Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Latin America edition

Peru and Australia sign an FTA
Three months after closing the negotiations, Peru and Australia have signed a free trade agreement (FTA) in Canberra. Thanks to this agreement more than 96% of Peruvian products will enter Australia with no tariffs.»We have been able to reach a commercial agreement that will be beneficial for both countries…..

Colombia presents international campaign to promote agricultural products
Juliana Villegas, ProColombia’s Vice President of Exports, presented the Colombian Foods, an Exciting Origin campaign, an ambitious strategy that seeks to promote the development of the Colombian countryside, this Friday at the Fruit Logistica fair in Berlin. «The agricultural industry is one of the great…..

Daniel Mathieson – CEO Zespri
«A clearer understanding of what the consumer wants from a kiwifruit, from taste to convenience»
Last September Zespri appointed new CEO, Dan Mathieson, who has been at Zespri for 15 years. His most recent role was President of Global Sales & Marketing. FreshPlaza caught up with him at Fruit Logistica in Berlin last week.»Becoming the new CEO is in many ways a continuation of what we were doing…..

Susie Daly – Daly Potato Co
«Turning potatoes into a convenience food»
When consumers started to look for more convenient foods traditional staples such as potatoes became less popular. The pasta and rice marketers designed attractive packaging and sold the products well, while the humble potato didn’t really change at all and started to lose market share.The ready to eat potato…..

Australia: BerryQuest International hailed a success


With over 400 delegates from around Australia and all around the world, BerryQuest International 2018 has been labelled a success. The three day event at Launceston in Northern Tasmania was organised by Raspberries and Blackberries Australia (RABA), Strawberries Australia (SA) and the Australian Blueberry…..

Fresh-cut and ready-to-eat ranges will become more popular
Fresh-cut sales continue to increase and the phenomenon is expected to continue for the simple reason that very few families purchase them regularly.»In 2017, the fresh-cut and ready-to-eat product trend has grown by 4% in both volume and value compared to 2016. Industrial brands have increased their share by…..

China’s cherry imports increase 13% on last year
The Chinese import of cherries has increased hugely as a result of a worldwide increase in cherry production volumes and an increase of living standards in China. The season in which cherries from the southern hemisphere mature fortunately coincides with the Chinese Spring Festival. In recent years the…..

Oversupply in US market
Strong sugar snap supply keeps market down
Guatemala is seeing high production of sugar snap peas. The sugar snaps, both in Guatemala and Mexico, are enjoying favorable growing conditions. This has created an oversupply situation in the US market, causing sustained lower prices.»Sugar snap volume is currently very high, stemming from high production,»…..

Technology and unique packaging mean longer shelf-life
Perfotec and Uflex Ltd have joined forces to introduce Flexfresh – a packaging solution that dramatically extends the shelf-life of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. Uflex has developed a unique specially patented polymeric packaging film with a high moisture transmission rate. Add Perfotec’s respiration…..

Extent of damage still unclear; late cultivar plums and Abate Fetel pears primarily affected
Localised wind and hail damage over southwestern Cape
On Monday evening a heavy downpour of around 30mm fell within the space of 10 minutes in the Tulbagh area of the Western Cape. The deluge of rain was accompanied by very strong winds which blew fruit off trees. It is reported that primarily Abate Fetel pears and late cultivar plums were affected.Damage is,…..

Special Fruit Logistica

Air-shipped pineapples, healthy snacks and fresh packs

Photo reports Fruit Logistica 2018
The Fruit Logistica in Berlin has three usual ingredients: a temperature below zero, chaos around the buses after the end of the day and a quiet Friday. This was also the case this year for the three-day trade fair, which transforms the German capital into the Fruit and Vegetable capital of the world. Thanks…..

Global Focus Organic

Californian organic lemon growers seeing strong demand
An organic lemon farm near San Diego, in southern California, is seeing high demand for a specialty lemon variety from Europe. As the name suggests, the Italian Sorrento Lemon is originally from Italy, but Rancho del Sol decided to grow it in southern California due to its particular characteristics which make…..

Italy: B&B Frutta’s pomegranates successful beyond expectations
The new pomegranate project set up in July 2017 byMasseria Fruttirossi in Castellaneta (Puglia)andB&B Frutta in Bussolengo (VR) is going very well. This year,Masseria Fruttirossi (MFR) took part in Fruit Logistica as an exhibitorfor the first time with its own brand,Lome Super Fruit.Lome Super Fruit is the…..

Brothers from Gladbach supply crisp goods for catering of all sorts
From traditional German restaurants to modern Italian cuisine
Jerusalem artichokes, purple carrots and the so-called palm cabbage. Anyone who wants to supply specialized catering today has to offer a varied and unique assortment all year round. Nonetheless, the product range of the Knackfrisch company in Mönchengladbach also includes ‘normal’ apples, lettuce and Brussels…..

Alcoaxarquía launches subsidiary in Peru and expands facilities in Malaga
Spanish avocado season to end a month earlier with very high prices
The Spanish avocado campaign is already at an advanced stage; so much so, that it is expected to end one month earlier this year, at the end of May, due to the lower yields and high demand. In fact, the prices paid are some of the highest.»Spanish avocados have been the most appreciated in the European markets…..

