief time the shipment arrived in the port of Gdansk. This is the first export of tangelo and has historical significance for Chinese exports. This…..

Global Focus Bananas

Better soil quality will help prevent diseases in banana plantations
«We have launched a new project: a program to improve productivity. We strive to implement better production practices, and these cleaner production techniques result in a more ecological, almost organic production, but the banana production is still conventional. Some of the practices included in the program…..

Yavuz Taner – Alanar
Turkey: New powerhouse partnership in horticulture and fruit exports
Turkey has always been a big player in the agricultural industry. The country is well known for producing various fruits of a high quality. It is also positioned very well to serve various markets in Asia and Europe.According to Yavuz Taner, CEO of Alara Nursery and Alanar Fruit Company, “My companies have…..

Weak currency & low supplies, bring high banana prices in Ukraine
Bananas have become 16% more expensive in Ukraine over the last week and are currently twice as expensive as they were at the same time last year. The consensus amongst experts is that the price increase is a direct result of the decrease in the gross banana production by 18-20% in major producing countries,…..

Ukraine: Blueberry demand still growing faster than supplies
For Ukrainian blueberry producer Betec, the biggest focus this year is not on further expansion, but protecting the crops they do have from the elements and testing new varieties to make sure they can produce the best quality blueberries possible.»We are just finishing the installation of an anti-frost/storm…..

Austria: Styria tests wind machine against late frost
Every year extreme weather conditions cause serious damage to agriculture. Late frost destroyed a good 50 percent last year and 80 percent of the apple harvest the year before. Photo: Peter Schwappach/Creative Commons Styria has now started a pilot project to test wind machines. The 10 meter high device with…..

Importers are not counting on short-term change
Germany: Substantial price increases for Spanish imported vegetables
The importers focusing on Spain are currently experiencing their peak season. Due to the cold and the limited water supplies, the quantities availability in some fruit areas is rather limited and the prices are rising accordingly. Therefore, wholesalers are looking for alternatives.The prices for Spanish…..

Expansion of proprietary grape varieties as flavor becomes a focus
Grapes from Peru and Chile are currently on the lighter side but will ramp up over the next few weeks. Southern Hemisphere shipments will conclude around the late April to early May timeframe.Growers will be transitioning fully into Mexico at the turn of spring; the beginning of Mexico’s season overlaps the…..

Baja squash production helping to alleviate short supply
Squash production in the Baja region in Mexico is on track to continue steady production. Mexico has experienced cool temperatures and significant rainfall in certain regions, but Baja has seen mostly sunny skies and warm temperatures. The good growing conditions and steady production have also enabled growers…..

AU: Some WA Strawberry growers forecast average production despite TPP
The Western Australian strawberry season is on track to reach average production for some growers, despite the industry having to deal with diseases such as tomato potato psyllid.»The 2017 harvest remained much the same as previous years, not much has really changed,» Jamie Michael from grower/export company,…..

Joost Schoondermark, Nature’s Pride:
“Good prospects Mexican asparagus season”
In the past two weeks, prices for asparagus were at a high level, but with the Mexican supply arriving soon it’s expected price levels will drop somewhat. “Normally Mexico starts in the first week of January, but supply is a bit delayed. They were planning to start harvesting this weekend, but due to the good…..

Italy: Aranca DOP di Ribera doing well
«The Arancia di Ribera DOP campaign started one month ago and is going very well,» explains Paolo Parlapiano, sales manager from Parlapiano Fruit Srl, one of the leading citrus fruit producers in Sicily.Above: Paolo ParlapianoCustomers keep going back»Quality this year is excellent. Both sales and prices have…..

Italy: First report of Luteovirus in nectarines
Nectarines (Prunus persica) are among the most popular stone fruits in Italy. Campania produces an average of 80 thousand tons of them a year.A survey was conducted in the Eboli (Salerno) area in 2014 on a five-year-old orchard with Gartairo nectarine trees. Around 30% of the trees showed deep lesions of the…..

Mushrooms becoming fashionable
In the fresh produce world, mushrooms were already a successful and exotic product, but the crop might also be interesting as base material to replace high-quality fabrics such as leather. Myomy do goods became curious about this, and designed a luxurious fashion accessory for the material. Next Sunday they…..

Opening of apple season in Eastern Free State, South Africa
Apple growers in the Thabo Mofutsanyana District of the Eastern Free State of South Africa stand on the cusp of their 2017/18 apple season. Opening volumes of Royal Gala will be packed from next week, back to the normal timetable, after the previous two seasons which started as much as two weeks earlier. Their…..

«We are the largest Spanish producers of Perona green beans in Morocco»
Grupo Fruta y Verduras Antonio has become one of the leading companies in the distribution of fruit and vegetables in Spain, and this is mostly thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Mr Antonio López.»Born in Abengibre, in the province of Albacete, he decided to settle down in Barcelona 35 years…..

China: Why US buyers should switch focus on Fuji apples from Dalian
«The quality of Fuji apples from Shandong left much to be desired this season as a result of extreme local weather conditions. The quality and color of Fuji apples from Dalian, however, are in much better shape. They are better able to draw the attention from purchasing merchants at home and abroad. The…..

Christophe Vandenbroeck, Van Damme Bananas:
«We’re heading for a peak period»
Everyone is feeling the shortage on the banana market, says Christophe Vandenbroeck, Manager at Van Damme in Belgium: «There is minimal production in the countries of origin. This is due to severe climate problems such as storms and floods. Although there are still bananas available, shortages are developing…..

