Thursday, June 14, 2018
Latin America edition

Guatemala evaluates agricultural losses caused by the volcano
The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA) is evaluating the agricultural losses caused by the eruption of the Fuego volcano in the village of El Rodeo and nearby communities in the southern department of Escuintla, stated an official source.»The MAGA is conducting a survey regarding agricultural…..

11th anual congress AMHPAC, Mexico
Mexico: Decisions on diversification of export destinations expected
“At this year’s convention, ProMéxico will deliver the results of the research that is being done on the new markets as well as the opportunities to diversify crops and added value. It’s expected to make decisions in this regard. We, AMHPAC, will make all this information available to the members, as well as…..

Information published by HF Brasil
Brazil: Consequences of the truckers’ strike on the domestic market
«There were losses in all fruits during the truckers’ strike, but the most affected ones were bananas and papayas. In the case of bananas, the production in the north of Santa Catarina was at its peak harvest time, which is why they were severely affected by the strike. As for watermelon, grapes, mango,…..

Panalpina’s expansion of the Perishables Network continues in Argentina
Panalpina will acquire the Argentinian company Newport Cargo S.A., subject to conditions. The companies reached a respective agreement on June 13, 2018.Headquartered in the center of Buenos Aires and with offices at the Ezeiza International Airport, Newport Cargo handles 24,000 tons of air freight exports per…..

Peru: 75% of the varieties of peppers are in danger, if they aren’t exploited commercially
At least three quarters (75%) of the pepper varieties that exist in Peru are destined for consumption by the grower and would be at risk of disappearing if they aren’t exploited commercially, said the researcher of the Vegetable Program of the National University Agraria La Molina (UNALM), Roberto Ugaz.He said…..

«The quality of the Chilean blueberries has decreased in the last three seasons»
«Some people may call us alarmist,» said Raul Dastres, the president of Valle Maule, «but we are not exaggerating or being pessimistic. We just want to generate an alert in the sector. Chile is not achieving a good quality level in the international market, and growing global competition is attracting more and…..

Colombia expects to produce more than 950,000 tons of pineapple this year
The Minister of Agriculture, Juan Guillermo Zuluaga Cardona, stated that the pineapple was having a good moment and that, according to projections, the country would produce around 950 thousand tons of pineapples in 2018. He also said that they had recently achieved opening the Argentine market to this…..

Horticultural product prices are expected to increase
Uruguay: Hail causes severe damage in Salto
Representatives of the seven guilds of horticultural producers of Salto estimate that nearly 300 of the 400 hectares with plantations were affected by the Monday’s hailstorm. The time it would take to repair the greenhouses and replace their roofs would be too long to prevent the crops from being affected by…..

Argentina: Authorities extend the emergency for apples and pears
The Government extended the economic, productive, financial, and social emergency for the pears and apples production chain of the provinces of Neuquen, Río Negro, Mendoza, San Juan and La Pampa for a year.The emergency was declared by Law 27,354 and its amendments; today’s decree, 517/2018, extended the…..

Brazilian research team – São Paulo State University:
Antarctic fungi found to be effective against citrus canker
A research team at the São Paulo State University’s Bioscience Institute (IB-UNESP) in Rio Claro, Brazil, has identified 29 fungi with proven action against Xanthomonas citri, a bacterium responsible for citrus canker, an endemic disease in all citrus-producing countries. The origin of the fungi is surprising……

Special Poland

Polish Blueberry Season 2018

The ‘good’ weather hasn’t been so good for nature
Production during the 2018 Polish blueberry season is not going to be as high as growers had previously hoped, with production expected to be in line with last year.»We knew that there would be some damage after the frosts, but many producers were still hoping for a good season since we were in the budding…..

Global Focus Soft / Stonefruit

Importers look to Mexico for improvements in blackberry quality
While improvements are being made on blackberries from Mexico in terms of varieties, there’s a hope that work around quality issues and farming also be improved. “According to UN Comtrade data, since 2013, Mexico’s shipments abroad of blackberries have almost doubled. But the nation still has a way to go in…..

Jan Groen:
“The Netherlands is an organic production paradise”
Even before a green pea or carrot has been sown, the complete harvest for the coming season has already been sold. The sales season for Green Organics finishes in February / early March. “Market-oriented growing is our speciality,” says Jan Groen, manager of Green Organics and chairperson of Bio Nederland……

Weakening Rand improves income but drives up logistics costs
Tight apple stocks stimulate demand but pear bottleneck in Europe
South Africa’s lower apple supply has a positive effect on demand in worldwide markets and exporters are seeing good movement on apples.Apple exports to Europe, whose own supply is lower, is 66% up on last year (YTD from week 1 to week 23) in response to strong prices. Europe is, at this point in the season,…..

Solid season despite lower supply of New Jersey asparagus
Thanks to a cool spring, supplies of New Jersey asparagus were a little tighter this season. “We were down this year—we were probably running at about 2/3 of a normal yield,” says Tom Sheppard of Eastern Fresh Growers in Cedarville, NJ. He looks to the cool April as to the reason behind the late start. “It was…..

