Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Latin America edition

Argentina: Tomato production shows slight increase
Argentina’s tomato production has experienced a slight increase in this last campaign. Despite this increase, the sector won’t manage to achieve the sale figures reached in 2001. In fact, the downward trend continues year after year. In 2017, Buenos Aires’ Central Market received 117.569 tons of tomato,…..

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A long way from the truth
Panama: Reported losses of 70% of the national production are wrong
According to some Panamanian media outlets, the rainy season caused crop losses of up to 70%. Even though they stated that some of the affected plantations could be recovered, they affirmed that several products, such as melon, tomato, banana, watermelon, papaya, onions, and beans, had been affected by the…..

Mexico blackberry season entering slower period
The blackberry season is entering a period of slower volume, as weather and the time of year play their part on supply. In the last month, cooler weather slowed growth, however this week has seen a return to warmer temperatures in the growing regions in Mexico.»At this time of year, the Mexican blackberry…..

Haiti to export produce to Bahamas
Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis revealed that the government of the Bahamas plans to import fruits and vegetables from Haiti by year end. This was reported yesterday during Minnis’ address at a high level meeting with the President of the Republic of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, on the margins of the 29th…..

The first fruit is already on its way to the Netherlands
Costa Rica: Hass avocado producers want to grow in the European market
The president and vice president of the Cantonal de Tarrazu Agricultural Center, David Calvo Mora and Francisco Elizondo Ureña, said they hoped the Hass avocado production of their associates would conquer the European markets.In July last year, they began the process to be certified by the Global GAP…..

Alfredo Tapia: «Today, somebody in Paris will eat fresh pineapple from Bolivar»
Colombia: Montes de Maria ships its first pineapples to Paris
Three years ago on one of his trips to Europe, businessman Alfredo Tapia Rizzo saw a package of pineapples in a warehouse in Barcelona, Spain, that was branded: ‘Transported by plane from Costa Rica’. The image became fixed in his mind and he told himself: «One day, I will also bring my…..

Peru: Asparagus exports fell by 6.4% in value in 2017
According to the Agrodata Peru website, in 2017 asparagus exports (fresh, preserved, and frozen) totaled US $519,975,121, i.e. 6.4% less than the US $555,380,725 achieved in the previous year.In terms of volume, last year Peru exported 146,737,871 kilos of asparagus, which is 9.4% less than the 161,924,603…..

Michael Brinkmann:
“Volume isn’t the only way to make money”
For the international company SanLucar, the importance of a brand comes first. The company name is directly linked to the products. Brand new CEO Michael Brinkmann talks about the company’s method of working. In production, new technologies can help absorb the effects of extreme weather. But technology can’t…..

AU: Broccolini growth static at peak time of year
A Western Australian vegetable grower says while the recent growth of the broccolini has been static, it has enjoyed double digit growth over the past decade.Capel Farms produces Broccolini® baby broccoli, which is a cross between broccoli and Chinese kale. In Australia, Perfection Fresh hold the rights to the…..

‘Polish apple growers have no reason to complain this season’
After hearing conflicting versions of the current situation, a majority of the Polish apple producers we’ve spoken to, confirm that there is really nothing to complain about this season. Sure, it could have been better, but it could also have been much worse.»Of course, there was a small number of growers in…..

Special Fruit Logistica

Sustainability, digitization, internationalization and exciting concepts and licenses for retailers

Landgard persuades its visitors with innovative marketing ideas for fruit and vegetables
After three eventful trade fair days, the growers, retail partners and Landgard itself all agree: In 2018, Fruit Logistica more than lived up to its reputation as the world’s leading trade fair for the fruit industry.Immediately upon entering the Messe Berlin through the North Entrance, tens of thousands of…..

Global Focus Organic

VI.P organic producer organization Vinschgau:

‘We want to be Europe’s leading supplier of organic apples’
It was a bad year for apple producers in Europe. In the organic sector, the producer organization VI.P Vinschgau also faces considerable losses. As the sale of the 2017 harvest will be completed by April at the latest, the VI.P Bio Vinschgau is already looking ahead. «We are already taking the first steps with…..

Almeria-based company strongly invests in organic citrus and Demeter certification

«Demand for organic lemons is on the rise»
Statistics show that lemons are a fashionable product, increasingly associated with health and well-being. In fact, the demand for them has increased in recent years, especially in the organic sector, given their versatility in cooking, cocktails and desserts, as well as their many uses in cosmetics. This has…..

