Europe Trend Week 09

European market maintaining some balance, and a positive trend.

The overall supply has continued to rise, though it is still barely sufficient for demand. On the one hand, while the Costa Rican increase has continued, reaching higher levels than in 2017, incoming Colombian shipments have continued to rise, again registering lower levels than in 2017. Furthermore, the Ecuadorian supply has climbed, maintaining levels slightly lower than in 2017.
On the other hand, the combined Africa/French West Indies supply has stabilised at levels below average for the season (-20%) because of the FWI shortfall (due to cyclone) and the Cameroonian shortfall (crop management).
Finally, shipping delays have continued to disrupt the regularity of the supply. Furthermore, sales have remained dynamic throughout Europe, in both the East and West, especially because of the absence of competing fruits.
Hence although prices have started to drop, especially in Eastern Europe, spot market price levels have remained very high. In Spain, the market has remained balanced and prices have continued to strengthen.