Wednesday, March 07, 2018
Latin America edition

Peru: 2017 avocado exports totalled $580 million
Peru exported 247,000 tons of avocados worth $580 million in 2017, positioning itself as the world’s second-largest supplier of this fruit. According to the Agriculture and Irrigation Ministry, shipments of this Peruvian product —mainly Hass avocados— grew in volume (27%) and value (46%) compared to 2016.The…..

Guyana: NAREI preparing to boost potato cultivation
Several partnership proposals from private investors have been received by the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI), for the cultivation of potatoes.NAREI has stated that this is in light of several successful trials undertaken by the institution over the past year. To this end, NAREI…..

Peru: Authorities propose an alternative to fumigation for asparagus exports to the US
Peruvian fresh asparagus exports to the United States have to be fumigated, a prerequisite that increases production costs and shortens the product’s shelf life, which reduces the competitiveness of the Peruvian vegetable.The National Service of Agrarian Health (Senasa) and the Peruvian Institute of Asparagus…..

After dominating the US market, Mexican berries look to Europe
The Mexican berry sector is setting its sights on the Old Continent, after having snatching the supremacy that Chile and Argentina had in the US market.One of the most appealing markets in the European Union is Great Britain, as its value amounts to 1.2 billion euro and consumes 185 thousand tons of berries…..

Eduardo Zegarra, Grade researcher
«The coast of Peru, shouldn’t produce potatoes»
Did potato prices really fall because of an overproduction? A lot of specialists seem to agree on that point, but Eduardo Zegarra, Grade’s lead researcher, believes there’s a factor that people haven’t taken into consideration.Based on the analysis of information from the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation…..

Chilean tropical fruit imports increase by 600%
According to data from the National Customs Service, Chilean tropical fruit imports increased by nearly 600% in the last 3 years; a sector led by green plantain, coconut, mangoes, and passion fruit, among other products.The main reason behind this substantial increase, which went from 1.1 million in 2014 to…..

The United States imported 18% more Peruvian yacon in 2017
The United States is the most important market for Peruvian yacon. Last year, US imports of yacon amounted to 1,533,000 dollars, i.e. 18% more than was purchased in 2016, according to the Exporters Association (Adex).In addition, total exports of Peruvian yacon in 2017 increased by 22% over 2016.This Peruvian…..

Chinese citrus for Europe
Chinese exporter building DC in Poland
While European exporters are eagerly looking at the enormous potential of the Chinese market, Henry Wang, manager of Jiutai Modern Agriculture, is looking towards Europe with a similar longing. The Chinese company successfully exported tangelos and pomelos to Poland, but it wants to expand this trade flow.The…..

Heavy Chilean arrivals of blueberries into US…for now
Blueberry arrivals into the U.S. right now are heavy out of Chile. “There’s a temporary abundance of blueberries because Southern Chile came in strong at the beginning of last week and should go strong for another two weeks,” says Jerald Downs of Hollister, Ca.-based Berry People LLC. He adds that this is on…..

Sudden shift of asparagus imports from Mexico
Thanks to a chill down in temperatures, asparagus supplies from Mexico are suddenly looking a little thinner. “Up until this last week, supplies have been astronomical. They’ve been virtually unlimited,” says Craig Rolandelli of San Ramon, Ca.-based JMB Produce. “It was very high volume and very low markets…..

Special Australia / New Zealand

Australia: Foodbank and Perfection Fresh tackle food waste
Food waste is a growing problem, not only in terms of sustainability but also considering the vast number of people who continue to go hungry.The 2017 Hunger Report by hunger relief organisation Foodbank stated that 3.6 million Australians experienced food insecurity at least once during that year, and over…..

Global Focus Grapes

North American grower-shipper comments on exports from Peru

New grape varieties in high demand in Asia
In the week of February 20th, Vanguard International completed its second grape harvest in Peru. “100 percent of our crop is picked, packed and on its way to market,” says Craig Stauffer, CEO of Vanguard International. “Overall, we are pleased with the results on quality, yield and condition,” Stauffer…..

Florida company invests in anti-greening technology for citrus
A Florida citrus company has made a major investment in a technology that can help contend with greening.Vero Beach, Fl.-based Premier Citrus is forming a new company, Premier Citrus ApZ LLC, which will develop a new technology to boost the delivery and effectiveness chemicals to offset greening, which can…..

