Friday, May 18, 2018
Latin America edition

Representatives from Spain, Argentina and South Africa, the biggest lemon exporters worldwide, held a meeting recently. One of the points in the agenda was the significant growth of lemon production in these…..

Argentina’s blueberry industry expectant before tax reform
«Argentina has the potential and the possibility to grow in a demanding and growing world market, but there are internal conditions that, added to the external competition factor, create a scenario with many challenges,» said Baya, the head of Argentina’s Blueberry Committee.To achieve this, the ABC considers…..

Green chile grown elsewhere will have to change its name
The European Union recognizes that the jalapeño pepper is Mexican
According to Jonas Murillo, the president of the National Chamber of the Canned Food Industry (Canainca), the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Mexico (TLCUEM) and its negotiations brought great news for the jalapeño pepper. In this negotiation, the European Union recognized that this food…..

The NMB boosts the quality of Mexican mango
The managers of the National Mango Board, based in Orlando, Florida, will hold a meeting with producers and exporters of mangoes from northern Sinaloa and offer them a series of lectures and a field visit with researchers of this fruit, in order to continue improving the quality and safety of Mexican mango…..

What will the onion trade look like in ten years?
Sometimes it’s difficult to look even a few weeks ahead, never mind a few months. Yet we asked some players in the onion sector to look ahead ten years. Do all traders, exporting and service packers, agents and growers have a right to exist? Which development will have the most influence on the Dutch onion…..

“Trust in online buying increasing”
Industrial Auctions is an online auctioneer specialised in business-to-business auctioning of machines, inventory and goods in the food and drink industry. The auctioneering firm has noticed efficiency and hygiene are high on the list of priorities of production companies.Complete companies, production lines…..

Production growing strongly in Spain, Argentina and South Africa
Spain: «Verna lemon campaign will be shorter and develop more smoothly»
Verna lemons officially hit the market on the first week of May, overlapping with the last batches of Fino (or Primofiore) lemons. From week 19, there have only been Verna lemons available. According to Ailimpo, the harvest is expected to reach 206,000 tonnes, compared to 360,000 tonnes last season, which is a…..

Early finish in Florida from rain will see radish prices rise
The radish season in South Florida has seen an early end as rain has made harvesting the remainder of the crop difficult. Yields during the season were close to average, until recently when supplies have tapered off considerably.»With all the rain in South Florida in recent weeks, we have had a difficult time…..

Tropical Fruit Congress discusses the global importance of avocados
Between 2007 and 2016, Europe experienced a boom in the consumption of exotic fruit such as avocados (+150%) and mangoes (+60%). Producers have even started growing the former in Spain and southern Italy. The increased availability and shorter transports favoured consumption further, in addition to the latest…..

Greefa – stone fruit sector can invest in machinery only if it works together
The last few peach campaigns haven’t been that great and the crisis cannot be overcome thanks to incidental factors such as the drop in production expected for 2018. Greefa, the Dutch manufacturer of fruit sorting and packaging solutions, also shares the same idea. Sales managers Heinz Pircher and Gregor…..

A sticker on a product is not enough to create a brand
«It’s not possible to create a brand without providing consumers with good value day after day and year after year. When it comes to the fresh produce sector, a sticker on a product is not enough to create a brand. You need to behave as a brand,» explains Claudio Mazzini, sales manager for the Coop Italia…..

Special Greece

Project builds bridge between Greek growers and public administration
A commercial platform called RECAP, has been launched to support the existing Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), to better serve growers’s systems for sustainability. RECAP includes manual and fully automatic hybrid Earth Observation techniques that are built upon existing large volumes of geo-information…..

Global Focus Melons/Pineapple

«Consumers should see better flavor in domestic cantaloupe»
As the California domestic cantaloupe season begins, the transition between it and the newly-wrapped up import season looks smooth. “Conversion seems to be progressing smoothly. Though reports are there are still container ships to arrive and the volume within those, the timing of that supply, is an issue,”…..

AU: Remote insect technology a step closer for growers
A new technology-based insect detection company will begin national trials of its Generation 2 product and service this season, as part of the Smart Traps project.»We are scaling up to commercial during and after this next trial, and the RapidAIM service offering will be available for subscription through our…..

Kris Wouters, Woutersfruit
«We expect the QTee® pear harvest to be doubled»
«It is still fairly early to say but we are anticipating a good QTee® pear harvest this year», says Kris Wouters of Belgian fruit wholesaler, Woutersfruit. «We expect to be able to deliver by 15 August. That is more than two weeks before the start of the Conference season. This is thanks to the weather during…..

