Thursday, February 22, 2018
Latin America edition

Ecuador: Shrimp exports surpass banana exports for the first time
Based on the data regarding exports in 2017, Jose Antonio Camposano, the president of the National Chamber of Aquaculture (CNA), stated that there had been a technical tie between the two main non-oil export products of the country: bananas and shrimp.However, the truth is that, for the first time ever, shrimp…..

Job Offers:
• Florensis, Junior Productie Manager – Kenia
• Lutgo Global, Manager Trucking Company – Azerbaijan

Mexico: APEAM, in favor of international free trade
The Association of Producers, Packers and Exporters of Avocados of Mexico (APEAM) has been present, as members of the «Cuarto de Junto», in each of the rounds of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the objective of defending the interests of its producers and packers as well as those of the…..

Last week’s hail and wind damage factored into latest estimates
South African plum and topfruit estimates adjusted downwards
There was widespread joy among Capetonians at a smattering of rain last week, unfortunately it was accompanied by hail and strong winds around Franschhoek, Simondium, Stellenbosch, Tulbagh, Montagu and the Langkloof, as FreshPlaza reported last week, before the extent of the damage was certain. Hortgro has…..

ClemenGold closing the gap on year round supply
These days we are accustomed to having every kind of fruit and vegetable on the shelves all year round. Companies are trying their hardest to keep our favourite variety of apple or orange available as production moves between the hemispheres.ClemenGold has almost reached this goal. «The Spanish supply will…..

Sun shining down on Florida sweet corn growers
Recent warmer weather in Florida is providing plenty of encouragement to sweet corn growers. While weather events in the last 6 months have not been too kind to Florida growers, things appear to be turning around now. For corn growers, there is the chance the warm weather might prompt an earlier start to the…..

All eyes on Argentina
Another early finish for California desert lemons
This week marks the last week of lemon shipments from the desert regions of California. The transition to the other districts is already underway and it means an early finish to the season for the desert. Warm and dry conditions have resulted in the fruit maturing at a faster pace.»The desert regions have been…..

AU: Flavorite expands to keep up with demand
One of Australia’s leading tomato producers is expecting to increase its production by up to 10 per cent, with an expansion across two of its sites in Victoria.Flavorite currently has 26 hectares under production (including a 2Ha propagation nursery) and this expansion will take it to 30Ha. Managing Director…..

Henk Vlaeminck, Van Dijk Foods Belgium:
«Quick sales of easy peelers but orange market more difficult»
The Spanish are high on prices for oranges at the moment. This was noted by Henk Vlaeminck of Van Dijk Foods. «To sell oranges for those prices isn’t easy. There is a reasonably large supply of Valencias from Egypt and Salustianas and Maroc Late from Morocco and that price difference is…..

Marcel van Rooijen, Torres Tropical Fresh:
“Watermelon market on fire, mango sales a bit more difficult”
The mango market is a bit more difficult this week. “Large stocks have been acquired in some places. Peru shipped more than expected, and as a result prices have become a bit more pressured,” says Marcel van Rooijen of Torres Tropical Fresh from Barendrecht, the Netherlands. Yet he is facing the coming weeks…..

20% year on year volume growth for Polish banana importer
The global banana market has been increasingly less predictable in recent years, with irregular weather conditions negatively affecting supply and demand, along with blurring the lines between the traditional high and low periods in the season. This has made the seasons difficult to plan and predict. Despite…..

Special Fruit Logistica

Ecuador: Shrimp exports surpass banana exports for the first time
Based on the data regarding exports in 2017, Jose Antonio Camposano, the president of the National Chamber of Aquaculture (CNA), stated that there had been a technical tie between the two main non-oil export products of the country: bananas and shrimp.However, the truth is that, for the first time ever, shrimp…..

New snacks and fresh-cut products in Berlin
Considering that the FLIA 2018 awards are assigned based on the votes expressed by Fruit Logistica visitors, the fact that a coconut-based snack won the first place is indicative of what people prefer compared with other innovative products.The tendency to prefer practicality is no news: Italy, for example,…..

PMA industry members establish new business opportunities
More than 150 produce industry members from around the world connected with each other to establish new business opportunities during a special networking reception hosted by Produce Marketing Association (PMA) at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Germany. The gathering, sponsored by PMA members Camposol, Driscoll’s,…..

Global Focus Organic

Transforming Germany’s cities into organic food gardens
With ever more people living in urban centers, food security and quality is becoming a pressing issue. In Germany, cities are increasingly taking the production of organic products to a hyperlocal level.As part of Biostädte (‘organic cities’), now Nuremberg joins a network of municipalities across Germany…..

Cool Texas winter ensures sweet organic grapefruit season
The winter has been kind to organic grapefruit growers in Texas. The cool, sometimes cold, conditions, have been just enough to ensure the grapefruit achieve a good level of sweetness, juice and color, while at the same time, not damaging the fruit.»We had a very unique winter,» exclaimed Russon Holbrook of…..

