Friday, June 01, 2018
Latin America edition

European stone fruit growers finally seem to be making some money again this year. With the exception of Greece, production is much lower everywhere. This is resulting in remarkably good prices for Spanish stone…..

Apples and Pears
Argentina: Fresh deciduous fruit semi-annual report
Unfavourable weather conditions and market signals lower expectations for apple and pear production in 2018 to 530,000 tons each. Apple and pear exports, although projected to rise to 90,000 tons and 290,000 tons respectively, will fail to reach normal levels as strong, regional competitors capture shares from…..

Job Offers:
• Camposol Fresh, Key Account Manager – Netherlands

Colombian avocados – upward export trend continues
In 5 years, the avocado exports from Colombia rose from 5 tons to 28,487 tons. Avocados have climbed to the fourth place in the ranking of most exported agricultural products in Colombia, after coffee, bananas and plantains, with 52.9 million dollars FOB in exports in 2017. Avocado acreage has doubled in the…..

Season runs till September
Peru: Market adapts easily to different mandarin varieties
“Peru’s mandarin season is currently offering the Owari variety. This is a seedless tangerine that is currently demanded by the markets. Since tangerines are seasonal products, the market usually easily adapts to the varieties without seeds as well as to those that do have seeds. Although, they are always…..

The first container of Honduran melons is already in Mexico
The first container with Honduran melons has already arrived at the port of Manzanillo, in the Mexican state of Colima, this weekend, the ambassador of Honduras in Mexico, Alden Rivera, confirmed.Yesterday, the diplomat visited the customs office of Manzanillo to follow up on the entry of that Honduran product…..

The US was the main destination for Peruvian blueberries in the first quarter
The Association of Exporters (ADEX) reported that blueberry exports in the first quarter of 2018 amounted to US $48,604,000, i.e. 229.1% more than in the same period last year.According to data from the Adex Data Trade Commercial Intelligence System, the main destination was the United States, with US…..

Camposol and Win-Chain, strategic cooperation to export more Peruvian products to China
Camposol is the largest agricultural company in Peru and a leading producer of avocados and blueberries. Jose Antonio Gomez Bazan, the CEO of Camposol Trading, spoke about the company’s plans for the Chinese market. He has just participated in a fair in China, organized by Alibaba and the Yiguo Profit…..

Honduras: Banana exports generated 5.4% less income in the first quarter
According to an official source, revenue from Honduran banana exports in the first quarter of 2018 was 5.4 percent lower than in the same period of 2017 and amounted to 127.3 million dollars.The Central Bank of the country stated in its report on Foreign Trade in General Merchandise that banana sales were 7.3…..

Chile: A man exchanges 58 kg of avocados for a cell phone
Avocado prices are high, and since they cost close to 5 thousand pesos they are no longer a simple accompaniment at the table and have almost become a luxury product.In the middle of CyberDay, users shared a curious offer through social networks. The Ripley multi-store was selling a cellphone for $199,990…..

Ecuador: Blueberry cultivation up 100% in the last two years
Producers, university students, teachers, and businessmen are participating today in the International Seminar on the Production and Export of Blueberries in Quito, which is organized by the consulting company Global Forum.The growing demand for this fruit in Ecuador caused investors to focus on a product…..

Argentina: Thailand authorizes the entry of citrus from Entre Rios
The Thai government has formalized the decision to authorize – after inspections by a technical team – the export of tangerines and oranges from Entre Rios to Thailand. This was announced at a hearing, which was attended by the governors of Santa Fe and of Cordoba, Miguel Lifschitz and Juan Schiaretti, and the…..

Special Poland

Polish prefer buying organic directly from growers than supermarkets
Although it might be slightly behind its western European counterparts, the organic food segment has seen dynamic growth in Poland over the last decade. According to industry forecasts, the upward trend is expected to continue, on the back of more and more Polish consumers have more money to spend and are…..

Global Focus Soft / Stonefruit
South Carolina peaches bounce back with good 2018 volume
After weather events decimated its 2017 crop, South Carolina is picking back up with a good volume of peaches. “In the past three weeks packing a good volume of fruit,” says J.W. Yonce III with J.W. Yonce & Sons Inc. in Johnston, S.C. “We’re a bit early this year, about 4-5 days or maybe even a week.” The…..

