Thursday, May 24, 2018
Latin America edition

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Cape Gooseberry, a little-known berry produced in Latin America
Cape gooseberries, which are originally from Peru but are mainly produced in Colombia, are not very well-known. Cape gooseberries, or Golden berries, can be confused with the orange tomatillo or cherry tomato, even though cape gooseberry grows inside a wrapper and on a smaller plant.Those who have tried this…..

Job Offers:
• Rubicon Organics, Quality Assurance Quality Control – Canada
• Lutgo Global, Junior Productie Manager – Kenia

Canchacoto Fruits
Ecuador’s granadilla export season begins
The high season of Ecuadorian granadilla will start in June and it will last until December. Its main export destination will be Canada, a country where this tropical fruit is very appreciated and where market prices are good. There is also a big demand for this fruit in Hong Kong and Europe, even though it’s…..

Camposol has a higher Q1 turnover thanks to blueberries
Camposol sold more blueberries at a higher average price. They also sold more shrimp at a stable price. This resulted in a higher turnover for the company in the first quarter of the financial year. The results for avocados were disappointing when compared to last year. It should, however, be noted that the…..

Brazil’s agriculture sector bearing the brunt of rising fuel prices
Brazil’s agriculture sector is one of the hardest hit by the rising diesel prices. This hike has provoked a nationwide trucker strike, according to an analysis from a leading university released on Wednesday. The University of Sao Paulo’s College of Agriculture (Esalq) said that as compared to early 2017,…..

Honduras to make its first melon shipment to Mexico
Authorities of the National Service for Agrifood Health and Safety (SENASA) of the Secretariat of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG) confirmed that Mexico had approved the entry of Honduran melons.This approval and official notification of the Mexican government was received by the Director General of Senasa,…..

Lime supplies starting to hit their peak in Mexico
After several months of limited supplies, lime volumes are now steadily increasing each week. Warmer temperatures are helping production move along, and suppliers are now beginning to see a surplus. This is a fairly typical pattern each year, however the peak in production has been shifted later this…..

Guatemalan farmers occupy plantation formerly owned by drug traffickers
Guatemala’s southern coast is in a constant conflict caused by the expansion of agro-industry. Across the region, small farmers struggle to feed their families as companies buy up more and more land for export crops. These conflicts have continued into the 21st century with the massive expansion of sugar cane…..

Mexico: Pineapple producers seize the Sedarpe to demand the release of resources
Since the Secretary of Finance and Planning (Sefiplan) only approved 12 million of a total of 50 million required to carry out a pineapple cultivation project in the southern zone, producers from approximately 43 cooperatives took over the facilities of the Secretariat of Agricultural, Rural and Fishing…..

Colombia: Good times for pineapples
Santander and Norte de Santander have the largest area devoted to producing pineapples in Colombia, with 12,027 hectares, i.e. 47% of the national production. The departments of Meta, Arauca, and Casanare have 5,760 hectares, which yield 31.5 tons per hectare.The Minister of Agriculture, Juan Guillermo Zuluaga…..

Spanish queen visits organic banana plantation in the Dominican Republic
Queen Letizia of Spain arrived in Haiti’s capital on Tuesday, May 22, after concluding a visit to the Dominican Republic to promote cooperation projects financed with the support of her country.Prior to her arrival in Haiti, Letizia visited the Dominican Republic, where she toured an organic banana plantation…..

Special Greece

Superfood berry producer ready for new markets
Superfoods, especially berries like goji, sea buckthorn, aronia, Cornelian cherries and organic blueberries, have been all over the news in recent years and, what some people may not be aware of, is that Greece is one of the few countries in Europe who are able to produce all of these berries.Yannis…..

Global Focus Melons/Pineapple

Queen Victoria pineapple producer expands with NFC juice line
For fifty years Wegro has been growing pineapples in Hluhluwe, northern KwaZulu-Natal as a family concern, always growing the Queen Victoria pineapple, a variety grown in few other parts of the world like India, Australia and former or current French Indian Ocean territories like Mauritius or Réunion.Wegro…..

Possible import tariff hikes for fresh products
India hits back at US anti-dumping duties
America recently decided to impose anti-dumping duties on the stainless steel flanges imported from China and India. This was done after it found in its preliminary probe that both these countries had provided subsidies to the exporters. In response, India wants to institute retaliatory tariffs on a list of…..

Increasingly higher international demand for Colombian fruit
Colombian fruits are taking more and more orders from abroad. At least that was the case at the MacFrut 2018 fair, one of the most important fruit and vegetable fairs in the world, which was recently held in Italy.There, more than 70 European and Asian companies made orders to Colombian entrepreneurs in the…..

