Monday, February 12, 2018
Latin America edition

Air-shipped pineapples, healthy snacks and fresh packs
Photo reports Fruit Logistica 2018
The Fruit Logistica in Berlin has three usual ingredients: a temperature below zero, chaos around the buses after the end of the day and a quiet Friday. This was also the case this year for the three-day trade…..

South American stone fruit season about to peak
The South American stone fruit season is progressing along well, with steady volume and a good market. The season is approaching the midpoint and many varieties are about to come into peak supply. With overall good growing conditions, suppliers are pleased with the way fruit is moving.»The undertones of the…..

India asks Chile for trial shipment of blueberries & avocados
India has asked Chile to send a trial shipment of blueberries and avocado and complete a pest risk analyses of five commodities. The matter was discussed by Minister of State for Agriculture Gajendra Singh Shekhawat while talking to the visiting Chilean delegation led by Fidel Espinoza, President of the…..

Peru: Cherimoya and soursop exports fell last year
2017 was not a good year for the export of cherimoyas and soursop. Last year, the country exported a total of 140,396 kilos of these delicious fruits for an FOB value of US $ 376,350.These figures contrast negatively against the 355,153 kilos worth US $979,518 that were dispatched during 2016.According to the…..

Argentina: Pear and apple exports increased by more than 500% in January
Regional exports of pears and apples amounted to 4,300 tons during the first month of the year. i.e. 500% more than in January of the previous year.The aforementioned data takes into account exports through the port of San Antonio and the port of Bahia Blanca in Buenos Aires, which together account for 80% of…..

First Honduran melons reach Taiwan
The first three containers of Honduran melons arrived on Monday at the Taiwanese market after the fruit’s production farms in southern Honduras were certified by authorities in the Asian country last year.The first shipment arrived at Port Keelung with a total of 5,460 boxes, according to the Ambassador of…..

Brazil: Pheromone identified from insect that transmits citrus greening (HLB)
Researchers grouped in the National Institute of Science & Technology for Semiochemicals in Agriculture, based in São Paulo State have identified and synthesized the sex pheromone of the Asian citrus psyllid Diaphorina citri. This tiny bug acts as a vector for the bacteria that cause citrus greening, best…..

Available mid-April
Grapes from new Mexican growing region producing earlier
Currently, the only fresh table grapes available in the month of April in the Northern Hemisphere are imported grapes from Chile. However, there’s a new region in the state of Jalisco, Mexico that will be starting earlier than all others. Retailers in both Canada and the US will be able to stock their shelves…..

First Chilean pears arrive on US East Coast
The first shipments of pears from Chile have arrived on the East Coast of the United States. All fruit is arriving by ship, with no real demand for any early air arrivals. The shipments first arrived less than 2 weeks ago and supply is slowly beginning to build as more importers start to receive fruit. At this…..

WAPA report:
Southern Hemisphere pear crop forecast to drop 15%
The World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA) held its Annual General Meeting at the Fruit Logistica fair in Berlin on 9 February. Representatives of the key global apple and pear producing and exporting countries met to discuss the Southern Hemisphere production forecast, the final update of the Northern…..

New vegetable packaging launched
In November of last year, Veggie Produce was created; a vegetable grower-shipper from Guatemala who exports produce to the US. “It is a new company and a new produce brand at the same time,” says Mariel Hidalgo, who works as Sales & Marketing Consultant for Veggie Produce. “Customers will be able to…..

Special Fruit Logistica

Air-shipped pineapples, healthy snacks and fresh packs

Photo reports Fruit Logistica 2018
The Fruit Logistica in Berlin has three usual ingredients: a temperature below zero, chaos around the buses after the end of the day and a quiet Friday. This was also the case this year for the three-day trade fair, which transforms the German capital into the Fruit and Vegetable capital of the world. Thanks…..

Global Focus Organic

North American organic pear category continues to grow
“We just finished up on organic Bartletts for the season,” says Andy Tudor with Rainier Fruit. Organic Red and Bosc pears will be carried into March and organic D’Anjous will be available until April. Rainier’s organic pear acreage has been pretty stable over the past four years. However, the 2018 crop is…..

