Thursday, June 21, 2018
Latin America edition

Chile: Lemon exports increase despite the decline in production
In the last year, Chilean exporters have reoriented their destination markets with a greater emphasis on the United States, which increased by more than 36%, while the export volume for all shipments only increased by 1.5%. Chile is the United States’ second biggest supplier of lemons.Chile’s lemon supply has…..

Peruvian food exports to Russia could reach $150 million in 2019
The Association of Peruvian Exporters (Adex) have projected that their country’s food exports to Russia might total $150 million in 2019, thanks to the joint efforts of private and public sectors trying to capitalize on Peru’s participation in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Head of Adex, Juan Varilias, claims that…..

The land freight of Panama’s FTZ will have to use the ports to reach Central America
The owners of the land cargo that mainly comes out from Panama’s Colon Free Trade Zone (FTZ) have to use the ports to deliver their products in countries of Central America, due to the sociopolitical difficulties that affect Nicaragua. Currently, there are at least 150 trucks from Panama are being held in that…..

Peru: Distance is the biggest barrier to increased shipments of mango to Asia
Peru exported 200 thousand tons of fresh mango in the 2017/2018 campaign. 95% of the mango was sent to Europe and the United States, and the remaining 5% to other markets, such as New Zealand, Chile, China, Japan, and South spoke with the general manager of the Association of Producers and…..

Mexico: Nuevo Leon citrus fruits target Japan and Europe
In order to export more oranges and grapefruit to Japan and Europe, citrus producers from Nuevo León will start a phytosanitary pilot plan to obtain a recognition from the National Service of Health, Safety and Agri-Food Quality (Senasica) that will allow them to operate production zones that are free of fruit…..

Panama: 350 hectares of Guatemalan bananas in Baru
The long-waited reactivation of the banana sector, which is expected to generate thousands of jobs, started yesterday in the district of Baru, in the province of Chiriqui, with the planting of seedlings brought from Guatemala on 350 hectares.Franklin Valdes, the mayor of the district of Baru, said this was a…..

Limoneira expands globally with Chilean acquisition
Limoneira Company, a diversified citrus packing, sales and marketing company with related agribusiness activities and real estate development operations, announced today that it has entered into an agreement in the form of a binding memorandum of understanding to acquire a ranch and related assets of Fruticola…..

Mexico grape volumes much shorter than anticipated
Supplies of grapes are running very short right now, causing the market to strengthen. Demand is good, however suppliers say that expected volumes from Mexico are not being realized. Prices are higher than at this point last year, and are not predicted to ease until California’s San Joaquin Valley commences in…..

Jan Marc Schulz, SFI Rotterdam:
“Never before experienced demand for imported apples but pear season going very badly”
It’s hardly possible to imagine a bigger contrast than that between the import apple and pear seasons this year. “The overseas apple season is going very well, but that of the pears is abysmal,” says Jan Marc Schulz of SFI Rotterdam. The importer traditionally has a good Chilean range. “Every apple sold well…..

Spain: «There are days when there are no Canary bananas, prices are sky-high»
For more than a month, there has been a great shortage of bananas from the Canary Islands and prices have reached very high levels. «We are writing a new chapter in the history of this sector. There are days when there are no Canary bananas available and this had never happened to us before. Due to the weather…..

Special Poland

Steady prices and remaining supplies for Polish apple producer
The 2017 season has finished for a lot of Polish producers, but not Basstion Fruit, who saw that there would be a shortage throughout Europe around this time of year and secured enough stock to make sure that they could continue to supply quality apples all the way through to the next season. «We will…..

Global Focus Soft / Stonefruit

California pluot growers preparing for peak season
The pluot season in California is now well underway and growers are reporting a good crop overall, despite weather challenges earlier in the year. While frost and heavy rain has had an impact on the state’s cherry production, subsequent stone fruit varieties are experiencing fewer problems.»The pluot season…..

George Harter with CMI on the Northwest cherry crop

“This year seems to be better than anyone can remember”
Warm days and cool, crisp nights have allowed Pacific Northwest cherries to develop high sugar, great flavor and color this season. “It is exciting to see such great quality coming off the trees,” says George Harter with CMI Orchards. “This year seems to be better than anyone can remember,” he added. “We’ve…..

Jan Westhoeve: «Everyone is complaining, but we had a super year»
Over 40 years Westhoeve has grown into a global potato exporter
This week is Westhoeve Potatoes, based in the Dutch town of Ouddorp’s, 40th anniversary. In the last 20 years, in particular, this onion and potato exporter has made tremendous strides on the export front. For the owner, Jan Westhoeve, there is only one way to go, and that is up. «Many people are complaining…..