Yurun Watermelon expands marketing channels
«Good market conditions for watermelons – April to May»
«Every watermelon production area in China began to bring large volumes of watermelon to the market in April. Overall, the traders were pleased with the opening conditions on the watermelon market. The market is clearly in better condition than in previous years. Those conditions have continued into May.» This…..

US Tri-state area
No pesticides and 95% less water – the indoor farming revolution
Indoor farming is not really that new, the most prevalent example being that of greenhouses. A New York based company is taking the concept to another level. Bowery, which launched just last year, has started up their concept of vertical indoor farming by acquiring warehouses in urban areas and turning them…..

Solid crop of Georgia peaches are welcome sight after 2017
Georgia peaches are off to a good start.“We don’t have an overwhelming early crop of Georgia peaches but we do have a steady supply,” says Duke Lane III of Lane Southern Orchards in Fort Valley, GA, who notes the first picking of Georgia peaches happened on May 11th. “We expect to hit more of a normal crop…..

California cherry growers feel relieved
Chinese inspections of US fruit are back to normal
For the past four weeks, the China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) has been detaining all US fruit shipments for seven days upon arrival into China to test for pesticide residues. However, as of yesterday inspections of new arrivals into Beijing and Shanghai Pudong are being released the same day according to…..

Launching premium variety of apples
IG International joins hands with Mr Apple
Leading fresh fruit importer IG International has entered into an association with Mr Apple, a major global apple exporter from New Zealand, to launch DIVA, a premium variety of apples into the Indian subcontinent. Deliciously sweet and crunchy, the DIVA apple variant is naturally bright red in colour and high…..

André Boer, fresh produce buyer at Superunie:
«PlanetProof is forcing trade to become transparent»
The new label «On the way to PlanetProof» (previously known as Milieukeur) not only makes cultivation more sustainable. It also brings a new dynamic to the market. It is Superunie’s goal to make fresh fruit and vegetables 100% PlanetProof, or the equivalent thereof. By the end of the year, 50% of this must…..

UK: Spanish woman charged with smuggling drugs in fruit presser
A woman has been charged with importing drugs with a street value of €25 million into the UK from Mexico. She had the drugs hidden inside an industrial fruit-processing machine. Spanish national Olivia Anton-Altamirano allegedly smuggled 250 kg of cocaine and 9 kg of crystal meth hidden inside a specially…..

‘Like a huge bee with wheels and an arm’
BrambleBee robotic pollinator
Apples, oranges, berries… For these foods we can thank bees and their extraordinary pollinating powers. Unfortunately, to show our appreciation, humans are killing off bees in staggering numbers—destroying their habitats and poisoning them with pesticides. And at the same time, our population is skyrocketing,…..

A general overview of agricultural production in Turkey
The Turkish Association of Chambers of Agriculture Chairman, Semsi Bayraktar: “The growers are the core of this country. There is a population of 81 million, 5 million immigrants and 40 million tourists annually visiting the country and agricultural production is responsible for feeding them all whilst…..

A fungus could be the key
Australian researchers working on ways to produce better looking bananas
James Cook University scientists Dr Tobin Northfield and honours student Amy McGuire will use a fungus found in soil to combat rust thrips.“Rust thrips are tiny insects that feed on leaves and developing bananas. This produces a rust-coloured scarring that becomes more apparent as the banana grows. The rust…..

South Africa: Eastern Cape thieves loot moving pineapple truck
A group of thieves in the Eastern Cape looted a pineapple truck while it was on the move. Some people are not averse to grabbing a «freebie» when they see an overturned truck. But others are obviously not even waiting for the truck to come to a standstill. A driver in the Eastern Cape filmed three men clinging…..

«The easiest way to consume fresh produce anywhere»
“The company processes and serves all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables, such as apple, pineapple, persimmon, watermelon, pumpkin, onion, carrot, lime, lemon, etc. It’s the easiest way for consumers to consume fresh fruit anywhere, with the natural flavour but without having to process, wash or cut the fruit…..

Iran: Apple export volumes officially at 700.000 tons
Ministry of Agriculture official, Shokrollah Hajivand, said this week that about 700,000 tons of high-quality apples have been exported in this Iranian fiscal year (March 20, 2017 to May 20, 2018). It is predicted however that this product will experience a considerable decline in terms of production in the…..

Colombia: Containerized exports increase
In the first quarter of 2018 Colombian containerized trade grew by 3.2% driven by a 10.2% increase in exports, according to a report by AP Moller Maersk, which also stated that Colombian agroindustry’s exports’ upward trend of the last two years was still alive.Banana, avocado, and pineapple exports increased…..