Scott acquires Alvey Group
We are pleased to announce today that the Board has approved in principle the purchase of the business assets and intellectual property of Alvey Group, Headquartered in Belgium with operations in France, Czech Republic and the UK. Specialists in palletising, conveying and warehouse automation, Alvey is closely…..

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China: Which exhibitions to attend in 2018?
China’s fresh produce industry is rapidly developing and if there is anything to show from this development, it might be the active scene of old and new, domestic and international, trade shows popping up and competing.To sum up a number of last year’s events: 2017 kicked off with the PMA in Shanghai, followed…..

AU: Premium apple grower says industry needs to work to lift consumption
As one New South Wales apple grower prepares to swing into full production, they say the industry needs to work together to lift the profile of the fruit.BiteRiot! produces premium apples and cherries in the Mount Canobolas district, west of Sydney. Owner Bernard Hall says while new varieties are a step in the…..

Chinese agricultural products urgently need brand protection
Brands are the core guarantee of distinction between good and bad quality products. This is particularly true for agricultural products.How to forge a brandPlantation owners, dealers, and others in the industry have a good understanding of agricultural products, but this is not true for consumers. Their…..

T&G delivers colourful new fruit range in Australia
Australians are on the road to accessing more healthy fruit thanks to fresh produce grower and marketer, T&G Global.Despite an increased focus on health and wellness, over 75% of Australians still don’t meet recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables according to a study conducted by Horticulture…..

OZblu joins the cause to grow South African agricultural sector
In his recent State of the Nation speech, newly appointed South Africa President, Cyril Ramaphosa, pointed to agriculture as one of the greatest opportunities to significantly grow the economy and create jobs. Echoing this sentiment is Roger Horak, Co-founder and Global CEO of OZblu blueberries – the World’s…..

US: Avocado prices increase due to a lower supply and a higher global demand
The avocado is fast becoming the favorite fruit in the United States. According to the US Department of Agriculture, even though local production is stagnating, imports have more than tripled in the last ten years. Annual consumption of the average American has increased from around one kilo of avocado, in…..

California grape grower-shipper publishes first Corporate Social Responsibly Report
Sun World International, LLC, published its first corporate social responsibility report on February 20, 2018. The report details the goals that The Better Future Project, Sun World’s CSR program, aims to achieve by 2022 and progress made to date. Benchmarking for The Better Future Project was conducted in…..

How to combat ‘puffy eyes’:
All you need is potato slices
Waking up with puffy eyes is rather common. But it is easy to treat them. Make sure to drink enough water and use refrigerated slices of potatoes to get rid of the gives 6 tips to treat the problem:The easiest way to get rid of puffy eyes is to drink water. When the body is well…..

Market trends in focus at Citrus Australia forum
Tickets have sold out for the highly anticipated bi-annual Citrus Australia Market Outlook Forum – the only national event for the citrus industry for the year.More than 150 representatives from the growing, packing and marketing sectors of the citrus industry will attend the Forum in Sydney on March 14 and…..

Direct, efficient air link into Central China
‘Airborne Silk Road’ boosts Zhengzhou’s fortunes
From Zhengzhou, the capital of Central China’s Henan province a new ‘Silk Road in the air’ is booming, linking it all the way to Luxembourg. This international flight route between the two cities is helping boost global trade.Statistics show total cargo shipments in and out of Zhengzhou Airport likely reached…..

German man fined 208,000 euros for scanning meat as ‘fruit’
A German man has been fined 208,000 euros ($326,000) for cheating at a supermarket self-service checkout. A Munich court convicted the 58-year-old businessman of theft for trying to pass off 47 euros worth of veal liver as ‘ fruit’.The man had done the same thing three times before and also had past…..

2017 reefer box production remains low at 160,000 TEU
Fresh produce comprises 4.0% of the world’s seaborne trade
Reefer shipping and the restStatistics are always running behind. It has therefore become apparent only recently that the worldwide international trade of refrigerated perishables went through a dip in 2015. That year, volumes reduced by 2% to an estimated 144.4 million tons. As matters stand, things were…..

Disease-resistant apples perform better than old favorites
You may not find them in the produce aisle yet, but it’s only a matter of time before new disease-resistant apple cultivars overtake favorites like Honeycrisp in popularity, according to a University of Illinois apple expert.“I know everyone wants Honeycrisp, but they’re notoriously hard to grow. There are so…..

Dole and Camposol Bring “Peruvian Flame Mangoes” to Market in China
Importer and Supplier Team Up to Bring a Sweet Blush to Springtime FestivitiesAs China prepares to celebrate the Spring Festival, southern hemisphere mangoes are at the peak of their growing season. Camposol, one of Peru’s largest supplier of mangoes, is now teaming with importer Dole to offer Chinese…..

China’s first cross-border, e-commerce, smart robot warehouse
China’s first cross-border e-commerce smart robot warehouse (called Smart One) has been put into use in Yizhuang, Beijing. In the meanwhile, the bonded cross-border e-commerce business officially launched in Beijing. As a result, delivery times and costs are expected to decrease when Beijing consumers buy…..

