Friday, January 26, 2018
Latin America edition

Every onion trader who has large calibres in storage is in luck, as low volumes are reported worldwide, although each market has its own standards when it comes to sorting middle-sized onions from large ones. In…..

Brazil: Grape producers benefited from lower Peruvian supply
“The Brazilian grapes have a very narrow window, which means after the European production is over and before the African supply enters the market. Normally Peru has a big supply of Red Globes in the market. Nevertheless, Peru suffered from less production volumes from the region of Piura. This resulted in…..

Job Offers:
• MegaGroup, Account Manager Irrigatie – Veghel, Nederland
• Village Farms, Assistant Facility Manager/Grower – Delta (BC), Canada

Very good prospects for Quetzali watermelon season
The growth in fruit production and consumption worldwide has increased over the years, and the same applies to Quetzali watermelons; a seeded variety characterised by its intense colour and sweet taste, and which is seeing its production and export volumes increase every year. The harvest of this fruit,…..

Mexico: 100,000 tons of avocados for the Super Bowl
Avocado producers from Michoacan are getting ready to export more than 100 thousand tons of avocado for the 52nd edition of the Super Bowl, which will be held on February 4 in the United States and which would leave an economic impact of more than 3 billion pesos.The delegate of the Ministry of Agriculture,…..

Suriname to export tomatoes and peppers to the US
«Suriname is the first country in the Carribean to sign an agreement with Agro Business. This is a significant collaboration for our country,» said District Commissioner (DC), Kenya Pansa, of the Brokopondo district, in an interview with theSuriname Herald.She reached an agreement with her counterparts, Freddy…..

Tim Reid – Reid Fruits
AU: Cherry growers face tough markets
It has been a challenging cherry season for growers in Tasmania, the climate has posed problems and the markets have been difficult, which is unfortunate as the growers are producing some of the best cherries in years.Tasmanian cherry grower Reid Fruits was well through the harvest when FreshPlaza went along…..

«Frozen durian has huge potential on Chinese market»
«In recent years, imported durians have become more and more popular on the Chinese market, especially Thai durians. Because of the growth in demand, the durian production area in Thailand has been continuously increasing, and prices are rising constantly as well. Based on my observations, the Chinese price…..

Top produce items for the Year of the Dog
US imports for Chinese New Year in good supply
Chinese New Year is fast approaching: February 16th marks the Year of the Dog. Traditional staples and other items increasing in popularity are in good supply currently, shipping from Asia and Mexico.Chinese New Year is a major holiday celebrated worldwide. It’s a market that Andrea Dubak says Thomas Fresh…..

Steady development for wasabi export market
«Adjustment of product strengthens the export of Chinese wasabi»
«Not only does wasabi taste good, it also contains various kinds of nutrition. Few areas are suitable for growing wasabi because its growing conditions are peculiar. Wasabi products are quite rare in the entire country. The price of wasabi on the international market is also high because wasabi is a peculiar,…..

Picture changing for greenhouse lettuce in North America
Greenhouse greens are seeing even demand right now. “At the moment, there appears to be a pretty good match between supply and demand for our retail market,” says Trish Fournier of Lake Erie Farms Inc. in LaSalette, Ont. “There are a few products that we have an oversupply of for the food service market.” This…..

Munich Fruit Agency’s bespoke deliveries
Germany: “Trend is towards unpackaged cucumbers”
Today’s fruit and vegetable sector is characterized by some clear trends. On the one hand, sustainable packaging is valued more and more, on the other hand, pre-cut goods are clearly on the rise. In the import area and brokering, one can also clearly see these trends, and Munich fruit agency Klaus Burkert,…..

Special Fruit Logistica

New smartphone app looks to help farmers reduce labour expenses
PickApp will be unveiling their smartphone app to the European market at the upcoming Fruit Logistica. Pickapp is a cloud-based smartphone app that provides real-time data uploaded by employees which can help reduce labour expenses.PickApp smartphone appThis process does not require intervention by management…..

Tree pruner for high-density plantations and conventional orchards
CRF is a tree pruner fromRinieri srl with a sickle bar designed for cutting branches from 3 to 4 cm in diameter. This tool was developed for use in high-density orchards growing pears, nectarines, olives, etc. The standard frame features three hydraulic movements (lift, lateral adjustment, tilt) and a vertical…..

