Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Latin America edition

Undersupply turns to oversupply for Mexico green onions
Strong production in the Mexico growing regions has seen supplies of green onions increase in recent weeks. Favorable weather has contributed to the increase in numbers. «Our green onion growing region at this time of year is located near San Luis Rio Colorado in Sonora,» said Manuel Arellano of Arizona-based…..

Job Offers:
• Fyffes Bananas Ltd, Senior Banana Ripener – Swords, North County Dublin

Rambutan, an exotic fruit with a growing presence in Europe
The rambutan production has increased in Guatemala, as new plantations are becoming productive. A volume of around 2,000 tonnes is expected, compared to the 1,500 tonnes that were harvested last year.The demand for exotic products is increasing both in the US and in Europe. Edilson Hernández, of the company…..

Sales campaign in Europe also starts earlier
«The World Cup gives a boost to the demand for limes»
The World Cup in Russia is going to cause the lime export season to Europe to start earlier, since European customers and markets are going to demand this fruit in advance, aiming to concentrate the supply by the time the World Cup is underway. In this way, they will have enough stocks when the buyers start…..

Predicting big hurricanes with mangoes and avocados?
Virgin Islands Senate President Myron Jackson and University of the Virgin Islands ecologist Olasee Davis both recently made a rather spectacular proposal. Jackson said he had suspected the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season would be particularly fierce, something he had intuiited from the abundance of…..

Chile: Positive balance of the fruit season in North America
The Chilean Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA) works with retail chains throughout North America to develop various types of promotional campaigns to promote the consumption of Chilean cherries, blueberries, table grapes, and stone fruits, and help increase sales.»We have many different kinds of promotional…..

Peru: Producers double banana production with a new variety
The small producers of 83 organizations in the region have committed to convert traditional crops, such as rice and corn, to hectares of organic bananas in order to improve their economy.Currently, thanks to the Organic Banana Public Investment Project (PIP) of the Regional Directorate of Agriculture, the…..

Mexico: Mangoes from Escuinapa at risk due to a lack of water
Porfirio Salas Castillo, the leader of the CNC in the southern state of Sinaloa, said that the sector devoted to mango production was very concerned because the Agustina Ramirez dam, which is better known as El Peñon, doesn’t have enough water to guarantee the irrigation of thousands of hectares due to a lack…..

Chile: Blueberries will have a unique tool for export
According to SeaLand, a shipping company dedicated exclusively to maritime transport in the Intra-Americas market, starting this year exporters can use a new and unique tool that is particularly useful for blueberry exports. The tool, the Remote Control Management RCM, is integrated in the refrigerated…..

Peru: Fruit exports surpass the 2 billion dollar mark
The Association of Exporters (ADEX) stated that Peruvian fruit exports in all their presentations (fresh, frozen, canned, and dried) between January and November 2017 amounted to US $ 2.025 billion, i.e. 20% more than in the same period of 2016. The increase was driven by the growth of avocados (+43%), the…..

Global fruit trader appoints new CEO
Leading fruit trader Salix announced today that it has appointed Alejandro Moralejo as its CEO and Managing Partner. In this new position, Moralejo joins the Board of Directors as the company prepares to consolidate its strong performance since 2016, and to build upon its strategic priorities; including…..

Special Fruit Logistica

New produce printing method uses food colouring
A method for printing fruit and vegetables with food colouring has been developed by Kellermeister Manns GmbH.The trick is to print round objects of varying shape and diameter without bruising. The company uses a process with special food dyes that they claim do not affect the fruit’s taste or shelf life. With…..

L’Insalata dell’Orto adds new products to its «Creative Cooking» line
L’Insalata dell’Orto will present three new «Creative Cooking» products at Fruit Logistica. The fresh condiments are free of artificial colours and preservatives, ready in a flash, and provide the perfect seasoning for a variety of dishes.New additions to the Creative Cooking lineWhat is new is that the sauce…..

Helien Verhagen, Color2Food – East4Fresh

«Exposure for double niche product»
Wasabi – that is the fiery paste served with sushi, right? This spicy image means people are not quick to want to eat it.»Wasabi from a tube is not really wasabi», saysHelien Verhagen, Managing Director of the Dutch company, East4Fresh – Color2Food. «There is only 5% wasabi root in the tubes. The main…..

