Friday, June 29, 2018
Latin America edition

The last oranges from the northern hemisphere are still on the market. Mediterranean countries are bringing their last volumes to the market, while the first imports from South Africa are also available. Dutch…..

New varieties account for 11% of 2017/18 Chilean grape export
With the Chilean table grape export season almost over, resulting in 731,851 tons up to week 25. This figure is only 811 tons lower than the total exported in the previous season. This is is a good sign, certainly when considering the rains that affected the late varieties harvest in the Chilean central-south…..

«We export more than soccer»
World Cup Special: Argentina
Apart from hosting the World Cup, Russia is also one of the main destinations for the Argentine agricultural food products certified by the National Health and Agricultural Food Quality Service, Senasa. «Argentina and Russia have a solid relationship in bilateral trade based on sanitary protocols that allow…..

Peru could, once again, have an overproduction of potatoes
There could be another overproduction of potatoes, as producers of the tuber now know the State will support them by purchasing their products.Victoriano Fernandez, the president of the Association of Potato Producers of Peru (APPAPA Peru), one of the 12 guilds of representatives in the country, said that many…..

Colombia: Uniban plans to export 41 million boxes of bananas this year
Uniban SA is the main Colombian banana trader in the country. It accounts for 40% of the export market and generates 3,600 jobs. In 2017, the company exported 40.4 million boxes of bananas, plantain and exotic fruits, worth US$348 million, i.e. 2.8% more than in the previous year. The goal for 2018 is to…..

Argentina: After ten years mandarins from Misiones can return to Brazil
After 10 years, a cooperative of 300 producers from Misiones has managed to make its first export of mandarins to Brazil.Argentina couldn’t sell its mandarins, oranges, grapefruits, and lemons to Brazil due to sanitary reasons. Last year, after many efforts, Brazil has again agreed to admit exports.Argentina…..

Colombia: The first Hass avocados for Costa Rica leave Tolima
The department of Tolima has 178 Hass avocado farms registered for fresh export.»The shipment left the municipality of Cajamarca, destined for the packing plant of the company Eurofresh, located in the city of Manizales. Once the product is packed under strict conditions to preserve its quality and safety, it…..

Facing accusations of causing a drought
Chile: Avocado exporters and producers travel to Europe
The text reproduced below is a report fromthe Fresh Produce Journalon the visit of representatives of the Chilean avocado industry to Europe.Avocado producers in Chile have rejected claims that blaming them for leaving the local communities of Petorca without drinking water, calling them unfair.The Guardian…..

Fabien Dumont, FruitMasters:
«Optimistic about exporting pears to Mexico»
Dutch fruit cooperative, FruitMasters, expects a steady growth in the export of pears to Mexico in the coming years after the border was recently opened. Dutch Conference pears are now on the shelves in a few Mexican supermarkets. The difficult relationship between the United States and Mexico has created…..

From January to May
Peru: Fresh onion exports increased by 70% in value
According to the Agrodata Peru website, in the first five months of the year, Peruvian fresh onion exports totaled US $15,539,381, i.e. 70% more than the US $9,144,852 achieved in the same period of 2017.From January to May of 2018 Peru shipped 47,610,848 kilos of fresh onions, i.e. 52.7% more than the…..

Strong growth with overseas products for the Spanish firm TC Fruits
«Uncertainty ahead for this year’s citrus from the southern hemisphere»
The citrus campaign in the northern hemisphere is almost complete, while the southern hemisphere’s output is just starting to take shape. For now, lemons are the fastest selling products, and we will have to wait until the market runs out of old stocks for orange sales to rebound. This is what they say at TC…..

Special Poland

Haskap producers need to work together for promotion
Despite not yet being allowed to sell Haskap berries in the EU, producers are not staying still and continue to be on the lookout for new markets and different ways to offer their berries to consumer.One such company, Haskap Polska, has been actively at work this year, building relations with partners in…..

