Border between Venezuela and ABC islands remains closed

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Latin America edition

Uruguay: Puro Jugo, bag in a box, a new 100% natural apple juice
Puro Jugo is a new way for Uruguayans to consume fruit. It is a way to make them see that they can consume healthy and tasty food in a very convenient manner, by just pressing a button and serving it in a glass. This new product of the Moizo Fruit company is being marketed in the innovative Bag in Box system,…..

Job Offers:
• P.L. Light Systems, Lighting Applications Specialist (Horticulture) – Beamsville, Ontario, Canada
• Driscoll’s Australia Pty Ltd, National Nursery Manager – Melbourne, Australia

Talks have not yet been fruitful
Border between Venezuela and ABC islands remains closed
The blockade that Venezuela erected toward the ABC islands last week, remains. This is despite extensive consultations held on Friday between representatives from Venezuela, the Netherlands, Curaçao and Aruba. Islands residents still have virtually no fruit or vegetables.The representatives did, however, reach…..

The Netherlands shows interest in Colombia’s Cauca Valley
The Cauca Valley’s agro-industrial vocation and the opportunities offered by the Port of Buenaventura to develop logistics projects are two of the many reasons why the Netherlands has set its sights on the region.The agro-industrial sector is of such relevance that a report of the Chamber of Commerce of Cali…..

Peru: Pineapple export volume fell drastically, but its value went up
In 2017 Peru exported a much lower volume of pineapples than in than 2016, but a much higher value.According to the Agrodata Peru website, between January and November of last year, Peru exported 66,341 kilos of fruit for a value of US $268,228, while in 2016 it exported 102,877 kilos for US $138,121.It’s…..

Peru: Blueberry exports grew 57% in 2017
In 2017 Peru exported 41,329 tons of blueberries, i.e. 57% more than the 26,327 tons dispatched in 2016, stated the general manager of the Association of Producers of Blueberries of Peru (ProArandanos), Sergio del Castillo Valderrama.He also said that blueberry shipments in 2017 amounted to US $350,831,000,…..

Chile: Valparaiso terminals lead fruit exports
The Association of Fruit Exporters of Chile AG (Asoex) stated that the terminals of the port of Valparaiso led in fruit exports.According to the trade union, in the 2016-2017 campaign, the leased terminals of Valparaíso mobilized 1,599,791 tons of fruit, i.e. 38.71% more than in the 2015-2016 cycle.The second…..

Argentina misses opportunities by not exporting to China
The supply from the Rio Negro Valley and Neuquen continues to have serious restrictions to enter the Chinese market, which currently is a key market for the development of any regional productive activity.Few countries don’t have the privilege of selling their products to Chinese market, which demands more and…..

Argentina: Pear and apple exports fall
The North Patagonia Regional Center of SENASA released statistical data on the volume and destination country for fruit exports between January and December 2017, as well as comparative tables for 2014-2017, where there is a noticeable decrease in the export of pears and apples.According to the data, between…..

AU: Innovation and diversification the way ahead for Tasmanian growers
Day two of the Tasmanian tour started at the Huon Valley an area with a very unique micro climate, only 20 kms from the South sea but sheltered by mountains which protect it from winds.Growing conditions have been very good in the valley and the growers are expecting a good harvest season. These growers don’t…..

Exceptionally high US freight rates set to ease
Freight rates have been a hot topic in the fresh produce industry across the United States recently. Growers and shippers have expressed their concerns about having to pay exceptionally high rates to get their produce to the market. Availability of trucks has been cited as both a cause for the high rates,…..

Special Fruit Logistica

Amerfruits to show off black garlic at Fruit Logistica
Amerfruits will be showing off their Black garlic «Amefruits gourmet» at Fruit logistica this year. It is made with Spanish purple garlic grown in Las Pedroñeras.»The selected bulbs are fermented for approximately 40 days at controlled temperatures between 65°C and 80°C and a specific humidity level. The…..

