Friday, January 12, 2018
Latin America edition

The mood on the European market is bleak. Traders in the Netherlands and Belgium are pessimistic about the pricing situation, although this is also not uncommon for the first weeks of a New Year. According to a…..

Protest ends next day
Peruvian potato farmers protest sharp drop in prices
On Tuesday January 9, potato farmers in several regions of Peru began a 72-hour strike to demand emergency measures in the sector and to protest the falling potato prices. Roads were blocked by protesters in the central and southern Andes, in Junin, Pasco, Ayacucho, Huancavelica and Huanuco. Farmers blamed the…..

Hass avocados exports from Colombia to the United States will continue
Colombia: 20% increase in total export of Hass avocados in 2018
Bogotá, January 4, 2018. Hass avocados exports to the United States will continue in accordance with regulations and the Work Plan signed between Corpohass, the agricultural and food safety authorities in Colombia and their counterparts in the United States. The ICA (Colombian Agricultural and Livestock…..

Job Offers:
• Expert vegetable farm manager/master grower seeking for his next position

December 2017
Mexican lime’s prices and trading margins
In December, the price paid to the producers of Mexican lime or Key Lime in the citrus regions of Colima, Guerrero, Michoacan, and Oaxaca, the wholesale quotations at supply centers, the sale prices to consumers in selected cities of the national market, and the trading margins of the fruit of Colima origin in…..

Peru: Potato producers end their strike after reaching an agreement
The Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Jose Arista, along with the regional governors, and the potato producer organizations have reached an agreement to end the strike in Huancavelica, Junin, Huanuco, Apurimac, and Ayacucho.The agreement includes that the Executive branch of government will issue an…..

Chile and Ecuador, main markets
Peru: Marked upturn in the export of fresh melons
Peruvian fresh melon exports in 2017 surpassed by far the volume exported in the previous year.According to information published by the Agrodata Peru website, between January and November 2017, Peru shipped 340,005 kilos of this fruit for an FOB value of US $103,748.In contrast, in 2016 (including December)…..

Peruvian mango volumes may dip later in the season
Peruvian mango exports started in week 42, with just specialist varieties for the first few weeks, which were sent to Chile as they have a short shelf life.By week 46 things had started to ramp up a bit and 70 containers left for the US a couple of weeks later. This coincided with the end of the Ecuadorian…..

Taiwan continues strong support for agricultural sector in St. Kitts and Nevis
Once again the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) pledged its support to the agricultural industry in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, handing over of the Vegetable, Fruit and Upland Crop Quality and Safety Improvement Project Facility and a cheque to the tune of US$ 241,000 for the Eco-Park…..

Mexico lime supplies suffer double blow
The Veracruz lime growing region in Mexico has been affected by the recent cold weather. The exceptionally cold conditions last week have damaged trees, with reports that flowering buds and budding fruit has fallen off the trees.»Cold temperatures have affected lime supplies out of Mexico,» said Mario…..

Ecuadorian banana ripener in Sweden
Agroban Nordic is the first banana ripener with Ecuadorian capital abroad. It started operating in Helsingborg, Sweden, at the end of 2017 and will allow the production of the Ecuadorian Banana Regional Corporation (Agroban) to reach that market under its own brand.The ripener has already received a first…..

Limited supply from Chile creates tight US nectarine market
The market for nectarines is very tight at the moment. The stone fruit is largely coming from Chile at this time of year and suppliers are saying that due to very limited supplies, prices are very high, currently sitting at $24 – $25.»It’s a very tight market in the US at the moment due to short availability,»…..

Special Fruit Logistica

Bayard to present newly rediscovered potato varieties
Bayard, a family-run business based in France, has made it its mission to discover potato varieties. Using sustainable production techniques and recognised expertise, the company aims to educate consumers about the diversity of potatoes, along with their many different textures and uses.At Fruit Logistica,…..

BioTropic installs four new mango ripening chambers
Four mango ripening chambers and a new mango sorting machine were recently installed at BioTropic’s main site in Duisburg.Following an initial test phase, BioTropic will be supplying ready-to-eat organic quality mangos from January 2018. Biotropic explained the process: First the fruits are delivered to the…..

