Friday, March 02, 2018
Latin America edition

Prices on the spot markets are rising. Due to various factors, including flooding, strikes and cool weather, the supply from the largest banana producing countries in Latin America has been low in the first…..

Brazil: New system for banana ripening by controlled atmosphere rooms
“The Brazilian banana production is purely for the domestic market. The domestic prices are beneficial as there is sufficient demand. Since 2016 we have ripened bananas in controlled atmosphere chambers. We always look for new technologies for our fruits, since we know that better fruit will result in better…..

«Knowing when to attack the insect pushes us to act»
Costa Rica: GAP project for the cultivation of pineapples
Dagoberto Gonzalez, a producer from the Huetar North Zone who has been in the pineapple sector for 16 years, said that he had learned a lot and increased his knowledge about pest management, the use of protective equipment, reading labels, and calibrating equipment, thanks to the training sessions conducted…..

Underscoring growing Mexican commerce
Rapid growth in avocado exports to US
Farmers from the Michoacan region once just provided for local appetites but now produce 80 percent of all the avocados eaten north of the border. «We are always in season,» says grower Ramon Paz, spokesman for the Association of Producers, Packers and Exporters of Avocados of Mexico, or APEAM. «And we are…..

Province of Misiones
Argentina: Mandarin shipments to Europe begin next week
Next week, producers will begin to embark the first containers of about 1,000 tons of okitsu mandarins to the European market. This is the first variety of the 2018 citrus season.The harvest began a couple of weeks ago in the central area of the province, between the municipalities of Leandro N. Alem, San…..

Costa Rica
Puerto Limon: Diversifying to survive in the face of competition
The Administración Portuaria y de Desarrollo Económico de la Vertiente Atlántica (Japdeva), operator of the port of Limon in Costa Rica, is seeking to diversify its business, focusing on conventional cargo handling.This is mainly in order to compensate for the losses it will face when the Terminal de…..

Young Chinese people go to specialist’s shops more often
In China, Jiutai has 2,600 supermarkets among clientele, and additionally, the company can be found at eight wholesaler’s market. It supplies to e-commerce, its fruit is handed out in the airplanes of various airlines, and the specialist’s shop chain Kaopu is also part of the group.Henry Wang en Michal Glijer…..

Greg Reinauer:
“Vertical integration and geographical spread the key to success”
Although being a vertically integrated organisations comes with certain risks, it is also the key to success. That’s what Greg Reinauer (Tom Lange Company) and Greg Thorne (Seven Seas) argue. The same is true for being a global company. For example the Russian ban had a negative impact, but a positive one as…..

Organic kiwifruit supply still strong in California
California is seeing a good organic kiwifruit season, as weather and general conditions improve. There are still a couple of months to go for the season, and supplies are currently steady. «All of our organic kiwifruit is grown here in Yuba County, while there is other organic kiwi grown in the Central…..

Martijn de Graaf on five years of Yex:
“Our mission to make exotics more popular hasn’t been achieved yet”
Last week, exotics importer Yex celebrated its fifth anniversary. We look back on the first five years with manager Martijn de Graaf, and we also look towards the future. “Our mission to make exotics more common hasn’t been achieved yet, but I’m proud of the growth we realised in the last five years. It’s…..

Northern Europe: cold and snow disrupt everyday life
Southern Europe: Concerns about frost damage on early stone fruit
1 March is when spring starts on the meteorological calendar; however, vicious winter cold will continue to be recorded until the weekend. The strong east wind, which in the Netherlands got the nickname «Russian Bear» and is known in the UK as «Beast from the East», has caused temperatures to drop well below…..

Special Australia / New Zealand

AU: New data reveals strong growth in fresh salads
Convenience and a desire to eat healthier food have driven a significant growth in fresh salads, according to the latest data from Harvest to Home.The category had both the biggest growth over the past 12 months until 30 December last year, in terms of kilogram volume (11.7%) and dollars (12.5%). AUSVEG…..

