Europe Trend Week 13

Persistent logistical problems weakening all the European markets.

However, sales remain very lively in both Western and Eastern Europe, despite the run-up to the Easter holidays. Demand is continuing to exhibit very good vitality, thanks to the scarcity of competing fruits and to cool temperatures favourable for banana consumption. The implementation of promotions on certain markets is also helping maintain a good sales level. However, the ongoing logistical problems are heavily disrupting the supply to the markets in a context of rising supply: shipping delays are continuing to create artificial fruit shortages, in particular in Northern Europe, while in Southern Europe late and overlapping ship arrivals are creating occasional saturation on certain markets. In this context whereas demand remains set fair and the Northern and Southern European markets are holding up, the price range on the spot market is continuing to widen. In Spain, demand is seeing a more considerable fall because of the Easter public holidays. In Russia, prices remain stable, while the unloading problems are also contributing to creating fruit shortages.