Peru: The Government will buy 7,000 kg of potatoes from each producer

Monday, February 05, 2018
Latin America edition

Protests stop
Peru: The Government will buy 7,000 kg of potatoes from each producer
The Government has reached an agreement with the National Commission of Potato Producers (Conapropa) to buy their surplus production, stated head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri), Jose Arista Arbildo, last night.The Minagri approved the purchase of 7,000 kilograms of white potatoes per…..

SA table grape harvest volume resilient despite drought
The South African Table Grape Industry (SATI) says the country’s harvest is resilient with volumes stabilising despite the worst drought in decades. The 4th Crop Estimate for the 2017/18 table grape season shows the upper and lower limits about 16,8% and 12,2% lower, respectively than the previous record…..

Tas vegetable growers face fruit fly market concerns
As efforts continue to eradicate Queensland fruit fly from Flinders Island and the Tasmanian mainland, vegetable exporters are receiving concerned calls from Asian markets.Ian Locke from the Tasmanian Fruit and Vegetable Export Facilitation Group said the industry had fielded a number of calls seeking further…..

Volume firming up as California comes on in avocados
Supplies of avocados in the U.S. are looking very strong. “We’re coming off of a few weeks of good steady supply from Mexico. We’re also starting to get some volume out of California,” says Robb Bertels of Oxnard, Ca.-based Mission Produce, Inc. “Over the past few weeks we haven’t seen a huge amount of fruit…..

AU: Campaign to save Cascade blackcurrant juice
Westerway Berry Farm in Tasmania is Australia’s last commercial blackcurrant grower, but in recent years the blackcurrant market has all but disappeared. A few years ago when Ribena blackcurrant juice started to get a lot of bad press, Westerway’s main buyer, Cascade Beverages, was caught in the backlash as…..

Central American melon season is off to a good start
Ideal weather has ensured that the start of the Central American melon season is seeing good quality and steady volume. The majority of honeydew and cantaloupe for the US market are being grown in Honduras at this time of year, with a small amount of supply from Costa Rica and Guatemala.»All our offshore…..

«The major production area has already moved north»
«Citrus greening disease causes drop of 70%-80% for Gannan Navel orange»
«Navel orange is at present the most expensive, native agricultural brand. At the height of its development the total surface area devoted to Navel orange plantations doubled to 107 thousand hectares. At first the three major production areas were Anyuan, Xunwu, and Xinfeng. These three places were the first…..

«2018 will see a new high for Chinese asparagus exports»
«Under regular weather conditions, the new production season of asparagus will begin this year in April and finish in June. The production volume of Heze in Shandong will reach around 60 thousand tons, which is an increase of 10% compared to last year. We estimate that frozen asparagus from China has an…..

Early cultivar largely unscathed by drought
Cheeky pear harvest progresses well
The locally-developed Cape Rose pear, bred by Taaibos Human of the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) and marketed as a Cheeky® pear, has now been in commercial production for close to a decade. Its harvest started a bit later this year, as the general season is about ten days later, and from then on it has…..

Frank Ocampo, Hagé International:
«Delays eventually drive pineapple prices up»
There are shortages in the pineapple market at the moment. These have been caused by delays in Costa Rica. «Double-booked ships in Costa Rica have resulted in the pineapple containers remaining in the port from week 2», says Frank Ocampo of Hagé International in the Netherlands. «This has had an impact on…..

Special Fruit Logistica

Spreafico introduces new brand of exotic produce with èSquisita!
With èSquisita! Spreafico is introducing its new brand of exotic produce at Fruit Logistica 2018. Its purpose is to bring consumers closer to these «distant» produce choices.èSquisita! product islandPlus, they promise new culinary delights and new knowledge, for example on aromas, recipes and nutrients, spiced…..

New merchandising products for retail and promotional display
Polymer Logistics, a manufacturer of reusable packaging and merchandising solutions, will be exhibiting innovative new products for retail and promotional display, transport packaging, and asset management at Fruit Logistica February 6-8, 2018.New merchandising products being featured at Fruit Logistica…..

Bestack celebrates the virtues of Italian fruit and vegetables
This is the world showcase for fruit and vegetables, a meeting place for buyers, producers and operators in the industry from the five continents who come to the Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin to promote the attractiveness and exclusivity of fruit and vegetable products and the entire production chain…..

Italy: Domestic asparagus now available
«Fellini Patrizio» has started commercialising the first Italian asparagus around 20 days early due to the weather. Bunches are sold under the company brand.»Asparagus are produced by trusted Italian growers. Quality is excellent and commercialisation started a few days ago,» report managers Emile and…..

Tim van Haandel (Mulder Onions): «Uncertain period»
Who will be next on the onion market?
It has become a lot calmer on the onion market since last week. «The demand at the moment is mainly concentrated on coarse onions. Now that the sales to Senegal have dropped out, the sale of the medium sorting is a lot more mediocre,» says Tim van Haandel of Mulder Onions. «We are seeing for the third year in…..

It’s a misconception that only young growers use new technology
There is often the misconception, that only younger growers are open to using new technologies, but Matija Zulj from Agrivi disagrees. What is true is that a majority of the users of the farm management software are between 25 and 35, but it is important not to ignore the remaining 50% who are over the age of…..

50%-100%+ increase in tomato and pepper production
Tomatoes (above) and Peppers Tomatoes (above) and peppers (below) in Soil (below)hydroponically grownAfter 10 years of growing in the same soil, we decided this year to do a comparison of tomato and colored bell pepper production in the soil and in a hydroponic system at our demonstration and training center…..

