Europe Trend Week 42

Prices declining on all European markets, with demand still at its lowest ebb.

Overall demand is still characterised by a lack of drive, which is not being helped by the strong competition from local fruits on the shelves, and the relatively high temperatures for the season. Meanwhile, volumes are maintaining their upward trend, although they are still moderate to slightly below-average.
As regards the dollar supply, Costa Rican volumes are back to their normal shipments level, whereas the Colombian peak is maintaining slightly below-average levels; Ecuadorian volumes for their part are maintaining stable, near-average levels.
The African supply is struggling to register a clear increase: the seasonal Ivorian increase is ongoing, though at slightly below-average levels, while Cameroon is maintaining its shortfall. Finally, French West Indian volumes are maintaining their stable trend. This week, demand has been unable to absorb this increase in volumes, although seasonal, and the decline in prices, already underway in Italy, has spread to the rest of the European markets.
In Spain, on the other hand, more moderate volumes have helped keep prices stable.
Finally, in Russia, despite high incoming shipments pressure, the rock-bottom prices have slightly revitalised demand..