Germany: Mobile fans against late frost
Orchards are blossoming 10-20 days early all over Italy due to the weather conditions. Of course, this means frost could compromise harvests. An interesting yet simple solution for this was presented at Fruit Logistica 2018.We are basically talking about a large mobile fan powered by a combustion engine that…..

Italy: Few apples available at Consorzio From
Up until last year, the Indian market appreciated Italian apples but was rather difficult to manage from a logistic point of view. During the past campaign, 90% of apples part of theFrom Italian Alpsconsortium, set up byMelindaandla Trentina (for Trentino) together withVOGandVI.P (for Alto Adige) was destined…..

Yves D’Hauwers, Primalof:
“We’ve had a fairly good chicory year, but pricing remains difficult”
The De Smet family has been active as a wholesaler in the chicory sector for four generations. Their subsidiary Primalof is specialised in the production and sales of fresh and cooked chicory. Owner Yves D’Hauwers is satisfied with the progress made last year.Chicory, and outdoor chicory in particular, is…..

Tasmania: Centralised packhouse and marketing the answer for smaller growers?
Within every sector there are big commercial growers, middle sized growers and the small growers. Each of these will face their own challenges and see different benefits in how they produce and market their produce.Jeff Webster at Styx River grows cherries on his property and works closely with Li Wung, who…..

Zero Pesticide Residue label in France
Fruit and vegetable producers across France have announced a new label guaranteeing fruit and vegetables with «zero pesticide residues». The logo will be stuck on all fruit and vegetables that contain no more than 0.01mg pesticide/kilo. The tests will be carried out by Capinov laboratories and certified…..

Be Smitten® on Valentine’s Day
Picking of Montague’s newest apple brand – the early-season Smitten® – kicks off this week, aptly coinciding with Valentine’s Day.The bi-coloured, crisp and full-flavoured apple is available this week in selected Queensland Coles stores and will be available on Victorian and New South Wales Coles shelves from…..

Italy: Things are slow at CAAT
«Things have been rather slow over the past few months, with dropping quotations despite the good quality,» reports an operator from Centro Agro-Alimentare di Torino.As regards seasonal vegetables, the price of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflowers and Savoy cabbage hovers between €0.30-0.60/kg, the only exception…..

It’s not necessarily all chocolates and flowers
Valentine’s Day 2018
Perhaps you’re ready for a healthy relationship. Try something different!

First shipment of Australian plums about to land in the Chinese market
Only two weeks ago the first shipment of Australian honey peaches reached Beijing directly, and already the Australian company Royal Fresh International Pty Ltd has prepared a cargo ship for the transport of the first shipment of plums. This shipment is expected to arrive in Shanghai harbor in early March.10…..

Five surprising health benefits of bananas
Sure, “an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay”, but what about a banana? They’re one of the most widely consumed fruits, with more than 100 billion bananas eaten every year worldwide, yet few of us know about the incredible health benefits that are loaded in each bunch.Packed with antioxidants and…..

Global warming could disrupt key crops
While climate change is threatening crop yields worldwide, little is known about how global warming will influence normal plant physiology. Higher temperatures have been shown to accelerate seed dispersal in crop species belonging to the cabbage and mustard plant family, limiting reproductive success……

Successful launch of communication campaign at Fruit Logistica
Fyffes aims for new momentum and clear added value in their range
As one of the world’s leading marketers of tropical fruits and the number one banana importer in Europe, Fyffes has the goal, together with its trading partners, to again inspire consumers for bananas. Current research clearly shows that this fruit range has not been given enough impact for consumers so far…..

The true cost of tropical fruits
Germany: Fairtrade instead of cheap bananas
TransFair eV at Fruit Logistica: Fairtrade is not yet where it should be, stressed TransFair CEO, Dieter Overath, at Fruit Logistica, «but without fair trade, sustainable supply chains and trade can not be reached.» For example, Fairtrade partner AgroFair has become a role model, as cooperative small farmers…..

Vegetable and fruit stalls have been closed
The floating market of Curaçao is affected by the closing of the Venezuelan border
The floating market of Willemstad is one of Curaçao’s attractions. It has twelve posts with 12 Venezuelan boats that are lined up and sell fruits and vegetables. It was a colorful display that no longer shines.The ten people who lived around the Freddymar, one of the docked boats, for the past two months…..

Researchers discover that all citrus fruits originated in Asia
Lemon, orange, mandarin, and grapefruit are some of the most marketed fruits in the world and they all belong to the citrus family. However, due to their high level of hybridization during the domestication process, the current taxonomic classification of the Citrus genus remained unclear.A team of…..

Pulsed electric field to better process fruit and veg
European researchers have been giving fruit and vegetables electric pulses to improve their condition for processing and maintain nutritional value. In Cahir, South West Ireland, Cornelius Traas’ family-run farm produces 600 tons of potatoes annually which are processed into juice, cider and vinegar. They are…..

