Balance holding up on the European markets, be-tween ongoing low demand and a moderate over-all supply.

While the various seasonal increases are ongoing, the overall supply remains limited again this week. On the one hand, the seasonal in-crease from the French West Indies is now well underway, though levels are still well below average (- 32%).
On the other hand, the African shortfall is ongoing, with the increase in Ivorian volumes unable to offset the Cameroonian shortfall. Further-more, for the dollar banana, whereas Ecuadorian shipments remain stable and slightly above aver-age, a shortage of volumes has made itself felt on the market: Colombia has reached its peak level, though slightly below-average (-7%), and above all Costa Rican shipments have fallen due to small shiploads during the strike period.
However, though autumn has well and truly set in, overall demand remains very disappointing: pressure from competing fruits is making itself felt, with apples and grapes in full swing, and the easy peeler campaigns starting up. Hence despite an ebbing supply, the market remains balanced and prices have remained stable overall because of this quiet demand. In Spain and Russia, the increase in volumes and still lethargic demand have caused prices to continue to drop.

Europe Trend Week 40