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Spain: Tornado destroys 200 hectares of greenhouses
A tornado demolished a large area of greenhouses inEl Eljido, Spain, on Saturday. First…..

Israel: Sustainability support for Orri Jaffa farmers
The Plant Production and Marketing Board of Israel is helping farmers of the Orri Jaffa mandarin…..

It’s Fresh! secures $10 million investment from AgroFresh
British food tech company It’s Fresh! has secured a $10 million (£7.63million) investment and…..

«Nice sweet pear taste with an apple’s bite»
The ‘Oksana Xenia’ is a relatively new pear variety in Europe. It can, however, be traced back…..

The mood on the European market is bleak. Traders in the Netherlands and Belgium are pessimistic…..

“Finding good workers is becoming an ever-larger problem”
The production of Spanish raspberries has remained fairly stable in recent years, and has only…..

Chilean blueberries see improved 2017-2018 season
This year it’s a different picture. That’s what importers of blueberries are saying about…..

China: Joy Wing Mau trade peaked at almost 10 bn RMB in 2017
“We expect in the next 20 years” says Mr. Mau wah Liu, Chairman of Joy Wing Mau group, “our…..

«Apple stocks shrinking fast»
The apple season at Fruitveiling Zuid-Limburg in the Netherlands is well underway. «This year we…..

Ripening rooms play key role in achieving desired color, brix level and taste
“Proper fruit ripening is important as it provides control over fruit uniformity for greater…..

“Turning point in use of laser technology almost reached”
The laser technology for fruit and vegetables has more and more product applications. The cost…..

Small sizes for Pakistani kinnow mandarins
The current season for Pakistani kinnow mandarins is in full swing. Due to excellent weather…..

New post-harvest quality technology developed for okra
Hazel Technologies, Inc., a USDA-supported company developing new shelf-life extension…..

Extreme weather conditions causing havoc around the world
Countries all over the world are in the grip of extreme weather conditions. While the U.S. is…..

Rain will impede Florida cold weather recovery
Florida growers are counting the costs after cold weather in the last week damaged or destroyed…..

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