Kiwiberry to build on success keep raising awareness
Munch’n kiwiberry aim to increase loyalty among its fan base as the new season kicks off this month. Freshmax said that it is excited to build on the success of the ‘Munch’n’ kiwiberry brand this season and continue to raise awareness and understanding about the super-fruit.The kiwiberry is new to many…..

New South African bred red seedless table grape launched at Fruit Logistica
New grape variety «brings music to your ears»
Last week at Fruit Logistica in Berlin a new seedless red table grape variety was released. Joybells will be ready for harvest a week to 10 days before the Flame variety. It is high yield grape with a good tolerance to cracking. It also travels well and has good storage.»Undoubtedly one of the most promising…..

Italy: Early asparagus available thanks to forced cultivation
«We are currently harvesting a small quantity of asparagus thanks to forced cultivation obtained using the warm geothermal water in our territory. Our produce has been available in winter for the past 25 years.»This is what reported by Sergio Marcoaldi, agronomist and quality manager atC.O.P.A., Cooperativa…..

Ricardo Polis named Fall Creek’s Regional Director for South America
Fall Creek Farm & Nursery has announced that Ricardo Polis has joined Fall Creek as Regional Director of South America. Based in Lima, Polis will lead Fall Creek’s business in Peru and in other countries throughout South America.Fall Creek’s new Regional Director of South America, Ricardo PolisIndustrial…..

Panamanian watermelons exported to the Netherlands
The Association of Producers of Watermelons for Export announced the signing of a contract (with logistics company CH Robinson) to export 20 containers of the fruit to the Netherlands.A deal was made within the framework of the Fruit Logística trade fair in Germany, where agro-export companies from Panama and…..

US apple supply gets supplements from New Zealand
Apple supply on the East Coast is in good shape. “We’re about right where we want to be at this time of the year,” says Jim Allen of Glenmont, NY-based New York Apple Sales Inc. “We don’t have anything that’s particularly oversupplied but of course there are varieties that are in high demand. But all in all…..

South American blueberry season approaching the end
There are some early signs that the South American blueberry season is approaching its end. The number of growers in Peru supplying the market is reducing while Chile is also expected to start seeing a drop in production in the next few weeks after weather caused a delay at the start of the season.»Supplies of…..

Possible early start for California bell pepper season
California bell pepper growers could be in for an early start to the 2018 Spring season. This is thanks to the warm weather that has set in over southern California. The desert regions around Coachella are typically the first to begin in April. Growers there have said the warm and sunny conditions have been…..

New on-ground facilitators assist growers
Australian states collaborate on vegetable exports
Three Australian state-based bodies have collaborated on a three-year Host Innovation funded project to assist vegetable growers into export. Queensland based Growcom, Tasmania’s Fruit and Vegetable Export Facilitation Group and vegetables WA will form a network across Australia with three «on-ground» export…..

China: «Overall transport conditions for onions are not ideal»
«Gansu is one of China’s major onion production areas. The production season starts every year in July and finishes around September. The warehouse stock can last until March of the subsequent year. The current onion reserves in Gansu warehouses are relatively large compared to the same period in the previous…..

In vitro propagation of two banana cultivars
Bananas are one of the most important and profitable crops in Ethiopia. The energy and nutritional status of bananas are much higher than other common tropical and subtropical fruits. Over the past few years, production has considerably dropped in Ethiopia: yields per hectare currently vary between 5 and 9…..

Persian cucumbers in short supply in North America
Consistency is the name of the game for greenhouse grown English cucumbers in the US right now. “Supply of English cucumbers has been fairly steady,” says Karen Thomson of Thomson Fresh LLC in Los Angeles, Ca. “Everything’s coming out of Mexico right now and it’s been pretty consistent. Prices haven’t gone up…..

Warm winter not a concern for California table grape growers
Table grape growers in California are not particularly concerned with the dry and warm weather that continues to bathe the region. While chill hours may be important for some other products, such as tree fruits, for grape growers, it is less of an issue this year. Instead, they are keeping an eye on other…..