Active broccoli market may persist after California transition
The broccoli market has become very active in recent times, as cold weather has slowed down plant growth and subsequently diminished supply. Prices have risen sharply in response and suppliers say there is not enough supply to meet current demand. Compounding the issue are contracts for sectors like…..

Italy: TYLCV variant risks damaging entire economy
The research and university worlds are increasingly concerned about the Sicilian fresh produce sector. The island produces almost half of Italian table tomatoes with significant effects on its society and economy. Sicily is therefore strategic for the country’s agriculture, but currently has to deal with at…..

Compostable labels by LGL
Now that eco-friendly bags have become the norm, having compostable labels, stickers and strips has become a need as well as an element of added value.LGL has a wide range of solutions available certified in the «All Compost» category.Technical manager Nicola Zannoni explains that «the products have been very…..

Photo report from New Product Showcase Southern Exposure
Millennials drive product innovation
PHOTO REPORT For the first time this year, Southern Exposure had a Bright Ideas New Product Showcase that gave produce companies an opportunity to feature their latest product innovations. About 40 companies displayed their latest and greatest. Although there were a few entirely new items, innovation trends are much in…..

Italian transplanters popular all over the world
It exports 80% of its production all over the world, including the US. We’re talking about Checchi&Magli, which designs and manufactures transplanters for vegetables, nursery plants and tobacco as well as machines for the cultivation and harvesting of potatoes.Claudio Zarri in the Checchi&Magli…..

Auterfruit’s response to the crisis in the citrus fruit sector
«Our produce is worth its weight in gold but, due to a series of circumstances, we don’t seem able to push it. Mainly due to the fact that commercial management its distancing itself from good traditional cultivation practices.»Gaetano Auteri, owner of Auterfruit, with his brother and commercial manager…..

Hans Lehar, UCI Nordbaden eG:
Germany: First local asparagus from heated cultivation hits the the market
The first asparagus from home soil has been available from specialist retailers for about a week. The fruit and vegetable sales cooperative (OGA) Nordbaden eG has also brought their first lots on the market. The first product of this year’s season has a good quality and a nice white colour. Whether the…..

Italy: Bunch tomatoes sold to German, Austrian and Swiss retailers
With annual planning with European retailers and a policy based not on price but on weekly bunch tomato supplies – Fresh Guru is making itself known in the tomato world and its produce is demanded all over.Alessio Orlandi»We are pleased with how things have started off. We established partnerships with a few…..

New apple varieties based on more than just taste
New apple varieties seem to be coming out every year, with the hopes of tantalizing the taste buds of consumers while providing growers an opportunity to innovate and offer a broader range of products. Names like Envy, Cosmic Crisp and Rave are some of the new varieties that have recently arrived in stores or…..

Italy: Complicated market for pears
The pear market has been fluctuating as operators often find it difficult to make a profit for high-quality pears. We talked about it with Ettore Ceccarelli, whose company is well-know all over Europe thanks to the Julius brand.Ettore Ceccarelli. Below, with Hans Klotz.FreshPlaza (FP): How is the pear campaign…..

Growers are the most affected by Guatemalan potato moths
Spain: «Higher fines for planting potatoes than for planting marijuana»
The Guatemalan moth pest, that has hit potato crops in many parts of Asturias, continues to affect growers in the area. Some producers have criticised the sanctions that they risk if they plant this crop on their farms. «Growers are the big losers; not only should we not be penalised, but we should be…..

World’s first baby-leaf harvesting and sorting machine
On the 19th-20th & 21st of February, Raytec Vision’s and Gemini’s customers were given the opportunity to test the harvesting machine Bellavista directly in the field. The event was held in Cartagena, where the company owned by Justin Edgell, Toro Verde, made its spinach crops available for this purpose……

Rock melon listeria outbreak in Australia
Fourth person dies from contaminated fruit
Victorian health authorities have confirmed that a fourth person has died from listeria contracted from eating contaminated rock melons. The latest death means two people from NSW and two from Victoria have been killed by the outbreak, which was linked to a farm in southern NSW.This latest listeriosis victim…..

Company claims grapes illegally grown in Italy
Special New Fruit LTD (SNFL) announced today that it has started legal proceedings in the Court of Bari against a grower from the Rutigliano and Casamassima area. According to the company this grower has been illegally using SNFL property and producing the varieties Sheegene 4 (Luisco™) and Sheegene 20…..

