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The harvest is slowly moving northwards. In the US, California is closing the season to make way for the north western states. In Europe, there is an overlap between the south and the north. Due to good weather…..

Argentina: Tucuman will be able to export lemons to Colombia
The companies that produce and market lemons in Tucumán will have access to the Colombian market, after the Agricultural Institute of that country (ICA) recently published the phytosanitary requirements for the import of citrus fruit from Argentina.The Minister of Productive Development, Luis Fernandez,…..

Guatemala: Crops won’t be harmed by the eruption of the volcano
The first damages caused by the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala are starting to be identified. However, according to producers, «the first identification of damages began the same day that the eruption occurred, from the area of damage identified by the Vulcanology Institute and CONRED.»Currently, the…..

Biogenetic advances in the cultivation of red peppers
Mexico must strengthen its production and quality to compete in the EU
Mexico needs to consolidate the production and quality of its agricultural food products to compete in the European Union (EU) and, at the same time, diversify its exports in order to depend less on the United States market.The increase in exports is currently one of Mexico’s great challenges in the…..

Maersk Container Industry consolidates reefer container manufacturing
To better suit market needs, Maersk Container Industry announces that is has taken the decision to consolidate its manufacturing of reefer containers in the company’s original facility in Qingdao in China. As a result, manufacturing at Maersk Container Industry’s facility in San Antonio, Chile will cease with…..

Minister Shaw:
Jamaica looks to aquaculture and mango exports as big earners
Audley Shaw, Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, says Jamaica’s aquaculture sector and the export of mangoes could both be significant foreign exchange earners. He wants both to be developed to their full economic potential.Shaw outlined his ambitious plans for both sectors while…..

Farmers from Central America and Brazil learn to live with drought
The so-called Dry Corridor of Central America, a region of El Salvador, has suffered for years the effects of extreme weather: droughts and excessive rainfall that have ruined the maize and bean crops several times, the country’s two main agricultural products and local staple foods. There has also been a…..

Bishops move to reboot talks
Nicaragua kicks off national strike
A national strike was declared in Nicaragua on Thursday, June 14, to protest the government’s deadly crackdown on a two-month long popular uprising against president Daniel Ortega. This happened just hours after the Church moved towards rekindling talks to calm the crisis. It is claimed at least 152 people…..

More than 5,000 professionals attend the first version of Expo LatinPack Chile
The first version of Expo LatinPack CHILE 2018 has now ended. This international exhibition of the packaging sector and its value chain, brought together more than 100 exhibiting companies representing more than 150 brands and was attended by more than 5 thousand professionals.Expo LatinPack Chile 2018 was…..

Colombia: «The country allowed too many imports of Chinese garlic»
Garlic is a fundamental food product for Colombians. As a result of high demand, the market for this product has grown, improving its production and increasing imports.Today, the country has nearly 364 hectares of garlic crops, almost the same amount as a decade ago. The area hasn’t grown much as a result of…..

2017/2018 campaign
Peru: Fresh mango exports grew by 11%
According to Juan Carlos Rivera Ortega, the general manager of the Association of Mango Producers and Exporters from Peru (APEM), Peru exported 200 thousand tons (9 thousand containers) of fresh mangoes in the 2017/2018 season, i.e. 11% more than the 180 thousand tons it dispatched in the previous season…..

Special Poland

Polish consumers prefer domestic fruit and veg
Most Poles prefer to buy domestic fruit and vegetables, even when they are more expensive. It’s not just consumer patriotism; Poles believe that domestic strawberries or apples are simply tastier than foreign ones.This has been the conclusion of a poll carried out at the request of Wirtualna Polska, in which…..

Global Focus Soft / Stonefruit

Peru: Raspberry cultivation has a future on the coast
The sudden commercial boom of blueberries has led producers to try to emulate this success with other berries. One of the first berries considered to replicate this success was the raspberry. It was promoted since 2011 in places that people thought were appropriate for growing it, such as Cajamarca. In fact,…..

Raspberry market to remain strong as US domestic season begins
The raspberry season is transitioning from Mexican growing regions into California as summer domestic production prepares to ramp up. California-grown raspberries will be supplying stores over the next few months.»We are currently marketing raspberries from Mexico,» shared Nick Wishnatzki of Wish Farms, Inc……

Florida’s avocado season is late, with smaller volume expected
The Florida avocado crop has suffered some problems and as a result, has endured a later season start than usual. Damage to trees from Hurricane Irma last year is to blame, along with a beetle that has caused significant issues to Florida avocado growers.»Normally we would have already started the season, but…..

The fruit sorting manufacturer emphasises its after-sales service in each province
Reemoon steps into the Eastern Cape
The first packline with a Reemoon sorter in the Eastern Cape was unveiled on Monday at the Eden Agri Services packhouse outside Fort Beaufort, where it is already in use with the area’s soft citrus and navels.Zhu Er, technical manager of Reemoon China, with attendants at the Eden Agri Services openingReemoon,…..

Open Day dedicated to red apricots at Vivai F.lli Zanzi
The Open Day organised by Vivai F.lli Zanzi in collaboration with IPSInternational Plant Selection on 12th June 2018 focused on theRubilis, Rubissia and Rubely apricot varieties. They are part of the Rubyngo family.Watch the interview to Giovanni Zanzi»This year, the spring frost caused a loss in production…..

Dutch-Chinese Fruitmax opens first office in Shanghai
«China is a hugely exciting market»
FruitMax is a Dutch-Chinese partnership company that has recently opened its first office in Shanghai. The company enables foreign companies to ship fresh produce to China without having a local entity or local sales team within the country.“We are proud to have recently opened FruitMax China’s first office in…..

