Wednesday, January 03, 2018
Latin America edition

Spot price overtook the contract price for bananas

Argentina expects a record harvest of cherries
Cherry producers estimated that the harvest this season will produce up to 5,000 exportable tons, with an extended growth in the northern region of Patagonia.The executive manager of the Argentine Chamber of Integrated Cherry Growers (CAPCI), Anibal Caminiti, said that «Argentina’s current cherry season has…..

Mexico: Cold front reinforced by new influx of polar air
Mexico is dealing with a strong cold front, which will move inland from the North of the Yucatan Peninsula into the Southeast and the centre of the country. It’s a big mass of intense polar air that will keep a very cold environment, including strong winds, heavy rain and fog banks in these regions. SMN,…..

Peru exported 4.73% fewer bananas up until November
According to the Agrodata Peru website, Peruvian banana exports between January and November 2017 amounted to US $133,198,390, i.e. 4.73% less than the US $ 139,804,013 achieved in the same period of 2016.The website also stated that in the first eleven months of 2017 Peru shipped 181,123,663 tons of bananas,…..

Positive end to 2017 in terms of export volumes
Chile: Blueberry season update
The Chilean Blueberry committee has published reports on their exports. If we compare the export statistics of the beginning of this season 2017/2018 to the same weeks of the previous season 2016/2017, the total tonnage exported in November was much lower. However, from week 50 on this completely changed. As…..

Mexico: A super-disinfectant for avocados
Papaya, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeño peppers, and tomatoes are some of the Mexican products that the United States has included in a list of restrictions due to alleged health risks.Avocados, however, are treated with a disinfectant formula based on hibiscus flowers, as Mexico exports seven out of 10 of these…..

Argentina will be able to send blueberries and dried peas to China
Argentina and China signed the respective sanitary protocols to open the Chinese market to Argentine fresh blueberries and dried peas, within the framework of a visit of the Ministry of Agribusiness to the People’s Republic of China.»These agreements ratify our intention of becoming the world’s pantry. Opening…..

From January to October 2017
Peru: Grape exports grew by 4%
The manager of Agricultural exports of the Association of Exporters (ADEX), Paula Carrion Tello, stated that grapes were Peru’s most exported fruit, and that Piura’s grape production was equalling that of Ica, a region that has stood out as the main supplier of the local and international markets for many…..

Chile: The Port of Valparaíso gets ready for high fruit volumes
Carlos Vera, the Logistics Manager of the Valparaiso Port Company, EPV, said they were working hard to get ready for this export season, as the country is expected to produce high volumes of fruit this season, and practically 55% of the Chilean fruit exported to the world is shipped through this port.»We have…..

Colombia can continue exporting avocados to the USA
According to the regulation of the US Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (Aphis), Colombia can continue exporting Hass avocados to the US, as was established by the work plan created by the US and Colombian health authorities, the Aphis and ICA (respectively).However, Colombia must work on the surveillance…..

Freskita Bananas
Spot price overtook the contract price
The Ecuadorian spot market in 2017 is closing well above expectations to reach an edge over the official price ($6.26). The average yearly price will end up around 12% to 15% higher than the minimum level suggested by local authorities.This year high season for Ecuadorian banana prices lasted until week 25 and…..

Special Fruit Logistica

Three provinces will represent the country at the trade show

Canada will again be present at the 2018 Fruit Logistica in Berlin
2018 will mark the second time Canada is to have a sizeable presence at Fruit Logistica (FL). Three provinces are participating: British Columbia (BC), Quebec, and Prince Edward Island, with additional support from the Embassy of Canada in Germany. On September 21st this year, the free trade agreement between…..

Global Focus Bananas

Ecuador: Banana exports up to October grew by 12%
Ecuadorian banana exports between January and October increased by 12%. According to Ecuador’s Central Bank (BCE), in that period of 2017, Ecuador sold a total of 5,333 tons of bananas, mainly to the European Union, which was the main destination with a 35% share.According to El Telegrafo, the five main…..

Packaging more than product protection
More growers get involved in fruit packaging decisions
In the past, packaging was viewed as a practical item, protecting foods from outside contamination, but over the last few years, the sector has seen a complete turnaround.»Growers started to notice the shift in thinking about packaging and are becoming more and more involved in influencing consumer purchasing…..

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Münchner fruit agency is testing cultivation in the Kavala region
“From October on Ara grapes from Greece are also available”
Fruit agency EFTI Frucht from Munich has set itself the goal to bring Ara grapes, originating from Greece, onto the market. So far this unique, large grape variety has been cultivated mainly in Latin America and partly in Spain and is mainly available on the market between November and January. “We are still…..

No hard freeze for California citrus growers
Citrus growers in the Central Valley of California did not see the damagingly low temperatures that were originally forecast just before Christmas. The National Weather Service had warned that temperatures might dip into the low 20s in the southern parts of the San Joaquin Valley, which would have been…..