South Africa
Agri SA welcomes passing of the Minimum Wage Bill
Agri SA has cautiously welcomed the passing of the National Minimum Wage Bill by the National Assembly on Tuesday. The agriculture union said it has also noted the passing of the Labour Relations Amendment Act and Basic Conditions of Employment Act, all of which were also passed by the South African…..

Different opportunities for ripening rooms
With the intent to offer customers a wide variety of ripeness in their fruit, one Toronto company has invested in its infrastructure—namely ripening rooms originally intended solely for bananas.The decision to invest first came about in 2016. “It was first investing in ripening rooms for bananas and then it…..

Still infectious after chlorine wash
Clorine may not be enough to VBNC bacteria
Many bacteria are known to enter a viable-but-nonculturable (VBNC) state in response to environmental stresses. VBNC means the bacteria cannot multiply and are sort of dormant, but they are still alive and dangerous.A study found that chlorine, a sanitizer commonly used for fresh produce, induces a VBNC state…..

Australia-themed apples proving to be a big hit in Asia
A Tasmanian apple producer is extending its «Australian-themed» marketing program of pre-packaged apples into Asia.Hansen Orchards admit that while apple exports out of Tasmania are only a fraction of what they used to be, it has some relatively consistent programs into Hong Kong and China.Following the…..

José Cuacés, POP Fresh:
France: «E-commerce is starting to be appreciated in the sector»
«POP Fresh is like an open door, which allows small and medium-sized farmers access to international markets”, says José Cuacés of POP Fresh. «Most of these producers do not have advanced academic training, so in some cases they can not read or speak languages other than their own. Sometimes, all of this is a…..

Georgia weather may mean lighter squash volume
Supplies of summer squash out of South Georgia could shortly be looking light. “Supplies of squash are decent right now but I think it’ll be limited within the next week,” says Eric Bolesta with Ken Corbett Farms LLC in Lake Park, Ga. “We’ve had a good 1.5 weeks of cloud coverage and rain so you should start…..

Perfect conditions for salad greens in southern California
It’s currently a great season for salad greens in southern California, with ideal weather conditions providing growers with good quality produce. Additionally, pest pressure has also been low, thanks to the steady weather conditions.»Conditions in southern California have been pretty mellow,» said Paul Rabadan…..

New Zealand satsuma mandarin season off to a good start
New Zealand satsuma mandarin growers are forecasting a slight increase in production, compared to last year.New Zealand Citrus Growers Inc (NZCGI) says the satsuma season kicked off in April and growers are around 50 per cent through harvest, with external quality and taste very good.»Satsuma mandarin season…..

A new generation of temperature monitors
FRIGGA fully enters overseas markets
A technology innovation company with 14 years of R&D experience in wireless communication, Frigga uses technological innovation to drive a new generation of temperature monitors. The company serves the fresh produce market and the pharmaceutical industry and operates traditional USB recorders. The…..

«Great market potential for fruit & veg preservation spray in China»
«A preservation spray is a kind of short-term technology that stalls the decomposition of fresh products and helps to preserve nutritional value as well as color, fragrance, and flavor. Our preservation spray products for fruit, vegetables, and flowers primarily help to improve product quality and extend shelf…..

Solution for maintaining colour and freshness in bananas
Delivering superior quality produce is the ultimate goal of growers, packers, shippers, exporters, ripeners and retail marketers. This is particularly true for bananas, which are the most popular fruit sold by grocers. It has always been a challenge to deliver bananas to the consumer at that perfect yellow…..

Susi Bonet, of Cambayas: «Good production and calibres»
Breva fig harvest in Spain meets with unexpected competition from Brazil
With a delay of about ten days compared to last year due to the mild temperatures during the spring and the abundant rainfall, the Spanish Breva fig campaign has started this week in Elche.»The European markets were waiting impatiently for the arrival of the first Spanish Breva figs, since at the moment, there…..