US: Northwest pear crop 2018 estimates announced
As part of the annual Pear Bureau Northwest (PBNW) meeting held in Portland, OR on May 31, industry members compiled the first official estimate of the 2018-19 fresh pear crop for Washington and Oregon. Pear growers and producers from Washington’s Wenatchee and Yakima districts and Oregon’s Mid-Columbia and…..

Dominican Republic breadfruit in the US sees even volume
Supplies of breadfruit from the Dominican Republic are strong right now. “We are getting a lot of breadfruit from the south part of the Dominican Republic and the North is about to begin its production,” says Jefferson Rodriguez of Doral, Fl.-based JK Tropicals. He adds that there are three main regions in the…..

Levenig Fresh GmbH relies on successful product lines in fresh-cut segment
‘Great enthusiasm for convenience berries’
No matter where, when or for whom: the sumptuous berry fruits of Levenig GmbH are now also available ‘ready to eat’ as a convenience product on the refrigerated shelves. This season for the first time, the company based in Nörvenich-Pingsheim is offering cups with berry fruit and a topping of your choice……

Triple mulching film machine to save time and money
Mulching films are essential in modern agriculture. In order to lower their cost, Checchi and Magli launched its new Plastic Stop Plus, which triples the laying efficiency in a single passage.Watch the videos»It’s a machine that lays plastic films on three beds at the same time. It also earths them up. It can…..

«Children love the shape, size, and flavor»
«Great market prospects for bunched small tomatoes in China»
«Beijing Hortipolaris is located in an industrial park in Miyun District of Beijing. The greenhouses cover 3.3 hectares and include 2.2 hectares of tomato plantations and 2000m2 of lettuce plantation, as well as 2000m2 of nursery garden. We began planting small tomatoes on February 15th, 2018, and already…..

Blueberries in support of French football team
The Football World Cup is the biggest sporting event in France. “Our blueberry season is starting at the same time as the World Cup”, says Jacques Cailleaux, Sales and Sourcing Manager at Fruit Rouges & Co. “So, of course, we had to do something with these blue coloured berries.”“ ‘Everyone in blue with…..

New image Tany Sweet – Myfruitworld
Spain: “Less risk due to spread of stone fruit production areas”
“This is the first time we have presented our new image. While we first just delivered the fruit that was demanded, we now work with product lines. We have our production regions in different areas from the North to the South of Spain. With these product lines we have all types of stone fruit available from…..

Cherries are more popular when big, sweet and crunchy
Over 150 operators from all over Italy and abroad discussed cherries during the Open Day held at Vivai F.lli Zanzi on 12th June 2018. People tend to prefer big cherries that are sweet and crunchy.»Among the tested varieties, Royal Helen proved to be very interesting. Fruits are big, with high Brix levels and…..

Turkey: Extra measures taken to improve the quality of figs in Aydin
Fig production is one of the main sources of income for Aydin, a city located in southwestern Turkey. Currently the city’s Food, Agriculture and Breeding Directorate is starting to take extra measures to maintain and improve the quality of the products.Aydin is responsible for 62 % of the fig production in…..

Turkey: Huge disparity between grower’s income and retail price of cherries
Cherries from the Avra district of Aydin, a southwestern Turkish city, are well-known for top quality and are exported to many countries. However the growers in the area claim that this season has been the worst in the last 20 years.Cherries were sold for around 4 USD per kg early in the season but now the…..

Duda Fresh enters 16th year of citrus imports
Continuing with its established program, Duda Farm Fresh Foods is entering its 16th summer of bringing imported citrus into the United States. New this year, Cara Caras join the citrus line-up of easy peelers – to include clementines and mandarins – navels and lemons sold under the Dandy® label available now…..

Giumarra Vineyards announces unique PLUs for proprietary varieties
Giumarra Vineyards announces unique PLUs for proprietary grape varieties.Green varieties:• ARRAFIFTEEN – ARRA SWEETIES – 3491• ARRATHIRTY – ARRA SUGAR DROP – 3504Red varieties:• ARRATWENTYEIGHT – ARRA PASSION PUNCH – 3503• ARRATWENTYNINE – ARRA PASSION FIRE – 3492Black varieties:• ARRATWENTYSEVEN – ARRA MYSTIC…..

Canadian ready-to-eat salad producer expands line
The newest offering from The Star Group is Inspired Leaves; Canadian Grown, pesticide-free lettuce that the company says is cut, washed, and ready-to-eat.This new product is an extension of Inspired Greens living lettuce, which is greenhouse grown year-round in Coaldale, AB. “We are taking ultra clean, fresh…..

Research indicates edible flowers are the top consumer food trend
Floral flavours are the number one consumer food trend for 2018 according to Whole Foods Market. For years, professional chefs have been using edible flowers as garnishes or to give dishes a signature flavour and consumers are now seeking new culinary experiences at home and experimenting with unconventional…..

