Europe Trend Week 27

As summer takes hold, balance holding up in Western Europe, but pressure intensifying in Eastern Europe.

However, the overall supply is continuing to subside. On the one hand, incoming African shipments are irregular: their temporary increase this week (deferred Ivorian volumes due to loading difficulties in Abidjan) should barely offset the fall in incoming shipments, expected in w.28 (maintenance on a ship). In addition, the French West Indies peak is coming to an end, with volumes back to average levels.
On the other hand, the dollar origins are continuing their seasonal fall: Ecuadorian shipments have reached below-average levels, while Colombia and Costa Rica have maintained average levels. However, sales have continued to idle in Western Europe as per usual, though demand has suffered another blow in Eastern Europe because of the beginning of the summer holidays, summery temperatures and the availability of competing fruits (moderate quantities).
In this context prices in Eastern Europe, already low, have dropped again while prices in Western Europe have stabilised. However, levels have not managed to pick up, remaining below average for the season. In addition, clearances at competitive prices from Western Europe have continued in certain East European countries, keeping price references very low.
In Russia, the market is collapsing because of extremely slow demand. Finally, in Spain, platano prices remain stable and high because of the production shortfall.