Demand stable despite tough competition
Germany: «Our big advantage is the Bio and Fair Trade certification»
The continuous supply of fresh pineapples leads to a constant range of goods both in the conventional and in the organic sector. Accordingly, middlemen or importers each have to shop inexpensively to generate profits. Despite this fierce competition in today’s exotic trade, Kipepeo has been successful for…..

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US volume of Vietnamese rambutan to resume this week
Shipments of rambutan are set to arrive in the U.S. from Vietnam this week. “Right now there is very little rambutan in the market since Vietnam is the main supplier this time of year and they have been on Lunar New Year holidays since Feb 15,” says Paul Armstrong of Los Angeles, Ca.-based RHA Group. “But we…..

Low Mexican temperatures thin Canadian imports
Fair trade banana consumption still limited in North America
Chilly temperatures in Mexico have affected the import of Fair Trade bananas to Canada. “Supply has been tough—supply has been down easily by 50 percent,” says Julie Sage of Vancouver, BC.-based Discovery Organics. “Our main supplier is in Colima, Mexico and they’ve had really cold temperatures for many months…..

Marc Evrard (BFV) on the search for alternatives for the Russian market:
“Strict production conditions mean exporting larger volumes of pears to China”
In the years before the boycott, Russia bought as much as 50 per cent of the Belgian Conference pears at certain times during the season. “A volume of roughly 100 million kilograms can’t just be regained. That’s why we’re now working hard to reconquer our share on both current and new markets, although it…..

South African parliament adopts motion for land expropriation without compensation
A day is a long time in politics: two days ago, new President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a new cabinet, appointing new ministers in the portfolios of finance, public enterprises, mineral resources and water affairs (among others). Yesterday a momentous debate on land reform in parliament led to the adoption of…..

Hans Maagendans, Banafood Services GmbH:
«Sky-high banana prices, but supermarket sales doing well»
The banana market has been on fire for a few weeks now. «I have never, in the 34 years that I’ve been trading bananas, seen such excessively high prices», says Hans Maangendans of ripeners, Banafood Services GmbH from the German Straelen. «We have one advantage – the cold, dry weather. This means the…..

Former timber farm now a mainstay of the South African kiwi industry
The accidental kiwi farmer
When Danie Meyer bought two farms in the lush countryside of Magoebaskloof, he had its timber plantations in mind for his sawmill, not the farm’s Hayward kiwi orchards. “That was the first time I ever saw a kiwi,” he says – and today, the two farms making up Nooyenskopje not only deliver much (if not most) of…..

Willem Bakker, Bio Tropic Perpignan:
Moroccan Nadorcott season kicks off
The first Nadorcott mandarins from Morocco are available from this week at Bio Tropic Perpignan in France. The season will run until early April. «This year, we are cooperating with two French growers, Soumia and Emile Grac, of Le Verger Bio. These growers have 30 hectares of mandarin trees between Essaouira…..

Positive outcome for growers
Tasmanian producers negotiate control zone transit
As Tasmanian apple producers begin harvesting this week, they have achieved success in negotiating a critical transport protocol allowing them to send fruit to the mainland.Geeveston apple producer, John Evans, said the issue was the use of Taut Liners (curtain-sided trailers) for which there was no protocol…..

Red Sun Farms adds avocados to product range
One of the biggest greenhouse growers in North America, Red Sun Farms, is expanding its produce family, with Golden Sun Avocados.According to Red Sun Farms Chief Operations Officer, Carlos Visconti, “Consumers and retailers alike already associate Red Sun Farms with the very best in tomatoes, cucumbers and…..

La Banane de Guadeloupe & Martinique
French Ministers reveal the fair banana
Yesterday at the Salon International de l’Agriculture, the French company La Banane de Guadeloupe & Martinique announced the release of a banana that guarantees a revenue to small producers: La Banane Française Équitable. The fruit was revealed by Stéphane Travert, the French Minister of Agriculture and…..

California heavy in the running of its easy-peeler season
California’s mandarin/clementine season is heading into the thick of its season with a number of varieties on the go. “We’re picking W. Murcotts very heavily and we have a few Tangos that we’re also picking. And this is our first year shipping Gold Nuggets as well,” says Linda Cunningham of Dinuba, Ca.-based…..

“Growing further in Europe”
In the first week of February the French company Idyl started the Moroccan Nadorcott season. The French company is best known for its Charentais melons, which are marketed under the Idyl brand, but the company offers more products, amongst them, Nadorcott mandarins from Morocco.Philippe Puech, Hugues Moyollet,…..

