Europe Trend Week 37

Yellow banana demand is continuing to climb, though still at a sluggish tempo, despite some ongoing promotions. However, the overall supply has maintained a slightly upward trend, though is still moderate compared to previous years. African volumes have seen temporarily higher levels, because of logistical turnover. Furthermore, as regards the French West Indies, the hesitant seasonal recovery has not yet made itself felt on the market, since levels are still 46% below average. As for the dollar banana, the Colombian supply has continued its seasonal increase, slightly later than average. Finally, the Costa Rican and Ecuadorian supplies, still in their seasonal trough, are maintaining stable, near-average levels. Hence all the European markets have remained stable and well balanced. In this context prices have stopped strengthening, maintaining above-average levels.
The Russian market is continuing to deteriorate because of a devaluation of the rouble, hence a steep drop in prices. In Spain, the market remains well balanced, with strong prices.