New Zealand avocados in demand on Indian market
The Indian market for avocados currently consists of some Indian produce and a major share of New Zealand Hass avocados. Thanks to promotions and in-store sampling, Indian consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of Hass avocados. Therefore, demand for New Zealand avocados is…..

Harold Edwards, CEO with Limoneira Company
“We commit to a 365-day supply of lemons worldwide”
“Most people know us from lemons since we handle four million cartons of fresh lemons per year,” says Harold Edwards, CEO of Limoneira. In addition, the company produces and sells one million cartons of other citrus varieties including navel oranges, cara caras, blood oranges, satsumas, different types of…..

South Africa: Market short on white grapes
The Hex River harvest is seven days late and is expected to end early, but traders caution that it is too soon for definitive statements about the water situation. “It’s very difficult to predict whether the water will hold. Our clients are also asking me but it’s too early to tell. We’ll have a better idea in…..

Smaller crop
Shorter Northwest pear crop sees good movement
Pear movement from the Northwest looks good this winter as the industry works with a smaller crop of pears.Photo: Domex Superfresh GrowersLighter set of fruit“This year’s crop is five percent shorter than the 2016-2017 crop and seven percent shorter than the 2015-2016 crop,” says Catherine Gipe-Stewart of…..

Simple, affordable and effective
New device that prevents load in pallet trucks from falling
A protective device for moving pallets has just been launched onto the market; a practical and affordable solution that will allow operators to move pallets across a warehouse or wholesale market without them having the slightest chance of falling.The device relies on a manually operated mechanism that has the…..

China: «Kiwifruit varieties become a decisive factor in progress of exports»
«China is a great country for kiwifruit. When it comes to production volumes China is among the world’s leading countries, but it is far from the strongest. New Zealand has a production volume between 2 and 4 tons per 0.07 hectare, but China does not even come close, with a production volume of 1 ton per 0.07…..

Unique orange variety very popular in specialized retail
Germany: “The Cara Cara-Orange is very trendy”
Have you ever heard of Cara Cara-Orange? The unique orange variety looks like a normal navel orange, but is characterized by its beautiful rosé-colored flesh. Cara Cara are now appearing everywhere in the German wholesale and retail trade, as well as at Gartenbote GmbH in Gera-Langenberg. Despite the steady…..

«Depressed domestic market directly influences export price of fresh pears»
«China is a leading country in the production of fresh pears, but the annual export volume of fresh pears only accounts for 5% of the total production volume. Under these circumstances it is only to be expected that the domestic price has a significant influence on the export price. The demand from such…..

Test crop available only in the US
Tearless onion reaches marketplace
Those vicious onion vapors sometimes have people crying their eyes out or resorting to old wives tales to prevent them from tearing up. Google searches of ‘how to cut an onion without crying’ topple over 1 million alone. It also happens to be the question posed most to the National Onion Association.Certified…..

Fresh produce industry unaffected by US government shutdown
The United States Federal government shutdown appears to have had little effect on the fresh produce industry. Last week Friday, both parties were unable to come to an agreement on federal funding, resulting in the temporary cessation of a number of government functions.However, on Monday, suppliers and…..

This robot hand can pick up soft fruit with no trouble at all
Researchers from the University of Colorado have developed a robot hand that is both sensitive and strong. Due to its sensitivity, the hand can even feed you raspberries. Besides, the hand can lift up to 200 times its own weight, and it is flexible and strong.With this invention, the researchers are one step…..

Robbie Bloemendaal (Total Fresh) looking to expand with Mediterranean products
«Fresh produce keeps growing in Romania»
Robbie Bloemendaal has been active with the Dutch fresh produce company, Total Fresh, in Romania since 2010. The company imports a full range of fresh fruits and vegetables from Bucharest for local supermarkets. It also focuses on marketing local products. «In the Romanian market, supermarkets are continually…..

Spain has 400 hectares. It will soon be produced also in other countries
«Sando clementines will fill a big gap in the gourmet market»
The campaign of the protected clementine variety Sando has started on the Valencian and Catalan coast. At the moment, Spain has around 400 hectares devoted to this variety, and this acreage will gradually continue to grow in a controlled manner in the coming years.»We started harvesting the first Sando…..

AU: Stone fruit crop numbers down but quality high at Rayner’s Orchard
A Victorian producer says wet weather has meant production of his stone fruit crops is down on last year.Rayner’s Orchards in the Yarra Valley grows around 450 varieties of fruit, but while the quality was up, the numbers were down.»It was a poor crop as it rained for two weeks during flowering,» Owner Len…..