High Peruvian production keeps asparagus market flat
Plentiful production of Peruvian asparagus is keeping the market flat, according to suppliers. Overall, growing conditions have been favorable in the South American growing districts, and along with the supply from other regions such as Mexico and California, continues to put downward pressure on the…..

More peaches planted recently than over the last 10 years
Georgia peach growers anticipate large and healthy crop
The state of Georgia experienced a laundry list of weather events that limited growers to a 15 per cent crop statewide last year. This year, however, appears to be looking just peachy. Growers in the state are optimistically excited about what’s to come when the season starts in mid-May.Normal winterDuke Lane…..

Mandarins continue to monopolize citrus category
California is in the middle of its mandarin season; conditions and quality are looking good. Heirloom navel oranges are showing increased business in select markets. Consumers seem to be expressing increased interest in US grown mandarins and navel oranges as well as kiwi on a global scale, allowing the fruit…..

Irish trip puts farm on path to commercial success
For Tasmanian apple growers, Mark and Christine Duggan, a trip to Ireland several years ago put their business on the road to commercial success.»We were struggling as every apple picked on the farm had to be graded, packed, stored and sold by someone else,» said Mark. «We were always hoping we were fortunate…..

CMA CGM presents the Reeflex
“We are changing the transport of liquids”
During the Fruit Logistica 2018, CMA CGM presented the Reeflex, a flexitank that can be placed in 40’ Reefer containers and and can carry up to 24,000 liters of fruit juices, milk or other liquids. Mauricio Bonilla, CMA CGM: “Orange juice has always been transported from Brazil to Europe by big tankers. The…..

Rainfall far below average in some citrus and subtropical fruit production areas
Northeastern South Africa experiences very dry summer
The drought in the Western Cape and parts of the Eastern Cape is well-publicised, but towards the north-east of the country – important for citrus and subtropical fruit production as well as vegetables – farmers are becoming very worried. This is summer rainfall area and normal rainfall was expected this…..

Rijk Zwaan launches new range of rocket varieties
As a major player in the babyleaf segment, for the past decade Rijk Zwaan has been harbouring a desire to add rocket to its assortment – and it is now turning that desire into reality. This year, the vegetable breeding company is launching a range of rocket varieties under the Rocketeerz label.Rijk Zwaan…..

Gross pome production up 3pc
2018 Apple and pear crop estimate out for Australia
Australia’s 2018 Apple and Pear Crop Estimate was released last week by Apple and Pear Australia Ltd.Prepared by NZ based consultancyAgfirstand funded by Hort Innovation, the Estimate has forecast an Australian 2018 pomefruit crop of 413,082t compared to 400,902t in 2017.While Australia’s gross pome production…..

New post-harvest technology developed for fresh pears
Hazel Technologies, Inc., a USDA-supported company, announces the successful completion of research trials with Cornell University to validate a new post-harvest quality technology for fresh pears. Hazel® Pear joins the Hazel® suite of technologies and is available to growers and packers during the 2018 US…..

First BelOrta aubergines auctioned off
Rise of mediterranean cuisine plays into hands of aubergine sales
Last week, the first aubergines of the new season were traded by BelOrta. These first Flandria aubergines were supplied by producers Heulens and Jansen and bought by Bollaerts

Ontario greenhouse grower adds 62-acre hothouse facility
Double Diamond Farms, a company that specializes in greenhouse grown produce, has broken ground on its expansion project to add a new 62-acre hothouse facility in Leamington, ON. The new location will significantly increase Double Diamond’s production capacity.“Growing consumer demand in the organic category,…..

India’s size if its population density was the same as the US
We all know, or ought to know, that India is quite densely populated.
But this map will still amaze you. It depicts what area India would cover if its population density corresponded to that of the United States.

Color and flavor compensate for appearance
Heirloom tomatoes garner increasing demand in North America
Like many other commodities these days, tomato season never really finishes, moving from district to district – or country – gives customers access to the fruit 365 days a year, both organic and conventional.The tomato category is diverse, there’s practically a tomato for every use and consumer: value, cooking…..