Red-flesh apples get first commercial trials
Kissabel® apples have won European consumers’ seal of approval in their first test: the new varieties, with coloured flesh – from pink to intense red – received widespread approval for their innovative appearance and great flavour. This is the outcome of the brand’s first commercial trials, performed in late…..

«Cherry grader is the most productive machine in the market»
Five years ago Tim Reid, of Reid Fruits, Tasmania invested in his first electronic cherry grader, a 10 lane AirJet® grader. When the time came to expand his business and upgrade machinery, Tim decided to install a new 6 lane AirJet® grader. With these two machines running side-by-side this season Tim has seen…..

Californian Brussels sprouts producer plans earlier season entry
Oceanside Pole Brussels sprouts will be plentiful mid-winter through spring, thanks to expanded plantings and an earlier start which the company said is a concerted progression of their 2017 debut.With the harvest beginning in early February, the Singh family and exclusive marketing partner Oppy will offer…..

Lychee season comes to a close
Lychee consumption on the European market is coming to a close as the last sales of lychees from Madagascar end this week. The South African season started late and commercialisation will continue with smaller, decreasing quantities.A price decrease can be noted on all markets with low prices applied to the…..

October 9-11, Harare
Zimbabwe gets ready for new trade show
From Tuesday October 9 to Thursday October 11 the first edition of a new exhibition ‘HortiFlor Zimbabwe’ will be organized in Zimbabwe, Africa. The trade fair, focusing on the promotion of the Zimbabwean horticulture and floriculture industry, will take place in the Harare International Convention Center, the…..

BC Blueberries travel around the world
BC Blueberries are going on a whirlwind tour of trade shows this spring starting off in Berlin, Germany, followed by Dubai, United Arab Emirates and then onto Chiba, Japan.“Trade shows such as the ones we are attending this spring are excellent opportunities for us to showcase BC blueberries for the…..

Curacao seeks to import fruit and veg from the Dominican Republic
Curacao, which has been affected by a shortage of fruits and vegetables as a result of cuts to their exports from Venezuela, is looking towards the Dominican Republic to alleviate the crisis due to the lack of such products.Last month the prime ministers of Curacao and Aruba expressed their concern about the…..

Kenyan study from Nnamdi Azikiwe University
African star apple prevents malaria in pregnant women
In a new study, researchers found that the pulp juice and seed of the African star apple contain chemical substances that possess both suppressive and curative properties for malaria. This could benefit many, especially pregnant women.Pregnant women are at increased risk for malaria infection. Commonly,…..

Vanguard International launches new website
The Vanguard International Group has launched a new website last week, ( in China), all part of the evolution of the organization’s strategy to develop a global vertically-integrated fresh fruit organization, which they said will be able to supply high quality, food safety…..

Vision Produce Company and Vision Import Group decide on independent strategies
APB Inc., doing business as the Vision Produce Company, operating in California and Arizona, has sold its interest in Vision Import Group, LLC to Raul Millan and Ronnie Cohen. Vision Import Group, LLC operates in New Jersey, Texas and Florida.“There are no changes to the ownership of Vision Produce Company,”…..

Indian Government removes cap on onion export prices
Just one day after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley stressed the need for promoting exports of agricultural commodities in the Indian Budget, the Commerce Ministry announced it had removed the minimum export price (MEP) on onions.Commerce Minister Suresh Prabhu tweeted: “The requirement of a Minimum Export Price…..

Ocean Spray Cranberries reaches agreement to purchase cranberry operations in Quebec
Today, Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. announced it has reached a definitive purchase agreement to acquire Atoka Cranberries Inc., located in Manseau, Quebec, from The Bieler Group. This acquisition will expand Ocean Spray’s manufacturing footprint in Quebec, the second largest and fastest growing cranberry…..

Spain: 31,000 tons of African and Latin American bananas in November
Once again, there were 31,000 tons of African and Latin American bananas in November. They continue arriving from France at a very low price: 4.074 tons at 0.32 euro per kilo, according to the customs statistics.In November of 2017, 34.570 tons arrived from the Canary Islands and 30.850 tons were imported,…..

Due to drop in farm workers from the EU after Brexit vote:
Fruit and vegetables left to rot in Scottish fields
Farmers have had to leave thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables to rot in fields because of the fall in the number of workers coming to Scotland from the EU since the UK voted for Brexit.One farmer in Fife said he dumped enough vegetables to “feed 15,000 people for a year” because there “wasn’t…..

Coca-Cola India exploring Bengali mangoes
A Coca-Cola India official has said the company is weighing options of sourcing mangoes and a few other fruits from West Bengal They would be used for brands like Maaza. «We are exploring 2-3 fruits sourced from this state, including mangoes and pineapples,» said Coca-Cola India and South West Asia president…..

Bangladesh exports vegetables to 41 countries
Statistics presented to Parliament by Bangladesh Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed shows this nation is exporting vegetables to 41 countries across the world.Tofail mentioned as some of the prominent export products: tomato, carrot, bean, brinjal, potato, lady’s finger, cowpea and gives this…..

Alibaba: market value tumbles $30bln after margins decline
Bar codes to disappear from supermarket goods within 5 years
Aldi Australia’s future: store locations, no online experienceAldi Australia’s expansion will continue across the nation this year, as it opens new stores in nearly every state. The German retail giant, which opened its 500th store in Australia in November last year, is set to open a further 32 new stores with…..

FreshPlaza funny
Always be nice to a crane operator