Ten days earlier than last year
China: Ya’an kiwi-berry expected to enter the market in late July
«Ya’an kiwi-berries are ripe ten days earlier than last year. They are expected to enter the market in late July. The fruit did not suffer from frostbite or cold weather earlier this year when kiwi-berries were in blossom, which is the main reason that the fruit will enter the market early. This is the first…..

«Japanese and Korean markets particularly welcoming»
«Chinese carrot exports become more popular»
«The export price of Chinese carrots dropped when carrots recently entered the market in large volumes. The lower price helped fuel the desire of overseas clients to purchase Chinese carrots. Exports subsequently became more popular. Among all export destinations, Korea stands out. The export price to Korea…..

Italy: Red garlic from Sulmona now being harvested
The harvesting of red garlic from Sulmona has started at the D’Alessandro company. Last year, operations started on 20th June. The company is one of the leaders in the area, covering around 40 hectares.Harvesting of red garlic from Sulmona»We’re very satisfied with how the produce is looking. Grades are very…..

Italy: Low prices for poor quality apricots
There is a lot of produce with a medium-low quality, damaged not only by the spring frost, but also by the rain.Operator Giancarlo Minguzzi adds that «prices for low-quality fruit are rather low. And rightly so. The problem is that retailers keep looking at prices and the risk is that they will drop also for…..

Saropack AG provides knowledge on film packaging
“Great interest in film made of sugar cane waste”
Saropack AG organized the film forum ‘FOFO’ for its customers: it provided customers with in-depth application knowledge on film packaging. On June 14, 2018, more than 40 guests were informed by the packaging specialist during a morning and afternoon event. After information on Saropack and a deeper insight…..

High-quality leek cultures grown in Lower Austria
Growers along the Danube plant their seasonal open-air leeks
Growers along the Danube are currently starting the planting of their open-air leeks. After extensive soil preparation, the plants are planted, after which they will grow until late August/early September. Then they will be harvested as autumn leeks, and offered as such on the market. Fruchthof Detter in Lower…..

Dirk Landahl, Managing Director of Direct Fresh GmbH:
‘This season, we will sell ginger under our own brand’
In the area of overseas articles, it is becoming increasingly difficult for new people to assert themselves within the group of long-time importers. But the Direct Fresh company, based in Hamburg, within five years has managed to establish itself as a competent (exotics) supplier on the market, winning…..

Don Limón aims to digitize the production chain
‘The more data you collect, the more accurate the harvest forecasts become’
In many parts of the world, digitization in the value chain is indispensable. But in fresh-fruit production, especially for products in the far-off countries of the southern hemisphere and the tropics, it can be hard to capture digital data as other issues -often more important in the short term- tend to be in…..

Seasonal demand for bananas into the US starting to drop
Bananas imported into the U.S. are coming in at a steady rate from Mexico. “Our supply of Thai bananas is strong but the only problem is it’s really hot down there in Mexico so they always come in with 50-60 percent full color,” says Dennis Sever with Exotic Growers, Inc. in Homestead, Fl. “It makes it hard to…..

South African farmworkers suffer as corporations coin it
Nearly 90 percent of women on grape farms in South Africa have reported not having enough to eat the previous month. A report released by Oxfam yesterday said that about 30 percent said they or a family member had gone to bed hungry at least once during the time. The report, titled Ripe For Change, found that…..

Protecting Australia’s beloved avocados
Researchers are working with the Australian avocado industry to safeguard one of nation’s favourite fruits for years to come.Funded by Hort Innovation – and being delivered by the University of Queensland State-Government-supported research institute, the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation…..

Trump administration considering ‘Tariff Payments’ to farmers
President Donald Trump’s aides are looking at ways to use the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC), a division of USDA created in 1933, to offer a financial backstop for farmers. Another option is “Section 32” funds. The possible aid would be a way to protect farmers if China and/or other countries officially…..

VPZ Verpackungszentrum
Austrian sustainable packaging solutions made from beechwood
The Austria-based company VPZ Verpackungszentrum has created a new type of packaging for fruit and vegetables. The reusable Packnatur® cellulose bags are made from FSC-certified beechwood; they are tear-resistant and wet-proof.The fact that the bags are breathable and moisture-regulating means that they can…..

New reusable packaging & merchandising systems to be showcased at United Fresh
Polymer Logistics will present innovative products and services for transport packaging, retail and promotional display, and asset management at the 2018 United FreshMKT and International Floriculture Expos at McCormick Place in Chicago, June 25-27, 2018.“We are laser focused on helping retailers and growers…..

