Thursday, February 15, 2018
Latin America edition


Chile: Increase in export of walnuts to Morocco and India
«The main destination for shelled walnuts remains Turkey, followed by Italy, the Arab Emirates, India and Morocco. These countries accounted for 85% of the volume shipped in 2017. Both Morocco and India increased their imported volumes, going from 813 tonnes and 534 tonnes in 2016 to 2,518 and 4,826 tonnes,…..

Peru: «The potato crisis is not due to overproduction»
Congressman Horacio Zevallos Paron, from the New Peru caucus, said that the potato crisis was not due to overproduction as the government has stated.»When one looks at statistics, one can see that in the last four years the national production of potatoes has gone up and down year after year. The national…..

Peru: Ginger exports increased by more than 100% in 2017
The international markets are noticing the quality of Peru’s ginger. As a result, in 2017 the country exported a total of 25,205,683 kilos of ginger abroad for an FOB value of US $48,078,767.This means ginger exports increased by more than 100% in value when compared to 2016, when the country exported…..

Cuba: Ciego de Avila expects to have a good potato harvest
Local farmers are currently conducting crop management, fertilization, and phytosanitary care of their crops.State producers and farmers of Ciego de Avila expect to have a successful potato harvest in the territory, as the crop’s health is currently good.Even though the sowing campaign was delayed by the…..

Marc Peyres:
“Southern hemisphere unable to fill gaps in European apple market”
The European apple market faces challenging months ahead. Due to the frost in April last year the harvest was low. It’s expected that for several varieties the last apple from storage will be on the market in April. Supply from the southern hemisphere will be insufficient to fill the gaps in the market. The…..

Italy: Ready-to-eat peeled and diced kiwis
Take a kiwi that is perfectly ripe and nice to eat, place it in the machine and, after 10 seconds, you’ll have a lovely diced kiwi ready to be eaten with a fork.The machine was presented by PND (in cooperation with Zespri) in Berlin and immediately caught the attention of operators.Watch it at work»The machine…..

Banana market troubles set to extend into March
The banana market continues to endure major ups and downs, as the majority of the growing regions continue to experience various problems. A number of issues, ranging from weather-related events to political turmoil, have affected most of the major banana growing countries in recent weeks.»We mostly import…..

Sjaak Verploegen on new Kicxs concept:
«Small tomato for the adult foodie»
There were various new concepts to be seen at the growers union Van Nature during the Fruit Logistica. One of these is the new tomato concept Kicxs. «Retailers are looking for definition on the shelves. With a unique tomato in a stand out packaging we can offer this. The carton is seen as a sustainable…..

China: «Intensification of pollination influences volumes of plums»
«The production areas of Chinese plums are located in Meishan, Sichuan; Maoming, Guangdong; Gutian, Fujian; and Guizhou province. Under regular weather conditions the plum production season in Meishan begins every year in June and ends in the beginning of July. The production volume of 2017 showed a great…..

New harvest of Chinese ginger floods empty European market
The new harvest of Chinese ginger has entered the market again. Importers note that the first shipment is of lesser quality as usual. The market is empty and the Chinese are sending ginger to their heart’s content, even though it is often too damp or the peel is still too young, which means some containers,…..

Special Fruit Logistica

Argentina: Blueberry producers defined strategies in Berlin
The president of the Association of Producers of Blueberries of the Mesopotamia, the governor of the region, and the official delegation participated in the Fruit Logistica fair. They moved forward in efforts to define a differentiated electricity tariff for blueberries, among other problems facing the…..

Air-shipped pineapples, healthy snacks and fresh packs

Photo reports Fruit Logistica 2018
The Fruit Logistica in Berlin has three usual ingredients: a temperature below zero, chaos around the buses after the end of the day and a quiet Friday. This was also the case this year for the three-day trade fair, which transforms the German capital into the Fruit and Vegetable capital of the world. Thanks…..

Global Focus Organic

UK organic market has seen six years of steady growth
The Soil Association’s 2018 Organic Market Report reveals the UK organic market is now worth more than ever, at £2.2 billion, growing 6% in 2017. The market has now had six years of steady growth, with organic accounting for 1.5% of the total UK food and drink market.2017 saw sales of organic in independent…..

US: Georgia greenhouse construction project coming to life
Cooperation with nature for good weather this winter has spurred a flurry of activity at the site of Pure Flavor®’s greenhouse project in Georgia. Ground levelling, completed in late fall, led to a smooth start to construction of the company’s new 75-acre high tech greenhouse facility in Peach County.Over the…..

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René Noordam: “Single box pineapple is popular”
Dutch start export to Europe with Dominican fruit growers
Three years ago, René Noordam started importing pineapples from Costa Rica in cooperation with De Jong Fruit Leerbroek. Because suppliers weren’t sending the desired quality, the Dutch men switched to the Dominican Republic. After these first shipments were also a bit disappointing, the fruit traders visited…..

Italy: Positive Annurca apples season comes to an end
«Kiwis, Annurca apples and strawberries are seasonal at the moment, but we promoted the stone fruit campaign in Berlin. Foreign clients are interested in the colour and flavour of Annurca apples, but are then discouraged by the price. We need to promote the fruit more so that clients can become more aware of…..

Is the trolley-lorry the vehicle of the future?
This electric roadway for hybrid lorries is two kilometres long and can be found in Sweden, along the regular motorway. While the lorries use the roadway, they’re being charged via the high-voltage cables.The roadway was developed by Siemens and Scania, and is close to the Swedish city of Gävle. Sweden hopes…..