Tim Elcombe, New Chairman for British Onions
Tim Elcombe of Bedfordshire Growers has been elected as the new Chairman of British Onions. The appointment was confirmed at the British Onions Association Annual General Meeting held recently, and Tim will serve in the role for the next two years.Tim started at Bedfordshire Growers in 2002 where he has held…..

One is always somewhat isolated
Living on an island
But living on one of the Hawaiian Islands, that’s something else.

Import of prepackaged food increased
China: First import of fruit puree from New Zealand arrives at Jiangsu Port
According to the Changzhou Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau, a batch of 1,319 boxes of fruit puree from New Zealand has successfully passed the quarantine examination and has arrived in the Chinese markets. This is the first time that Jiangsu Port has imported puree from New Zealand. Customer…..

Some claim they are incredible
The health benefits of limes
The lime isn’t one of those fruits people consume every day. And when they do, it is mostly for medicinal purposes. Because, owing to its medicinal properties, limes have been used for treating various illnesses for ages now. And it has also been used for the preparation of cosmetics and health products from…..

Bananas from Laos obtain export permission for China
According to news from the Jiangsu Office for Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine, the Chinese General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, published an online report titled «Public Report on Requirements for Import of Laos Bananas» (2018 no. 16). This public report…..

Hamburg: Salad cultivation keeps growing
In Hamburg, 92 companies cultivated vegetables and strawberries on 517 hektares combined in 2017. Both the acreage and the number of companies rose slightly -by 3 percent- compared to the year before, according to data from Statistikamt Nord.74 farms – the majority – grew vegetables in the field. The acreage…..

Designed for integration with metal detector
Automation manufacturer presents specialized Iso-Flo® vibratory conveyor
Key Technology presents a specialized Iso-Flo® vibratory conveyor designed specifically for integration with a metal detector to inspect bulk foods on processing and packaging distribution lines. Compared to traditional plastic or fabric belt conveyor systems integrated with metal detectors, Key’s vibratory…..

Seven years after disaster
Produce exports from Fukushima Prefecture making strong recovery
In 2017, exports of peaches and rice produced in Fukushima Prefecture have been strong. Peach exports approached 50 tons; a 70 percent increase from before the accident at Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. For a while after the accident, Fukushima farmers saw their businesses grind to a halt under a trade…..

Van Kempen Koudetechniek supplies ammonia-based cooling systems
Nedcool expands cold storage by 30,000m3
On 14 February 2018, Nedcool signed off on the start of construction for a cold storage facility to be undertaken by Van Kempen Koudetechniek. It is for a high-performance ammonia-based facility for the long term, high-quality storage of pears.» This facility uses natural coolants. This not only saves energy…..

Poland: Blueberry Conference 2018
‘Still large opportunities to increase blueberry sales’
The sixth annual Blueberry Conference 2018, which took place at the Mazurkas Hotel in Ozarow Mazowiecki (just outside Warsaw), has been hailed as a success by organisers. The rising popularity for the event, mirrors demand for blueberries themselves, with new plantations popping up where they haven’t been seen…..

Australia and Victoria seed potatoes gain market access to Indonesia
Certified seed potatoes from South Australia and Victoria have been approved for market access to our nearest neighbour, Indonesia, at recent bilateral trade discussions held in Melbourne. Market access to Indonesia enables certified seed potato growers in South Australia and Victoria to supply the Indonesian…..

UK: Patience needed ahead of potato planting
Patience will be key this potato season as the recent cold weather threatens to delay cultivation.Andy Steven, agronomist at Agrovista, explains that the recent cold spell coupled with wet soils has delayed ploughing in some areas.“There’s still a lot of ground preparation to be done before planting starts in…..

Carrefour: Europe’s first food blockchain
Co-op: 1st UK supermarket to eliminate queues for customers
China: Growth slowing FY2017 for Sun ArtSun Art Retail has posted its 2017 annual results, with revenue rising 1.9% to RMB102,320mln (US$16,130mln) and profit up 2.9%. However, its revenue growth has slowed down compared to previous years, having grown 6.6% (CAGR) between 2012 – 2016. During the year, the…..

FreshPlaza funny
What a competition in the warehouse can lead to …

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