Global Focus Grapes

Exceptional performance of Northern Cape early black grapes in Vietnam and China

Late Chinese New Year came to aid of South African grapes
A late Chinese New Year which kept the pre-New Year market high for longer, has benefited South African grapes which had to stand in line behind the large volumes of Chilean cherries on the market.Rutger van Wulfen, owner of Global Fresh Limited, reckons that the season for South African grapes in China should…..

Steady season for California cactus pear fruit
Supplies out of California for sweet cactus pear fruit are currently steady and the season winds down next month. “We have a steady supply of cactus fruit and our volume is consistent with last year. Our season is from September to March,” says Gabriella Besaw of D’Arrigo California. “D’Arrigo anticipates its…..

Prices stable, supply and consumption balancing out
Germany: ‘Proportion of organic potatoes growing, contrary to trend’
The producers as well as the marketers of fresh potatoes are experiencing difficult times. Because of the aggressive imports of French traders and their products, there are currently considerable surpluses in the German large-scale warehouses, with corresponding price dips. How different the mood is at…..

Strawberries ripening quickly in warm Florida
The strawberry season in Florida is currently in its peak. Recent warm weather has resulted in an increase in production and growers are having trouble harvesting the rapidly ripening fruit. However, this week has seen a return to average temperatures and subsequently conditions are predicted to settle down…..

Mexico lime supplies expected to improve in coming weeks
Limes are still in short supply as the effects of recent wet weather in the growing regions continues to filter through. Once the rain ceased, growers still faced delays as they waited for sunnier conditions to restore production. Despite the dip in production, growers said these conditions are typical for the…..

Red kiwi variety release decision postponed to 2019
In the January 2018 Kiwiflier, Zespri advised that the Zespri Board had requested the management team to fast-track data collection for a red variety to allow a 2018 commercialisation decision.Any commercialisation decision on a new variety usually takes place after a minimum of three years in pre-commercial…..

VIE cool handling: Innovative solution for transporting temperature sensitive air cargo goods
Vienna Airport is offering a new and innovative concept – VIE COOL HANDLING – to transport temperature sensitive goods in air cargo. Four new customized reefer trailers enabling the improved transport of temperature sensitive air cargo on the airport apron comprise the core element of this solution. As a…..

Warning of defaulter
«SFI Rotterdam & Van der Lans International inform fellow fresh produce importers to be very cautious with the following persons:Mr Suryakant Gavhane and Mr Kishor Kakde, due to fraudulent actions regarding the delivery of pomegranates, both former directors of Sail International from Pune, India.Should…..

How USDA inspections facilitate fresh produce exports
Marketing orders and agreements are industry-driven programs that help fruit, vegetable, and specialty crop producers and handlers achieve marketing success. Working together, industry members leverage their own funds to design and execute programs that they would not be able to do individually. Each marketing…..

Red Sun Farms adds avocado to product range
One of the biggest greenhouse growers in North America, Red Sun Farms, is expanding its produce family, with Golden Sun Avocados.According to Red Sun Farms Chief Operations Officer Carlos Visconti, “Consumers and retailers alike already associate Red Sun Farms with the very best in tomatoes, cucumbers and…..

Some more perspectives
Overlaying the US-Canadian border on Europe

And why not?
Fruit stickers collecting and posting
@Fruit_stickers is an Instagram account run by British graphic designer Kelly Angood, who collects fruit stickers from around the world, peels them off their respective fruits, scans them, and the posts them.According to, she’s posted over 700 so far. It’s a collection of brilliant illustrations…..

Victoria, Australia:
Two-in-one apple found at Jack Rabbit Vineyard at Bellarine quoted Lyndsay Sharp from Jack Rabbit Vineyard as saying: “Apparently it’s a one in a million chance of grafted apples growing like this.”So let’s just sit back and enjoy.

For those who still think robots can’t do anything…

Opal apple contest has consumers singing
Consumers will have the chance to create a song declaring their love for Opal apples in a contest. The grand prize winner gets a trip for two to New York City.