Red Moon Company shows off new red fleshed apple brand
The Red Moon Company presented Red Moon, the new brand for a series of red flesh apples, for the first time at Fruit Logistica 2018. The aim is to show the diversity of the product in fresh consumption and in processing.Red Moon apples are suitable for delightful eating, and thanks to its red flesh and texture…..

Global Focus Bananas

Originating in Laos:

Bananacoin: investing in organic bananas
Recently, we saw the launch of ‘Bananacoin’,a new currency presented as “the world’s first blockchain option for investing in the production of organic bananas.”Bananacoin claims to be the first environmentally-friendly plantation in Laos, which has released a utility token-based, open software blockchain…..

Strong year for Honduran summer squash in the US
Summer squash grown in Honduras has seen a strong uptake this year, with growers and importers experiencing high demand for their products. One of the reasons is that produce imports from Mexico into the United States have faced a number of challenges in the last few months. Cold and wet weather have hampered…..

US carrot market sees shortage of jumbo sizes
The carrot market in the United States is currently stronger than it has been in recent months. This is especially so on the Jumbo sizes, which are in very short supply. Suppliers say the weather has been a factor in the lack of larger sized carrots.»Supplies of larger carrots have been on the light side, with…..

Dry summer has resulted in very low CBS pressure thus far
Producers pleased with first South African lemons
The first South African Eureka lemons harvested in the 2017/2018 season have started arriving in growing numbers at local markets. The fruit, coming from areas around Tshipise and Hoedspruit in Limpopo Province are looking very good. It has been a dry summer since December, some calling this the driest January…..

China: «Frost protection fleece 35 meters wide reduces labour costs»
«In recent years, as the awareness for environmental protection increased, non-woven fabrics have become vital in agriculture, because they can preserve heat better, and ventilate well. This reduces the production costs, and improves the product quality. Compared to developed western countries, China has only…..

Portugal: Increased popularity for ready to eat salads
“We’ve experienced a positive growth in the overall market of ready to eat salads. This market in general is performing well, reflecting a clear consumer trend to adopt a healthier diet consuming more vegetables and fruit in a more convenient way. Vitacress is grabbing this opportunity and our strategy is…..

«Dried in low temperatures. There is nothing like it in the market»
Extra crispy dehydrated fruit and veg snacks
The market is ready to receive a new product in the healthy and convenient snacks segment: crispy dehydrated pineapple, apple and pepper snacks, without additives, without added sugar, without preservatives, without lyophilisation, without frying, and therefore, fat-free.The launch of the product line buenOH!,…..

Strawberry sales in Europe are livelier than usual
«The promotion of red fruits is resulting in a more stable demand»
While the strawberry acreage as a whole has increased by around 9%, this is not the case for the Moguer-based cooperative Cuna de Platero, whose production in Huelva has remained stable, even though it has started cultivating in areas of northern Spain so as not to interrupt the supply during the hottest…..

Changes at Emerson Cargo Solutions after acquisition of LocusTraxx and Paksense
Emerson introduced Cargo Solutions in August 2016, after the acquisition of LocusTraxx and PakSense. With the establishment of Cargo Solutions, Emerson now offers a complete range of GO Loggers, GO Trackers and GO Systems that are suitable for monitoring perishable goods. Leveraging Emerson’s global footprint,…..

Spanish lemon crop over 1 million tons
AILIMPO has launched its 3rd lemon forecast report for this running 2017/2018 season, revising and updating the figures previously announced in September. The new data conclude that lemon crop will be slightly higher at 1 million tons. The Spanish sector will continue consolidating its leadership position in…..

Cucumber shipment with some 360 kgs of marijuana
U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Office of Field Operations (OFO) at the Pharr International Bridge cargo facility discovered 790 pounds of alleged marijuana concealed within a commercial trailer hauling a shipment of cucumbers.“Despite the inclement weather, our officers remain resolute and determined in…..

American study warns:
If every person went meat-free there would be a public health disaster
A new report from the US National Academy of Sciences suggests that if the US were to go full vegan, it would be a disaster. The study was intended to look at the impact of the meat industry on greenhouse gas emissions, and consequently asked what would happen if every person in the US fully embraced meat-free…..

Not cool
Hot pepper vs Jennifer Garner
Hanging out in her garden, actress Jennifer Garner took a little nibble of one of her homegrown peppers.She must have had brighter ideas.

Italy: Exporting citrus fruit and kiwis to China
The visit of the two Chinese inspectors to assess the cold treatment procedure before the shipment of kiwis and citrus fruit to facilitate exports to China has ended well.The visit was coordinated by CSO Italy with the support of ICE as part of a programme set up with the Ministry for Economic Development…..

