Thursday, May 31, 2018
Latin America edition

King Fruit – new banana brand
Great expectations for Mexican bananas on Canadian market
“Even though the market conditions in the worldwide market for bananas seem to be poor, we are positive about starting our export to Canada. The prices Canadian consumers are willing to pay, offers chances for a relatively good profit. The Canadian market itself has high requirements, for example, in terms of…..

Cargolink Logistic reacts to strike
Brazil: Empty supermarket shelves due to trucker’s strike
“In the Northwest of Brazil, we had to cancel 2 freighter flights. One from Lusthansa departing from Netal on Sunday 27th, and another one from Cagolux from Petrolina on Monday 28th of May. Each one of these freighters has a capacity around 100 tons of cargo per flight. Just looking at our company, we suffer…..

MKT Jaguacy
«Our work has become more biological, in favor of socio-environmental responsibility»
Jaguacy, a producer and exporter of Hass Avocados in Brazil, has directed biotechnology efforts to combat the plague of the Stenoma catenifer. The pest can infest orchards and cause the total destruction of the fruits, to the point of rendering the production unfeasible.Working on the integrated fruit…..

Chile and Brazil to sign MOU on organic products
Maria Jose Campos, Chile’s Agricultural Attache in Brazil, stated that Chile and Brazil would be signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) soon, which would open very good possibilities for different Chilean products, such as fruits. She made the statement during the Workshop on Updating Equivalence in…..

Peru: Finding niche markets for Peruvian potatoes is essential
The Peruvian potato is undergoing a process of transformation, Peru is the leading producer of potatoes in Latin America, however the country still lacks export policies to other niche markets, where the native potato would have no competition.This was the main topic addressed by André Devaux, the regional…..

Chile: Fruit exports increased by 8.3% in the first quarter
In the first quarter of 2018, Chile exported 1.34 million tons of fresh fruit, i.e. 8.3% more than in the same period of 2017 and 13% more than in the first quarter of 2016. The increase in exports of fresh fruit goes hand in hand with the increase in the national surface area.The average price of these…..

Mexico: Tomatoes from Nuevo Leon head to Texas
The tomato that is produced in the municipality of Arramberri, Nuevo Leon, will be exported, starting this week, directly to Pharr, Texas, under the Sandia Valley brand.The greenhouse, which is known as the FIDESUR-Watermelon Horticultural Technopark, produces 9,000 tons per year.Almost 70% of that production…..

Chile: The promotion of citrus will be bigger this season
Karen Brux, the General Director of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA) of North America, stated that this season’s citrus promotion would be bigger than in previous years. The goal is to better support the consumption of fruit given that this season Chilean citrus exports are expected to increase by…..

Panama: Banana exports rebound
Panama’s banana is showing signs of recovery. In the 90’s, the country exported 42 million boxes of fruit but, up until a few months ago, it was only shipping about 16 million boxes abroad.The upturn is evident in the official figures of the National Institute of Statistics and Census, which reveals that the…..

Chilean farmers interact with their land through virtual assistant
A group of Chilean scientists are applying artificial intelligence to help a sector not usually associated with this kind of advanced technology: fruit farming. The team has designed special software called Agronomic Simulation and Agroclimatic Information, known by its Spanish acronym SAIA, which places…..

Special Greece

Jupiter Group’s Greek stone fruit supply is underway
Jupiter Group’s Greek stone fruit season, which includes nectarines, peaches and cherries, commenced in mid-May and will run until mid-September, depending on varieties.Produce comes from some of the best growers in the country and can be offered in a host of packing formats – including netted punnets,…..

Global Focus Melons/Pineapple

Genci Armero, of Enza Zaden Spain:

«Melons with flavour, pest resistance and easy to cut»
Gaining a foothold in the melon market and meeting the needs of professional producers is a great challenge for Enza Zaden, which is achieving this with a range of melons developed with two fundamental characteristics: flavour and resistance.»We develop melon varieties designed for each client and for each…..

China: «Jiaxing vineyard owners value product variety improvement»
«Jiaxing in Zhejiang is one of China’s most important grape production areas. Not only have farmers implemented the scientific management of grape plantation in the last two years, they have also come to value the improvement of product varieties. While many farmers planted Hong Ti grapes in recent years, this…..

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Some California cherry growers have already finished their season
The cherry harvest has finished prematurely for some growers in California. With a severely depleted crop due to the highly damaging weather events in early spring, many growers did not even have enough volume for promotable supplies.»Our cherry season already ended two weeks ago,» said Justin Bedwell of Bari…..

Ontario asparagus growers are struggling right now
The start of the Ontario asparagus season has brought abundant and high quality supply. Growing conditions have been excellent and, more importantly, the weather during last year’s fall season set up the crop perfectly. On a production level, things are looking great.»Mother Nature was very kind to asparagus…..

Cooler weather in California creates tight broccoli supply
Broccoli production in California has now completely transitioned away from the desert regions and into the northern growing areas. Supplies are very tight as the weather has made growing conditions unfavorable.»The growing regions are now focused on the Santa Maria Valley and the Salinas Valley, as it is too…..

Exact nature of grievances still unclear
SR Valley citrus packhouses closed because of labour unrest
All of the citrus packhouses in Addo and Kirkwood, Eastern Cape, have been closed for the safety of workers and residents of surrounding townships have blocked access to the areas. Operations on citrus farms in the Sundays River Valley have reportedly also come to a halt.The main gate of the Addo Elephant Park…..