NJ-based importer now offers Fair Trade Certified™ mangoes
Amazon Produce Network, a mango importer headquartered in Vineland, NJ with offices in Los Angeles, McAllen, Nogales and Miami, now offers Fair Trade Certified organic and conventional mangoes this year for the first time. From June through September, Amazon Produce will source a wide range of mangoes from two…..

Oppy names MacDonald and Gardner to new director roles
Oppy has promoted a pair of veterans to newly created leadership roles within its marketing team.On June 1, Marketing Development Manager Cathie MacDonald was elevated to director of marketing services, while Karin Gardner, previously marketing communications manager, was promoted to director, corporate…..

Zespri red kiwifruit two years from commercial introduction
According to Zespri, the world is waiting for a good red kiwifruit. And surely, the national exporter hopes to deliver just that, in a couple of years. Visitors to the Zespri site can already sample the attractive red fruit, but it’s taking time to fine-tune its commercial introduction, and to make the fruit…..

Bitcoin hits four-month low after currency exchange theft
The price of bitcoin has fallen to a four-month low of $6,370, days after South Korean virtual currency exchange Coinrail said hackers had stolen over $37 million, or almost a third of the virtual currency it had stored. After Coinrail announced the theft, the price of bitcoin dropped $500 in an hour and it…..

Zespri campaign targets moms through consumer touchpoints
A new consumer campaign brings the Zespri brand to life with a national digital campaign supported by in-store demos, point of sale materials, geo-targeted digital couponing, display contests, billboards in select markets and a “Real Giveaways for Real Life” promotion. The campaign launched June 6th and will…..

Berry grower and apple brand team up for Tour de Fresh promotions
California Giant Berry Farms and the company Foundation is welcoming chef, and television personality, Adam Glick in the 5th annual Tour de Fresh portion of their booth during the upcoming United Fresh Convention in Chicago later this month. In return, Jazz™ Apples is sponsoring an industry-wide fundraiser…..

Australian climate classification map
Everything you wanted to know about the layout of Australia.

AFLAS Awards 2018:
Customers select Hamburg Süd as «Best Shipping Line» between Asia and Europe
Hamburg Süd this year is again among the winners of the major Asia Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain (AFLAS) Awards of shipping and logistics journal «Asia Cargo News». Already for a second time since 2016, Hamburg Süd has received the «Best Shipping Line Asia-Europe» title. High customer satisfaction played…..

Styrian Apples:
Austria: Estimated harvest of 180,000 tons
Apple farmers in Styria are hoping for a good harvest this year. They estimate the yield as being 180,000 tons, which is a very satisfactory result after two frost-plagued years, with 40,000 tons in 2016 and 70,000 tons in 2017.Orchard Manager Wolfgang Mazelle told that from an average harvest, about 50…..

Suspicious avocado on vegetable shelf attracts police attention
On Monday 11 June, around 18.45 hours, a 33-year-old from Fuerstenfeldbruck discovered an avocado on a vegetable shelf at a discounter in Ludwigsvorstadt, that had a wire sticking out of it.The lady found this suspicious and alerted the police. Because of her description, it was assumed that the suspicious…..

Japan imported less citrus in the January to April period
Between January and April of this year Japan imported a total of 77,222 tons of citrus, i.e. 10% less than in the same period of 2017.The results are variable depending on the species, but what is certain is that no species shows significant growth in recent years. Orange is the most imported citrus but, up…..

First ever Dutch pears available from supermarket chain in Mexico
On Monday 11 June, the Dutch ambassador in Mexico, Margriet Leemhuis, handed the first box of Dutch Conference pears to Mexican supermarket chain Superama.Pear promotionIn coming weeks, the Dutch Conference pear will be promoted in various branches of Superama throughout Mexico.Photos: LAN MexicoConference…..

Sweden grows its own sweet potatoes
In Sweden, the first 5.000 sweet potato plants were planted in an experimental field at the end of May. This is an initiative of the Swedish Agricultural High School. They are collaborating on this project withHIR Skåne, a Swedish agricultural consultancy company. It was, however, not plain sailing with the…..

Maersk Line introduces new service from Asia to East Canada
Maersk Line will launch its own weekly all-water service from the Far East to Montreal and Halifax.Maersk Line’s AE6 service will connect ports in China and Southeast Asia to its new Med/Montreal Express (“MMX”) at its terminal in Algeciras. Maersk’s facility at Tanjung Pelapas, from which the AE6 sails…..

Italy: Violent hailstorm hits South Tyrol
A violent hailstorm struck several areas of Val Venosta on Monday. Early reports suggested that 200 hectares had been affected. It should be said that the majority of apple orchards, which are the main crop in the area, are protected by anti-hail nets. The problems have therefore mainly hit plants which are…..

Tesco and Ocado: productDNA
Coles: developing new smaller stores
Agreement at Carrefour Belgium: fewer redundancies, no store closuresTrade unions and management have finally reached an agreement at Carrefour Belgium, which will be presented to the employees later this week. An early retirement scheme has however shocked some of the political parties. There would be no…..

FreshPlaza funny
Try not to laugh at funny pet fails

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