Drugs in container with bananas
Albania: Sizeable cocaine find
This week, the Albanian police found more than 613 kilos of pure cocaine hidden in a banana container from Colombia. The drugs had been shipped via Malta and Italy before arriving at their destination, a fruit and vegetable trader in Albania. The estimated market value of the cocaine is as much as 180 million…..

Ontario greenhouse grower wins PAC Award for Veggies To Go
Mucci Farms announces that they have been awarded a Best In Class Award in the New Brand – Food & Beverage category at the 2018 Packaging Consortium (PAC) Awards. Highly regarded as a global industry leader, PAC is a not-for-profit corporation that includes over 2,500 members throughout the packaging value…..

Cultivated blueberries 2017:
Two thirds of the German berry harvest coming from Lower Saxony
In 2017, 240 farms in Lower Saxony cultivated shrub berries on an area of 2,223 hectares. As reported by the State Statistical Office of Lower Saxony (LSN), the total yield of shrub berries, at around 11,400 tonnes, was a fair 21% higher than in the previous year. More than 80% of this area was used for the…..

Germany: Residues of plant protection products on citrus fruits
«First the positive results: the maximum residue levels of pesticides have not been exceeded in any of the 30 samples of citrus fruits that have just been examined,» says Frerk Feldhusen, Director of the State Office for Agriculture, Food Safety and Fisheries MV in Rostock. Ten samples of tangerines, ten…..

New Zealand Institute of Economic Research:
Samurai wasps suggested as solution to stink bugs
An report by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research has made a case for introducing Samurai wasps to deal with brown marmorated stink bugs, should they become established in New Zealand.The Ministry for Primary Industries has introduced new measures against the stink bugs, after turning away…..

Japan: Tomato grower arrested for stealing cabbages
Last Thursday, in Aichi Prefecture, police arrested a tomato grower on suspicion of stealing some 160 Chinese cabbages from a nearby field. The price of these leafy vegetables has remained high in the country since late last year.Ikuo Shiono, 40, is suspected of taking Chinese cabbage worth 80,000 yen (615…..

Japan:: Domestic production insufficient, Chinese vegetables come to the rescue
Japanese media reports that the rising price of domestic vegetables is causing increased household expenditure. Against the backdrop of these developments, the import volume of leafy vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, cabbage, and lettuce shows a stable increase.The Japanese Ministry of Finance announced on…..

China: Earliest harvest of high-quality cherries from the Northern Hemisphere
Praxis Agricultural Co., which is located in Dali, Yunnan, has already collected this year’s first harvest of high-quality cherries in the Northern Hemisphere.The company president, Faraz Maani, pointed out that the first harvest of cherries was collected in week 9. The harvesters started on February 27th, and…..

Dutch chips are a hit in South Korea
Phytosanitary rules stipulate that fresh potatoes and potato seeds may not be exported from the Netherlands to South Korea. Only a few regions in Japan, the USA, and Australia are allowed to send fresh potatoes to South Korea. Processed potatoes, such as chips, can, however, be freely imported since they do…..

As well as seven others that were rare or lost
Apple detective finds five more apple varieties thought to be extinct
Spokane County’s hardworking apple detective has rediscovered five more heritage apple varieties in Washington and Idaho that were previously considered to be extinct. In addition, seven other rare or lost apple varieties have been found.David Benscoter, a retired federal investigator, has been searching for…..

Huercasa participates in ALGAECAN project
Spain: Waste management with micro-algae cultivation
Huercasa, a leading company in the production of processed vegetable products at European level, is participating in the ALGAECAN Project, which is funded by the European Union through LIFE; a financial instrument used by the Union to provide support to environmental projects.The project’s objective is to…..

T&G continues growth path despite challenging year
T&G Global Limited (T&G) had plenty to celebrate in its 120th year despite climatic challenges which impacted its overall business results and contributed to a reduced profit after tax of $22.6m, down 30% on the previous year.The Group reported over a billion dollars of revenue for the first time, due…..

Everything’s peachy in the U.S.

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