New fruit and veg pouches offer healthier snacking for kids
New fruit and veggie pouches from Bolzano-based Hans Klotz GmbH offer healthier options to kids in convenient packaging. They are available in different squeezable pouch sizes and packaging options.Fruit juices in a squeezable pouchThe fruit and vegetable purées can also be mixed to create new recipes. All of…..

Global Focus Bananas

New Swedish study shows:

Bananas are the biggest food waste culprit
Bananas are the most-wasted produce item in supermarkets, according to new food waste research from Karlstad University. Researchers measured the food waste in the produce section of three supermarkets to identify the seven worst offenders according to three factors: how much of each type of fruit or vegetable…..

National Mango Board responds to report from Judicial Watch
The government watchdog group Judicial Watch reported this week that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) maintains a National Mango Board that operates on a $6.7 million budget to increase the consumption of fresh mangoes in the United States. Judicial Watch commented that a mango consumption increase is…..

Oversupply leads to historically low prices
Germany: ‘Quality standards in the leek business are very high’
The winter months are usually the peak season for leeks. However, compared to the autumn business, the market situation is still far from satisfactory. Although demand is okay, oversupply and historically low prices result in leeks being a very minor business activity for retailers and producers. A change in…..

AU: No ill will intended by viral social media pineapple post
The North Queensland packing and distribution company whose social media post about the pineapple oversupply went viral, says it was not meant as an attack on processing company Golden Circle.The post depicted a pile of pineapples that went to waste, highlighting that there will be a shortage of Australian…..

China: 2018 imported cherry sales troublesome
«The new export season for Chilean cherries has just started. The export to China usually continues until March. Just like two years ago, China is mainly importing cherries from Chile. What is different, however, is that the prices of this year’s Chilean cherries are worse than in previous years. The current…..

Italy: Sipo’s new mushroom range
Mushrooms are popular, especially if they are promoted well. Sipo has drawn up an assessment regarding the new Sapori del mio Orto fresh mushroom range. Sliced and stuffed portobellos and the ready-to-cook mushroom mix are particularly popular.»We are developing the fresh mushroom range and are currently…..

Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador, the Latin American countries growing the most
Fruit Logistica: Spanish participation on the rise, despite Fruit Attraction
Fruit Logistica will be held once more this year, at Messe Berlin, between 7 and 9 February. This year, the Statistics Handbook, a Fruit Logistica statistics manual, will be presented for the first time at the opening of the event. «It will work as a statistical yearbook, a quick reference guide for…..

Polish producer hopes to reach new markets with pink tomato
The Polish fruit and vegetable market is a regional one, whenever possible, and tomatoes are no exception. In the past, artificially lighted greenhouses were virtually unheard of due to costs, making it impossible to have year round production, but this is quickly becoming a thing of the past with modern…..

Fewer mandarins due to drought in the Western Cape
South Africa expects good citrus season
The drought in the Western Cape has contributed somewhat to South Africa’s production figures. For most products, the negative effect of the drought has been negated by larger cultivation acres. This means a good 2017/2018 market is expected for oranges, grapefruit and lemons. Mandarins are the only fruit…..

Italy: Saving money by adopting the right software
IT at the service of agriculture to manage the entire chain. There are many platforms offering this service and GIAS Fresh&Food is among the most reliable. It is supplied by Agronica, a company with over 20 years of experience in the sector.»Our tool can manage the entire chain from production to sales……

NL: Windows shattered at De Ruiter Experience Center
A strong local whirlwind during a severe winter storm in the Netherlands on January 3, caused several glass windows of the new De Ruiter Experience Center to break. «After careful consideration of the damage, and the time needed to remove all the glass particles from the glasshouse, we have decided to postpone…..

Customised grading for Dutch onions
Dutch onion producers can do practically anything, according to Gijsbrecht Gunter from the Holland Onion Association. «After all, 130 export destinations each require their ‘own’ version of the Holland Onion. Dutch onions can be sorted to an accuracy of half a centimetre with respect to their size and weight……

New post-harvest quality technology developed for okra
Hazel Technologies, Inc., a USDA-supported company developing new shelf-life extension technologies for fresh produce, announces a new partnership with Agritrade Farms, LLC, grower of specialty vegetables in Honduras and the Dominican Republic. The partnership will initially focus on one of Hazel’s most recent…..