New machine offers automatic cucumber sorting
The integrated SortiFlex pack robot from Christiaens Agro Systems, a specialist in grading lines for long-shaped vegetables, enables its customers to sort, grade and pack cucumbers automatically and without human assistance.SortiFlex Pack RobotThe robot was developed in cooperation with experts at Beltech, a…..

China: «Why the 2016 and 2017 garlic market moved in opposite directions»
«The 2016 and 2017 garlic markets were quite polarized. The 2016 garlic production was rather small, and was not able to meet the demand. Sales were booming, and the high profits encouraged garlic farmers to increase their production. This has led to a surplus in 2017. The increase in the foreign garlic…..

Global Focus Bananas

Spain: Canary organic bananas to be promoted in French market
After consolidating its position in the Swiss market, Europlátano is already facing its next internationalization challenge: tackling the French market. The firm started selling its fruit in France last November in partnership with Biocoop, a leading company in the distribution of organic food. The challenge…..

Poland: Edible plates mean no more plastic
Festival grounds no longer have to be left strewn with plastic disposable plates and rubbish bags. The Polish company, Biotrem has developed edible plates using wheat bran. So, these plates are not only good for the environment but also ensures you ingest more fibre.The wheat is heated under high pressure and…..

Stable market for Sicilian lemons
The citrus fruit campaign is in full swing. We talked to Salvatore Scarcella, President of one of the leading cooperatives dedicated to lemon production.Archive photo»The citrus fruit campaign started around one month ago and is going smoothly. The production and commercialisation of Interdonato lemons has…..

Lower volumes from South Africa minimise price fluctuation; grape prices 15 to 20% higher than last year
Steady grape prices in Europe after Christmas
Prices of South African grapes on the European market remained steady after Christmas, held in check by supply, leading to prices higher than usual this time of the year.South Africa’s last two grape-producing regions are now harvesting: the Berg River region, responsible for about 23% of South Africa’s…..

More mango exports needed to relieve local market of large supply pressure
South African litchis made hay in Europe this season
In what has generally been an off year for South African litchi producers, one farm considers themselves fortunate for a number of reasons. Not only did their litchi harvest exceed the already large crop of last year, but they had a relatively empty market in Europe for the start of their season with…..

Italy: Modì apple destocking has reached 60%
Modì apple destocking has reached 60% and it may very well be that all the produce will have ended by April/May.Around 15,000 tons of Civg198*/Modì® were produced in 2017 in the northern hemisphere. Around 70% of these comes from Modì Europe, while the remaining 30% was grown in Turkey, Serbia and the…..

AU: Simpson Farms puts award down to consumer-based focus
One of Queensland’s leading Avocado and Mango producers Simpson Farms says its strategy to focus on the end customer was what helped it take the Woolworths Fruit Supplier of the year award for 2017.The company won the award, after working closely with the supermarket giant for a number of years.»We are excited…..

Fresh Line Fruit Services GmbH launches Reclamation Trading 2.0
“Our job is to ease the pain”
Sooner or later, every fruit and vegetable supplier will have the experience when a delivery, for some reason, does not arrive at its destination and -after a detour and at double the cost- ends up at the waste disposal center. This is not the case at Fresh Line Fruit Services GmbH: for several years, the…..

China: First large shipment of Chilean nectarines sells out on day of arrival
Last week Friday, Gonzalo Matamala, GM of GESEX China, was waiting for the arrival of the first two containers CHilean nectarines shipped at the Guangzhou port of import. Before arrival, GESEX was already talking to a number of retailers and traders, including Walmart, about sales and distribution in…..

Hans van Kemenade, Jakova:
«Opportunities with ready made vegetable packets are endless»
Ready meals don’t have a good image, but the opportunities with ready made vegetable packets are endless, says Hans van Kemenade of Jakova. It’s a trend that plays into both convenience and conscious and healthy eating. «There is always the interest in food, but these days consumers are more conscious about…..