First inspection of Chilean lemons for US under the systems approach
On Saturday, May 19, professionals from the SAG-USDA / APHIS-ASOEX los Lirios Phytosanitary Inspection Site made the first inspection and approval of Chilean lemons for the USA under the systems approach.On April 6, the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) of the United States Department of…..

Chile expects citrus exports to increase by 17% this season
The Citrus Committee of Chile-ASOEX, stated that they expected a 17% increase in citrus exports for the 2017-2018 season. According to the Committee’s forecasts the increase would be led by mandarins, which are expected to increase by 32% over the previous season, followed by oranges, and clementines.Mandarin…..

New GMO foods made for you
Pink pineapples, non-browining apples and potatoes that don’t bruise
There is a new generation of GMO foods, designed with the consumer in mind. They can give health benefits, increased flavour or longer shelf-life. Let us list some of them:Non-browning apples – Some people dislike eating fruit with flesh that has become discoloured. This never happens to Arctic apples. They…..

US-China trade truce: Agriculture, shipping and energy firms set to gain most
The truce in the US-China trade war is set to benefit the agriculture and energy sectors because of China’s commitment to significantly increase related imports from the US, say analysts. Shipping companies and port operators are also likely to profit from stronger freight demand and trade flows.Following two…..

Vermeulen Food Group going to ‘pick other fruit’
Flevofruit to stop growing fruit – auctioning off sorting lines
Many people are familiar with Flevofruit, thanks to their well-known juices, Flevosap. Flevofruit and Flevosap are part of the Vermeulen Food Group. This Dutch group will no longer be cultivating their own fruit. They are going to exclusively focus on making juices. This means Flevofruit’s extensive sorting…..

Record New Zealand kiwifruit exports boost overall exports in April
According to monthly trade data released today, a record month for kiwifruit exports helped push the country’s overall exports in April to the second-highest level ever. Kiwifruit exports surged 82 percent in April to $438 million, a new high. The rise in kiwifruit exports was the leading contributor to a 7.3…..

This ocean voyage is the longest straight-line journey on Earth
If you want to go on the longest boat ride in the world, but you don’t have a rudder, what route would you take? Five years ago, a reddit user proposed that traveling overseas from southern Pakistan to northeastern Russia would yield a trip of 32,090.3 kilometers: the longest straight-line journey on Earth.

Now, a team of scientists has finally proved him right.

Cops guard melons in eastern Taiwan
In order to protect a bumper crop of watermelons in eastern Taiwan’s Hualien County, local police have initiated «Operation Protect Melons,» to protect the gourds from potential thieves. Hualien’s Yuli Township is renowned for its sweet watermelons and this year -because of a mild spring- a bumper harvest is…..

As NAFTA talks are stalling
Mexico hopes to export more bananas to China
A Mexican trade delegation travelling to China this week expects to wrap up talks that will allow more banana, pork and sorghum exports to the Asian behemoth. The talks, which centre on health and safety protocols, come at a sensitive time for Mexico as negotiations over an updated North American Free Trade…..

«Reducing labour costs and improving crop growth in soft fruit»
Reducing labour costs and improving crop growth is an important topic for soft fruit growers around the world. Thanks to newly developed Latex Weed Mats, they have a new tool in doing so. Less is moreMade from natural latex and organic coconut fibre, Galuku’s Latex Weed Mats provide a protective layer around…..

Aussie grower Rod Dalton switched from avocados to figs
Fig farmer Rod Dalton claims he made the switch from ‘thirsty’ avocados to the forbidden fruit after a tip-off from a friend. It was the early 2000s and Dalton was predominately growing stone fruit as well as avocados and a few oranges. A friend, who was also a farmer, would come over regularly and we would…..

Spain: 6 months in prison and 2,000 Euro fine for illegal blueberry plantation
A farmer has been sentenced by the Huelva Criminal Court No. 1 to six months in prison and the payment of a 2,160 Euro fine for the unauthorised production of Snowchaser blueberries, whose intellectual property belongs to the University of Florida and is licensed to the company Rústicas del Guadalquivir.The…..

Victory Supermarket: record-high growth
VTB sells part of stake in Magnit for $1bln
Germany: Kaufland captures 1st mover advantage in Germany with roll-out of NCR self-checkoutsNCR Corporation, a global leader in omni-channel solutions, announced that its self-checkout solution is a key part of Kaufland’s store reinvention initiative. The German hypermarket chain embarked on a store…..

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