AU: Avocado growers looking forward to developing market in Japan
A Western Australian avocado packer has welcomed new market access to Japan, saying it will be needed to help ensure growers get a good price for their produce into the future.Last week, the Australian government reached a new protocol agreement for Hass avocados with Japan, and will be calling for…..

Good profits for Jingold
An excellent season for Jingold, so much so that producers will receive a nice settlement. President Patrizio Neri added that «in Italy, we harvested around 8500 tons of Jingold kiwis. Quantities ended a few weeks ago, a month earlier than last year when quantities were actually lower. As for next season, we…..

Mark van der Zouwen, Cucurbits Global Product Manager Hazera:
«Sabroson Galia melon gives new impulse to melon market»
Due to the unreliability of the flavour of Galia melons, growers in Almeria are dealing with a reducing demand, says Mark van der Zouwen, Cucurbits Global Product Manager at Hazera. «Growers also have to turn to all kinds of artifice in order to get a better setting and calibre, which doesn’t help the flavour…..

Plenty of cabbage as Georgia season nears its end
Growers in North Carolina will see their first cabbage crops for the season within the next two weeks. Georgia is the primary growing region on the East Coast at the moment and weather conditions have been favorable so far. Supply is good and there are no gaps expected, unless any rain events occur.»We will…..

Pulsed Electric Field technology in the potato industry
Pulsemaster Pulsed Electric Field PEF equipment has been developed to improve food quality and food safety, optimise process efficiency, reduce energy costs and stimulate the introduction of new products.At the end of the video, the result of the PEF treatment on the potatoes is certainly worth watching.This…..

June is California Avocado Month
June usually is in the sweet spot of promotable California avocado volume, and this year is no exception. In June 2010 the California Avocado Commission (CAC) introduced California Avocado week, and since 2012 has marketed June as “California Avocado Month”. The celebration continues this season with a full…..

Mucci Farms is now officially “Ohio Grown”
Mucci Farms announces that they are officially harvesting out of Phase 1 of their 60-acre greenhouse facility in Huron, Ohio. “After years of hard work and strategic planning, we’re excited to hit another milestone in the Mucci Farms story,” said Bert Mucci, CEO of Mucci Farms. “We’re very appreciative of the…..

June 6th-8th new business opportunities at the London Produce show
Oranfrizer: the red oranges’ export increase of 55%
June has arrived, and soon the commercialization of red oranges for Oranfrizer will continue, in Italy and abroad. This is one of the longest citrus seasons.It happens thanks to Oranfrizer’s combination of quality and quantity of the varietal innovations planted in Sicily, on the slopes of the Etna volcano.»In…..

Robots to save us from strawberry shortages
Strawberries are a delicate fruit. They need people who pick the small, bright red fruits out in the fields. But distributors are having a hard time finding people to do the job. Today, that’s where technology steps in. Two companies, Octinion and Dogtooth, are developing robots that can gather strawberries…..

Minister Hutchinson:
‘Jamaica could earn $41 million annually from mushroom cultivation’
Jamaican Minister without Portfolio J C Hutchinson, currently in charge of Agriculture, last Tuesday stated his country could earn up to $41 million annually from mushroom cultivation. Hutchinson: » … the prospects for mushroom cultivation are excellent. Jamaica stands to earn some $41 million and provide…..

NZ: Strong avocado returns driving investment into industry
The New Zealand avocado industry has just posted the draft result for the 2017-18 season of $150m in sales, with $105m from export markets and $45m from the New Zealand market. This outstanding result has been achieved from 3.8m trays, just 50% of the production volume of the previous year, which achieved…..

The roads of Great Britain
What more is there to say?
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The growth potential of the Chinese market may have been overestimated
China buys 33% more citrus from Spain, but growth prospects are not met
A few weeks after the conclusion of the citrus export campaign to China, the Asian giant has seen an increase in Spanish shipments. Purchases from traders in the Region of Valencia stand out the most, with a 33% growth. The 25,307 tonnes marketed so far in the 2017/2018 season consolidate this market as the…..

Origin Fruit Direct moves to Cool Port Rotterdam
Last weekend Origin Fruit Direct moved to Cool Port Rotterdam. The modern building has a storage capacity of 30,000 pallets for cool storage. There is an expedition space 7,500 square metres on the ground floor with 38 dock shelters and on the first floor there is a packaging and repackaging space for fruit…..

For now, only Peruvians can enjoy Isla de Mala plantains
Although a great number of Peruvian foods have already earned a reputation internationally for their extraordinary quality and nutritional properties, there are still some gems that only Peruvians, and no one else in the world, enjoy.This is the case of the Isla de Mala plantain, whose aroma and flavour are…..

Tackling the effects of climate change on berry cultivation in Europe
The EU-funded project GoodBerry (Improving the stability of high-quality traits of berries in different environments and cultivation systems for the benefit of European farmers and consumers) has just released a short animated film illustrating the project’s background and approach. Raising awareness of the…..

ICG: €105mln investment in six Spanish hypermarkets
Spar International: solid FY growth
Israeli supermarket chain Shufersal Q1 profit, revenue upShufersal, Israel’s largest supermarket chain, said net profit rose slightly in the first quarter, as it integrated a newly purchased drugstore chain and expanded its private label products. The company posted net profit of 67mln shekels ($19mln) versus…..

FreshPlaza funny
Police advice in China

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