Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Latin America edition

Roberto Aschenberger, Aschenberger Information Services, Brazil
“The right information will help plan your sales in advance”
“We supply reports on a weekly basis that includes export information on several fruits such as mangoes, grapes, papayas, bananas, limes, and melons. The focus is on Europe, since that’s the destination that receives the biggest volumes of Brazilian exports. It mostly includes shipments by sea, but in case of…..

Job Offers:
• Berger, Sales representative – Michigan, USA
• Berger, Sales representative – Eastern PA, DE, MD, VA & WV, USA

Exporting avocados, walnuts and blueberries
Chilean parliamentarians visiting India
Chilean parliamentarians will be visiting India from February 5 to 9 and will be meeting several senior ministers and officials, including Commerce and Industry Minister Suresh Prabhu and Minister for Women Empowerment Maneka Gandhi.Trade and investment, astronomy, women’s issues and technology will be the…..

Peru will strengthen the promotion of granadilla in Brazil
Peru wants to continue conquering new markets for its products. Under that premise, the country made its first shipment of granadilla to Brazil, thus formalizing the entry of this fruit to that country, stated the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur).The first export of granadilla was made thanks…..

Peru: The government plans to export potatoes as a solution to the oversupply
The Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Jose Arista, said that exporting potatoes could help solve the oversupply of local potato production that was harming small farmers.»What we need to do is increase our share in the world market. The potato has a cyclical price that is determined by the domestic…..

Chile: The organic sector is strategic for exports
Chilean authorities continue to make progress in the organic products sector, which is considered strategic for export. Not only did they sign an agreement of equivalences in 2017 with the European Union, but were also recently visited by a US delegation headed by the US ambassador in Chile, Carol Perez, with…..

Panama: First pineapples of the Panama Exports brand shipped to Switzerland
The first container of pineapples bearing the country’s brand left on January 28, 2018 with 1,600 boxes bound for Switzerland.The merchandise is owned by the Chirian company, Tropical Fruit Co. As such, the company now joins Panama Fruit, which sent 1080 boxes of papaya from David, Chiriqui, to the United…..

Argentina: Stone fruit producers face a serious crisis
Stone fruit producers – eg plums and peaches – from southern Mendoza are worried about the sharp drop in prices and low profitability. According to producers, the profit margin they achieve doesn’t allow them to cover production costs and the fruit is being lost in the plants.In different assemblies, the…..

Export rights granted to three orchards and one packhouse
New Zealand’s avocados officially allowed to enter China
On January 29, the Chinese General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) announced that New Zealand avocado has been granted official market access to China.Avocado exports are allowed from three production sides, including Youngs Hill Orchard, Springfield Orchard and Tarlena…..

Thijs van Alebeek:
«QC One software being used globally»
Almost six years ago, Thijs van Alebeek introduced the quality control software, QC One. This company has a tablet which contains a special QC application that can be used for the inspection processes of fresh produce. The app was developed to assist the inspector in his daily tasks. It is available in…..

Vegetable noodles speed up consumption of butternut squash
Right now, supplies are relatively even for butternut squash in the United States. “Supply is steady currently and on par with a year ago,” says Todd Hirasuna of Selma, Ca.-based Sunnyside Packing Company. Butternut squash is coming in from Mexico, the Honduras and possibly the Dominican Republic right now……

Special Fruit Logistica

Precision seed drill for organic farming
The MODULA is a multi-purpose precision seed drill for organic farming and all eco-friendly agriculture. Its variable wheelbase allows the agricultural crops to be seeded directly through the plastic layers with as much flexibility as seed drills working on bare soil.MODULA precision seed drillThe perforating…..

Packaging allows fruit to breath and stay fresh

«New mesh bag design grabs attention supermarkets»
«Our company was established in 1986, and we have 32 years of experience in the industry of packaging suppliers. We predominantly manufacture packaging products such as mesh bags which allow fruit to breathe and stay fresh. This allows for a great degree of control over photosynthesis and respiration in fruit…..

Ana Beltrán, manager of Hispalco:

«Organic fruit and veg don’t necessarily need to be imperfect to be authentic»
Consumers are looking for healthy products every day, and they also want fresh fruits and vegetables to be tasty. Organic farming achieves both goals while aiming for a sustainable and better future. Although production costs make the product more expensive, there are many consumers who are willing to pay that…..

Global Focus Bananas

Jamaica: Essential to renegotiate banana protocols
Throughout the 1970s, up to the year 2000, the Jamaican banana boom caused economic growth and stability. As the preferential trade agreement between the African Caribbean and Pacific States (ACP) and the European Union came to a close at the end of the 20th century, there came a new ACP-EU accord (‘the…..