Low European production
Record prices for Spanish apples
Given the lower apple production in Europe this year, the balance between supply and demand has been disrupted and those countries that have more fruit are taking advantage of the situation to sell at better prices. That is the case of Spain, whose volume is similar to last year’s.Spanish producers and…..

White kiwis peel like bananas and have a higher vitamin C content
‘White’ kiwis (Actinidia eriantha Benth.) are a new cultivar that was registered in China and that have a higher L-ascorbic acid (AsA – between 5.69 and 11.37 g/kg of fresh weight) compared to other cultivars. L-ascorbic acid is commonly known as vitamin C.White kiwis could be popular for their high grades,…..

«Late arrival of Spring Festival creates retail opportunities for Dekopon orange»
The Dekopon orange is also called ‘Shiranui’, ‘ugly person’, or ‘ugly tangerine’. This hybrid between Kiyomi and ponkan (Nakano no.3) was introduced from Japan, where it was developed in 1972. After the variety was selected and grafted onto trees in the Chuanxi basin, the Dekopon hybrid bore large fruits……

Further detections still only hot-spots
Fruit fly larvae brings zone expansion
The recent detection of suspected fruit fly larvae near the eastern boundary of the Greater Devonport Control Area has seen Biosecurity Tasmania expand the overall control area. The larvae was found in fruit on trees in the backyard of a house near a large commercial orchard in the State’s north-west……

Spanish organic products taking over the US market
Based in Barranquete de Níjar, Almería, Bioterráneo is devoted to the production and marketing of organic processed products, including gazpacho, cherry tomato juice and two unique products launched exclusively by this company: gluten-free salmorejo soup and organic watermelon juice.This firm was created by…..

Coming month on European market critical as worldwide volumes increase
South Africa rejoices but stronger Rand affects grape export income
The South African Rand is trading at its strongest levels in two and a half years in reaction to the news that Jacob Zuma has finally relinquished his position as state president.To the export industry this is collateral damage to the long-awaited positive political developments, particularly with regards to…..

Make your own hydro plant

Hits sweet spot as a meat substitute
North American consumption of jackfruit is exploding
The popularity of jackfruit is exploding as the fruit variety catches the attention of trendsetters and adventurous consumers looking for an exotic and unique fruit item. “It is a new item for us as we just started shipping jackfruit a few months ago,” says Cindy Swanberg Schwing with London Fruit. Jackfruit…..

Hand-washing habits of Europeans
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«Try before you buy» up’s sales of berries
When given the opportunity to taste a product first, it’s interesting to see how open consumers are to trying something new. Blackberries may be relatively unknown members of the berry family, but once shoppers have tasted them, they’ll be willing to part with the pennies. A weekend promotion from Driscoll’s…..

Morning is the best time to eat fruit
Fruits are certainly healthy and they will be recommended for almost everything – for an energy boost, treating constipation, a healthier skin, maximizing nutrient intake etc. And it is such a hassle free snack! They are packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, but how do we make the most of…..

China: A new dilemma for apple exporters
Apples have always been a subject of great concern. In 2016, China was the main exporter of apples in the world. In 2017, the number of apples exported from China decreased.Shaanxi used to be the largest apple producing province in China. However, from the beginning of 2016, Shaanxiappleproductionhasshown…..

Negotiations with Mercosur continue
EU concludes consultation on the modernization of agreement with Chile
The semi-public consultation period that the European Commission has granted to find out the opinion of all sectors on the modernization of the Association Agreement with Chile will conclude next week. Also next week, a new meeting for the negotiation of the Agreement with Mercosur will be held in Asuncion…..

Citrus world leaders meet in Daytona
Business leaders of the global citrus industry will gather in Daytona Beach, Florida, on March 27 and 28 at the International Citrus Business Conference to develop solutions and strategic plans to ensure the survival of the world’s citrus industry.Citrus greening and declining OJ demand are threatening the…..

University of Maryland, U.S.
Researchers find gene that may increase strawberry production
Strawberries are a $3 billion per year agricultural industry in the United States alone. However, there is a definite potential to enhance this industry further by understanding the mechanisms behind the breeding and production of strawberry plants. Researcher Julie Caruana has come significantly closer to…..

First Magic Star apples now available to a limited extent in Belgium
The first harvest of a new apple variety, Magic Star, is available from OKay and OKay Compact in Belgium as of 14 February. This regards a fairly small harvest of about 15 tonnes, in part because the planting of new apple trees is spread over three years and, in part, because of the less favourable weather…..

Republic of Rwanda: New banana variety to enhance productivity
A new variety of a highly productive banana plant will be distributed to farmers starting next month. Hopes are high as Rwanda tries to improve banana production and fight disease in one of the nation’s priority crops. This was announced last Friday by the Minister of Agriculture, Fulgence…..

Amazon launches store brand for food products
That Amazon is betting on the food sector is increasingly clear. The first step was made when it launched its Amazon Prime Now delivery service in Madrid. Then it expanded it to Barcelona and a few weeks ago to Valencia. It has partnered with supermarket chains such as Dia, has just opened its first…..

LC Packaging’s Bengali production location gets good working practice certificate
LC Packaging, an international producer and distributor of flexible packaging, proudly announces that its Bengali FIBC production location, Dutch-Bangla Pack Ltd., is SA8000 recertified. In Bangladesh, this production location is one of only four manufacturers which has possessed a SA8000 certification since…..

Spar plans expansion in southern Russia
Coop Sweden: increase in sales, but profits take a hit
Italy: Initiatives driving growth at ConadItaly-based cooperative Conad has announced full year results for 2017. As part of a separate announcement, Conad said it ended 2017 with a turnover of €13bln, up 5% on 2016’s figure. Conad said the pace of growth was twice the national average and meant it gained…..

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