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California pluot growers preparing for peak season
The pluot season in California is now well underway and growers are reporting a good crop…..

Treasure Valley onion growers see the future in new grading technology
Onion growers in the Treasure Valley, which incorporates southwestern Idaho and eastern Oregon,…..

Eden Agri Citrus: black farmers assume majority share-holding in packhouse
In February this year the fortunes of a number of black citrus farmers changed for the better…..

US: Santa Cruz County penalizes firms in pesticide incident
Los Amigos Harvesting, which had a worker accused of exposing 15 nearby raspberry harvesters to…..

The supply of summer fruit affects the banana market in the northern hemisphere in different…..

“Never before experienced demand for imported apples but pear season going very badly”
It’s hardly possible to imagine a bigger contrast than that between the import apple and pear…..

New digital trading platform
Fresh produce growers, merchants and buyers can now trade via Phoenicia, a digital marketplace…..

New pear varieties introduced
The University of Bologna, together with Consorzio Italiano Vivaisti (CIV) from San Giuseppe di…..

Canadian growers shake their heads at talk of boycotting US goods
While headlines and social media postings continue to crop up encouraging Canadian consumers to…..

New tomato harvest robot GRoW being tested in the greenhouse
With labor costs currently being 30% up to even 50% of the total greenhouse production costs,…..

Drones pollinate apple orchards
This spring, for the first time, a drone was used to pollinate apple blossoms. The drone…..

How sealed containers are broken open
The following video shows how thieves break open sealed containers without breaking the seal.

First ever red sweet onions out of Walla Walla
The first harvest of red sweet onions ever to come out of Walla Walla is expected to commence in…..

«Combining Dutch/Swedish knowledge & experience to make it our own»
Anette and Peter van Schie from Swedish vegetable greenhouse producer, Gällenäs, both came from…..

German specialist extending shelf life without preservatives
In Europe, the pre-cut fruit market is growing at double-digit rates every year. FOOD freshly®…..

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