Europe Trend Week 39

The high temperatures and competition from the grape and apples are not helping to invigorate demand, which remains desperately quiet on all the European markets.
However it is in line with the supply, which is on the increase yet still fairly moderate. The African supply is still being disrupted by logistical turnover, and restrained by the Cameroonian shortfall. In addition, volumes from the French West Indies remain hesitant, with their seasonal increase only in its infancy: volumes are still 44% below average at present.
For the dollar banana finally, Ecuadorian volumes remain stable and near-average, while Colombia is continuing its increase, still registering slightly below-average levels. Hence despite this gloomy climate, prices have again managed to hold up.
Finally, in Spain, the increase in volumes has not been completely absorbed by demand, and prices, although still high, have started to drop.