Cyclone Gita: Large-scale devastation now in New Zealand
The damage cyclone Gita has caused to the Thomas Bros’ orchard and packing shed is the worst they’ve ever seen. Kiwi fruit manager Steve Thomas said neither he, his father or his uncle had ever seen a storm cause this much destruction to their family business.Orchards in the Motueka area have been hit hard by…..

Ogdensburg, New York
Corrections officer finds synthetic marijuana in cabbage
Officers at Riverview Correctional Facility in Ogdensburg, NY, discovered synthetic marijuana concealed inside of a head of cabbage in a package mailed to an inmate last week.According to a news release, on February 13 at the medium-security prison, corrections officers found the contraband while X-raying…..

Scientific proof: Avo squeezing is bad for the fruit
Acoustic tools, laser technology, ultrasounds: scientists are trying it all to stop consumers from bruising avocados when testing them for ripeness.In a survey of Australian avocado consumers, 97 per cent admitted to squeezing the fruit before purchasing it. And research shows consumers ‘test’, on average,…..

Spain: Market share of imported bananas oscillated between 35 and 52% in 2017
In 2017, 307,000 tonnes of bananas were imported into Spain and shipments from the Canary Islands stood at 382,100 tonnes. The market share of imported bananas ranged from a maximum of 52% to a minimum of 35%.In December 2017, 26,424 tonnes were shipped from the Canary Islands, while imports, mainly from…..

India: Hailstorm warning has prompted early harvest of Nashik grapes
A warning by the India Meteorological Department about hailstorms this Friday/Saturday has grape farmers in the nation’s vineyard, Nashik, losing sleep. They now are harvesting around the clock to avoid a loss of crops.As per the IMD forecast, gusty winds, lightning, hail and thunderstorms are expected over…..

Pear cultivation in Spain
In Spain, the sweet fruit subsector continues to be the one making the greatest contribution to Spain’s Final Agricultural Production, with 24% in 2016, despite accounting for a relatively small acreage (204,000 hectares) compared to other crops. Three species have traditionally led the production of fruit in…..

But why paint them purple?

This map shows all the roads in the U.S., and nothing else. Looks quite artistic…

Another iso-chronic map:
Travel times from Paris by road. Happy trails!

Ecuador: Shrimp exports surpass banana exports for the first time
Based on the data regarding exports in 2017, Jose Antonio Camposano, the president of the National Chamber of Aquaculture (CNA), stated that there had been a technical tie between the two main non-oil export products of the country: bananas and shrimp.However, the truth is that, for the first time ever, shrimp…..

Reefer market recovering from 2015 dip
Fresh produce accounts for four percent of the world’s seaborne trade of dry cargoes, and Japan consumes one in three bananas, says industry analyst Dynamar in its recent report – Reefer Analysis: Market Structure, Conventional, Containers.Reefer Shipping Dip Worldwide international trade of refrigerated…..

New map of organic food systems published
In Organic 3.0, food chains are succeeded by food systems. As a main implementing partner in the Organic Food System Program (OFSP) along with BERAS International and FQH, IFOAM – Organics International has developed a global map of food systems. This will serve as a key resource for information sharing and…..

Trendy new way to propose
Engagement ring + avocado = ?
It’s true: people are actually doing this. Using avocados to propose. Using a scooped-out avocado to present the engagement ring.Despite the obvious mess involved with embedding a piece of jewellery in the flesh of an avocado, it seems more than one person has actually tried this out.Well, make up your own…..

Week 8
Stable European Potato Market
Belgium,Fiwap / PCA market messageIndustrial varieties: Still not much activity on the free market, export and industrial processing alike. Prices are unchanged, but overall stable.General price, 35 mm +, min 60% 50 mm +, min 360 gr / 5kg of EPS, bulk, friable, selling price, excluding VAT, direct…..

Dedere Germany GmbH:
Blockchain is revolutionizing global agricultural trade
Dedere is committed to being the most efficient tool for agricultural trade worldwide. «The Best Way to Buy and Sell Agri Commodities» is the company’s claim.And the ways to achieve this are a combination of market-relevant news, analysis and forecasts of agricultural commodities, an email marketing tool and a…..

Bananas are among the most successful fair trade products.
Bananas are among the most successful fair trade products. All Fairtrade-certified bananas in Germany have the organic label, says the Association for the Promotion of Fair Trade (Transfair). However, switching from conventional to bio is a big challenge for many growers.In a recent research report on behalf…..

Albert Heijn: Potato promotion by new products and packaging
Mercadona: The leader of Spanish food retail
Italy: Pam Panorama launches online shopping with Supermercato24Italian supermarket chain Pam Panorama has teamed up with e-commerce site Supermercato24 to offer grocery home delivery. The new service is available to Pam Panorama customers in the cities of Milan, Bologna and Padua, who can receive their…..

FreshPlaza funny
New guy on the team!

Ecuador: Shrimp exports surpass banana exports for the first time
Based on the data regarding exports in 2017, Jose Antonio Camposano, the president of the National Chamber of Aquaculture (CNA), stated that there had been a technical tie between the two main non-oil export products of the country: bananas and shrimp.However, the truth is that, for the first time ever, shrimp…..