This week’s highlights

“Drop in Turkish lira is making us a lot more money”
The Turkish lira had seen a significant drop over the past weekend and Turkey’s central bank has…..

Kenya overtakes South Africa to become Africa’s biggest exporter of avocados
Kenya’s impressive volumetric growth rate per year and access to new markets have helped the…..

‘Readycado’: Sensor alerts avo lovers when fruit is ready to eat
Avocado squeeze tests might soon be a thing of the past with the launch of a new, sensor-driven…..

Malaysia: Japanese square watermelons sold in Kuala Lumpur
Among the many weird and wonderful trends that sweep Japan, there is the square watermelon. What…..

There has been a long hot summer in Europe and the consequences for the strawberry market are…..

Italy: 150 million euros confiscated from fruit and veg Mafiosi
Palermo’s Antimafia Investigations Directorate (DIA) has confiscated assets worth 150 million…..

South African and world fruit trade mourn passing of Louis Kriel
News has hit us about the passing of a truly great fruit industry man. Louis Kriel, at the age…..

“We’re producing 45% more apples than last season”
The world is expecting a massive harvest of Polish apples, as the World Apple and Pear…..

British pound sterling dropped against euro and dollar
Financial markets are considering the likelihood of a hard Brexit more and more, which would…..

Avocado season: from “tricky” to “diabolical”
Traders who didn’t get their timing right got “burned” this season, an avocado exporter tells…..

Extreme temperatures in Europe cause worst vegetable crisis in 40 years
The European Association for Fruit and Vegetable Growers reported that the constant high…..

«Apple varieties will be a key factor even more this coming season»
According to forecasts from the World Apple and Pear Association (WAPA), Europe will have the…..

Big plans for New Zealand’s commercial banana plantation
New Zealand’s first commercial banana plantation will hopefully become a major part of the…..

Container ship MSC Chloe loses 13 containers
The South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) issued an urgent warning on Monday night…..

Costa Rica: Pineapple producers fear the bonanza is coming to an end
According to producers, Costa Rica’s pineapple bonanza is facing a series of issues which…..

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