US: Proof you can eat healthily without paying top dollar
In the US, a young American named Marley Ficalora has started a social media movement called ‘the Produce Section Challenge’.Every day, he goes to an average grocery store where he will spend an average amount of $10 to buy food. However, he will only prepare his meals using products from the produce…..

Maximum of four grammes
Greenco presents extra small tomato
During the Fruit Logistica, Greenco, together with colleague grower Nico Duijvestijn, launched Tommies Mini Toppers. According to Greenco, the new tomatoes are sweet, crunchy, and above all, small. “Ideal to use in meals, because they don’t need to be sliced. A gap on the market within applications of…..

Decrease in Algerian citrus exports in 2017
Due to a lack of organisation within the sector and constrictive norms from the global market, Algerian citrus exports decreased in 2017. They only reached $20,304 in 2017 compared to $42,921 in 2016. The main clients were in the Gulf. Orange exports reached $10,589 in 2017, representing 52% of total Algerian…..

‘Winter garlic’ has been growing in importance for several years
Germany: Start of the wild garlic season along the Danube
For the specialized farmers, the harvest season in the wild garlic area is just around the corner. The first lots have already been harvested and are of a satisfactory quality, producers say. Although the product has been used mainly as an additive in Austrian pastry shops and other restaurants, the overall…..

Chiquita’s Great White Fleet no longer calls in at Italy
Chiquita’s boats will no longer sail the Mediterranean Sea. The multinational has made a deal with Maersk Line for the routes to Italy. Stefano Di Paola, manager of Great White Fleet, talked about this in an interview with The Medi Telegraph. The white fleet still sails the routes to Northern Europe and North…..

Australian Horticulture Industry welcomes final decision of the Fair Work Commission
The Australian Horticulture Industry has welcomed the final decision by Fair Work Australia on the Review of its Modern Horticulture Award. Ms Robbie Davis, CEO Potatoes South Australia, the peak body for the potato industry in South Australia, said, “Two years of uncertainty for the horticulture industry had…..

The Middle East is in Australian growers’ sights
Growers from key horticultural regions across the nation will converge upon the Gulfood trade expo in Dubai on Sunday to showcase Australian produce to close to 100,000 potential buyers from around the world.Organised by Hort Innovation, the effort will see about 30 industry representatives from the fruit, nut…..

Spread the love with Valentine’s strawberries
Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity for Driscoll’s to reach out to consumers by offering the best quality strawberries, large in size, light red in colour and with exceptional flavour in a premium packaging. Berries is an emotional category driven by impulse. The valentine’s punnet is the perfect way to…..

Maersk acutely aware of risk of ‘clients becoming rivals’
Shares of FedEx Corp and UPS Inc dropped last week after a report that Amazon plans to handle more deliveries to its customers’ doorsteps. Now the maritime industry is asking itself to what extent the online retailer will also try to take greater control of transportation of shipments bound for Amazon…..

Successful transition
Kenya: Samburu farmer traded in cows for cabbages
In Kenya’s Samburu Central subcounty, 50-year-old resident Mathew Lesiyampe decided to give up on pastoralism to grow vegetables. Now he is thriving from growing cabbages, kale, garlic, tomatoes and capsicum, on just three acres.Lesiyampe’s story is testament to the fact that even arid Samburu can be food…..

«It is an alternative to imports from Mexico and Peru»
Spain: First green asparagus that can be fully consumed raw
Fruit Logistica was the stage chosen for the launch of a new green asparagus that can be fully eaten raw, without the need to cook it. According to its producers, this is not due to the variety itself, but to the specific cultivation techniques.»It can be eaten as if it were a carrot, as it has no filaments……

Average number of frost days per year in Europe

Mark Greenberg, of Capespan North America
Report on table grape market
According to Mark Greenberg, CEO and President of Capespan North America, the table grape market of the East Coast of the United States has remained slow until week 5-2018, while imports from Peru, Chile and South Africa continue unabated. Cold storage facilities in the Delaware River are filling up and…..

A heart full of strawberries for lovers this Valentine’s Day
Just in time for Valentine’s Day on 14 February, SanLucar will be stocking shelves with its strawberries in a new heart package. The premium global brand for fruit and vegetables has designed a charming gift for this occasion: A romantic packaging for its strawberries.Their red colour shines through the large…..

Moroccan tangerine export ‘melts’ due to summer heat
The smaller harvest will be obvious in the export of Moroccan citrus. The high temperatures in the months of July and August turn out to be negative for tangerines. Estimates for the export of tangerines are at 420,000 tonnes, the orange export amounts to 100,000 tonnes and the lemon export remains stuck at…..

Foodstuffs world premiere trial ‘checkout trolley’ tech
Groupe Casino brings Franprix to Belgium
Iceland named Britain’s best online store for the third year runningIceland has been named Britain’s top online store in the annual Which? supermarket survey for the third consecutive year. Iceland achieved an overall customer score of 74% with five-star ratings for its convenient delivery slots and drivers’…..

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