Italy: Top Gold kiwis to become available soon
The new New Zealander golden kiwi variety called Top Gold «Always Sweeter» will become available in 2020. It will be commercialised exclusively by Top Gold srl, a business set up in 2014 by two Italian companies – Quaranta Frutta and Top Fresh – as well as by New Zealand company Y356 ltd, owner of the Top Gold…..

Photo report Empack 2018
Germany: Modest attendance at food packaging fair
PHOTO REPORT At the Empack 2018 in Dortmund, there were only a few true packaging manufacturers with a focus on food. The packaging fair, which took place on 24 and 25 January in the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, this year was dominated by packaging machines, cartons and modern labeling solutions. Nonetheless, the exhibitors…..

New product on the market
China: «Chicory sales notably increased in 2017»
«In recent years, the living standards in China have increased, as have income levels. As a result, consumption patterns are changing and people are starting to pay more attention to foods and drinks that are beneficial to their health. In 2014, after we thoroughly familiarized ourselves with the strong…..

Photo report of the wholesale market Dortmund:
Germany: Full-range wholesalers aiming at regional gastronomy and retail
PHOTO REPORT Traders on the Dortmund wholesale market are largely characterized by full-range wholesalers and a great variety. Most of the 12 wholesale companies and importers offer the full range of products, from local vegetables to citrus fruits and Dutch greenhouse products. The medium-sized enterprises mainly supply…..

China: «Export price of fresh ginger to keep rising during Spring Festival»
«The export season of fresh ginger from the Anqiu area is in the middle of operations. Overall, the export market is stable, and both export volume and export prices show a slight increase in comparison with the same period last year. The Chinese Spring Festival will arrive in approximately three weeks……

Berry growers learn about improved retractable roof technology
More growers are seeking out better technologies when it comes to retractable roofs. That is the message from Luis Gaxiola of Cravo Equipment, based in Ontario Canada. Cravo is a family-run business with 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing automatic retractable roof houses. Gaxiola gave a…..

Avocado grower experiences growing demand for tropical fruit pulp
Fresh Directions International will be exhibiting at Fruit Logistica Berlin next week. «We’re a family owned avocado growing business, exporting from the Dominican Republic to markets in the US, Canada and Europe,» said Sabrina Castillo, of Fresh Directions International. «We’ve been in business for over 20…..

André Schaap, Farm Forte Europe:
“We’ll arrive strongly on the market with Nigerian sweet potatoes”
Nigeria has thousands of hectares of fertile agricultural land, but the West African country is unable to gain access to export markets. The country wasn’t present at global fairs such as Fruit Logistica in recent years, but that is now changing. Due to, among other things, a Dutch shareholder, the company…..

New Flex Door for tropical fruit ripening rooms
The world’s leading supplier of gastight doors, BG Door International, introduces a new version of their Flex Door: a door suitable for ripening bananas and other tropical fruits. The worldwide growing demand for tropical fruits, such as avocados and mangoes, drives up the demand for storage and ripening rooms…..

Italy: Possible collaboration with Amazon for the Padua wholesale market
New drive for the Padua wholesale market as, thanks to the commitment of President Domenico Minasola and Director Francesco Cera, the board of directors approved the new guidelines for the next three years.»The objective is to relaunch the facility thanks to a renewed management commitment, investments and new…..

Egypt: Renewable energy proves a winner for pumpkin grower
Renewable energy is proving to be a winning decision for Egyptian company Oriental Trade Co. They have been using solar power to cut electricity costs and to be more environmentally friendly, the latter of which is being demanded more and more from their customers. «One of our main and most successful core…..

Italy: Retailers sometimes make demands they shouldn’t be making
A former technician from a consortium in northern Italy reports that retailers impose limitations that are actually against production standards, such as the maximum limit of 4 active principles for crop defence.»Production specifications recommend alternating active principles and action mechanisms to obtain…..

New Zealand 2018 apple and pear crop forecast released
NZ apple growers choosing new varieties over old
The New Zealand apple and pear industry is forecasting a modest gross crop for 2018, according to the annual crop estimate just released. A forecast gross crop of 576,172 metric tonnes, is down on forecast for 2017 and similar to that achieved in 2015.New Zealand Apples & Pears Chief Executive, Alan…..

Objecting to last week’s blanket avocado export ban
Kenyan avocado farmers move to court
Last week, a blanket ban was issued by the Kenyan Agriculture and Food Authority, forbidding the export of avocados due to shortages in the country. Now, two avocado farmers have filed an urgent case seeking to lift this ban.James Mwangi and Fredrick Munyua filed the case on Monday, arguing that the ban has…..

Spanish police stops car with four tonnes of stolen oranges
This week Spanish police stopped a car in Carmona, near Seville, because the vehicle was being driven erratically. Then however, they made a fruity discovery: about 4 tonnes of stolen oranges were crammed inside the small vehicle.When police opened a door, a stream of oranges came tumbling out. The four tonnes…..

