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This week’s highlights

Southern Europe: Concerns about frost damage on early stone fruit
Today (1 March), spring has begun on the meteorological calendar; however, vicious winter cold…..

«Sumo Citrus® is challenging to grow, but the flavor is exceptional»
On a beautiful Californian winter’s day, FreshPlaza visited the packing house and citrus groves…..

Organic food consumption continues to increase in Europe
The consumption of organic food in Europe generated sales worth 33,500 million Euro in 2016;…..

Auspicious outlook on the cusp of the South African avocado season
In 2016 there was hail, last year there was drought but this year looks to be a shining year for…..

The supply and the demand for avocados are not growing at the same pace, but despite the high…..

Russian fruit and vegetable imports partially recovered
When compared to the previous year, Russian imports of fresh fruit and vegetables have increased…..

California heavy in the running of its easy-peeler season
California’s mandarin/clementine season is heading into the thick of its season with a number of…..

Weekly departure from Europe to North America
Eimskip will increase calls to and from North-America and Europe. Weekly departures to North…..

Positive year for key New Zealand varieties
As Europe moves into spring, new season New Zealand apples are being packed and shipped to all…..

Speaking the local language makes trading in South America easier
The banana situation is rather dire and there is a huge gap between prices at origin and the…..

French Ministers reveal the fair banana
Yesterday at the Salon International de l’Agriculture, the French company La Banane de…..

Chinese dragon fruit with rose fragrance tests the waters of international markets
«The ‘Jindu number one’ Red Heart dragon fruit received high praise from overseas traders during…..

«We distinguished ourselves by not exporting to the United States»
“We normally start our exports from mid-September. The production at the beginning of the season…..

Australia: Crisis talks on rockmelons
Ten cases of listeria from contaminated rockmelons have been identified in NSW, Victoria and…..

Mexico offers extensive organic produce options to North American consumers
Increased organic supply has competition getting fierce – the future of Mexican grown organic…..

This week’s highlights
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