Europe Trend Week 35

In the run-up to the new school year, sales are continuing to pick up without great enthusiasm, invigorated by the implementation of promotions in the supermarket sector. Most of all, the overall supply has remained very moderate. On the one hand, the combined Africa/French West Indies supply has maintained levels 14 % below average because of the still marked FWI shortfall and small African volumes (socio-political tensions in Cameroon). On the other hand, dollar banana availability has continued to rise, though it has remained moderate.
While Costa Rica and Ecuador, still in their traditional production trough, are maintaining average levels, incoming Colombian shipments are continuing to increase, at levels 9 % below average for the season (climb delayed).
In addition, stocks have been scarce. Hence while yellow banana prices are struggling to climb, green banana prices have continued to rise to above-average levels on all the European markets. In Russia, prices have continued to improve because of an increase in demand and stable, average volumes. Finally, in Spain, the market has remained balanced and stable.