E. coli outbreak in association with Romaine lettuce is over
The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has issued an updated public health notice stating that the E. coli O157:H7 foodborne illness outbreak in Canada, which that agency has associated with Romaine lettuce consumption, appears to be over. PHAC is also advising Canadian consumers that they no longer need to…..

Chinese consumers no longer pursue the optimum price-performance ratio
China: Branding is the only way to go for Hebei fresh pears
China is a prominent country in the cultivation, production, and export of fresh pears. Out of every ten fresh pears in the world, seven have been produced in China. Hebei is the number one province in China when it comes to growing and exporting fresh pears. Furthermore, their most distinguished fruit is the…..

China: Will the cherry market turn upside down?
This year the Chilean cherry production volume increased by 60% to 80%, yet the purchase price of Chinese importers did not drop in the slightest. The cherries arrived ten days later on the market this year than they did last year as a result of the bumper harvest of Chilean cherries and recent cold weather in…..

Mango selfie promotion kicks off
The National Mango Board’s (NMB) Mango Selfie promotion is here to kick off the new year. The program will connect with shoppers at the retail level by capturing their #MangoSelfie on Instagram for the opportunity to win prizes. Retailers are encouraged to participate and drive mango sales during this time of…..

Mechanical pre pruning has interesting costs results in kakis and citrus
Using mechanical tools for certain cultural tasks, both in kaki and citrus, is one of the challenges that farmer must face. Pruning tasks, particularly, represent a high proportion of the cost of cultivating a fruit tree. Pruning and phytosanitary treatments are the most expensive parts of growing crops.Disco…..

Ministry of Commerce
Over 8,000 types of imports now duty free in China
As 15 free trade agreements have taken effect, China now collects zero tariffs on more than 8,000 kinds of imported products. China has signed 16 agreements with 24 countries and regions, all but one now being in force, said Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng at a press conference.Nearly one-third of…..

Altus Biopharm
Innovation and biotechnology applied to the field
Reducing the use of synthetic chemicals in agriculture has become more and more necessary in recent years, mainly due to export guidelines, but also to the desire on the part of producers to stop the gradual degradation of their lands and continue to produce without harming the environment and the health of…..

Rwanda urges Ghana to ban SA food imports
Ghana: Foodstuffs from South Africa under scrutiny
The Ghanaian Ministry of Health says following an outbreak of a food-based disease in South Africa, foodstuffs from that country have been put under scrutiny. Dairy products, fruits and vegetables coming from South Africa into Ghana are being monitored.Listeriosis is a form of food poisoning caused by eating…..

UK: Reynolds picks up top honour for fourth straight year
For the fourth year in a row, Reynolds has been chosen by hundreds of chefs and readers of Restaurant Magazine as the best fruit and vegetable supplier in the United Kingdom.Restaurant Magazine’s annual Readers’ Choice Awards highlight those suppliers, brands, wholesalers and manufacturers who deliver…..

Similar trade treaty as Canada, Japan and South Korea?
Brexit negotiator open to talks with business sector
On Monday a select group of businesses, including the Dutch GroentenFruit Huis, were invited to discuss Brexit with Michel Barnier, an EU negotiator. If conditions are not relaxed, the possible trade agreement will be similar to Canada, Japan and South Korea.The fact that these will not be easy negotiations…..

China: Annual fruit import Shanghai port reaches one million tons
According to data from the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, last year’s fruit import through the port of Shanghai reached 1,008,800 tons. This is the first time that the quantity surpasses one million tons, making it the biggest fruit import year for the port.Last year’s fruit import had a…..

Migros: technological capabilities development
Online supermarket Ocado: robot prototype
Russia: X5 Retail Group and team upRussian grocery market leader X5 and Group, one of the largest investors in the Eastern European online sector, will cooperate in the field of targeted online advertising. As the retailer revealed in a press release, the partnership is aimed at measuring the…..

FreshPlaza funny
Why Australians are so good-natured…