Europe Trend Week 36

However, the recovery in yellow banana demand has remained lukewarm: the sales tempo has remained slow on the East European market (competition from seasonal fruits) and in Italy (school holidays still ongoing); furthermore, in Western Europe, demand has been barely decent, boosted by promotions. Although incoming volumes have increased slightly, they are still low overall. Incoming African shipments remain in shortfall because of the logistical turnover (absence of ships in Southern ports) and limited volumes from Cameroon. In addition, the French West Indies have begun their seasonal increase though levels remain well in shortfall (-42%). Furthermore, Colombia, although on the increase for the past several weeks, is maintaining below-average levels (-4%), due to being behind schedule. Finally, the Costa Rican supply remains in its seasonal trough near-average levels, the same as for Ecuador.
Hence price increases have slowed though levels have remained above average. The Russian market has maintained a stable and positive trend. Finally, in Spain, the increase in the platano supply is coinciding with good demand due to the new school year, with prices remaining firm.