Global Focus Soft / Stonefruit

Small drupes – sweet alternative for French and Spanish goods

‘Turkish sweet apricots in the range until the end of August’
All over the German Republic, drupes of all kinds are currently getting all the attention at Frischezentrum Frankfurt. Although the majority of these fruits currently comes out France, Spain and Italy, there are other regions of origin as well. Due to the limited quantities available in the countries of…..

Luis Ochoa, Olympic Fruit:

«Too few Spanish plums, rest of stone fruit supply on par»
There was a massive shortage of Spanish stone fruit at the start of the season. Now, however, there is a sufficient supply on the market. «Over the last few weeks, the consumption of watermelons and melons has been very disappointing. We need higher temperatures. In the next three weeks, there will be large…..

Seven companies take home Innovation Award at United Fresh
Seven Produce Innovation Award Winners were recognized at United Fresh 2018 – the single destination event for the total fresh supply chain. This year’s honorees were selected by show attendees from a total of 36 contestants across seven categories: Best New Food Safety Solution; Best New Fruit Product; Best…..

Italy: Future prospects for tropical fruit
CREA-OFA in Acireale have organised a seminar to discuss the future prospects for tropical and subtropical fruit in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Nutrition and Environment of the University of Catania and Acireale’s Lions Club.Standing: Paolo Rapisarda, Director of CREA – OFA»We focus…..

Jesús Abenza, of Alimer:
Spain: «Watermelon market improves after a difficult start»
The watermelon campaign started about 12 days later this year in Murcia, with fewer volumes per hectare due to the abundant rainfall in May, as this fruit needs a lot of sunshine and high temperatures in order to have a good setting.»Although record volumes were obtained last season, our production this year…..

High demand for coconuts in the Northeast US
Summer is bringing on a hike in the demand for coconuts in the US. Consumers are demonstrating a preference for the fruit during the warmer months, when suppliers say the green, or water, coconuts are more intensely sought after for drinking the refreshing juice.»Although we supply coconuts year round, there…..

Trade between China and Australia increases year by year
Good-quality products from Holland and China
«We’ve been committed to the construction of the base ofgood-quality vegetables. Now, the Shandong base is mainly for these vegetable products: onion, white radish, carrot, cabbage and Chinese cabbage. The weather condition is very good, both the planting and harvest are going smooth but the price is lower…..

Guava growers in Mexico optimistic as crops recover
Guava production in the Mexican growing regions is moving along well, as growers report generally good conditions in the growing regions. Supplies are down compared with the average, due to frost damage to trees last year. However, growers are optimistic as so far this season, there has been only positive news…..

China: «Strong market demand for processed blueberry products»
«Blueberries have a high nutritional value as well as a relatively high commercial value. Consumers have shown increasing interest in blueberries in recent years. Blueberry plantations in China are distributed over a wide area, but there is much overlap between the supply periods of different production areas,…..

Jan Engelen, Marketing Manager of Coöperatie Hoogstraten:
«Joint innovation in the tomato sector»
«We have so much to gain if we – the whole tomato sector – could focus jointly on innovation and targeted product marketing,» said Jan Engelen, Product Marketer of Coöperatie Hoogstraten during his presentation at the recent European Tomato Forum in Düsseldorf. The well-known Belgian production and trading…..

Mango promotions ready for summer
Crespo Organic Summer Mango Mania promotion is the collision point between Nayarit and Sinaloa peak mango production, all happening in the height of consumer demand, summertime. For two months, June and July, when the orchards are at their most copious, mango mania frenzy ensues.Crespo Organic Mango Mania…..

World apple market review
Global apple market revenues amounted to US$65,96 million in 2015, falling by -11.7% against last year’s level. Overall, the global apple market continues to undergo a noticeable growth: the market value increased at an average annual rate of +4.5% from 2007 to 2015. This trend pattern, however, recorded some…..

Turkey: Cherry growers in Kutahya protest at prices
The growers in Kutahya, a city located in western Turkey, have dumped their products in the middle of the marketplace to protest the push by the wholesalers to drive down prices.Speaking on behalf of the growers, Ahmet Altinkaya: “The wholesalers are driving down the price of cherries from 1 USD per kg to 0.25…..

