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This week’s highlights


This week’s highlights

«New melon programmes from Honduras are a nice addition»
Levarht has started a collaboration with the melon company Agroindustrias Distex from southern…..

New device that prevents load in pallet trucks from falling
A protective device for moving pallets has just been launched onto the market; a practical and…..

World Vegetable Map 2018: More than just a local affair
The 2018 World Vegetable Map shows essential vegetable trade flows and highlights some key…..

French still want Florida grapefruit regardless of high prices
Florida used to produce 54 million cartons of 18 kilograms of grapefruit. After the hurricanes…..

Every onion trader who has large calibres in storage is in luck, as low volumes are reported…..

Drones and laser labels for sustainable banana production
Compagnie Fruitière labels its «SCB Naturally Labelled Organic Bananas» using a method to…..

New Zealand avocados in demand on Indian market
The Indian market for avocados currently consists of some Indian produce and a major share of…..

Long-term warming trend continued in 2017
Earth’s global surface temperatures in 2017 ranked as the second warmest since 1880, according…..

«Fresh produce keeps growing in Romania»
Robbie Bloemendaal has been active with the Dutch fresh produce company, Total Fresh, in Romania…..

UK: Tributes flood in as sad news of Charlie Hicks’ passing spreads
Twitter was full of condolences and tributes today, as the news that one of the UK’s most loved…..

«Guaranteed demand for grapes until mid-February»
There is a shortage on the grape market. «In South Africa, production has been severely affected…..

«Later start of Kenyan avocado exports is a good thing»
Yesterday, it was announced that Kenya would only allow avocados to be exportedfrom February…..

AU: Potential new Panama disease risk to Australian bananas
A suspected third case of the devastating Panama disease has been detected in far North…..

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