Italy: Mazzoni Group’s fruit purees conquer China
Demand for fruit purees from the Frozen division at Mazzoni Group has been so high that the products available now number 40 different flavours. The company has a stand at Sigep (20th-24th January 2018) in Rimini, as frozen fruit pulp is very popular with ice-cream and pastry makers.»Mazzoni Frozen introduced…..

Verona (Italy), 1st February
Grena organises ‘Innovation fertilization: biostimulants’ conference
During the exhibition Fieragricola in Verona (Italy), Grena Srl, a leading company in the production and marketing of organic fertilizers, has organized the 2nd national conference «Innovation fertilization: biostimulants». The conference will take place Thursday 1st February at 9:30 a.m. in Sala Respighi -…..

Seed company sees tremendous growth with mini sweet peppers
Tozer Seeds America’s mini sweet pepper line called the Sweetie series has experienced tremendous growth and been praised by growers for their uniformity and heavy yield. In addition to their uniformity and heavy yield, Tozer’s Sweetie series have vibrant colors, offer good open seed cavity, are great in open…..

Turkish and Asian peppers pose as Mexican chillies in Europe
According to Mexican chilli producers, the chilli from other countries is entering the European market posing as a Mexican product, as in the case of canned chillies that are typically grown in Mexico, which is why they want Europe to recognize the geographical indication of chillies.In addition, they want the…..

Mango board welcomes new Retail Program Manager
The National Mango Board (NMB) welcomes Tammy Wiard as the NMB’s new Retail Program Manager. Wiard comes to the NMB with a strong background in retail and consumer marketing. Wiard will oversee the retail account team and all the retail marketing support programs that contribute to year-round consumption and…..

US Bio-fertilizer company acquires agribusiness marketer
Sigma Agriscience, a manufacturer of granular bio-fertilizers and bio-stimulants, announced the company has acquired a controlling interest in AM-AG, an international marketer and distributor of agriculture products with operations in Latin America and the U.S.Houston based Sigma Agriscience provides…..

Mission Produce hires new Director of Sales Planning
Oxnard-based Mission Produce announced that the company has hired Hector Soltero as Director of Sales Planning. This marks Soltero’s second stint with Mission, after initially working for the company in a sales capacity, and as the wholesale manager from 2008-2015. Subsequent to that, Soltero worked in avocado…..

Obese mothers often pass dietary impacts to offspring
Powerful antioxidant can possibly halt or prevent fatty liver disease
As obesity continues to rise in the U.S., non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has become a major public health issue, increasingly leading to cancer and liver transplants. Now, new research from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus has discovered that a powerful antioxidant found in kiwi…..

Fire Lieutenant wins $5.000 for Austin firefighters
Texas: Eating world’s hottest peppers
One Texan woman certainly doesn’t mind the heat. Fire Lt. Aimee Beasley-Spadoni ate nine of the hottest peppers in the world at the Chillies for Charity event. The nine scorching hotties are known as the Carolina Reaper; the world-record holder for hottest pepper.With her actions, Lt. Aimee Beasley-Spadoni won…..

Gympie, Australia
Pineapples and mangoes hurled at unsuspecting motorists
In the early hours of the morning in the city of Gympie -two hours north of Brisbane- a number cars were being pelted with fruit. Windscreens were smashed, occupants terrified. Regional Queensland police have been investigating. Stephen Fitzpatrick was driving to work about 4:30am on Monday when his windscreen…..

Tong appoints new approved dealer for Scotland
Leading vegetable handling equipment manufacturer, Tong Engineering, is pleased to announce the appointment of ScanStone potato systems as the company’s new approved dealer for Scotland.As part of the company’s continued focus on providing the highest levels of customer service, sales and after-sales support,…..

The world’s busiest air routes

X5: 25.5% sales growth in 2017
Carrefour: e-commerce push and deal chase in China
UK: Costcutter replaces own-brand with Co-op rangeCostcutter has confirmed that its Independent own-brand range will be replaced by Co-op’s own-label products after the two retailers agreed a wholesale deal last year. The arrangement, signed at the end of November, will see Co-op become the exclusive wholesale…..

FreshPlaza funny
Slow and steady wins the race