Europe Trend Week 22

No change on most of the European markets.

On the one hand, the overall supply is continuing to shrink, though levels are still above average for the season. Shipments from Africa/French West Indies have regained average levels with the FWI shortfall ending and Africa falling to seasonal levels (Côte d’Ivoire continuing to offset the shortfall from Cameroon). The dollar banana supply is still on a seasonal fall, in particular from Colombia, while Ecuador is embarking on its fall though still maintaining above-average levels.
On the other hand, the seasonal downturn in sales has begun, with temperatures climbing in Northern and Eastern Europe. However, sales remain dynamic in most of the European supermarket sector thanks to promotions in place and the still moderate pressure from competing fruits (delayed campaigns).
Yet on the wholesale segment (Italy, France), sales have started to slow down more significantly. Also, the improvement on the East European markets seems to be running out of steam due to public holidays and rising temperatures. Hence stocks at most ports have subsided, though some limited batches remain available, and the attempted price increases in previous weeks have not all been transferrable: green prices are stagnating at levels well below average for the season in Western Europe, and are dropping again in Eastern Europe.
Finally, the Spanish market is seeing its highly unusual situation continue, because of the shortfall in the Canaries platano. In Russia, the market seems to be regaining a better trend.