Avocado grower-shipper celebrates American Heart Month
February marks American Heart Month, and to celebrate this healthy initiative, Mission Produce is proud to announce that its avocados are Heart-Check certified by the American Heart Association®. In support of this heart healthy AVOccasion, Mission has launched the #CheckMeOut campaign. Not only does…..

How many colours are there in your country’s flag?

Lower GWP refrigerant option offered for container units
Carrier Transicold is offering a provision to use R-513A refrigerant with its PrimeLINE container unit for customers seeking a refrigerant with lower global warming potential (GWP), or as a hedge against potential regulatory changes that may affect the availability and prices of traditional hydrofluorocarbon…..

Could an 8 million-year-old gene help the citrus industry?
After 100 years of assertions about the roots of citrus, a global group of scientists – including a University of Florida professor – has traced the evolutionary history of Florida’s signature crop up to 8 million years ago in the Himalayas of Southeast Asia.Through analyses of 60 types of citrus whose genomes…..

Periodontal disease
Study links blueberries with antibacterial properties
A study by the Universitè Laval in Quebec, Canada has shown Highbush blueberry proanthocyandins (PACs) had a beneficial effect against the type of bacteria that is associated with an aggressive form of periodontal disease. The study was published in the BMC of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. PACs are…..

Avocado brand from US shipper arrives in Beijing supermarket
On January 4th, Mr. Avocado, the avocado from Mission Produce and Lantao in China, had its initial delivery via online platform’s first offline supermarket – 7Fresh in Beijing City. The new supermarket is 4,000 square meters, and is located near JD’s headquarters in the Yizhuang District of…..

Pre-cooling solution
Streamlining pre-cooler processing and increasing pallet throughput
DeltaTrak®, provider of cold chain management solutions, announced that it will feature its innovative FlashTrak Telematics Pre-Cooling Solution at Fruit Logistica 2018, Hall 23/Stand A-10, during February 7-9, 2018, at the Berlin ExpoCenter City, Berlin, Germany.FlashTrak Telematics is a systems approach for…..

Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK are the EU’s top horticultural importers
Germany, with 23.5% of the total, France with 11.3%, the Netherlands with 10% and the United Kingdom with 8.4% led the ranking of top fruit and vegetable importers in the EU from January to October 2017, a period in which intra-EU trade amounted to 32.8 million tonnes, according to Eurostat data.The share of…..

World Fruit Map 2018
Global fruit sector mapped
TheWorld Fruit Map 2018literally maps the most important international trade flows. The infographic, made by Dutch bank Rabobank, also provides an insight into various global trends, such as the strongly risen trade in fresh fruit, mostly from South America. The trends of the growing consumption of fresh fruit…..

Japanese research could boost crop yields
Genetic trigger adds branches to plants
Regarding crop yielding branched plants -such as apple trees- the more branches that bear fruit, the better. But there’s a limit to the number of branches that plants create,

Spain: Fruits de Ponent and Anecoop reinforce commerce strategy
Spanish trading cooperative Fruits de Ponent produces 62,000 tons of fruit per year; peaches, nectarines, flat peaches, pears, apples. It also deals in almonds and cereals and produces and markets extra virgin olive oil. Currently Fruits de Ponent exports to more than 50 countries on four continents.All the…..

EFSA calls for more public investment in food safety research
National food safety authorities from all 28 EU Member States, Iceland and Norway have called for more public investment in food safety research and given a commitment to support European research through partnership building and training, among a range of other measures.In a joint statement with the European…..

LCCI vows to enhance Pakistan’s share of Malaysian imports
Earlier this week, Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) President Malik Tahir Javaid expressed a resolve to make all out efforts to enhance Pakistan’s share in Malaysian imports of 163.4 billion. Malik was speaking at a dinner hosted by the Pakistani High Commissioner in Malaysia, Nafees Zakaria, in…..