Family owned pole-grown tomato producer introduces new brand
The Singh family, who have been cultivating pole-grown tomatoes on the same land for more than 70 years, have rebranded their tomatoes with the positioning line, «Oceanside Pole – On a Mission, since 1939». According to the company, they are the last remaining true pole-grown tomato producer in California……

Frozen and halved avocados gain popularity in the United Kingdom
Peru is one of the main exporters of avocados for the United Kingdom. In fact, last year, the country placed 24.6 million kilos of this fruit in England for a value of US $ 57 million. The fruit was sold in fresh or dried formats.However, the European nation is becoming interested in a new trend: frozen,…..

Grupo Alimentario Citrus invested €7.5 million in 2017
Grupo Alimentario Citrus (GAC), an expert in the production and preparation of fresh foods, invested 7.5 million euro in 2017 to consolidate its company model. This transformation process, which started in 2015, will allow it to continue growing with new clients, in new channels and new markets. In 2017, the…..

Fried potatoes are a higher health risk
It has been long known French Fries are not great for your health, but now a study has linked eating fried potatoes at least twice a week leads to increased health risks. The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, looked at potato consumption in 4,400 people between ages 45 and 79 over…..

Bringing millions of bananas
Largest ever container ship to berth in Cork
Yesterday, the largest container ship to ever berth in the Port of Cork’s deepwater terminal, unloaded a mega cargo of fruit. The MV Polar Costa Rica eased past Roche’s Point after its 10-day transatlantic voyage and tied up just after 4pm at the port facility in Ringaskiddy.A huge logistics operation kicked…..

Australian supermarket chain Coles to stop importing lemons
Supermarket giant Coles has vowed to stop importing lemons. On Monday, Coles announced it would cease stocking imported lemons and instead stock Australian-grown fruit year-round, including between December and January when most Australian growers struggle to produce a commercial crop and retailers have been…..

Australia’s first EFI digital carton printer
Orora unveils Nozomi
Australian packaging giant Orora showed its new installation of the first EFI Nozomi C180000 digital packaging printer in the country, along with its other recent investments in its business at the Innovation Expo. The company has committed a massive $100m to upgrade its printing, converting and corrugator…..

Prof. Moshe Reuveni
Regev™: New, potent hybrid product for control of plant diseases
The global search for plant-protection solutions that are both environmentally safe and efficacious is driven by the need to supply food to the ever-growing world population. The call for chemical load reduction is an important aspect of sustainable agriculture. The natural extract of the tea tree plant…..

Now air routes as well
All roads lead to Rome
This is what it looks like, air travel to Rome from anywhere in the world.
Rather aesthetically pleasing.

South Africa: The first annual Tzaneen Avofest
The first annual Tzaneen Avofest took place on 21 to 23 June in Tzaneen, Limpopo, South Africa with Maluma and Allesbeste as the main sponsors. The event had something for everyone.Right from the get go visitors were treated to everything Avo – at the gate visitors walked into an Avo nursery where they could…..

Sub-Saharan farmers to fight Fall Armyworm with mobile phone app
Recently, the fight by sub-Saharan farmers against the Fall Armyworm, which has devastated crops and threatened food security for 300-million people, has gone digital. The United Nations (UN) has reported that the new weapon which was launched by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and Pennsylvania…..

BLE Marktbericht KW25/18
Italy dominates German grape market
Italy dominated the table grape market with its Black Magic and Victoria grapes. A European competitor has appeared in the shape of Spain, but only small amounts of its Ralli seedless were provided. The presence of the Egyptian Flame Seedless and Prime Seedless was more and more limited, while the Sugraone (of…..

X5 tests voice-assisted self-checkout tills
Jumbo: cheapest supermarket in Portugal for 3rd consecutive time
Kenya: Uchumi pleads for release of Sh600mln Treasury bailoutStruggling retail chain Uchumi Supermarkets wants the government to release a Sh600mln shareholder bailout loan to help it negotiate the entry of a new investor in the business. The partially State-owned listed retailer told Parliament that the…..

FreshPlaza funny
When workouts get weird…

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