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In the northern hemisphere, the old onion harvest is competing with the new one from the southern hemisphere. In the Netherlands, for example, only the large sizes are yielding good prices and growers…..

Trucker’s strike brings Brazil to a standstill
Brazil appeared on the verge of a standstill on the fourth day of a nationwide truckers’ strike on Thursday May 24, as road blockades caused severe shortages of fuel and food. This all occurred despite a move by the state-owned oil company to defuse the crisis.Airports and gas stations were running out of…..

Pineapple producers in Panama Oeste have problems with production roads
Agricultural exporters and producers of pineapple in the province of Panama Oeste asked the government for help to promote business rounds and international fairs, as well as to improve production roads.Luis Carrasco, a producer from the area of Sangüenga, said the production roads had problems that had…..

Brazil: Lack of watermelons for domestic market
«In the month of May, Uruana, in the state of Goiás, will be the main supplier of watermelons for the domestic market. The harvest kicked off in the second half of April and should reach its peak from mid-May, and the season will then continue until October. Producers in the region believe that productivity…..

Costa Rica: Italian owner of pineapple export company was killed
An Italian entrepreneur was ambushed and shot by two assassins outside the embassy of Italy in San Pedro de Montes de Oca.Authorities identified the victim as Salvatore Ponzo, a 37-year-old Italian, who at the time of the attack was accompanied by an Ecuadorian woman named Lopez Toaquiza, who apparently was…..

Argentina: Coca-Cola is interested in blueberries from Tucuman
Governor Juan Manzur and the Minister of Productive Development, Luis Fernandez, held a meeting with David Lee, the president of the Reginald Lee bottler (of «La Coca») and with Esteban Carreño, the executive director of the Association of Argentine Coca-Cola Manufacturers.After the meeting, Lee stated: «The…..

Gramm Agropecuaria, awarded with an international quality seal
Gramm Agropecuaria has been a producer of blueberries, based in Concordia, Entre Rios, for 16 years.Seventeen products in total were selected to carry the «Argentine Foods, a natural choice» seal of quality.Fresh Concordian blueberries, two new honeys, a yerba mate, and dried pistachios are now part of…..

Chilean cherry exports pass apple exports in terms of value
According to data from Chilean Customs, the cherry exports reached $839.4 million in the 2017/18 season. They reached a record high in this season: 184,809 tons according to official data from the Chilean customs published by ODEPA. The good weather conditions in the previous spring, the absence of frosts and…..

Belgian endive consumption in the US on the rise
European expats, consumers looking for gluten free appetizers, and restaurateurs are helping demand for Belgian endives to grow. Attention has been brought onto the vegetable thanks to TV shows and chefs that are presenting it in different ways. In Europe, many people cook Belgian endives during the winter…..

China: «Laoshan honey apricots to enter the market in early June»
«Laoshan honey apricots grow in the hinterland of Laoshan. The mountains are high and the water is clear. Irrigation and fertilization are excellent, which makes the soil here perfect for the plantation of honey apricots. Under regular weather conditions, Laoshan honey apricots begin to flower every year in…..

Stone fruit and melons influence the exotic business
“Need for exotics is less due to presence of stone fruit”
Stone fruit and melons from the Mediterranean and elsewhere nowadays arrive in large quantities in Germany’s major wholesale markets. This also applies to the Hamburg wholesale market area on which Helmuth Ehmann Fruchthandels GmbH is based. The presence of plums, nectarines and peaches has a significant…..

Special Greece

Modern cooling system protects delicate fruits and veg
Over the last 10 years, more and more companies in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry are finding themselves in a situation where they would like to modernise their business and cooling systems are an important part of the post harvest system. Based in Central Macedonia in Greece, Inokat was founded in…..

Global Focus Melons/Pineapple

Currently products from Morocco and Iran still in wholesale

‘First Italian watermelons expected at the end of next week’
The season of (water) melons from the northern hemisphere starts at the same time as the large quantities of Spanish stone fruits. Although certain melon varieties are already sourced from the usual European growing areas like Spain, Portugal and Italy, one can still find watermelons from other origins on the…..

China: «Garlic production volume at the same level as last year»
Jinxiang and Cangshan are two of China’s main garlic production areas. «Cangshan Garlic» was famous in international markets prior to 1997 and the export price was 100 USD higher per ton than Jinxiang garlic. Now, however, Cangshan only exports about 30 thousand tons of garlic and manufactured garlic products,…..

«Blanching is required to achieve the best results»
IQF Spinach is fast becoming one of the most in-demand products on the global frozen vegetable market. Spinach sales and volume have steadily been rising over the last few years. Moreover, organic spinach sales have risen by about 9% in each of the past two years (Produce Market Guide). The era of IQF spinach…..

New Purple Queen pomegranate receives CPVO protection
Via its Pom Genesis division, Genesis Innovation Group has recently been granted definitive protection for its new extra-early pomegranate variety, Purple Queen® (registration number CPVO 49181). The breeding rights will apply to all 28 member states of the European Union.Mateu Chilet, head of the Development…..

Useless having a good variety without the right rootstock
The success of products like pears derives from the right choice of rootstock. When it comes to the Abate and William varieties, Vivai F.lli Zanzi recommend Fox 9.»Fox 9 rootstocks are very interesting for the Abate Fetel, Kaiser and William varieties. They propagate easily and adapt well to the environment……

Carlos Cumbreras, manager of Grufesa:
«Growing strawberries sustainably and with a high productivity is not within everyone’s reach»
Huelva’s strawberry campaign is coming to an end, while blueberries and raspberries will continue to be harvested until late July. In general, the campaign has been marked by the impact of rainfall, as rains have been frequent.»Although the total strawberry volume has been reduced, and at given times the…..

