Monday, March 05, 2018
Latin America edition

Bengala Agricola
«We hope for an increase in demand for Colombian pineapple so we can continue growing»
Colombia’s pineapple season will be complicated due to the strong competition of Costa Rica, a country that offers a large production volume. However, despite the uncertainty in the markets, producers expect the season will be positive and that there will be an increase in demand.Andres Kuratomi, the general…..

Innovation in papaya results in stronger plants and more resistant fruits
«Genetically reliable papaya seeds»
The Maribel and Don Juan Papaya Maradol varieties have been in the Mexican market for about 4 years now, but researchers are currently developing a new variety with outstanding characteristics that can adapt to high densities, that is less susceptible to sudden changes in temperature, and that has a greater…..

Mexico: Universidad Veracruzana patents a trap for fruit flies
The Mexican fruit fly, Anastrepha ludens, is an insect that causes great losses to the agricultural sector in the country, mainly to the citrus and mango sectors. A single female fly can infest hundreds of fruits throughout its life, propitiating the entrance of diverse organisms that cause the early…..

Colorado River
Argentina: Apples are left unharvested due to low prices
More than 60% of the apple production hasn’t been harvested. The fruit will be destined to industry, which means producers will be paid a lower price than what they expected to earn in the market for their production.The lack of demand due to a saturation of red apples in the domestic market led to a collapse…..

Studies helped avocado market to grow
“Europe has come around from greenskin to Hass avocado”
Demand for avocados increases by double digits every year; quicker than supply, which only grows by single digits. What is the background to the the resounding success of avocados? And could other products experience a similar, tumultuous growth? James C. Donovan, Robb Bertels and Brent L. Scattini of Mission…..

Exhibitors and attendees rave about the show’s success
Southern Exposure rocks
PHOTO REPORT On Saturday, March 3 the Southeastern Produce Council (SEPC) organized its annual Southern Exposure trade show at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL. Exhibitors, attendees and buyers all tried to get the most out of the relatively short show time. This resulted in a packed show floor with a great vibe…..

Storms and rain herald a return to winter in US
The last week has seen wintery conditions return to the United States. This follows a period of relatively mild weather and the arrival of spring-like conditions across many of the growing regions. The Northeast experienced a strong winter storm, while California and surrounds saw rainfall and close to…..

Price is almost double
Yellow squash supplies from Mexico impacted by cold weather
Cold weather in the Mexican growing regions has affected production of yellow squash. Supplies have been light and there have also been some quality issues present. Producers have noted that this cold weather is unseasonable and is normally not seen at the end of February.»Yellow squash is currently being…..

Flooding leads to delivery delays
Precipitation threatens Brazil nut production Bolivia
Due to the current floods, the government in Bolivia has proclaimed a state of emergency, partially evacuating the province of Pando. This state of emergency has an impact on the value chain of Brazil nuts, one of Bolivia’s most important products.Wet road in the Pando cultivation regionCurrent harvestDue to…..

Jaffa Orri campaign to focus on consumers this year
The Jaffa Orri mandarin campaign has begun. “This year the campaign will be more targeted in three big markets, China, France, and Japan”, says Tal Amit, head of the citrus sector at Israel’s Plant Production and Marketing Board. “We have doubled the budget, most of which is going to the Chinese market.”“The…..

Special Australia / New Zealand

Sarah McCormack – T&G

T&G – Montague partnership has successful first season
Last September T&G Global announced that it had become the license holder of 16 proprietary blueberry varieties in Australia and at the same time had strengthened its relationship with long-term partner, Montague, based in Victoria, Australia. We caught up with Sarah McCormack, executive general manager…..

Global Focus Grapes

Peru: Table grape exports fell by 11% this season
The general manager of the Association of Producers of Table Grapes of Peru (Provid), Carlos Zamorano Macchiavello, stated that Peru exported 285 thousand tons of table grapes during the current campaign (2017/2018), i.e. 11% less than the 320 thousand tons it dispatched in the previous season…..

Italy: Kiwi producers worried in Lazio and Romagna
It’s still too early to assess the damage, but the Latina area was hit quite hard after the frost of 2017. The situation is worrying in Emilia-Romagna as well, while Piedmont and Veneto seem to be doing better. Luckily temperatures under plastic films have remained higher.Watch the video!How to clear snow from…..

Italfrutta Di Manno focuses on bananas from Costa Rica
In 2018/19, Italfrutta di Manno is looking to start commercialising foreign bananas and pumpkins.»After recently launching the brand with the family name (Di Manno), we are carrying out a few tests to grow pumpkins in our crops in Nicoya, Costa Rica. It’s a beautiful region where people live in peace and where…..