30 years of collaboration
Hagé International receives Las Norias award
Last week Hagé International received an award for 30 years of successful commercial partnership from Las Norias, also known from the trade mark Dribling. The Spanish vegetable supplier is the largest courgette producer in Europe.Ton Bouw of Hagé (left) receives the awardHagé International is a subsidiary of…..

Drones pollinate apple orchards
This spring, for the first time, a drone was used to pollinate apple blossoms. The drone pollinated trees on a test plot. This was done in the American state of New York. They are going to investigate whether this kind of pollinated results in higher, better quality yields. A so-called hexacopter was used to…..

Pink Blossom
New rhubarb variety named in the UK
After being given the nickname of Sid, a new rhubarb variety, 51D, has been officially named Pink Blossom, by developer, Hargreaves Plants. «We are so proud of the progress of the rhubarb selection which gained its nickname Sid when someone misread label Selection 51D creating its fun nickname and giving this…..

Clean irrigation resources
Patent makes it possible to eliminate 83% of pollutants from wastewater
A patent developed in a European project, with the participation of the Murcian Institute for Agricultural Research and Development and Food (Imida), makes it possible to eliminate 83% of the pollutant load of wastewater. Using biodegradable phytosanitary products to eradicate water pollution is one of the…..

WSU researchers combat parasitic worm
Plants that fight back
So small it can’t be seen with the naked eye, a parasitic worm called the root-knot nematode causes mammoth problems for Northwest farmers. But potatoes, grapes and other crops could gain a new, nature-based way to fight back, thanks to Cynthia Gleason and Jennifer Watts, scientists at WSU. Notorious…..

Laurens Maartens, NBWM:
«It is now 50/50 for the Pound»
Yesterday, the British Central Bank reviewed a very difficult decision regarding a choice in the interest rate that has to be made in August. Whether or not the interest rate is increased could make or break the pound. This is according to Laurens Maartens of the Nederlandsche Betaal- en…..

The Corridor Team
US: Working potato camera
Millennials will be familiar with the jibe : “what did you shoot that with, a potato?” A production studio crew wanted to be able to answer: “ Yes!” That is why they built a real working camera, made from a potato. The engineering and technical challenges were immense, but they were overcome with some 3D…..

CMA CGM to acquire Containerships Plc.
The CMA CGM Group, a worldwide shipping group, is pleased to announce the signing of an agreement between CMA CGM and Container Finance Ltd Oy pursuant to which the container shipping and logistics business Containerships (and Container Finance’s holdings in Multi-Link Terminals Ltd and CD Holding Oy) will…..

Greek woman breaks world record for longest garlic braid
“Garlic knitter” Dimitra Athanasova Tzoridou from Nea Vyssa just broke the world record with the longest garlic braid, totalling 612 metres and 70 centimetres. The record was previously held by someone from Hungary, at 255 metres.The attempt was made at the four-day 18th International Trade Fair Alexpo 2018 in…..

The Indian gooseberry
India: Beauty benefits of Amla
While many people know the health benefits of amla (Indian gooseberry) juice, not many are aware of its use in beauty treatments. This fruit abundantly available in India, helps to tone and tighten your skin, make your hair shiny and dandruff- free. Here is how this versatile fruit can helps you to remain…..

World Cup Special: Belgium and Germany
You may be surprised to read information about Belgium and Germany in the World Cup in this article, since I originally announced that I would focus on Latin American countries, Spain and Portugal, but we don’t want you to miss the enthusiastic actions of other companies and the ways in which they are taking…..

For independent watermelon harvesting
Virginia Tech team creates new farming technology
A group of Virginia Tech students are taking home $30,000 and first prize in the Ag-Bot Challenge for a competition on high-tech watermelon harvesting. The Virginia Tech team has found a way to make sure that watermelons will reach consumers in their optimal condition by taking traditional farming equipment…..

Workers were «WWOOFing», says owner
New Zealand organic farm fined $45,000
Robinwood Farms, an organic farm near Christchurch, NZ, has been ordered to pay more than $45,000 for exploiting workers it claimed were volunteers. Owner and director Julia Osselton was found to have breached the rights of workers in a bid to avoid legal obligations.The Employment Relations Authority (ERA)…..

Colruyt Group: expectations beaten
Auchan Retail Portugal: mobile shopping list app
More funding for Italian online grocery delivery service Supermercato24Italy-based online same-day grocery delivery service Supermercato24 has reportedly raised €13mln in a Series B funding round. Supermercato24 is active in more than 20 Italian cities, using personal shoppers to pick goods from participating…..

FreshPlaza funny
Example of how not to get out of a traffic jam

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