Serious drought
Predicted heavy rains are failing to materialize in Israel
After drier-than-usual conditions over the beginning of the rainy season from October to December, Israel has received less than half of the yearly average of 11,635 cubic millimeters.Consequently, the national water sector has reached dangerous levels. This becomes very clear at the Sea of Galilee level,…..

Zespri study in the German market:
Innovative displays with kiwis enable increased sales
A study of kiwi world market leader Zespri’s position in the German market shows: The placing of kiwis in innovative displays enables significant sales increases. At the same time, it helps retailers to distinguish themselves. German consumers have become more demanding: food should not only be delicious, but…..

Essen / Duisburg:
Germany: 190 kilos of cocaine in organic bananas
In Duisburg on 21.12.2017, Customs Control Unit Essen secured a total of around 190 kg of cocaine in a sea freight shipment of approx. 9 tonnes of organic bananas. The bananas were part of a container shipment from South America. When unloading the banana boxes, a fruit importer from the Ruhr discovered…..

Spain: Berry companies invest 25% of their turnover in R&D
According to Rodrigo Sanchez Haro, the counselor of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Junta de Andalucia, the commitment to R&D and new varieties strengthen the Huelva’s berry sector as the spearhead of Andalusian agriculture. It is a commitment that consolidates the…..

Spain: Cherimoya exports to the EU grow by almost 20%
Cherimoya exports to the European Union have increased by almost 20% so far this agricultural season. According to data from the Center for Technical Assistance and Inspection of Foreign Trade, a body of the Ministry of Economy, up until December 2017 – the last month of reference in the agricultural campaign,…..

Fruit with false origin seized
Hong Kong Customs goes after melons
On January 24, Hong Kong Customs seized 68 melons from three fruit retailers in Mong Kok and Sham Shui Po with a suspected false claim of origin. Their estimated market value was about $1,775.Customs earlier received information alleging that fruit retailers in Mong Kok and Sham Shui Po areas sold a type of…..

Port of Genoa-Savona: for all types of reefer traffic
In Savona, the reefer terminal has changed hands from the VRSAR Group to the multinational company APM Terminals (Maersk Group) but is continuing its operations within the new container platform that is under construction in Vado Ligure. The terminal will operate in synergy with the platform when it’s built……

Cape Town crisis: how does a metropolis run out of water?
The clock is ticking down for Cape Town’s water supply, with an April ‘Day Zero’ now looming closer, but how does a major global city run out of water?Drought. Climate change. Politics. The city of Cape Town, South Africa, has become a glimpse into our future – a future where water scarcity becomes a daily…..

Azerbaijan: New varieties of lemon & strawberry to be developed
Studies are underway to create new varieties of tea and lemon in the Lankaran-Astara region of Azerbaijan, with favourable soil and climatic conditions. The main task set before the Azerbaijani scientists is the creation of tea varieties and bushes in the peculiar soil and climatic conditions of the this…..

Evolution of fresh herbs
The evolution of the Fresh Herb trade has gone through major changes over the past 15 years or so and has yet to reach its peak. «Requirements by consumers today are more complex than just the price of Basil. Every kilo being sold today has to be accompanied by a virtual ID card depicting information such as,…..

So much food going to waste
Estimates from the United Nations put the current world population at 7.3 billion and expect it to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100. The question is how to produce sufficient food for everyone?But what about food wastage? The Food and Agriculture Organization of the…..

Scientists help predict where to grow food worldwide
Researchers from across the globe — including some from the University of Florida — are improving a UF/IFAS-designed software system developed to help feed the world.More than 30 scientists came to UF this month to help develop new prediction models for producing crops in developed and developing countries……

Would you…?
This man only works one day every six months. His only job is to change 1 lightbulb, for which he is paid $20,000. Is this something you would do?

X5 considers 100 Ufa stores acquisition in Bashkortostan
Lenta: Sales growth in 2017 boosted by Q4 performance
Carrefour Brazil: positive results leading to store expansionCarrefour Brazil has enjoyed a rise in sales as Brazil has come out of recession. There is a more positive outlook for the future, which will lead to a further store expansion. The retailer’s Q4 sales were BRL13.63bln (US$4.23bln), a 5.3% increase on…..

FreshPlaza funny
Is it a bird? It’s a plane!