Peter de Jong, Erex International:
«The dip in the banana market surprised everyone»
Two years ago, Peter de Jong founded Erex International. Bananas form the main component. This Dutch trader has since made his mark with Turkish products as well. He has a long career in the fresh produce trading sector under his belt. «Last season we sold between 60 and 70 truckloads of Turkish grapefruit……

Apricot varieties tolerant to Sharka virus
Federica Fontana, researcher at Astra – Unità operativaMartorano 5confirms that there are apricot varieties highly resistant to the Sharka virus, but it’s more difficult when it comes to peaches, as tests need to be carried out for a few more years.»Highly tolerant apricot varieties includeFlavor Cot, Lilly…..

DS Smith:
Akylux polypropylene boxes are becoming preferred choice to transport vegetables and fruits
DS Smith Plastics said that Akylux polypropylene boxes are becoming the preferred choice to transport vegetables and fruitsAdvantages of polypropylene boxes include durability, a light weight, sustainability and versatility. They are stackable and fulfil the requirements of the supply chain, water/humidity…..

Australian efforts underway to stop citrus canker in Kununurra and Wyndham
The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Western Australia, has confirmed the detection of citrus canker on three properties in the State’s north, linked to imported plants from the Northern Territory.The department has conducted tracing and testing of plants imported from Darwin, where…..

No great volumes expected until next week
Cherry harvest already underway in the Jerte Valley
The 2018 campaign is starting a few weeks later than usual due to the delay in the flowering caused by low temperatures. However, the forecasts for the coming days point to optimal weather conditions for the fruit’s ripening, and it will be possible to start harvesting a considerable amount of kilos. The…..

But exports to Australia are sold for $1.50
New Zealand avocados go on sale for $7
Avocado lovers in New Zealand have been left outraged after supermarket images revealed they are paying almost five times more than some Australians. The images were posted to social media on Monday, showing shelves of home-grown avocados on sale for $6.99 each at a New Zealand supermarket.The sale price was…..

China: First shipment of «ocean fruit» lands at Urumqi International Airport
350 kg of fresh cherries from Tajikistan recently entered China through Urumqi International Airport.The 350 kg of fresh cherries from Tajikistan that entered China through Urumqi International AirportUrumqi International Airport was officially appointed as a fruit import airport on January 17, 2017. In May of…..

Trentino-Alto Adige apple stocks on 1st May 2018
Every month, Assomela and the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce publish the apple stock situation in Trentino Alto-Adige. Quantities are expressed in tons. As of 1st May 2018, the situation was as follows:

Coca Cola to invest US$65 million in Zimbabwe
Coca Cola Eastern and Southern Africa has pledged to invest US$65 million in beverage productions in Zimbabwe. This was revealed after a meeting between Eastern and Southern Africa General Manager Ahmed Rady and President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare this week.The Coca Cola boss, who was accompanied by Finance…..

Hyderabad: Imported fruits are now a status symbol in India
For a while now, imported fruit has been making it to the Dawaat-e-Iftar in the city where it has become a status symbol at high profile functions in the city. These fruits are costlier than the regular varieties available locally and are known for their quality and taste. Apples, berries, kiwis, oranges,…..

Austrian stored apple lots melting away…
While consumers were able to enjoy dessert apples of Austrian origin in the year 2014/2015 right until the new harvest, the low yield of 2017 is weighing heavy on the current availability. In better years, more than 57,000 tons of domestic apples were ready for marketing in May. This year, however, Austria has…..

Transport sector Europe: Environmental impact
One of the main causes of climate change is the human-caused environmental impact, especially in developed countries like those in Europe or North America. As this is an issue that affects all the population, governmental intervention is necessary. There are projects embedded in European frameworks like…..

InnoGrape celebrates putting research and development front and centre
The Australian Table Grape Association (ATGA) will be running the final InnoGrape – Innovation in Table Grape Production sessions – on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 May. At the completion of the workshop in Robinvale and Mildura, there will be a celebratory dinner for what has proven to be a successful series,…..

Putting things in perspective again – Who knew?
Germany compared to Guyana

Pretoria conference
AgriOrbit: Faster and fresher will drive global food demand
Food producers and processors in South Africa will benefit considerably when they analyse and interpret global consumer trends impacting food and agriculture and then deliver accordingly.“Opportunities abound for South Africa, keeping in mind that a new breed of consumers with very specific demands will…..

Liqun Group buys 72 Lotte Mart stores
Asda: Sales rise for 4th straight quarter
Belgium: Carrefour in market-first with automated ‘Drive’Carrefour has launched a fully-automated Drive format in Belgium, in a market-first for Belgian retail. The ‘outlet’ is a wall of metal lockers which can accommodate nearly 50 orders daily, and can stock both dry and fresh products, including…..

FreshPlaza funny
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