Max F. Dohme, supplier of organic mushrooms:
‘We are trending towards brown mushrooms’
Until the early 2000s, the German mushroom market was largely dominated by canned and processed products. Nowadays, absolute freshness determines events in the specialist and retail trade and the share of organic products is also growing gradually.The Max F. Dohme company – a subsidiary of the Dohme Group -…..

Conventional reefers no longer sailing, but reefer container market not simple
Due to the age of conventional reefer ships, 30 years on average, more and more ships will be taken off of the water in the coming year. Last year the company formerly known as Lloyd scrapped 24 reefer ships, the largest amount since 2012. This was mentioned by Dynamar in a recent report. Special reefer…..

Marie Legendre, Syngenta: “You can’t just throw products on the market anymore”
Are club concepts the future?
Club varieties such as Kanzi and Pink Lady have been doing well for years. Due to the considerable brand promise, consumers are willing to pay a higher price. The vegetable branch also has increasing demand for special varieties with their own story.Club varieties are grown and marketed under specific…..

The happy sounds of Uttar Pradesh
An 2.44 metre long vegetable that makes music
The Narendra Shivani variety of bottle gourd is making news because of its unusual fruit length.The variety was developed in 2007 by Professor Sheo Pujan Singh aka ‘Bottle gourd Man’, a faculty member of the Narendra Dev University of Agriculture and Technology in the Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh……

Just to give you a sense of scale once more…
The Lone Star State overlayed with Poland

Frozen veg imports to Japan reach new heights as domestic prices rise
According to online news from the Japanese agricultural industry, Japan’s frozen vegetable import broke the 1 million tons record for the first time in 2017. Japanese retailers vigorously promote frozen vegetables as an alternative with a more favorable price, because the price of domestically produced…..

US growers enjoy successful season of KIKU apple variety
U.S. KIKU growers, in the final 6-8 weeks of selling the 2017 crop, are looking back on a successful season while setting out plans for the first KIKU imports from the Southern Hemisphere.According to George Harter of CMI Orchards, the 2017 KIKU brand apple season was very successful despite a smaller overall…..

LDAF and LSU AgCenter partner to fight citrus disease
The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) and the LSU AgCenter are joining efforts on a project to fight citrus canker disease. Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said the goal is to identify citrus canker tolerant satsuma cultivars.Citrus canker is a bacterial disease…..

APAL seeks fair pricing for apple and pear growers
Australian apple and pear growers are calling on marketers and retailers to set fair prices for new season fruit and not use the current surplus to sell quality fruit at below-cost prices.The industry’s peak body Apple & Pear Australia Limited (APAL) said growers were struggling with some of the lowest…..

Use of shared and reusable “Smart Packaging” maximizes operational efficiency
Pure Flavor® – IFCO partnership ensures year-round delivery of fresh produce across North America
Pure Flavor®’s use of IFCO Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) has had a positive impact for the Leamington, Ontario-based, vertically integrated provider of a wide variety of fresh produce products year-round to retailers across North America. After six years of collaboration, Pure Flavor®’s use of IFCO RPCs…..

2018 estimate:
Washington organic apple acreage to grow 16-20%
The area of certified organic apple production in Washington State grew by 37 percent in 2017 and is poised to grow further in 2018.In 2016, there were 16,191 acres of certified organic apples in the state, with another 4,244 acres intended for certification in 2017. Of the transition acres, only 60 percent…..

Pink vegetables are new Social Media hype
Pink radicchio, a rosy lettuce look-alike, is brightening up salads and taking over Social Media, being the latest Instagram-friendly superfood.

The veg, also called Radicchio del Veneto and La Rosa del Vento, is a chicory grown mostly in regions of Italy and in parts of California, Pennsylvania and Washington.

India now has over 30% of world’s organic producers
India has since long been part of the organic farming revolution. It has over 160 million hectares of arable land. According to the World of Organic Agriculture Report 2018, India has the largest number of organic producers in the world.With over 835,000 certified organic producers, it is home to more than 30…..

Groupe Casino is expanding delivery options
World premiere: First plastic-free supermarket aisle unveiled
Hungary: December retail sales up 5% y-o-y to HUF 1,072blnIn December 2017, the volume of sales in retail shops increased by 5.0% according to raw data, and by 6.1% adjusted for calendar effects, reveals a second estimate of retail data from the Central Statistical Office (KSH). In 2017 as a whole, the volume…..

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