Former Zespri CEO joins DMS Board as director
Tauranga-based DMS, the leading kiwifruit and avocado orchard management and post-harvest operator, has announced the appointment of former Zespri International CEO Lain Jager as Board Director.Mr Jager was previously CEO for Zespri International, a $2.3B Kiwifruit Marketing and Innovation company exporting…..

United Fresh reacts to Administration’s H-2A statement
“United Fresh is pleased with the announcement by the Trump Administration and the Departments of State, Agriculture, Labor, and Homeland Security, regarding their commitment to address the critical challenges of the existing bureaucratic temporary agricultural labor programs. We look forward to continuing our…..

Packaging company acquires Colorado distribution facility
Volm Companies, Inc., a company providing packaging and equipment solutions to the fresh produce industry, has announced that it has acquired the business of Atech, Incorporated in Monte Vista, Colorado.Atech has been a long-time and valuable partner for Volm, representing the Volmpack line of equipment with a…..

Record cherry season expected in British Columbia
With the sunshine in the Okanagan Valley and summer on the horizon, the excitement is growing about the imminent arrival of summer fruits from the orchards of BC Tree Fruits Cooperative (BC Tree Fruits). A combination of ideal weather conditions through bloom and the post-bloom periods as well as new…..

Carrefour’s rogue attempt results in actual change
Supermarket chain uses Black Markets to highlight absurdity of EU regulations
It’s heart-warming when a brand uses its weight in the interest of the public good. It’s better still when its impact is so massive it changes harmful laws.French grocery chain Carrefour accomplished just that, and in a deliciously subversive way, by launching the “Black Supermarket” alongside agency…..

US: Chimacum man finds huge mushroom in field
Doyle Yancey of Egg & I Farms in Chimacum, Washington, was mowing a field on Monday when he saw something, right in the path of his machine’s blades.“I was just out mowing and I always keep my eye out for animals. I thought it was a dog, so I stopped about 18-inches away from it,” he reported. Upon closer…..

Stacks of food, new Instagram trend
A new way to stand out with your Instagram account is to create food Jenga towers. The trend is based on the eponymous game. The rules are simple: the tower has to be built as high and as pretty as possible.

How to protect melons and watermelons from the heat
High temperatures and an excess of solar radiation can damage the quality, profitability and therefore, the yield of melons and watermelons. In order to address this problem, Decco has developed the Deccoshield sunscreen.Deccoshield protects both the fruit and the plant against excessive sun exposure. Its…..

Most expensive fruits in the world
There are some fruits that will require you to dig deep into your pockets. made a list for us.#1 Budha- shaped Pears- These can be found in China. A farmer named Zing Hangchow from Hebei province is the one who is responsible or this fruit. Chinese myth says that if you eat magical Buddha…..

Why CRISPR-modified crops do not count as GMOs
The world urgently needs to figure out ways to boost food production. Increasing crop yields through conventional plant breeding is inefficient – the outcomes are unpredictable and it can take years to decades to create a new strain. On the other hand, powerful genetically modified plant technologies can…..

Restaurants capitalize on rising supply
Avocados on everything?
The already-popular avocado is getting a turbo boost from higher supply and lower prices — and restaurants are eager to cash in.Starbucks Corp. has added avocado spread to its permanent menu in the U.S. and Canada after a successful test run last year, while Chili’s Grill & Bar this month began selling a…..

Available exclusively in 17 Asda stores
Goutini tomato: Large, but full of flavour
The tomato industry has been trying for years to find a tomato that’s big in size but still packed with flavour. It’s the holy grail everyone’s looking for, and people think it has been found in the Goutini tomato.The Goutini is very exciting because it’s the size of a smallish beefsteak tomato but with an…..

Banana prices plummeted in April
Banana prices in Europe have plummeted a lot earlier this year. Normally, they decrease with the arrival of the summer fruits, but this year they began decreasing in April.Whilst the first trimester was exceptional in terms of prices and the volume consumed in Europe, the USA and elsewhere, as of April prices…..

Spain: Nectarine and peach production down by 10-15%; apricot volume up by 5-10%
The Subdirectorate General of Fruits and Vegetables and Viticulture of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment convened their second meeting for the analysis of the Spanish stone fruit campaign. The production volume of peaches and nectarines is expected to drop by between 10% and 15%;…..

Jayne Dyas leaves British Growers on a high note
Jayne Dyas, Head of Crop Associations at the British Growers Association, is to leave the organisation after 28 years. Jayne, who joined the organisation in 1989, has seen the number of Crop Associations managed by British Growers double from seven to 14 during that time. Jack Ward, British Growers’ Chief…..

Number of countries a citizen from any nation can go to visa-free
Passport Power Index

Consumers still hesitate to buy fresh produce online
In a recent survey, the reasons people generally gave for online grocery shopping reflect larger e-commerce trends. People are looking for good deals, they want to save time or they want to avoid the hassle of brick-and-mortar stores.Still, consumers typically turn to friends and family when looking for…..

FLASH GALA™ the new apple on the block
With over a quarter of a million trees already purchased, Bigbucks, the improved Corder Gala apple strain, is now the most successful new variety in terms of orders placed in the history of the South African Plant Improvement Organisation since launch date.Named after Buks Nel, Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing’s New…..

Mercadona has launched online pilot
Samara Capital in talks to buy Aditya Birla Group’s supermarket chain More
Sweden: Axfood targets online, digital, health and lifestyleAxfood’s Hemköp supermarket banner is introducing digital receipts, citing research that 44% of Swedes want digital receipts, while only 3% keep their receipts after food shopping. Customers can opt into the facility online or in Hemköp’s app……

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