Tough, and likely shorter, season for Florida grapefruit
After Hurricane Irma swept through Florida late last summer, grapefruit growers in the state are now feeling the effects. “We were devastated by the storm and were expecting a good solid year—at least a good year in the sense of where we’d been in the last two years,” says G.T. Parris of Vero Beach, Fl.-based…..

French professor explains: eat these foods to prevent depression
Have you been feeling a bit under the weather for a while? The food you buy has more influence on how you feel than you might think. Various scientific studies show there’s a clear connection between food and gloominess. There’s even an anti-depression diet.

Innovation and sustainability: Smilesys reclosable systems fight waste
The fight against food and plastic waste is an evergreen topic among governments, universities and companies, as it is in our everyday lives. In this globalized world, virtuous companies propose new solutions that are intended to combine flexibility and efficiency, to provide a new approach to the way people…..

Research in Tasmania:
Green potatoes safe for consumers to eat
So many people are suspicious of any sign of a greenish colour on their potatoes. But now PhD candidate Sabine Tanios is working on research into why and how potatoes develop this green colouring.Her work at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture looks at the wide range of factors that cause undesirable…..

Beautiful displays at National Vegetable Fair 2018 in Bangladesh

Tests in New South Wales, Australia:
Cold plasma used to kill pathogens on fresh produce
At the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries laboratory, a new test device is being trialled. A German built, custom-made 250 kilogram produce sanitisation machine , dubbed the “Food Safety Supercharger”, has been developed to try to eliminate microbial contaminants such as Salmonella, Listeria and…..

To raise funds for Brighter Bites
Viva Fresh Produce Expo announces 2018 Golf Tournament
The Fourth annual Viva Fresh Open will be held at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort’s renowned TPC golf course on Thursday, April 5 and will launch the 2018 Viva Fresh Expo. Presented by Bebo Distributing, Inc. and Wonderful Citrus, this year’s tournament will raise funds for the Brighter Bites…..

15% increase compared to last year
Promotable volume of Mexican-grown asparagus starting in February
Crystal Valley Foods (Crystal Valley) will have significant volume of Mexican grown asparagus from the Caborca region in Northern Senora starting in February through March 2018. There is expected to be about a 15 percent increase in volume over the same time period last year and good quality product.»The…..

Prices are dropping
China: Apple supply will exceed demand within five years
As the first apples are entering the markets worldwide, they are naturally getting a lot of attention. On 10 January, GF Futures joined hands with Zheng Shang, and held an Apple Industry Development Forum in Xianyang. During the forum, Lin Guofa, director of the Brick Consultation Institute, explained that the…..

Trump promises farmers that he will improve the NAFTA
US President Donald Trump told a federation of US farmers that he was working to improve the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Mexico and Canada.The threats issued by Trump since he became president about the possibility of withdrawing from the NAFTA have not been good for US farmers, and the…..

2017 statistic
Catering discovers fruit and vegetables, purchasing rose by 13%
In restaurants in particular the trend towards a higher share of fruit and vegetables in meals is continuing. This is positive because more and more people are eating outside of the home. In stores consumers spent two percent more on fruit and vegetables. They bought the same amount of fruit and vegetables per…..

2017: Both import and export value of fruit and vegetables on the rise
More peppers to the UK and a larger role for the Netherlands in the banana trade
The total import value of fruit and vegetables in the Netherlands was €6 billion. Extreme winter weather in Southern Europe caused less supply, higher prices and temporary shortages in the first quarter of 2017.The Dutch production had varied successes in 2017. Growers of aubergine and tomatoes can review a…..

Metro AG’s Q1 sales rise 0.8%
Lenta completes 2017 expansion plan: 89 new stores
Irish shoppers spent a record amount over ChristmasIrish shoppers spent an extra €90mln on groceries over the festive period, according to the latest figures from Kantar Worldpanel. The figures, which cover the period for the 12 weeks ending December 31st, 2017, show the households spent a record €1,532 on…..

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