Elena Rogojnikova of Hagé International:
«Hopefully 2018 will be a better year for avocados that 2017»
At the moment, the avocado market is reasonably good. «Prices for both Greenskins and Hass varieties are quite high and demand is stable. There is a sufficient quantity of mostly small-sized Pinkertons coming from Israel. Currently, Hass avocados are from Chile, Spain and Colombia. This year, Hass production…..

Miguel Abril, of Anecoop: «Intenzza is not the definitive variety»
Spain: «We have gone from 8 to 35 partnered papaya producers this year»
Spain is gaining ground as a producer and supplier of papayas in Europe and the future is currently promising for this crop, which is marketed as a proximity product. The fact is that Spain is able to produce it on the coasts of Malaga, Granada, Almeria and Murcia, as well as in the Canary Islands, which have…..

US: Researchers assess factors associated with berry consumption
Researchers at the Center for Nutrition Research at the Illinois Institute of Technology recently published an assessment of berry consumption on associated health factors using the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2007-2012. Citing limited guidance for fruit intake in current…..

Produce reaches market faster, cheaper, fresher
Savannah new entry port for Chilean blueberries
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has cleared the Port of Savannah to serve as a new entry port for Chilean blueberries. Previously, the imported berries could only enter the U.S. through one of three regions: South Florida, Philadelphia/New York, and LA/Long Beach.“Because Savannah is hundreds of miles…..

«Demand nearly nonexistent in France»
European potato market overview for week 3:
Belgium (week 03): Fiwap / PCA market message:Industrial varieties :Quiet markets with, generally, little activity in free transactions. However, several industrial buyers have returned to the market, while some demand for exports is also present. The peelers show a certain interest for high quality batches of…..

Maersk & IBM launching blockchain-based platform for global trade
The world’s largest container shipping firm A.P. Moller-Maersk is teaming up with IBM to create an industry-wide trading platform it says can speed up trade and save billions of dollars.The global shipping industry has seen little innovation since the container was invented in the 1950s, and cross-border trade…..

AU: Hort Innovation Chief Executive to stand down
John Lloyd has announced that he will step down as Chief Executive in the second half of 2018, after eight years leading Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL), then Hort Innovation.Mr Lloyd joined HAL as CEO in 2009, and led it through a challenging yet successful transition to Hort Innovation in 2014. He has…..

Canada increases blueberry production and looks towards Asia-Pacific
An article recently published by the Foreign Service of Agriculture of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) stated that blueberries accounted for approximately 25 percent of the value of Canada’s horticultural supply, which makes them that country’s main crop. According to the analysis, in the…..

32 trillion data points for solid environmental intelligence
Autogrow, a global ag tech company, has announced their strategy to use trillions of available growing data points to help their growers’ crop production.“Due to the unique nature of our architecture, over 32 trillion data points flow through our systems each year which would be one of the most substantial…..

July 11 and 12, Monterey CA
Keynote speakers confirmed for Organic Produce Summit
The president of one of the world’s most recognized consumer fresh brands and a thought-provoking best-selling author have been confirmed as keynote presenters at Organic Produce Summit 2018, this coming July in Monterey, CA.Ed Carolan, President of Campbell Fresh, and Dan Buettner, noted journalist, author,…..

Curry & Company forms partnership with Oregon blueberry grower
Curry & Company will expand their product offerings of both organic and conventional blueberries by forming a partnership with Norris Family Farms of Umpqua, Oregon. The partnership also includes kiwiberries, an exciting product that the company said is growing in popularity with retailers across the…..

New 8oz. clamshells for specialty onions
Frieda’s wants to switch out of specialty onion mesh bags with their new, attractively branded, easy-to-display, 8 oz. clamshells. Varieties include cipolline onions, red, gold, and white pearl onions, and boiler onions, all in 12/8 oz. pack sizes.“Our new clamshells show off and protect the specialty onions…..

AU: Banana growers urged to be cyclone ready
As tropical weather activity increases over northern Australia, the Australian Banana Growers’ Council (ABGC) is urging growers to ensure they are cyclone prepared this season.Most growers in the tropical north are very well rehearsed in cyclone planning, having lived through severe tropical weather events…..

Italy: Female workers in agriculture
According to FAO data, women represent 45% of the agricultural workforce in the world, ranging from the 20% of Latin America to the 60% in some parts of Africa and Asia. If women farmers had the same access to resources as men, the number of people experiencing food shortages could drop to 150 million thanks…..

A more sustainable solution?
Bioplastics and biodegradable packaging
Plastic packaging is all over the media at the moment – in an incredibly negative light. Consumers have growing concerns about how plastic packaging is managed at end of life, and are worried about leakage into the ocean. This has brought in a focus on what can be done about plastic waste.The most obvious…..

NAFTA uncertainties
Wisconsin producers could lose export sales
Recently, president Donald Trump has threatened to pull out of NAFTA if Canada and Mexico couldn’t agree to terms that are more favourable for the U.S. With regard to states such as Wisconsin; nearly half of its dairy, fruit and vegetable exports went to Canada and Mexico last year. The future of the North…..

But no open borders yet
Curacao: Venezuelan fruit boats allowed
The ABC Islands trade boycott, proclaimed by Venezuelan president Maduro, is still not over. However, yesterday some Venezuelan boats, loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables, had already arrived in Curaçao.Maduro announced the closure of borders because of ‘ illegal smuggling to and from the islands’ ……

Mobile floating supermarkets on Ganges from next year
Carrefour cut its profit forecast again ahead of strategy plan
South Africa’s retail sales rise, biggest jump since 2012South African retail sales rose by 8.2% year-on-year in November, beating expectations by far, after increasing by a revised 3.5% in October, data from the statistics office showed. Analysts polled by Reuters had forecast a 3.1% year-on-year increase in…..

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