US: Round 2 field estimate for Northwest cherries
The sheer anticipation for the coming Northwest cherry crop may be the greatest ever. «It seems almost palpable. The situation with China appears to be easing in time for our start of harvest next week, and an unfortunately light California crop has limited U.S. retail sales. Fortunately for everyone, the wait…..

Average rainfall of 100mm for month of May across southwestern Cape
“It feels like a real Cape winter again”
Much of South Africa is wet and cold, with snow falling in Lesotho, counterseasonal rain over the central regions and in the Western Cape the mood is exuberant.Winter rainfall in the Cape has started in earnest with an average of 100mm for the month of May across the southwestern parts of the province. Late…..

Mexico: ‘Tariffs on US grapes and blueberries’
America’s relationship with Europe in disarray
President Trump plans to impose a 25 percent penalty on steel from Europe, Mexico and Canada and a 10 percent penalty on aluminium from those regions. Of course these nations could retaliate in response to the tariffs; a few months ago the European Union released a 10-page list of US products it would slap…..

Village Farms International and Agroparque de Yecapixtla extend agreement
Village Farms International, Inc. announced it has entered into a new, exclusive, seven-year agreement to sell, market, and distribute Village Farms’ tomato varieties grown by Mexico-based Agroparque de Yecapixtla. The new agreement extends the existing agreement between the two companies, under which…..

Russia, Turkey tomato trade comes under intense scrutiny
The Russian Agricultural Supervisory Agency Rosselhoznadzor officials have announced that a majority of the Turkish companies allowed to export tomato to Russia since the start of May have been violating food safety regulations. The officials said that they will meet with Turkish authorities and will decrease…..

Bananas grown in Torbali sell all over in Turkey
The Torbali Valley, located near the western Turkish city of Izmir, is well-known for its fruit and vegetable production and its newest product is bananas, the harvest of which still continues. The construction of the 2nd banana greenhouse was recently completed. Banana is only grown in three other cities in…..

Turkey: Hailstorm damages grapevines in Manisa
The hailstorm which hit the towns of Sarigol and Alasehir, in Manisa caused significant damage in grapevines in the area. The growers started to work diligently to control the extent of the damage but first reports indicate that the damage is more extensive in Sarigol.Agricultural Department officials started…..

Statistical Institute forecast indicates decline in vegetable production in Turkey
The Turkish Statistical Institute’s forecast for 2018 indicates a decline in vegetable production and an increase in fruit production in 2018 in Turkey.The production numbers are estimated to be 30.4 million tons in vegetables (a 1.4 % decline compared to previous year). Among vegetables, the expectation is a…..

Deal with Dole unlikely to bear fruit until end of year
Total Produce targeting continued growth in 2018
Total Produce confirms that the Group is targeting continued growth for 2018 on a like-for-like basis, excluding the impact of the Dole transaction. The Group’s full year growth expectations are unchanged. The first half-year growth will be limited due to the unusual weather and currency movements in the…..

DOLE resealable fruit pouches bring innovation to the fruit aisle
DOLE Resealable Fruit Pouches are an innovative way to enjoy fresh tasting fruit in a resealable, shelf-stable pack. The BPA-free pouches can be used the same way you would enjoy canned fruit, but with no need to strain or transfer fruit to another container after opening.DOLE Resealable Fruit Pouches can be…..

CIPA Congress 2018: Novamont presents its biodegradable mulch film made of Mater-Bi
Today the CIPA Congress 2018 kicks off. This international conference, which gathers farmers, growers and the world of industry and research to share and disseminate innovation, new practices and experiences in the Plasticulture sector, is held every three years.This year, the congress will be held in Arachon…..

Thais enthusiastic
Durian to be sent into outer space
Incredible as it sounds, the Thais are set to send durian into outer space, this July. The fruit -that has people both swooning and revolted by its smell and taste- will be sent up in what scientists say will be the first Thai food to leave Earth.The idea to send the dried version of the fruit into space is…..

Poland is an important player on the banana market
The European Union is the world’s leading banana importer, accounting for around 30% of all global imports in 2017. Banana demand in Europe is traditionally lower during the holiday season, as the consumption of seasonal fruits usually grows. Nevertheless, in 2017, the demand for bananas remained stable due to…..