Award-Winning grape tomato now offered in organic
Following the success of its conventional offering, SUNSET® announced its award-winning grape tomato is now also being offered as Organic. The tomato with its signature sweet taste has won numerous awards including the Superior Taste Award from the International Taste and Quality Institute.“We are thrilled to…..

«Garlic price may yet hit lower levels»
China: «Garlic market dangerously chaotic»
«The garlic market has been depressed for quite some time now. Even though the price is already low, surveys show that the garlic price may drop even lower. The garlic market may become dangerously chaotic in the near future. The export market has been relatively stable for 1-2 months, in stark contrast with…..

Discussion with Chinese importers on possible retaliatory actions and impacts
Trump to put tariffs on about $50 billion of Chinese goods
The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets have quoted people familiar with the matter revealing that US President Donald Trump has approved the imposition of tariffs on about 50 billion U.S. dollars of Chinese imports to increase the trade offensives against China. It is not yet clear when this tariff…..

Does it make sense to choose PlanetProof?
PlanetProof – is it logical? Do retailers pay for it? Is packaging needed for visibility? How interchangeable are products? Is PlanetProof a «must» or not? And, is PlanetProof actually not very organic? Participants of the fresh fruit and vegetable Trend Café provided much discussion atthe recent…..

Safe Food For Canadians Regulations released
The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) applauds the work of government and industry culminating in the release today of the new Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR). CPMA has worked closely with industry and government during the consultative period and firmly supports the Government’s…..

USA officially recognises that citrus fruit are not a pathway for transmission of citrus black spot
Watershed moment for SA citrus: full entry into the USA
“A watershed moment for the South African citrus industry” – several citrus traders have used this phrase to describe the rule published by the United States this week to amend regulations regarding importation of citrus from the whole of South Africa into the United States.Previously only citrus from the…..

Two export hires for Sun Pacific
With over 30 years of global exporting experience, Sun Pacific has brought on Brian Auterieth as Director of Export Sales to strengthen and expand the export program. Auterieth is no stranger to the perishable export business as he comes from a family spanning three generations in fresh fruit exports. He has…..

The Wonderful Company records double-digit sales growth
The Wonderful Company has positioned itself as the No. 1 growth leader among all multi-billion dollar consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, as well as the No. 1 growth leader in produce in 2017. That’s according to data provided by market research firm IRI. In addition, a study released by the Boston…..

PMA appoints Anouk Sijmonsma to senior global leadership role
Produce Marketing Association (PMA) has tapped Anouk Sijmonsma as the association’s regional vice president for Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia/New Zealand. The Oxford-educated Sijmonsma will apply the knowledge and expertise she gained in international market and business development, journalism, strategic…..

New study: Supermarket shopping significantly increases body mass index Kenya
Shopping in supermarkets significantly increases body mass index and contributes to a higher consumption of processed foods at the expense of unprocessed foods. That is one of the conclusions of a study on Kenya by a U.S. based institute. Even though Kenya faces problems of undernutrition and child stunting,…..

US Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
APHIS Proposal: Allow imports of avocado fruit from Ecuador
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is proposing to allow imports of fresh avocado fruit from continental Ecuador into the continental United States. After a thorough review, APHIS scientists determined the fruit can be safely imported under a systems approach to…..

Health-supporting activities in tea and cruciferous vegetables
Angiogenesis Foundation – Disease-fighting food research
The Angiogenesis Foundation announced that it had presented two pivotal food studies at the 2018 American Society for Nutrition’s Annual Meeting Nutrition, in Boston. The first study examined the antiangiogenic activity of broccoli florets and stems, and carrot tops and taproot. Foundation researchers…..

Beijing Hongfu International Agriculture Ltd.
China’s biggest smart greenhouse has been built in Daqing
The Daqing Hongfu modern technology industry project covers an area of more than 10000 mu, with a total investment of 15 billion RMB. The aim of the project is to build up a large-scale integrated park which features modern technological agricultural industries and combines other leisure, cultural, scientific,…..

No more added sugar in fruit juice and soft drinks
West Invest introduces a new disruptive technology
Given that the acidity of fruits like the cranberry is an obstacle to their consumption, a team of highly experienced and qualified engineers, technicians, and flavorists from West Invest sought a way to develop a fruit that has been underexploited for too long, due to a lack of sophisticated technology……

Football World Cup Special
The biggest football event there is, which is taking place in Russia, has just kicked off. Until the day of the final on 15 July, many will be watching, and it is an excellent opportunity for companies to promote their products and become sponsors. For example, Coca-Cola, official sponsor, has launched a…..

Australia benefits most from Sino-Australian Free Trade Agreement
Chinese fruit imports have grown in recent years, to the extent that the domestic high-end fruit market has suffered from international competition. Australian fruit in particular found a warm welcome with Chinese consumers through their reputation for «high-quality, high-nutritional value» fruit. Australia…..

Central American producers to benefit from exchange with Belgian companies
At least 1,700 producers associated to 23 cooperatives in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua will benefit from new knowledge and possible alliances, thanks to an exchange with companies and institutions in Belgium, as reported by the international organization Rikolto in a statement.In the case of Honduras, the…..

Countries ranked by level of press freedom in 2018
We would like to say there is ‘still much work to be done’, but were told not to by the editor.

Jumbo: Belgian daughter company
Spar UK: 4% sales growth in 2017
Lidl builds new facility for €55mln in SerbiaGerman retailer Lidl has built a new distribution facility in Nova Pazova, Serbia in preparation for the opening of the company’s first stores in the country. The 45,000 square-metre facility can store approximately 30,000 pallets, with 120 loading ramps in order to…..

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