Algeria: Citrus production in Blida up by over 100% since 2000
The Algerian province of Blida has managed to increase its citrus production by 113% since 2000, according to the director of agricultural interests Massoud Qanis.In his presentation on the sector’s results during the past year, Mr Qanis explained that the Citrus Production Division in the province has…..

Rwandan horticulture exporter gets GLOBALG.A.P certification
Local Rwandan horticulture exporter, Nature Fresh Foods export has received the global certification for meeting agricultural best practices and standards. Sporting the GLOBALG.A.P certification, this firm will now find it easier to export its produce across the world without any limitations. It is the second…..

Guangzhou Jiangnan Market Office opens in grand fashion
China: Kingship is dedicated to wholesale distribution services
Shenzhen Kingship has finally opened the Guangzhou Jiangnan Market Office in a grand fashion on January 26th, 2018, with the full support of the Chinese Association for consumers products and quality Premium Produce & Food from China (PPFC), a subordinate of China’s General Administration of Quality…..

CPMA releases statement on NAFTA negotiations
The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) said they are satisfied with the progress made during Round 6 of negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which concluded today in Montreal. CPMA applauds Canadian negotiators on their efforts to ensure that the renewed NAFTA protects…..

SunFed hires new Director of Food Safety
SunFed is pleased to announce the recent addition of Laura Reyes to its team. Laura will be taking on the role of Director of Food Safety to help SunFed and its growing partners adhere to guidelines outlined by the recently implemented Food Safety & Modernization Act (FSMA).“As the landscape in which we…..

New tool kit for retailers to promote Chilean blueberries
Naturipe Farms is providing retailers a tool kit to promote the Chilean blueberry peak season with a FeBLUEary promotion.“FeBLUEary is a reason for folks to get excited about fresh blueberries during the winter months,” says CarrieAnn Arias, Vice President of Marketing. This campaign is focused on the consumer…..

Every cloud has a silver lining

Italy: Wholesalers and retailers appreciate yello apples
The first feedback on yello® apples has been extremely positive. The first volumes have become available in December and various distribution channels have shown their appreciation.In late 2017, VOG conducted a number of tests in wholesale markets in Milan, Verona, Treviso, Bologna and Pagani (Salerno). It…..

American study warns:
If every person went meat-free there would be a public health disaster
A new report from the US National Academy of Sciences suggests that if the US were to go full vegan, it would be a disaster. The study was intended to look at the impact of the meat industry on greenhouse gas emissions, and consequently asked what would happen if every person in the US fully embraced meat-free…..

Niche exporters gaining ground in Europe, undermining Chilean export industry
Counter seasonal cherry craze from China leaves Europe undertrading
A UK-based cherry import specialist has urged southern hemisphere suppliers not to overlook the European market, even though it may not yet meet benchmark prices set by the Chinese trade. Norton Folgate managing director Matt Hancock says Europe’s cherry market is essentially “a game of two halves” with 80 per…..

Great British Market Awards
New Spitalfields judged Best Wholesale Market 2018
The prestigious annual award, which was presented during a conference in Birmingham organised by the National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA), recognises work and achievements at UK markets in 2017. It was given to New Spitalfields for “a continual range of infrastructure upgrades, including…..

Chris M Brunner, University of California
«Produce safety training ensures continued enjoyment of specialty crops»
Oakleaf, Mizuna, Red Rib Chicory, Lollo Rosa, and Lamb’s Lettuce, are the names of a few of the leafy vegetables which graced my salad plate. The thinly sliced fresh red onion, juicy pomegranate arils, and fresh citrus dressing added to the delectable ensemble. I, as well as so many other California diners,…..

Boosting sustainability and improving operations
Grimmway Farms partners with CHEP
When Grimmway Farms, the world’s largest carrot producer, and CHEP, the global leader in pooling and supply chain management solutions, work together, the results are measurable and clear: improved sustainable practices and increased operations efficiency. Last week’s inaugural Global Organic Produce…..

Hot jalapeños did not hide weed smell
Cannabis shipments intercepted in Texas
For more information, visit the company’s website at The U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents who seized almost three tons of marijuana were not deceived by the spicy jalapeño peppers nor the freshness of another cargo, of cucumbers.Last week, U.S. agents performed a routine inspection of a cargo truck…..

What does an Airbus cost?

BWG agrees terms to acquire 4 Aces
7-Eleven Taiwan: first unmanned ‘X-Store’
Holland: Sligro posts €81mln worth of profits for 2017Dutch wholesaler Sligro Food Group has posted net profit of €81mln for 2017, a 9.9% increase compared to the previous year, fuelled largely by the company’s new logistics partnership with Heineken. This figure was €8mln more than the €73mln in profits…..

FreshPlaza funny
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