Lorry’s safety system prevents collision with child in Norway
Volvo lorries are equipped with radar that recognises pedestrians and automatically activates the braking system in case of emergencies. This dashcam shows how a child leaves the school bus and is nearly hit by a lorry in Norway. The lorry’s automatic brake system is activated and saves the child from dying.

Low prices for drying and juicing compound oversupply on fresh market
Early Tommy Atkins peak in South Africa saturates market
South Africa’s mango export season isn’t running on all cylinders yet, as Tommy Atkins makes up the bulk of the harvest at the moment and more’s the pity, as two regions whose harvests normally are sequential, came in simultaneously this year, causing an early Tommy Atkins peak.Usually, Malelane’s mangoes are…..

China: «New harvest brings abundant ginger at stable prices»
«Ginger is our largest export product. Annually we export over 6,000 tons of air dried ginger, mainly to Europe,» says Terry of Shandong Harvest Agricultural Products.»By now the entire ginger crop has been harvested, dried and put into storage. The new crop has already been listed on the market.»“Compared to…..

Billions of pounds of edible food redirected per season
Arizona non-traditional food bank rescues fresh produce
Borderlands, which brands itself as a very non-traditional food bank began rescuing produce nearly 24 years ago. Yolanda Soto and board members weren’t satisfied with the food items they were working with (government commodities and emergency food box items), plus she didn’t like to have to quality people…..

Growers spending more of their time marketing produce
US: Packaging of sweet potatoes evolves
The art of selling produce is taking up an increasing amount of time for suppliers. With new packaging, new styles of promoting produce, and variable trends being presented at great speed, growers and shippers have to be much more thoughtful in the way they run their business.»There is more pressure now to pay…..

If Mexico sent 10% of its avocados to Europe, Spanish farmers would be ruined
Spain, the only producer of avocados in Europe, brings to the market around 80,000 tons of this fruit each year. The fruit, which is mainly grown in Malaga and the coast of Granada, is exported to the rest of the continent, especially to France, England and Germany. It is a good business and generates good…..

Colombia Pitahaya targets seasonal distribution in US
Supplies of the Colombian Pitahaya have begun and are expected to last until April. “It’s a seasonal fruit so we can’t expect a constant supply during the whole year,” says Santiago Mosquera of Las Vegas, Nev.-based Terra Exports. However year-to-year volume tends to be relatively similar. “Right now, the…..

Rwanda bans fruits imports from South Africa
Rwanda has banned the import of meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruit from South Africa because of the purported presence of the listeriosis viral disease. The ban, aimed to prevent the spread of the disease to Rwanda, became effective on December 19th 2017.Listeriosis is a serious, but treatable and…..

Foreign trade characterized by banking measures and import regulation
Algeria’s foreign trade deficit declined significantly in 2017 as a result of recovering oil prices. The expected drop in imports however did not materialize, despite the extension of quantitative quotas and the establishment of banking measures.Algeria’s imports declined by little more than 1 billion dollars…..

Effective January 1, 2018
USDA appoints new Board Members to the National Mango Board
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Purdue has appointed six members to serve the National Mango Board (NMB). The appointees include five new members and one returning member. Appointees will serve three-year terms beginning January 1, 2018 and ending on December 31, 2020.The newly appointed board members include…..

Crop more than doubled compared to last year
RubyFrost® apples are ready to hit the market
Nurtured and grown by Crunch Time Apple Growers, RubyFrost® apples will launch in select retailers January 1, 2018. RubyFrost is one of two managed varieties developed by Cornell University and marketed exclusively by Crunch Time Apple Growers (CTAG). CTAG is a group of 145 apple growers across New York state…..

Time Square billboard connects consumers with Wonderful brand name
On New Year’s Eve, The Wonderful Company, parent to POM Wonderful, Wonderful Halos, and Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds, launched it’s first-ever consumer-facing campaign to officially welcome in the New Year via their Times Square digital billboard. The billboard is located at One Times Square, where about…..

The Greenery and Naturelle make it easy to enjoy healthy food
New break-away packaging for blueberries
Consumers are increasingly choosing convenience and health. They are more aware of healthy food, and the number of eating moments is increasing, which results in smaller meals or healthy snacks being chosen more often. Due to their healthy aspects and sweet flavour, blueberries fit this development. The…..

Traditional Chinese medicine a new remedy for crops?
In mid-December 2017 a remedy using extracts from multiple Chinese herbs was approved by French certification body ECOCERT. This biological remedy, developed by the research institute of natural medicine of Lanzhou Jiaotong University in Gansu Province, can effectively treat and prevent diseases in vegetables,…..

Jumbo: +5% to €7.01bln in 2017 results
Co-op: 100 new food stores planned to open in 2018
UK: Tesco launches January health pushTesco is supporting the first Public Health England Change4Life campaign to stimulate healthier snacking for children. The snacks – which include Pink Lady Apple Snack Packs, Goodness Strawberry Cereal bars and Tesco Pineapple Pieces in Juice 120g – will be available at…..

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