Swiss develop smart farm equipment to reduce use of chemicals
The agricultural industry is heavily involved in researching and developing artificial intelligence. Companies are experimenting with high-tech tools that can help farmers save time and money, while at the same time reducing environment-harming chemicals. One of these companies is ecoRobotix of Switzerland. It…..

Coop distributes apples from Chile for the 25th anniversary of the Naturaplan
Last Saturday, apples were distributed at a Coop branch in Zurich as part of Naturaplan’s 25th anniversary. The two distributing gentlemen in the Naturaplan shirt could not tell what the origin of the apples was when asked by a reporter. Of course, we must assume that Naturaplan would only distribute Swiss…..

Season for dessert apples extended by 4 weeks due to weak demand in April
At the beginning of April, there was a normal demand for dessert apples, and the storages were still emptying. After the Easter holidays, sales were very slow and the finally stalled due to the increased demand for citrus fruits. In mid-April, almost all varieties were phasing out, with Gala Royal dominating…..

Especially in fast food outlets
Avocados attract followers in China
The rage for avocados has arrived in China. According to trade statistics from Comtrade, Chinese avocado imports have increased from 25 tons in 2006 to 1.9 million tons in 2010. Initially it was an unknown product for most Chinese. However, its growing appearance in a variety of restaurants, especially in the…..

Mexico will export 80 million boxes of mangoes to the US
This year, Mexico will export close to 80 million boxes of mangoes to the US market, stated Paul Michelle.The executive president of the National Mango Board, an international organization that promotes the consumption of mangoes in the US, said that this was the result of the intense promotional campaigns…..

Ecuador: A mandatory safety manual for the banana sector
The morning of Monday, May 21, 2018, became an important day for the Ecuadorian banana sector. That day, the Minister of Labor, Raul Clemente Ledesma Huerta, the Minister of Agriculture, Rubén Flores, and representatives of the United Nations Organization (FAO), the World Banana Forum, Banana Link, made the…..

Map showing the percentage of women in academia
This map shows the percentage of women in top levels of academia all over the world.

New plant fisionutrition technologies to face climate change
According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), climate variability is the biggest problem for agricultural producers today.The natural variability of rainfall, temperature and other climate conditions is the main factor that explains the changing agricultural production, which…..

China: «Free of charge» gift box of cherries is not free
«Encountered a black-hearted trader when buying fruit on the market today,» angrily wrote one netizen from Chengdu on Weibo on May 26th. The netizen described the experience of buying cherries at a fruit store called «Field Sweet Orchard». When the netizen bought the cherries, there was a «free of charge gift…..

With help from Virginia Tech
Table grapes to get picked by robots in India
To ensure the quality of table grapes a US university and an Indian multinational corporation have joined forces to develop grape-picking robots. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.‘s farm equipment division is tapping into the US technology ecosystem by establishing a high-tech research and development facility at…..

How cloud-based Croptracker, Inc. boosts farmers record keeping
Croptracker, Inc. is a cloud-based record-keeping and operations management software service which provides advanced solutions to clients in the fruit & vegetable industry, enhancing food safety traceability while decreasing overall operational costs. Our mission is to make crop production safer, more…..

Quick look
Chilean fresh fruit exports to China in the 2017/18 season
Chilean fresh fruit exports to China/Hong Kong have increased 48% compared to the previous season. The current 2017/18 Chilean fresh fruit export season is starting the last quarter, the export of “seasonal fruits” is mostly completed, except for table grapes which are in the final weeks. When reviewing the….. freight train brings China closer to European retailers
Eurocash Group: acquisition of Mila supermarkets finalized
Carrefour to revitalise hypermarkets in FranceThe head of Carrefour’s hypermarkets in France, Alain Rabec, has said the retailer is looking to revitalise the format in the country, in an interview in national newspaper Le Figaro. The strategy will involve shrinking the stores, adding outlet departments and…..

FreshPlaza funny
Why do we pay for parking in the parking lots?

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