Europe Trend Week 21

European markets regaining a fragile balance.

However, after a temporary dip in w.20, the overall supply is once more abundant, especially because of Ecuadorian shipments returning to a high level (53% above average). In addition, although the seasonal fall is in progress, the Colombian supply remains substantial and above average. Finally, Costa Rican volumes are not flagging, and still registering above-average levels. Furthermore, the combined Africa/French West Indies supply is back to average levels because of the increase in African volumes, and the narrowing of the FWI shortfall. However, imports have started to subside because of the gradual implementation of summer programmes.
Most of all, despite the signs of the summer slowdown (summer fruit campaigns late in getting going), sales have continued to exhibit astonishingly good vitality for the time of year. Hence stocks, although still available for certain importers, have continued to subside, and the fall in prices has been wiped out. In this context although some strengthening has been observed, especially in Eastern Europe, levels nonetheless remain extremely low for the time of year. In Russia, the pressure has remained high, and prices well below average.
Finally, the surge in Canaries platano prices is continuing because of the production shortfall