Problems for the Sicilian Moro orange segment
Everybody knows things are not going well for Sicilian citrus fruit, though there are a few contradictions that are rather surprising.The CTV virus has definitely been one of the sector’s worst enemies over the past few years, leading to the uprooting of many hectares.Above: Moro orangesMoro oranges have been…..

Eduardo Costa, manager of IMG:
«Buyers appreciate being able to buy the entire bio range from one trader»
The demand for organic products has continued to increase in recent years, which is motivating many producers who wish to specialise in their cultivation. As a result, the supply is growing significantly and profit margins are becoming gradually smaller.Spain is the world’s largest producer of organic…..

Sergio Sánchez, of Agromolinillo:
Spain: «This year, there will be a greater blueberry production, but also more demand»
At the moment, the Chilean blueberry campaign is about to come to an end, and Spain has more and more production.»Significant volumes of Spanish fruit are expected to be available in the European market within two or three weeks, as soon as the distribution chains make the switch from one origin to another,»…..

Hundreds of Spanish trucks stranded for over 24 hours in France
«There have been moments of great tension with European chains»
The snowstorms and frosts have taken a toll on the fruit and vegetable sector in several ways, not just with the direct loss of production in the field, but also with disruptions in the logistics process. Numerous Spanish trucks carrying fruit and vegetables were stranded for more than 24 hours, 80 kilometres…..

Increase in demand for foodservice side of organic produce
Once organics like kale came into fashion, there was a dramatic increase and expansion in the demand for organic produce. The retail market has always been present as consumers increasingly changed their buying patterns but things are shifting in foodservice. Consumers on the business end are now requesting…..

Developing a new industry for Australia
Australian pomegranates target domestic demand
Although relatively unknown in Australia, locally grown pomegranates are increasingly finding a niche in the domestic market.While Australia imports around 4,000 tonnes, mainly from the United States,Malcom Lewis of South Australian based Lewis Horticulture, says there is a market opportunity to fill domestic…..

Central American social economy professionals visit Huelva’s strawberry sector
A group of about 40 professionals, devoted to the social economy of Central America, have paid a visit to Huelva to learn about the situation of its strawberry sector.The event, which was organised by the Andalusian School of Social Economy, has counted with the collaboration of the leaders of UPA-Andalusia,…..

Strong movement to Asia for North American apple grower-shipper
Supplies of apples are still good out of the Pacific Northwest. “However, we do expect to run out of Honeycrisp around late spring/early summer,” says Scott Marboe with Oneonta Starr Ranch Growers. “Once the domestic Honeycrsip crop is finished, we switch to imports from New Zealand where we own quite a few…..

Team Davis Europe & Worldwide working hard delivering fruit and vegetables!

Horrendous weather prohibited re-stocking
Several UK supermarkets have empty shelves reported how the horrendous weather of the past few days affected logistics during the weekend.It seems like several supermarkets showed empty shelves. Even panic buying seems to have occurred in stores as far afield as Bristol, Manchester, Yorkshire, Scotland, Kent and Cornwall.

Clean bill of health for South African deciduous fruit
The source of the ‘worst outbreak’ of listeria in South Africa was confirmed yesterday by health minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, as coming from processed meat plants in Polokwane and Germiston.Hortgro, the organisation representing the deciduous fruit industry, believes it is a relief that the source has been…..

Portugal: The quest for the best strawberry
«We were told that it was impossible to make these strawberries in Portugal. They also told us that a strawberry is very difficult to work with: very sensitive and that we could not deal with the quality needs. Besides, this variety needs very cold temperatures to be sweet, and we don’t have cold like that in…..

Cencosud: Q4 2017 results
Tesco and Booker shareholders approved to merger
France: Sales rise 1.4% in 2017 for Système UFrance-based Système U has said sales rose 1.4% in 2017, reaching €19.49bln, excluding fuel. As with recent years, the retailer’s growth was driven by its proximity and ecommerce channels. By fascia, Système U said: Hyper U: total sales fell 4.6% to €3.32bln. Super…..

Carrefour introduces food delivery app in Romania
Lidl: Belgium expansion
France: Auchan extends delivery optionUnderlining the growing importance of delivery options in the country where Drive has historically dominated, Auchan has said it has added eight new cities where shoppers can have orders delivered. This means Auchan shoppers in 12 cities in France,…..

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Winter is over!