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NZ: High Court rules in favour of Kiwifruit Claimants

The New Zealand High court has found that the Ministry of Primary Industries (formally MAF) was negligent in allowing the Psa disease into New Zealand in 2009.

A claim was heard last year involving 212 claimants, under the name of Strathboss Kiwifruit, seeking accountability for losses suffered in the incursion that devastated the kiwifruit industry. On Friday morning Justice Jillian Mallon released her 500-page ruling, in the plaintiffs favour.
«Today is a very significant day for the New Zealand kiwifruit industry.» Kiwifruit Claim committee member Grant Eynon said. «This is a landmark decision and we hope it draws a line in the sand, after what has been a long and difficult eight years for growers. Biosecurity is critical to New Zealand and our primary producers. Our economy is heavily reliant on MPI to protect our borders against known biosecurity risks such as PSA.»

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