Australian mango industry happy with new emoji
The mango industry is extremely happy after confirmation from Unicode that their favourite tropical fruit will be granted its own emoji. This year, smartphone users will have access to 157 new emojis including a kangaroo, shopping receipt, bagel and red-headed characters and… a mango.The mango industry has…..

Winter Olympics inspires new Korean chopped salad kit
Ready Pac Foods, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bonduelle, is going global for inspiration with a first to market Sweet & Spicy Korean Chopped Salad Kit. This new ethnic-inspired salad kit features a mix of romaine lettuce, Napa and red cabbages, crisp vegetables, puffed brown rice and black sesame seeds,…..

Florida all-orange forecast 35 down from last season
The 2017-2018 Florida all orange forecast released yesterday by the USDA Agricultural Statistics Board is 45 million boxes, down 1 million boxes from the January forecast. If realized, this will be 35 percent less than last season’s production. The forecast consists of 19.0 million boxes of non-Valencia…..

Alaska: Giant role for bears in spreading berry patches
When two American scientists were wandering through the Alaskan southeast forest, they were overwhelmed by the number of berries there. Salmon-berries, high bush cranberries, soapberries, blueberries, devil’s club berries and more. And not just here and there, but all throughout the forest.Laurie Harrer,…..

Panama TR4 confirmed on third Tully Valley farm
Biosecurity Queensland has confirmed the presence of Panama tropical race 4 on a third Tully Valley farm.The Australian Banana Growers’ Council was advised that a vegetative compatibility group test (biological test) has conclusively confirmed the presence of the disease in samples taken from the farm.The…..

Former NFL star dumped 20 tons of sweet potatoes on the UNC campus
Jason Brown, once a multimillion-dollar contract player in the NFL, walked away from professional football in 2012 because he wanted to feed the hungry. He bought a thousand-acre farm near Louisburg, and in 2014 his First Fruits Farm made its first donation of sweet potatoes; Brown gave away the entire crop to…..

More Brexit uncertainty
British farmer partly moves fruit-growing to China
Up to 200 seasonal jobs have gone at Haygrove’s farm in Ledbury, Herefordshire, and some of the company’s raspberry and blueberry-growing will be relocated to Yunnan province in China. The reason is the continuing uncertainty over migrant labour due to Brexit.Angus Davison, Haygrove’s founder: “In the UK we…..

Sipo and Agro T18 launch partnership to reach new export markets
Two private Italian companies, Sipo and Agro T18, led by the third generation of entrepreneurs, launched a commercial partnership to meet the demands of the global market for high quality fruit and vegetables.On theleft Edoardo Ramondo CEO T18 – and Massimiliano Ceccarini CEO SIPO“We chose Berlin – says…..

TOMRA Food modernizes food supply chain with data integration
TOMRA Food is forming cross-industry working groups to accelerate development of digital standards for the food industry, with the first meetings to be held in Q4, 2018.“Thousands of TOMRA Food sorters around the world are generating valuable data that has the power to optimize every part of the food supply…..

Drusillas Park, East Sussex
Bearcats enjoying a vegtable kebab at East Sussex Zoo
Sometimes, zookeepers have to coax a shy animal to show itself to the public. At Drusillas Zoo Park, a pair of binturongs -or bearcats- were treated to some healthy vegetable snacks.Their keepers skewered an alternating mix of courgette, peppers, sweet potato and carrots onto long twigs to make up the…..

Liquidseal fruit packaging now CAAE-certified for organic fruit
LiquidSeal Fruits has announced that their LiquidSeal packaging which achieves shelf life extension of perishable products such as cut flowers and tropical fruits is now CAAE-certified.LiquidSeal being used on a mangoCAAE is a Spanish company authorized and accredited for the certification of inputs within EU…..

Land cover map of South America

Bennet rolls out new store format
Q4 profit ICA Gruppen matches expectations
Sri Lankan supermarket Keells launches new brand and store designSri Lankan supermarket chain Keells has unveiled a new brand identity and store concept in Colombo, developed by design and brand agency Whippet. “The new brand, new store design and every innovative new feature in the store, propels Keells ahead…..